Hurricane Michael and  Typhoon Yutu

Extreme Events (Enochian Calendar)

Hurricane Michael and  Typhoon Yutu

At the end of each article in this series, extreme events that occur on biblical feast days on the Enoch Calendar are briefly summarized. (Enoch’s calendar, held in reserve for the last day, does not replace the Jewish lunar calendar. It’s a secret second witness that “God has power over these things”, Rev. 16:9.)

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Wednesday, Oct. 24, 2018: Super Typhoon Yutu

“Extreme Category 5 typhoon, the worst U.S. storm since 1935, leaves Northern Mariana Islands devastated” (Washington Post Headline)

Tinian, the island at the center of the storm, was the site from which the B-29 missions to drop atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki were launched.”

On the Enochic calendar, this same day marked the last day of Tabernacles, a day that symbolizes the fiery “Great White Throne Judgement”, (Rev. 20). Tinian was the 2nd most powerful storm ever to make landfall on American territory.

What does “Cat. 6” Super Typhoon Yutu and extreme Hurricane Michael both have in common?

Hurricane Michael made landfall just 7+7 days before Yutu. This means that in 2018, both made landfall on the last day of Tabernacles on both Enoch calendars. As we shall explain in later articles, the calendar can be adjusted by a leap-week, or alternatively by a 28-day leap-month. This means that this year, the last day of Tabernacles (always a Wednesday) landed on both Oct. 10th and 24th. (I.e., morning to morning of Oct. 10/11 and 24/25.)

Hurricane Michael and Maria

Yutu, Maria and Michael are the 2nd, 3rd and 4th most powerful on record to ever make landfall on US territory. (Notice that all three made landfall on a Wednesday, which must always be if to align with the Enochic calendar!) Only the Labor Day Hurricane of 1935 was stronger. (Moreover, on Oct. 10 and 24th, 2018, each crossed US territory just as an extreme drop in the Stock Market was in progress.)

Last year, Wednesday, Sept. 20, 2017, Hurricane Maria (one of the most deadly, destructive and powerful to have ever made landfall over US territory) crossed Purto Richo on Rosh Hashanah. (Amazingly, that day the Enoch AND the Jewish lunar New Year overlapped. It was the New Year on both! Sun and Moon — Two Witnesses!) See the Donald Trump Video that was put out that same day. Video concerns Hurricane Maria and the New Year trumpet blast that marked the last seven of 70*7 years from when Israel entered the Promised Land in 1406 BC. And there were other remarkably timed hurricanes last year and this year too, but none so dramatic as these three in relation to the United States.

Below is the list of top ten storms (Wiki) according to air pressure, but not necessarily at the time of landfall. Thus, here they are listed as the 3rd, 4th, and 5th most intense. (Yutu was also the fifth strongest worldwide.)

Most intense landfalling tropical cyclones in the United States
Intensity is measured solely by central pressure
Rank System Season Landfall pressure
1 “Labor Day” 1935 892 mbar (hPa)
2 Camille 1969 900 mbar (hPa)
3 Yutu 2018 905 mbar (hPa)
4 Michael 2018 919 mbar (hPa)
5 Katrina 2005 920 mbar (hPa)
Maria 2017
7 Andrew 1992 922 mbar (hPa)
8 “Indianola” 1886 925 mbar (hPa)
9 “Guam” 1900 926 mbar (hPa)
10 “Florida Keys” 1919 927 mbar (hPa)
Source: HURDAT,[39] Hurricane Research Division[40]

Look in the comments section below for the lengthy entry on Oct. 25th, 2018 for details. (Also this year, the Day of Atonement severe earthquake/tsunami in Indonesia.)

Michael 2018-10-10 1840Z.jpg

Hurricane Michael at peak intensity making landfall on the Florida Panhandle on Wednesday, October 10, 2018. (Wiki)

U.S. onslaught:  Five Category 4 or 5 landfalls in just 14 months

(Wunderground Headline) In the following quote, note the attention drawn to the autumns of 2017 and 2018 by the following anomalies — the same two years that I have been speaking about for the past 30 years in dozens of articles. (See my articles on Harvey, Irma and Maria.) And yet, as I always maintain, God reserves the right to delay the end for another generation.

Yutu is the latest in a string of very powerful tropical cyclones that have struck the U.S. and its territories since August 2017. As catalogued by Chris Dolce at, these include:

•  Hurricane Harvey (August 2017), Category 4 at landfall, peak landfall winds 130 mph

•  Hurricane Irma (September 2017), Category 4 at landfall, peak landfall winds 130 mph

•  Hurricane Maria (September 2017), Category 4 at landfall, peak landfall winds 155 mph

•  Hurricane Michael (October 2018), Category 4 at landfall, peak landfall winds 155 mph

•  Super Typhoon Yutu (October 2018), Category 5 at landfall, peak landfall winds 180 mph

It’s amazing to think that just a couple of years ago, there was much discussion about a U.S. “drought” in major hurricanes. There had been no Category 3 or stronger landfalls on any U.S. state or territory in the entire period of almost 12 years between Wilma (October 2005, Florida) and Harvey (August 2017, Texas)… A 2015 study in Geophysical Research Letters found that a nine-year “drought” in landfalling U.S. major hurricanes could be expected every 177 years—unusual but far from inconceivable.

Note: The above study was done in 2015 in the “9th year of the drought”. Almost three more years were yet to come. This would boost the timeframe of “every 177 years” (1.777^9yrs) to about every 900 years! (1.777^11.9yrs)

Dow Jones (and S&P) peak early Wed., Oct. 3, 2018, then decline until now. (The Nikkei took the lead the day before)

This date was both the New Year on Enoch Calendar AND also the 1st day of Tabernacles! (Recall the 7+7-day gap between the two types of calendars of Enoch.) The calendars run 'morning to morning'. Therefore, 6 am, Wednesday morning was the New Year & also the start of Tabernacles. 

In addition, on Aug., 31st, 2018, the Nasdaq peaked on the last day of the year on the 360 calendar. (On Aug. 31, 2018.) The 360 and 364 are related Enochian calendars. The 360-calendar has already been on the Internet for about 20 years.) The Nasdaq likewise began its steep decline Oct. 3rd, the same day as the others.

(The below prophecy was initially fulfilled at the peak of the Dow and S&P on Oct., 9th, and 11th of 2007 that marked the start of the worst crash since the Great Depression. Wednesday, Oct 1oth, 2007, was the “New Year” AND also the “8th day of Tabernacles” on the two Enochic calendars.)

Does the prediction back on the 8th day of Tabernacles in 2004 have a double fulfillment? That is, both 2007 and now again 2018?

So far it’s just a “correction”.  However, this is, after all, the start of the 490th Shmita cycle.

Perhaps 2018 is just a warning shot as compared to what happened 11 years ago? This is not financial advice! 

The 2007/8 meltdown was also a Shmita year— but those Shmita-cycles began at the return of the Jews from Exile in the days of Ezra (457 BC) and Nehemiah, Neh. 10:31, (444/3 BC), and not from 1406 BC.

However, the Shmita (seven-year cycle) that I always refer to is the one that God commanded Moses. It begins from ‘when Israel entered the Promised Land’ in 1406 BC. Amazingly, both of these seven-year cycles intersect each other in the middle, so as to “divide the week” of years in half in accordance with Dan. 9:27.

The Lord said to Moses at Mount Sinai:

“Speak to the Israelites and say to them: ‘When you enter the land  I am going to give you (i.e., 1406 BC), the land itself must observe a sabbath to the Lord. For six years sow your fields, and for six years prune your vineyards and gather their crops. But in the seventh year the land is to have a year of sabbath rest, a sabbath to the Lord.” (Lev. 25:1-4)

Just as Enoch’s calendar begins in the middle of the week of Creation (on Wednesday, thereby exactly dividing creation-week in half), therefore to be consistent, the week of years (Shmitas) must also be divided in half. A wheel within a wheel. (See technical endnote “Wheel within a Wheel” at end of article for more.)

And this is why the two witnesses prophecy 3.5 years and rise 3.5 days later, (Rev. 11). Both weeks and weeks of years are thus divided in half, (cf., Daniel 9:27).

Stop thinking that prophecy is unilateral. Think fractal. The only ONE that ALL Prophecy is about is Christ. Logically, therefore, the rest must necessarily be self-similar (like a fractal).

For He comes to bind and to trample down.”
“To be burdened down is my destiny! He became exhausted, as well as the trees used for the Great Festival. Alas, O’ impoverished one!”
“And be ready always for Shiloh (to return).”…
“For the prosperous bull (market) became a weak bear (market) causing them to wail.”
Endnote: Wheel within a Wheel!

The following is complex. Most may want to skip it!

Day=Year: Viewed Autumn to Autumn, the intersecting Shmitas divide the week of years into intervals of (4+3 yrs) + (4+3 yrs) , etc., so that the 4th day of creation and 4th year of the Exile-Shmita both land upon the first day of Enoch’s Shmita New Year (in this case, the middle of Enoch’s day, that is, Wed., 6pm, Sept., 19th AND again Oct. 3rd, 2018), which year is also the Shmita from 1406 BC. (It’s the reason why the worst earthquake of 2018 occurred a few minutes after 6 pm on the Day of Atonement {Enoch cal.}, Sept. 28, and not a few minutes before.)

However, as viewed from Spring to Spring (and morning to morning), instead it is (3+4) + (3+4) years/days.

(Note: from the start of the Jewish reckoning of a week to the end of the Enoch reckoning are 7.5 days/years.)

Therefore, Enoch’s spring to spring Sabbath reckoning does not fully end until 2019 Spring and 2026 Spring, but the evening/autumn to evening/autumn reckoning, as said, the Sabbath day/year fully ends the autumn of 2018 and 2025 etc.

Thus, Jesus rose on the first day of the week on the lunar calendar, but on the Sabbath (Saturday) on Enoch’s calendar, because Enoch’s Sunday does not start until daybreak. Thus, the resurrection of Jesus bridges the old and new creations, for He is Lord of all.

“The first day of the week cometh Mary Magdalene early, when it was yet dark…” (Jn 20:1).

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Enoch: The Tribulation Witness

“And I will give power unto my two witnesses, and they shall prophesy a thousand two hundred and threescore days (i.e, 1260 days), clothed in sackcloth. These are the two olive trees, and the two candlesticks standing before the God of the earth. (Rev. 11:3-4)

Enoch’s opening statement: (Book of Enoch)

“The words of the blessing of Enoch, wherewith he blessed the elect and righteous, who will be living in the day of tribulation, when all the wicked and godless are to be removed.

And he took up his parable and said–Enoch a righteous man, whose eyes were opened by God, saw the vision of the Holy One in the heavens, which the angels showed me, and from them I heard everything, and from them I understood as I saw, but not for this generation, but for a remote one which is for to come.” (1:1-2)


Who Are the Two Witnesses?

It is common to compare Enoch and Elijah (or Moses and Elijah) to the “Two Witnesses” of Rev. 11. And the parallels between these three and Rev. 11 are strong. But this is not the whole story.

The “Two Witnesses” are an archetype. They represent the prophetic testimony ‘by the mouth of two or three witnesses’.

An “archetype” is defined as a recurrent symbol or motif in literature, art, or mythology. “The original pattern or model from which all things of the same kind are copied or on which they are based.” (

The Two Witnesses of Rev. 11 are archetypes of a very common pattern found throughout the Bible: Therefore, while it is correct to say that Enoch and Elijah (or Moses and Elijah) best describe Rev. 11, however, this is not the only thing that Rev. 11 is alluding to.

As said, at its core, Rev. 11 is simply the prophetic word, spoken: “from the mouth of two or three witnesses” (Deut. 19:15). Enoch, Moses, and Elijah are the most outstanding Old Testament examples of this. The power of their ministries and the unusual nature of their earthly departures set them apart from all others, (Jude 1:9). These three bear witnesses of Jesus and their lives resemble His in many ways.

Less Obvious “Witnesses”

But whereas these three are closest to the archetype of Rev. 11, there are a host of other less obvious candidates. Recall Moses and Aaron, Joshua and Caleb, the High Priest Joshua and governer Zerubabbel (Zech. 4), John the Baptist and Jesus, James and John, and so forth.

And even things can represent “The Two Witnesses”.

Before we continue our discussion, the following is a short digression. We will include these in subsequent articles as well. If in a hurry, skip them.  However, the visuals are more than illustrations. The visuals are the end product of what is written.


Did you know that in the Book of Enoch, it says that Enoch went up to heaven in a whirlwind-chariot (like Elijah) so as not to experience death (Ch. 52:1; 70:1-2); and that like Elijah, people searched for him but could not find him: "For He was not {found}..." (Enoch 12:1-2; Heb. 11:5a)?

Moreover, (according to the book of Enoch), Enoch prophesied about the coming of Elijah. He even said that Elijah would ascend to heaven, 93:8.

Mount of Transfiguration

On the Mount of Transfiguration, Jesus shone like the sun as He stood between Moses and Elijah. (This is the same as Mount Hermon, where the wicked "Watchers" descended.) It was atop this Mountain that Jesus was declared by God to be "My Beloved Son", (Matt. 17:5 & 12). Peter, James and John bore witnesses to what was said.

The transfiguration of Jesus, "the Son of Man" parallels that of Enoch's glorification. It sent a clear message to both men and angels:

'Jesus is greater than Enoch, Moses, and Elijah. He has come to reverse the damage done upon this Mountain in the days of Jarod, and also in Eden.'

Notice that Jesus shone like the sun between two lesser lights: Jesus (the Second Enoch) symbolized the day (solar calendar), whereas Moses and Elijah symbolized the lunar calendars of the night.

Peter touched on this when he said: 

"We heard this voice that came from heaven when we were with him on the sacred mountain. We also have the prophetic message as something completely reliable, and you will do well to pay attention to it, as to a light shining in a dark place, until the day dawns and the morning star rises in your hearts."


Jesus on the Mount of Transfiguration: Atop the “Holy Mountain”, i.e., Mount Hermon. (Image styled after the Book of Enoch.) The transfiguration was only a shadow of heavenly realities. In other words, the transfiguration was a snapshot of the heavenly scene. In contradistinction, concerning Lucifer, the Bible says: “You were anointed as a guardian cherub, for so I ordained you. You were on the holy mount of God; you walked among the fiery stones,” (Ezek 28:14).

Notice the Sevenfold-Lamp of God in the above complex fractal image. Jesus overlaps the upper middle (main) candlestick.

Notice the “24 Elders” that sit on 24 thrones that surround His Throne.

Notice the two elders who are given special honor, who sit at His immediate right and left. These two are the Two Witnesses of Zechariah ch. 4 — priest and king who anoint His head forever. (Not to be confused with the Untamed Burning Bush that immediately encompasses the Throne, whose seventh branch bursts forth into the Cultivated Tree of Life atop His head. Its root reach within His heart and its branches spread out to form the 24 thrones of the elders).

Below is the same image, but from further back in distance and time. Recall that at the Mount of Transfiguration, Jesus’ “countenance became like lightning”, Matt. 17:2. Note the flash of lightning emanating from his feet as He sets His foot upon the mountain. Matt. 24:27,31.

The three mountains on either side seek to flee from before His presence as HE rises up like the sun. Compare image to the below text from the Book of Enoch.

Jesus’s Sermon on the Mount. (Another mountaintop narrative.)
“Now when Jesus saw the crowds, he went up on a mountainside and sat down. His disciples came to him, and he began to teach them…“You are the light of the world. A city located on a hill can’t be hidden. People don’t light a lamp and put it under a basket but on a lamp stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house. ” (Matt. 5:1,2,14)

Large portions of the Book of Enoch would have to be quoted to do justice to what is found in the above image of God’s house/temple. But the following has been chosen because it relates best to the Mount of Transfiguration theme.

“…I saw at the end of the Earth; the firmament of Heaven above. And I went towards the south, and it was burning day and night, where there were seven mountains of precious stones, three towards the east and three towards the south… And the middle one reached to Heaven, like the throne of the Lord, of stibium, and the top of the throne was of sapphire.” (Enoch 18:5b-9)

“…and he showed me a mountain of fire that blazed day and night. And I went towards it and saw seven magnificent mountains. And all were different from one another, and precious and beautiful stones, and all were precious, and their appearance glorious, and their form was beautiful. Three towards the east one fixed firmly on another and three towards the south one on another, and deep and rugged valleys, no one of which was near another.” (24:1-2)

In the above image, notice the “girdle of fire” that pours forth in four directions from the loins of Him who sits on the Throne: The river of life that calves forth like eternal twins, (and if enlarged, indeed also has the appearance of En Gedi, Ezek 47:10; Jer. 13).

“And he translated my spirit into the heaven of heavens,
And I saw there as it were a structure built of crystals,
And between those crystals tongues of living fire. And my spirit saw the girdle which girt that house of fire,
And on its four sides were streams full of living fire,
And they girt that house. And round about were Seraphin, Cherubic, and Ophannin: And these are they who sleep not
And guard the throne of His glory.” (71:5-7)

These fractal images are produced by the math supplied by the Bible and the Book of Enoch. They are the outcome of Enoch’s geometry and his equations, which are also found in the Bible. We will explain these as we work through the Book of Enoch and the 364 Calendar. I will include similar images as illustrations as we proceed. This should make the math more interesting to look at.

The image is, of course, is symbolic of greater realities.

For example, note the four massive and terrifying archangels at the extreme perimeter of the above image, (the lower one is out of range).

This image has been turned 90 degrees and cropped from the above image to help locate the four archangels. (Horns symbolize strength.) Since Michael and Gabriel face West and East, therefore this would either be Raphael or Phanuel, (Enoch 71:9-13 and elsewhere.)

They interlock, each their four wings, and watch over the eight-sided wheel of time that wraps the Seven-Pointed star of God (the Church) and the 24 Elders. Like the hands on a 24-hour clock the structure marks days, weeks, months years, and years of years, and the Precession of the Stars forever, (Enoch 80-82).

Thus, while these four angels, each 91 “days” apart, are real entities, however, their depiction of guarding space-time is metaphorical. The depiction simply means that they “watch” over God’s creation to keep out chaos and maintain order.

Stop thinking that prophecy is unilateral. Think fractal. The only ONE that ALL Prophecy is about is Christ. Logically, therefore, the rest must necessarily be self-similar (like a fractal).

Things that represent “Two Witnesses”

We are not restricted to people as “two witnesses”. The Two Witnesses of Rev. 11 can represent a host of things: Jew and Gentile, king and priest, man and women, sun and moon, day and night, summer and winter, east and west, right and left, heaven and earth, land and sea. All these and more are described as two witnesses in the Bible, directly or inferred.

In our study, we will focus on Enoch and his calendar. We will examine the witness of the sun and moon. The Bible and the Book of Enoch will be our main source of information.

Why the sun and the moon?

In the book of Enoch, the sun and moon are the main witnesses called upon in his book to testify against the fallen Watchers/Angels (ch.1-5). And positively, the sun and moon also testify to God’s Oath/Promise of a New Creation. This is the main message of the Book of Enoch.

“And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years:” (Gen 1:14).

“…his offspring will endure forever, and his throne will be like the sun before Me, like the moon, established forever, a faithful witness in the sky.” (Psalm 89:36-37)

Take another look at this verse…

“And I will give power unto my two witnesses, and they shall prophesy a thousand two hundred and threescore days (i.e, 1260 days), clothed in sackcloth. These are the two olive trees, and the two candlesticks standing before the God of the earth. (Rev. 11:3-4)

In the next series of articles, we will examine Enoch and his two faithful witnesses, that is “the two candlesticks”. The one lamp that rules the day, the other that rules the night. Enoch typifies the candlestick of the sun (solar calendar), whereas Moses typifies the night (lunar calendar). These are the two candlesticks that give light upon the earth. And their witness is One. And their witness concerns One: The Son of Man.

“This is what the Lord says: ‘If I have not made my covenant with day and night and established the laws of heaven and earth, then I will reject the descendants of Jacob and David my servant and will not choose one of his sons to rule over the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. For I will restore their fortunes (as in 1948) and have compassion on them.’ ” (Jer. 33:24-25). Jesus is the prophesied “Son”, the Light of the World who rules both day and night!

My Approach to the Book of Enoch

My life’s work and calling, for the past 30 years, mainly regards biblical calendars and their associated patterns. These patterns form the hidden skeletal outline concerning the timing of every event in the Bible, large and small, and of the nations.

The orderly motions of the cosmos is demonstrated by the 364-day calendar of Enoch. “Orderliness”, as demonstrated by this calendar, is fundamental to his book because this calendar reveals the POWER of “The Son of Man”. This is because the Son of Man is the one who holds all things together “by the word of his oath”, (that is, ‘by the Word of His power’), Enoch 69. The Son maintains the courses of the sun, moon, and stars, and they, in turn, govern all things.

“And these are the secrets of this oath… the heaven was suspended before the world was created, and forever… And this oath is mighty over them and through it they are preserved and their paths are preserved, and their course (ie., the circuit of the sun, moon, stars, and even weather) is not destroyed… and they (the angels) rejoiced because the name of that Son of Man had been revealed unto them. And he sat on the throne of his glory“… And henceforth there shall be nothing corruptible; For that Son of Man has appeared, and has seated himself on the throne of his glory, and all evil shall passway before his face…” Enoch 69:16,25,26b,27a,29

Carefully compare this to the opening words of the Book of Hebrews. Such parallels are numerous throughout the New Testament, and in the old.

In the past God spoke to our ancestors through the prophets (such as “Enoch”, Heb 11:5) at many times and in various ways, but in these last days he has spoken to us by his Son (i.e., “The Son of Man”!), whom he appointed heir of all things, and through whom also he made the universe. The Son  is the radiance of God’s glory and the exact representation of his being, sustaining all things by his powerful word. After he had provided purification for sins, he sat down at the right hand of the Majesty in heaven. So he became as much superior to the angels as the name he has inherited is superior to theirs.”

This completes our introduction into Enoch and his calendar.

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