Jesus wins the 700th Olympiad!

Ever since the 2004 Olympics in Greece, the Lord has used the symbolism of the Olympics to spur His people on to run the race and win the prize. I have written many posts about this. Today, to finish the sign from two years ago, Eliud Kipchoge won the marathon.

Eliud is a type of Christ and he overwhelmingly won. Eliud means, “My God be praised”.

Kipchoge showed why he was the man to beat going into Sunday’s race when he took full control as he pushed ahead of the pack after the 30km mark.

By the 35km stage he had jumped out to a lead of 27 seconds from a virtual tie 5km earlier and extended it to one minute and 17 seconds by 40km.

Kipchoge finished in two hours, eight minutes and 38 seconds, coming in one minute and 20 seconds ahead of Nageeye. Reuters

What makes this year extra unusual is the delay of the Olympics by a year due to Covid and also the fires that have burned all around Athens during the Olympics. (Athens is the home of the first Olympics and where these signs began back in 2004. The first post about the Olympics was Aug. 3, 2004, 10 PM, EST.)

Upon a mountain, the Lord with arms spread wide with multitudes at His feet reminds me of this image from the Rio Olympic Games in 2016. The Lord is reflected in the Glassy Sea in the next fractal as the Lord rises up through the Glassy Sea into the heavenly stadium, having finished the race
Site of the 2016 Rio Olympics. Image: Wiki. Upon a mountain top, one of the “(New) Seven wonders of the world”
(Click to enlarge.) “Coliseum Fractal” from a wide-angle in order to see the “fiery clouds”. The race within the Coliseum has been a frequent theme for the past 17 years. The fractal is composed of mathematics based upon multiples of seven. It was discovered the same year as the Rio Olympics in 2016
Stadium. Image from CNN video

The 700th Olympiad and Olympic flame

Firefighters save Olympics birthplace in Greece as blazes rage around the Mediterranean Los Angelas Times

“The country is facing an unprecedented environmental crisis,” Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said on a visit to the site of the blaze in southern Greece. The fire had threatened ancient Olympia, where the Olympics were held every four years from 776 BC for more than a millennium.

It’s interesting that 2025 is not only the 70th jubilee (70 x 49) from when Israel entered the Promised Land, but 2025 is also 2800 years (70 x 40) from the first Olympics in “776 BC“. 40, 49 (7 x 7), and 70 are all important numbers in the Bible.

Or, another way of saying it is that if the Olympics had continued unabated from 776 BC until AD 2021 inclusive, this year would have been the 700th Olympiad!

The marathon is the climax and conclusion of the Olympics.

“Eliud” overwhelmingly wins the ‘700th’ Olympiad!

“Praise God”; the Alpha, and Omega!

2021-08-08. As Eliud crosses the finish line with no one else in sight, “Omega” is flashed on the screen. “Omega” signifies that “Eliud” is the beginning and end of the race, from Alpha to Omega! Rev. 22:12-14. (“Omega” is the Official Timekeeper.)

Also, see, The “Shmita” (“seven years”) is at hand! Jew and Gentile “One new Man” 

Olive tree of Adam and Eve burns to the ground


List of previous posts along the theme of the laurel wreathe/crown

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Greenville Fire occurs 1000 days after Paradise Fire

What is now the largest single fire in California’s history began not far from the town of Paradise that burned down three years ago. On August 4th, 2021, it spread north to the town of Greenville and burned it down.

Paradise and Greenville have similar connotations. They both are names that depict the Garden of Eden. “Greenville” literally means, “A town green (with vegetation)” and “Paradise” means, “A royal garden”.

Exactly 1000 days apart

The Paradise fire that killed nearly 100 people occurred on Nov. 8, 2018. Therefore, the town of Greenville burned down exactly 1000 days later.

The below sign that survived the Greenville fire proclaims what God is saying.

Church burns down in Greenville, along with the rest of the town (ABCNews)

“We’ve seen how hard it is for a community to rebuild. Paradise is still struggling since 2018 to get everything up. It’s a completely different community. It takes a toll on a community.” And now Greenville will be facing the same road Paradise faced just 3 years ago. CNN

From “South to North”

The fire spread in a straight line north-eastward to the town of Greenville. Notice that the town of Paradise is exactly in that straight line along where the “Dixie Fire” began

The Lord said: Ezekiel, son of man, condemn the places in Jerusalem where people worship. Warn everyone in Israel that I am about to punish them. I will pull out my sword and have it ready to kill everyone, whether good or evil. From south to north, people will die, knowing that my sword will never be put away.” Ezekiel 21:3

I wrote two articles about the Paradise Fire three years ago. They contain some complex math. However, the basic message is that “fire will spread from south to north.”

This was fulfilled two ways:

  1. The fires grew worse over the next few years and spread north along the west coast into Canada.
  2. Fire spread north from Paradise to Greenville.

“1-in-10,000-years” heatwave burns town to the ground

490 days to Hurricane Michael & Paradise Fire

North-South California Fires (Paradise)

The above “North-South” article from 2018 ends by quoting the following verses. (The bold and large letters are copied directly from the original post.)

Notice that “Green”(ville) and “Paradise” were both emphasized.

That passage that I gave you about the “green tree and the dry tree” from Ezekiel is what Jesus was alluding to when he said:

Luke 23:31,43
For if people do these things when the tree is green, what will happen when it is dry?”

32Two other men, both criminals, were also led out with him to be executed…

42Then he said, “Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom.”

43Jesus answered him, “Truly I tell you, today you will be with me in Paradise.”

1000 days symbolizes 1000 years

In the Book of Revelation, Paradise is eventually restored. However, first, there is “1000 years” that begins in flames and concludes in flames. The “1000 years” begins with the antichrist being defeated by fire and thrown into the fire.

Now when the thousand years have expired, Satan will be released from his prison…They went up on the breadth of the earth and surrounded the camp of the saints and the beloved city. And fire came down from God out of heaven and devoured them. 10 The devil, who deceived them, was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone where the beast and the false prophet are. And they will be tormented day and night forever and ever. Rev. 20:7-10

“Three-and-a-half years” from the Thomas Fire

The following is cut and pasted from the same post:

“Three-and-a-half years” is another span of time used in the Book of Revelation.

Just a glance over the below quotations is sufficient. The main point is that seven years (which is also divided in half) began from the Thomas Fire (and half a year before that, too). This “seven years” ends on the 70th jubilee, in the fall of 2024 and spring of 2025.

Also, see the article posted just two days ago about the 70th jubilee:

Below is quoted directly from North-South California Fires (Paradise),

He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death’ or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away,” (Rev. 21:4).

“And there was war in Heaven. Michael and his angels fought against the dragon and his angels…” Rev 12:7.)

Thomas Fire (at this time last year). “The larger “fiery red dragon”-silhouette is simply an enlargement of the actual fire above Ventura. (A shadow and an eye added to the larger image.) Thomas Fire began the very hour (on the 360-calendar, Dec 4, about 6 pm, 2017) at the very earliest point back to the death of Moses in 1406 BC. (490*7, fewer 7 yrs.) Thus, the pattern continues, except now it switches from Aaron to Moses.”

The above was a direct quote attached to this same original image back a year ago. It refers to the fact that this fire (worst ever at the time) began the exact hour that marks Moses’ death as per the above chart that I said at the time was what God was causing these events to occur in conjunction with.

In other words, this fire began exactly 180 days after the anniversary of Aaron’s death, and so forth. Besides the video on Youtube, you can verify this on the Wayback Internet Archive if you think that I am making all this up as I go!

The “Woolsey Fire” began later the same day as the “Camp Fire” that destroyed Paradise. The Woolsey fire is located in Southern California, in the general area where the Thomas Fire was. It has now burned about 100000 acres and almost contained. It looks eerily similar to the Thomas Fire.
The exact location of Woolsey Fire overlayed upon the one-year-old image of the Thomas Fire Dragon that I repositioned (top right) and enlarged (back a year ago) so as to surround Los Angeles. (It happened to face Thousand Oaks.) “Los Angelas” literally means “The Angels,” which is why I felt instructed a year ago to surround the city with the dragon, in accordance with Rev. 12:17.  The Woolsey Fire ‘coincidentally’ occurred where the Dragon breathes his fire.”

Mere “chance” on place names or a way of getting our attention?

“And there was war in Heaven (Paradise). Michael and his ANGELS fought against the dragon and his angels…” Rev 12:7.

Prophecy Against the South (Ezek. 20:45-48)

“The word of the Lord came to me: “Son of man, set your face toward the south; preach against the south and prophesy against the forest of the southland. Say to the southern forest: ‘Hear the word of the Lord.

This is what the Sovereign Lord says: I am about to set fire to you, and it will consume all your trees, both green and dry. The blazing flame will not be quenched, and every face from south to north will be scorched by it. Everyone will see that I the Lord have kindled it; it will not be quenched.’”

This is the end of the quotation from North-South California Fires (Paradise),

Also, see Olive tree of Adam and Eve burns to the ground.

“Sabbath year” is at hand! Jew & Gentile “One new Man”

This article is not an attempt to predict when Christ will return. It's about the convergence of jubilees in 2025.

The two seemingly contradictory views of how and from when the jubilees (and shmitas) were run in the past converge in 2025. Moreover, Israel will be 77 years a nation in 2025.

This remarkable convergence suggests that 2025 is foreordained as the year of reconciliation and redemption, the granddaddy of all jubilees. How all this plays out is yet to be seen, but one can be sure that the next seven years will be remarkable, with 2025 the bullseye.

Expect mighty signs on earth and in heaven. Waves of ‘sevens’ are now sweeping over the earth and building towards a great crescendo. “Sevens” of days, weeks, months, years, tens of years, even thousands of years are at this time piling upon one another. God can delay, but either way, 2025 is the summit of this age.

For the importance of sevens in the Bible, please see the below six-minute video put out by The Bible Project.

(If you wish, skim over the subsequent images. They are not the main point of this post but are related.)

Click here for the full image. Fractal of the “Throne Room.” The Bible Projects illustration of circles of sevens placed around the Lord at the center is the same design as the fractals. It, too, is based upon multiples of ‘7 x 70’ and is also made up of circles sculpted by fractal mathematics. It shows that the sevens that produce this fractal are intuitively buried in the Bible, which is why the artists of the Bible Project ‘thought’ of it. (Unless they got their idea from this site, which is doubtful.) The lightning that flashes to the left and right from the foot of the throne represents AD 65, which is the 30th jubilee from 1406 BC. The entire image is lodged within the heart of God, as seen in the lower fractal image.

Especially compare this last frame in the Bible Projects video on the “Sabbath” with the below main Bible fractal. Both place the inner seven circles of the kingdom within the heart of God, with larger circles behind.

The Bible Project. Last frame in the video “Sabbath.”
Click to enlarge. The entire first fractal is contained within the center of the heart of God in this fractal. A timeline runs along the entire image. The middle of this image corresponds to 70006 BC. The foot of the throne (located here within the tiny circle at his heart) is 6 BC (70,000 years later). The huge circle over the belly of the Lord spans 96040 years (49 x 49 x 40 years). The Lord stands from 122075 AD to 262086 BC from head to foot. The center of the smaller circle at the heart (where lightning flashes to the right and left) is AD 65, the 30th jubilee (1470 years) from 1406 BC. Thus, for example, from 122075 AD to 2025 AD is 49 x 49 x 50 years — an interesting time frame related to what is discussed in this post.

The Jewish shmita begins Sept. 6th, 2021

The Jewish shmita begins about a month from now, on the evening of September 6th, 2021. It lasts one full year. The shmita is the seventh year — the Sabbath year.

A few months ago, I posted an important article called:

Reconciling time with the key of 23“.

Among other things, I demonstrate that Jewish and Gentile chronologies are reconcilable. They are like the two sides of one coin. In this discussion, we focus on the jubilees of Biblical and rabbinic jubilees.

God is a God of reconciliation

For He Himself is our peace, who made both groups into one and broke down the barrier of the dividing wall, by abolishing in His flesh the enmity, which is the Law of commandments contained in ordinances, so that in Himself He might make the two into one new man, thus establishing peace, and might reconcile them both in one body to God through the cross, by it having put to death the enmity. Eph 2:14-16

He forgave us all our sins, having canceled the charge of our legal indebtedness, which stood against us and condemned us; he has taken it away, nailing it to the cross. Col. 2:14

Col. 2:14 refers to “legal indebtedness.” Debts were canceled in the “shmita” year and especially in the year of jubilee.

The “shmita” is the seventh year of sabbatical rest commanded in the Bible. The jubilee is an extension of this. The jubilee occurred in the 7th cycle of the shmita (49 years).

I have already written many posts about these things. Therefore I refrain from repeating myself. Moreover, all your questions, including dates, are found in these three Wikipedia articles. They will answer your questions and verify what I say from an independent source.

Reconciling actual and rabbinic jubilees

After reading the above two Wikipedia articles, one might think it impossible to reconcile these two conflicting views.

Is the jubilee 49 or 50 years?

Did Israel enter the Promised Land in 1406 or 1273 BC?

There is no doubt in my mind that the jubilee methodology held by most scholars is the correct one and that the rabbinic understanding is grossly wrong, both in dates and logic. It is the result of human tradition that refused to yield to the evidence.

Sadly, it also appears to have been an attempt to repoint Daniel’s prophecy of “490 years” away from Jesus Christ to, instead, the destruction of the second temple in “AD 68”. (Jerusalem actually fell in AD 70).

But what if God, because of His great love and unconditional promises made to their forefathers, has chosen to make straight that which is crooked by engrafting the Jewish chronology, even with its wrong dates, back into the genealogical “olive tree”? (Romans 11:11-24.)

Indeed, this is exactly what God has done.

As you will see, about a generation after Christ — shortly after the fall of Jerusalem — the rabbis ultimately devised a system to turn hearts away from Jesus Christ. However, providentially they chose figures and themes that reconnect to the true vine later in history, like a detour in the road that later rejoins the main path that leads home. The next seven years is that juncture.

Yes, Israel turned to crooked paths. But God has turned it around for good, “to save many souls.”

But Joseph said to them, “Don’t be afraid. Am I in the place of God? You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives. Gen. 50:19-20.

Jubilee’s of 49 and 50 years

This will be explained simplistically. I want everyone to understand, not just those mathematically inclined. Please see the three Wikipedia articles for details.

The Jewish shmita begins about a month from now, on the evening of September 6th, 2021. It lasts one full year, which is the seventh year of rest. Observant Jews will not work the land for one year. The rabbis began their count of seven-year cycles from the fall of Jerusalem (wrongly) thought to be in AD 68 or 69. (Jerusalem actually fell in AD 70.) Jubilees were not kept during this time.

They forged a plan to redirect Daniel’s prophecy of “490 years unto Messiah” away from the Messiah (lit., “the anointed”), but instead to the anointed temple. (As said, I am simplifying this.) And in a way, they were right about the temple. After all, Jesus prophesied the destruction of the temple and compared its destruction to his own death!

Jesus answered them, “Destroy this temple, and I will raise it again in three days.” 

They replied, “It has taken forty-six years to build this temple, and you are going to raise it in three days?” But the temple he had spoken of was his body. John 2:19-20

Footnote: Jesus said this at the start of His ministry. He died three years later and rose three days later, which, therefore, equals 49 years from when Herod's temple began to be built. ("46" + 3 = 49.) It happens that "49 years" is a jubilee.

Moreover, "46" is a 23-number. It converts to 50 priestly years (336 x 50 days), which is in this sense, the jubilee of the priests. See "Reconciling time with the key of 23". Jesus' prophecy is a numeric riddle that is today explained in this post.
A crooked chronology made straight by the cross of Christ

The Rabbis adjusted dates to conform to their interpretation of Daniel 9. They said that the fall of Jerusalem (and destruction of the temple) by the Babylonians (when Jeremiah went into captivity) unto the destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans is “490 years”. Because they believed the fall of Jerusalem was in AD 68, therefore 490 years before this is the summer of 423 BC. (Note: the actual dates for the fall of Jerusalem are 587/6 BC and AD 70.)

Strangely, their entire scheme was based upon a prophecy of “490 years,”, which according to the very text is divided into “49” + (49 x 9) = “490 years”, that is, ten jubilees (Dan. 9:24-27; also, see Book of Enoch and Book of Jubilees). Thus, to decree that ten jubilees are actually 500 years and not 490 is inconsistent with their own numeric foundation!

Yet, because of God’s great love, a numeric miracle happened!

By rearranging “times and laws” (Dan. 7:5) to produce the desired outcome, the rabbis faced the daunting task of reconciling their figures to true dates and earlier traditions, such as the “17 jubilees unto Ezekiel’s temple-vision” (Ezek. 40).

Their human effort to reconcile the irreconcilable had a fascinating effect, as discussed next.

The rabbinic shmita of 2021 begins the 4th and 5th cycle of “490 years” from the two times the temple was destroyed

Seder Olam Rabbah Jewish Chronology based upon the MT. For more about this chart, see  “Reconciling time with the key of 23.”
MT Chronology. Creation to Moses in the Bible. For more about this chart, see  “Reconciling time with the key of 23.”

The rabbis were by no means unanimous about the length of a jubilee. However, many believed that it repeats itself in cycles of 49 years (the correct understanding).

But according to the prevailing view, 423 BC to AD 68 are the “490 years” of Daniel 9. However, Daniel 9 assumes cycles of 490 because the entire prophecy is based upon the fulfillment of “70 years of exile”, which, therefore, must belong to a previous 490-year cycle. (The land rested “70 years” to reclaim the missed sabbath years the preceding 490 years inclusive.) Moreover, Daniel 9:24-27 tells us that the last seven years (“shmita”) of a 490-year cycle (“70 x 7”) is especially significant.

Sept. of 423 BC, plus 5 x 490 = Sept. of 2028, less one shmita (7 years) is Sept. of 2021.

Sept. of 68 AD, plus 4 x 490 = Sept. of 2028, less one shmita (7 years) is Sept. of 2021.

Moreover, “5 x 490” from the destruction of the first temple (according to the date of the rabbis) is 2450 years. As seen in the Book of Jubilees, this is a significant time frame. It means that if a jubilee is held to be 49 years, then 2450 years marks the 50th jubilee (49 x 50).

However, if a jubilee is (incorrectly) held to be “50 years”, then “2450” amounts to 49 jubilees (50 x 49). Either way, Sept. 2028 (Tishri 10th) is the 49th or 50th jubilee from the decree of Daniel 9 (in 423 BC as per the rabbis). Tishri 1oth, 2028, happens to be half-seven years from the 70th jubilee in 2025, counting from the actual year when Israel entered the Promised Land in 1406 BC, Nisan 10th.

Thus, the last “3.5 years plus 3.5 years” of the “70 x 7” years of Daniel 9:24-27 intersect in the middle of this last seven years, counting from 1406 BC and 423 BC.

This partly reconciles the jubilees of Daniel 9 when using actual dates with rabbinic dates. Moreover, the contrary length of a jubilee is also reconciled, as discussed next.

Footnote: All this is also true of 1273 BC as well, the date used by the rabbis for when Israel entered the Promised Land. As we shall see, oddly they say that the jubilees count was delayed 14 years from 1273, that is, the jubilee count began 1259 BC, not 1273. 

Curiously, 1259 BC is three jubilees (3 x 49) from 1406 BC! Thus there are 67 x 49 to Nisan 10th, 2025! This is explained later. 

Note: "1273 BC" is the traditional Jewish date. However, some adjust it ahead a year to ultimately conform to what we now know to be the actual date for the fall of Jerusalem in AD 70. The three Wikipedia articles, thus, inconsistently refer to both 1273/1259 and 1272/1258 BC.

The actual date of the Conquest versus rabbinic tradition, 1406 and 1273 BC

The date of the Exodus and Conquest of Canaan is the spring of 1446 and 1406 BC. (See the said Wikipedia articles and the above charts.) This means that the seven-year cycles (shmitas) and jubilees began in September, Tishri 1st, 1407 BC. The next shmita year, therefore, ran from Sept. 1400 to Sept. 1399 BC. (It took six years to conquer the land. In the seventh year, “the land rested from war.”)

It happens that 490 shmitas from 1406 BC is AD 2025, which is also 70 jubilees. As we shall see, this also intersects in every way with the rabbinic dates and jubilee methodology by dividing the final seven years (shmita) in half per Daniel’s prophecy. This includes the further breakdown into “a time, times, and half-a-time” (Dan. 7:25; 9:24-27).

This forms a prophetic lock and key.

49 leap months in 133 years

According to rabbinic tradition, the Exodus and Conquest occurred not in 1446 and 1406 BC but 133 years later in 1313 and 1273 BC. Thus, the shmitas and jubilees commence their count from half a year before, that is, in Sept. 1274 BC. (Some move the date forward a year to 1272 BC to adjust to AD 70, the actual year that Jerusalem fell. But the majority set the dates as 1313 and 1273 BC.)

This means a 133-year difference between 1406 BC (the actual date) and 1273 BC (the rabbinic date). This is interesting because 133 is 7 x 19. This means that the shmitas from 1406 BC run into the 1273 BC date for the conquest of the rabbis. It happens that 19 years is an important time frame in Jewish calendar keeping (and Babylonian). There are seven leap months every 19 years. Thus, in 7 x 19 years, 49 leap months are added (7 x 7) — harmonious dates considering that a jubilee is also 49 years.

To harmonize their flawed chronology, the rabbis had to add another 14 years from when Israel entered the Promised Land, and the jubilees began.

March of 1273 BC less 14 years equals 1259 BC. (Thus, also Sept. 1274 to Sept. 1260 BC.)

This is fascinating for two reasons.

133 + 14 = 147, i.e., three jubilees

Firstly, 133 + 14 years to when the jubilees really began (according to rabbinic tradition) equals exactly 147 years, which is three jubilees of 49 years!

Thus, both the shmitas and the jubilees remain in harmony no matter what date one uses, either the actual of 1406 BC or the rabbinic tradition of 1259 BC!

And like seven, “three” is a perfect number. Thus, 3 x 7 x 7 = 147 years, which was also the length of the life of Jacob/Israel, whose two names loosely mean: “The crooked one — made straight by God.”

It is hard to believe that this is a mere chance. It is far more likely that this difference of “147 years” results from the rabbis attempting to reconcile actual dates and times with their own peculiar view of Daniel 9. Moreover, 490 less 147 equals 7 x 7 x 7, and as said, there are 7 x 490 years from 1406 BC to AD 2025.

If this confluence of timeframes halted here, this would be striking enough. But it does not.

Footnote: Jacob lived "147 years" (literally from 2006-1859 BC). He worked for his two wives 7 + 7 years, beginning 490 (less 7 years) to the Exodus. 1470 years (3 x 490) after Jacob was born is 536 BC, the actual year that the angel gave Daniel the prophecy concerning the "490". It is also, therefore, 3x3x3 x 7x7 from Jacob's death when he prophesied concerning their future.
1274 and 1260 years to Messiah

Secondly, Sept. 1274 (when they entered the Promised Land) and Sept. 1260 BC (when the jubilees are counted) are both important for another reason.

In the Bible and the Book of Enoch, half of a seven-year period contains 1260 days (3.5 x 360). And in the Book of Enoch, this is said to be the same as 1274 days (3.5 x 364). The 360 and 364-day years are explained in detail elsewhere on

This means that according to the traditional Jewish dates of 1274 and 1260 BC, Jesus Christ was born (according to tradition) in the 1274th and 1260th years from when they entered the land — two witnesses that Jesus is the Christ. (Jesus was circumcised and named on Jan. 1st, AD 1 — according to the tradition upon which our modern Gregorian calendar is based.)

Moreover, 1274 years is also 26 jubilees of 49 years. In gematria, to the rabbis, 26 is a very sacred number. The sacred covenantal name of God is YHWH יהוה, which adds up to 26 in gematria and “7 x 7” symbolizes total perfection.

However, the Jews began to view the jubilee as 50 years in succession and not 49.

It happens that “26 x 50” (1300) from 1274 Tishri 10th (Sept.) is AD 27, thereby making AD 26, Tishri 10th the 26th jubilee according to Jewish reckoning and according to their own date. Jesus began his ministry on this very day, Tishri 10th, 26 AD (according to many scholars) by quoting Isaiah the prophet from a passage that announced that He was the fulfillment of the Jubilee. (See The Bible Project video, “Sabbath.” Coincidentally, this article was posted 40 days before the eve of the Day of Atonement, the likely anniversary of when Jesus was baptized in the Jordan as per Luke 4.)

Jesus is the great יהוה “I AM,” come to pay our debt of sin and restore all things.

Jesus began His ministry after coming out of the wilderness where the devil tempted him for 40 days. 40 jubilees later (that is, 2000 years) brings us to the year 2026, Tishri 10th. This is examined next.

What happens when we calculate according to the 50-year jubilee of the rabbis?

The rabbis were not all in agreement that the counting of the jubilees should be delayed 14 years from when Israel entered the Promised Land, nor how the jubilees should be counted — as 49 or 50. Perhaps the added “14 years” was a ploy to avoid AD 26 as that eminent “26th jubilee”?

However, as per most of the rabbis, let us pretend that a jubilee is 50 years in succession. (See Wikipedia article.)

According to the rabbis, let us start from when they entered the Promised Land in the autumn of 1274 and spring of 1273 BC.

According to their method of reckoning, if the jubilees continued until this day (surely God keeps track!), then Sept. of 2025 would begin the 7th shmita cycle using the 50-year jubilee. Thus, Sept. 2026 would be the 66th jubilee (2000 years after Christ), which begins the “50th year” ending Sept. 2027.

Thus, from when they entered the Promised Land (according to the rabbinic date), there elapsed 3300 years from when they entered the Promised land in spring of 1273 BC (Nisan 1oth) until the spring of 2029, Nisan 10th, (66 x 50 = 3300 years).

Recall that there are 70 jubilees of 49 years from 1406 BC unto 2025 (and thus, 67 jubilees of 49 years from 1273 BC).

  • “66” is the number of man; man was created on the sixth day.
  • “70” is the number of completion; God rested on the seventh day.

Thus, Mankind is finished! This has both good and bad connotations.

This means that the next seven years are divided in half and then further subdivided into “A time, times, and a half a time,” as stated three times in the Bible, Daniel 7:25; 12:7; Rev. 12:14.

“A time, times, and a half a time” (One year, two years, and half-a-year)

“A time” (a year)

Sept. 2024 (Tishri 10th, Day of Atonement) begins the 70th (& 67th) jubilee of the correct 49-year cycles.

Sept. 2025 ends the year of jubilee, which is the 70th from 1406 (& 67th).

“…Times” (two years)

However, the 50-year methodology of the Jews means that the land lays fallow two full years, plus half a year more until sowing season begins early the next spring.

Sept. 2025 (Tishri 10th, Day of Atonement) begins the shmita cycle (if jubilees were kept from when they entered the Promised Land in Sept. 1274 BC).

Sept. 2026 begins the jubilee year so that the land lays fallow until Sept 2027.

Thus, the two fallow years of the 50-year jubilee system span from Sept. 2025 unto Sept. 2027.

“…and half a time” (and half a year)

In the spring of 2028, the time of sowing resumes, which on Nisan 10th is exactly 3300 (66 x 50) years from Nisan 10th when they crossed the Jordan and entered the Promised Land in 1273 BC.

Thus, from Tishri 10th, 2024 unto Nisan 10th, 2029 are exactly 3.5 years (half-seven years) and is divided precisely into “A time, times, and half-a-time” in agreement with the prophecy of Daniel 9.

And so what men meant for harm, God turned around for good.

And he shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and laws: and they shall be given into his hand until a time and times and the dividing of time. Dan. 7:25

Also in synchronization is the modern shmita, which dates back to AD 68

Of course, these figures assume that God is tracking the actual jubilees using the two methodologies from the two dates for when they entered the Promised Land.

However, amazingly, even using the actual shmita year that is based upon the AD 68 date as explained earlier, even it intersects with all this, as said, from Sept. of 2021 unto Sept. of 2028, which is 490 x 4 and 490 x 5 from the two times the temple was destroyed, as per the interpretation of the rabbis concerning Dan. 9.

We are witnessing a coming together of all jubilee systems to point to a specific seven-year period that is broken down into all the biblical components. And this seven-years happens to the starting in just one month from now, Sept. 6, 2021.

The date overlapped in the middle of all this is the year 2025, which is 77 years from when Israel became a nation. Both “77” and “70 x 7” are numbers that symbolize reconciliation and redemption.

The time has come to be reconciled with God!

Repent and believe the good news!

Jesus Christ is Lord!

Click on fractal to enlarge. The throne room includes the birds/angels that form an eagle/cherub. The fractal is based upon multiples of seven.
For the advanced student: Observe that the Day of Atonement this year on the Jewish calendar, 2021, can symbolize the day-year 1259 BC. 

14 day-years before this, therefore, is as 1273 BC, which corresponds to Elul 25th, 2021 (Neh. 6:14; Neh. 8) the anniversary of when Nehemiah completed the walls of Jerusalem in fulfillment of the decree prophesied in Dan. 9.

Star explodes over Smyrna as Turkey burns

Turkey is increasingly persecuting the saints and curtailing freedom of speech. Many believe that the antichrist will arise out of Turkey.

Turkey is the ancient home of the “seven churches of the Book of Revelation.”

Jesus is portrayed as holding “seven stars” in his right hand. The seven stars are symbolic of the seven churches.

In his right hand he held seven stars, and coming out of his mouth was a sharp, double-edged sword. His face was like the sun shining in all its brilliance. Rev. 1:16

Star explodes over Smyrna (meteorite)

This past Saturday, July 31st (2021), we held a bible study at our house. We studied Daniel 3 that concerns fiery persecution.

Then Nebuchadnezzar was furious with Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, and his attitude toward them changed. He ordered the furnace heated seven times hotter than usual and commanded some of the strongest soldiers in his army to tie up Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego and throw them into the blazing furnace. Dan. 3:19-20

A brother at the Bible study compared this fiery trial (Dan. 3) to the Church of Smyrna, who suffered persecution “ten days.” However, we knew not that a sign had just occurred that same day in Smyrna. A falling star exploded into beautiful colors over Smyrna, the same Smyrna symbolized by a “star” in the right hand of Christ.

“Izmir” is the modern name for Smyrna.

A loud explosion accompanied the meteorite.

A star rises from Yaakov, A scepter comes forth from Yisrael; It smashes the brow of Moab, The foundation of all children of Shet. Num. 24:17 (The Israel Bible)


The fires in Turkey began July 28, in part due to the hottest May in 50 years.

According to Israel365, fires also broke out when the entrance to the temple of Zeus was uncovered on July 30th. This was the day before the meteorite burst over Smyrna (“Izmir”). Smyrna (Izmir) was also one of 25 cities where a forest fire occurred.

Is the discovery of the “entrance” to the gate of Zeus and the “falling star” the next day amid the “smoke” meant to remind us of this verse?

The fifth angel sounded his trumpet, and I saw a star that had fallen from the sky to the earth. The star was given the key to the shaft of the Abyss. When he opened the Abyss, smoke rose from it like the smoke from a gigantic furnace. The sun and sky were darkened by the smoke from the Abyss. And out of the smoke locusts came… Rev. 9:1-3a

Many scholars interpret the “locust” of Rev. 9:3 to be Arab hordes led by Turkey.

Turkey is being plagued, both as a warning but also to slow its descent into authoritarianism

A climate emergency is unfolding in Turkey as floods engulf villages in the east of the country and forest fires continue to rage in the west. The Times

Many miseries have befallen Turkey lately. Turkey is listed as the “most unhappy country” among the 25 nations listed. Sin always brings misery.

A perfect storm of apocalyptic natural disasters, pandemic-driven fears and restrictions, seemingly endless economic troubles and growing government incompetence have left Turkey teetering on the edge and its people at the end of their rope…

But much of Turkey has faced a severe drought this year, resulting in those ferocious fires, dried up lakes and horrifying images of dead flamingoes. For several weeks this spring, the shorelines of Istanbul and the Marmara region were covered in sea slime. And now comes the news that the Asian tiger mosquito, a highly invasive species that can sting through clothing and carries diseases such as dengue, yellow fever and the West Nile virus, is thriving in Istanbul’s humidity. Opinion

Message to the Church of Smyrna: ‘Get ready to be persecuted’

The Lord is warning His church to prepare for a coming fiery trial.

To the Church in Smyrna

2:8 “To the angel of the church in Smyrna write:

These are the words of him who is the First and the Last, who died and came to life again. I know your afflictions and your poverty—yet you are rich! I know about the slander of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan. 10 Do not be afraid of what you are about to suffer. I tell you, the devil will put some of you in prison to test you, and you will suffer persecution for ten days. Be faithful, even to the point of death, and I will give you life as your victor’s crown.

11 Whoever has ears, let them hear what the Spirit says to the churches. The one who is victorious will not be hurt at all by the second death.

Please comment below and tell me your thoughts about this unusual event, given its location.

Stellar Flare & Wings-of-an-Eagle Fractal by David Rooke

The following article is by David Rooke. David has a passion for studying Bible numbers, especially as it relates to solar flares. His research is still in its formative stage and is thus rough at points.

By David Rooke

I began an article to detail a good portion of the most powerful solar flares on record & during that time, several events took place that I believe confirm the main themes. However, I feel the need to shed light on the most important recent event first. Therefore, the original article follows this.


I have been documenting major events over the last year & noting how the number “Seventeen” keeps popping up. Of the more important events were the start-dates of the 2020 California & Oregon wildfires, along with the date of the Beirut Explosion (August 4, 2020, @6:05PM Local).  These led to the revelation of the 289-year (17*17 years) Cycles (, the 119 (7*17) year Cycles (by Dean Coombs) & the 391  (17*23) year Cycles (also by Dean, based upon the said “289-year” cycles revealed to me).

The Meteor over New York & Toronto’s CN Tower was important as well ( ). It was 119 days from the Beirut blast until the Meteor over New York.

To summarize, the number 17 is associated with resurrection, rapture, & the Flood. In this case, it is a “Flood of Fire” instead of water (2 Peter 3). This “Flood of Fire” is particularly a nuclear fire & fire from the Sun in the form of a future Solar flare.

On April 21, 2021, I was working on the timing of a series of solar flares in June 1991 that I had suspected were related to the signing of the START I treaty & the collapse of the Soviet Union. This led me to read about the final lowering of the Hammer & Sickle flag,  signifying the end of the Soviet Union, on the evening of Dec 25th, 1991.

A quick note...  Sometimes, in order to know if the LORD wants me to pay attention to something that occurred in the past, I see if a count of days or years from an event to the present renders a meaningful biblical number. In this case, I had just kept going from Dec. 25, 1991, in 119-day increments until I amazingly hit April 21, 2021!  I didn't try any other bible numbers first either. That is a hundred and nineteen to one chance.

Moreover, Dec. 25, 1991, was Symbolic date 1197/1196BC & the traditional anniversary of the birth of Jesus Christ! Dean has stated that “7 x 17” links these sad events that have to do with mother and son mingled with sorrow:” and he points to Mary & her Son (The King of Kings) and in Revelation 12 (Rev.12:2). Note that it was 119X10 days/years unto Symbolic  6BC, which is the more likely birth year of Christ. *Forgive me for not explaining how Symbolic day/years work, as it has been explained many times before (It is explained at the end of the article).

This was enough of a possible pattern to induce me to look up what was going on in Russia that day. It turned out that on that very day, during large protests against his leadership & in the backdrop of a large Russian military buildup along the Ukraine Border, President Vladimir Putin hosted his “State of the Nation” address. In it, he warned Western nations about crossing “Red Lines” & touting new nuclear weapons that have been developed (  ). The Russian Coat of Arms depicting an Eagle, with outspread wings (not unlike the Wings of an Eagle fractal), was displayed prominently behind him. ( ) .

On the very same day, a scientific report was published about a massive record-setting Stellar Flare that erupted on Proxima Centauri, the earth’s nearest neighboring star, witnessed by scientists on May 1, 2019. It made international headlines. This flare was reported as being 100 times more powerful than anything observed on our Sun & lasted for seven seconds. )

The flare gave off so much radiation that it cast doubt on the prospects of finding life on the exoplanets in the system.

Since Proxima Centauri is between *4.244 light-years & **4.2465 light yrs, it took between 1550.121 days & 1551 days to reach Earth on May 1, 2019. (Light years use Julian Calendar 365.25). Therefore, the flare actually occurred on Feb 1st  (or Jan 31st ), 2015. That would be the 13th (or 12th) day of the 12th Month on the 360-day Calendar of Bible Prophecy.

The 13th day of the 12th Month is a Biblical date from the Book of Esther (See Esther 9), as a date which was chosen by the casting of the Pur (lots), in which was chosen for the Destruction of the Jews, but the curse was turned against those that were to attack them. Ultimately, this is the fate of the hoards that come against God’s people at the end of the Age, at the Battle of Armageddon. But before this is the time of the Great Tribulation.   *4.244 light-years taken from:  **4.2465 light-years taken from:

The Topic of Solar Flares has been covered by Dean before. This document, in particular, is important: “Most Powerful Solar Flare in Years Begins and Ends on Purim,…timed to the exact minute! A sign of a future nuclear war between Russia and Iran against Israel. Here’s why!” ( )

April 21st, 2021, just happened to be 119 times 28 days (or 49 x 17 x 2 days)  from the March 7th, 2012 Purim Solar flare, which was spoken of in the document mentioned above. Keep in mind these two recent articles by Dean “Pt. 2. Lampstand patterned after Enoch’s 70 jubilees & Israel’s coming exile” &

Wings of an eagle fractal

One to 17 iterations. Birds collectively form an eagle — and eagles head

The above image is inserted into the main fractal as seen below.

Click to enlarge

The “Wings-of-an-Eagle” fractal ( ), with its mathematical emphasis on  “1260 days” (Rev.12), happened to be posted on April 21, 2021, 1260 days before an Annular Solar Eclipse, which falls on the Hebrew Calendar’s Fall New Year, Rosh Hoshanah (or Feast of Trumpets) which is Tishri 1!

More precisely, this “Ring of Fire” eclipse will be visible in South America (in Argentina & Chile) on October 2nd, 2024, which ends just before sunset, closes out the year there, but in Israel, it is already after sunset & thus it is already the Feast of Trumpets. Moreover, this very same day is also the beginning of the Feast of Tabernacles (or the Last Day, because of a 7 day offset),  which the Year of Release is said to begin (Deuteronomy 31:10) on Enoch’s 40-year Calendar (  ).

Tishri 1, 2024, marks 490th Shmita Cycles from the beginning of the Conquest of Canaan & the surrounding lands (1407BC-1406BC) during the “seventh year.” Moreover, it is the beginning of the 70th  Jubilee year (inclusively) for the Hebrew calendar. See Leviticus 25. Keep in mind the options of inclusive & exclusive reckoning & the Day of Atonement, when the year of Jubilee is to be proclaimed, as proposed here:

The April 8th, 2024 Total Solar Eclipse over America, a half year earlier, is of great importance. This has been covered already by Dean. One should also be paying attention to the Feast of Trumpets/Fall  New Year & the following fast & feast on the 360-day Calendar in 2024.

As a side note, the fractal spoken of above was released on on Symbolic 1407BC ( 1407BC = 1407 days from Symbolic 1AD= Feb.26, 2025) which was likely unknown to Dean at the time of release. The year 1407BC was the 40th year of the children of Israel wandering in the wilderness. This was just before their entry into the Promised Land when Aaron the Priest died and the kingdoms of the Amorites & Bashan were conquered & the Israelites camped in the plains of Moab. Moses' death, after the Renewal of the Covenant, was in either December 1407BC or January 1406BC. This was part of the “seventh year” in the Shmita Cycles, which began Tishri 1407BC & ended Tishri 1406BC.

What I believe this is a sign of

I believe the LORD is reaffirming a possible exile of Israel in some form & that “yes,” the Gog & Magog war of Ezekiel 38-39 eventually will happen. Russia & Iran will be involved & a Nuclear “Flood of Fire” will come & Russia will not escape unscathed ( As to how this will play out, I don’t know. All I am doing is forwarding the message.

Not all prophecy has to happen at once and could be drawn out over a longer time. It must be stated that the Gog & Magog war & the Battle of Armageddon could very likely be separate events. For the end of the age to come, certain prophecies must be fulfilled first (Daniel 12 & 2 Thessalonians 2:1-4). As Dean has been saying consistently over the past few years, the LORD may delay His full wrath by a “generation.”

I believe what he has to say because the predictions that the LORD has given to him to say have come true numerous times over many years. Keep in mind that there are different lengths of generations in the Bible (40, 70, 100).  The 70th  Jubilee from the Conquest of Canaan is approaching & the LORD wants us to pay attention. One thing is for sure, at the very least, there will be signs.

To clarify, I am not claiming to know when “The End” will be, as in when Christ shall appear, as we are not meant to know. I am simply pointing out the signs & how they conform to mathematical patterns found in the Bible. This is done to warn.

The message has always been about repentance & believing in Jesus Christ, the Son of God, for redemption. If you have done so already, then I say, “Keep the faith & keep watching.”

Luke 21:34And take heed to yourselves, lest at any time your hearts be overcharged with surfeiting, and drunkenness, and cares of this life, and so that day come upon you unawares.

35For as a snare shall it come on all them that dwell on the face of the whole earth. 36Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man.

How Solar Flares Keep Time & Act as Warnings

The remainder of this document is intended to show that by using the Prophetic Calendars & Numerical precepts revealed to Dean Coombs, via the Holy Spirit over the course of 3 decades of study in Bible Numbers & the Chronology of the Bible itself reveals the Power of God over all creation.

Everything happens on His timetable & solar flares are one of many natural events timed perfectly according to certain numerical patterns  & dates on the Prophetic Calendars laid out in the Bible.

The purpose of these seemingly innocuous mentions in scripture of dates, years, measurements, etc., were, for the most part, hidden until this time. According to the LORD’s foreknowledge, this was to prove to an unbelieving generation that God’s Word is Faithful & True.

One of the most captivating & fearful natural events that can be witnessed in this modern age is solar flares & their associated Coronal Mass Ejections (CME’s) that impact the Earth’s Magnetic field. Much has been written on the possibility of an event, like that of the Carrington Event, that would disrupt or disable communications systems & cause widespread power outages.

There are even serious discussions of Superflares, like those witnessed on other Sun-like stars, erupting from the Sun. & . Such events, possibly 100 times more powerful than the Carrington Event, are said to be possible.

As will be shown, Solar Flares act as a way of keeping time & they also act as warnings.  This will be done with various methods, all stemming from Dean’s work in Bible numeric principles, the Hebrew Calendar, and the revealed Prophetic Calendars Enoch’s 364-Day Calendar & the 360-Day Calendar of Bible Prophecy, to show that these eruptions on the Sun (at the very least the most powerful ones) are not just randomly occurring events. A good deal of these Biblical numerical principles  & the Prophetic Calendars (360- day @  & 364-day ) have been on the web for many years by this point.

It is encouraged that one becomes familiar with these, along with the major events of the Bible, but a short version or link to the article detailing a principle will be provided as required. These are available here:

The flares documented in this article are taken from records that stretch back as far as September 1st, 1975.

What does the Bible say about Solar flares?

The fourth Bowl/Vial of Wrath in the Book of Revelation may allude to something like a solar flare.

Revelation 16:8 “The fourth angel poured out his bowl on the sun, and the sun was allowed to scorch people with fire. 9They were seared by the intense heat and they cursed the name of God, who had control over these plagues, but they refused to repent and glorify him.”

Luke 21:25And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring; 26Men’s hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken.”

Top X-Class Flares

A quick note on how Solar Flares are classified, as quoted from a article, concerning the X6.9 Solar flare of August 9, 2011. Source: ( )

“Solar flares, huge explosions in the sun’s atmosphere, are classified on a logarithmic scale, where each letter represents a 10-fold increase in energy output compared to the one before it. The smallest solar flares are A-class, followed by B, C, M and then, at the top of the scale, X.”

“Within each class, there is also a linear scale from 1 to 9, which allows a finer level of classification. For example, an X2 flare is twice as powerful as an X1.”

This was included to give you an idea of the power of the Solar flares detailed in this article.

The Seven Year Land Sabbaths, Year of Release, & Jubilee Cycles

Click to enlarge. Sabbatical Years (Timeline)

I will not spend too much time going over the intricacies of the Seven Year Land Sabbaths (Leviticus 25),  Shmita Years  (The “Year of Release”), & the accompanying Jubilee Cycles, as this topic has been covered in much greater detail by Dean Coombs. These cycles are Biblical, in that they are commands, given by the LORD, to be observed by the Israelites upon entry into the Promised land in Leviticus 25 & Deuteronomy 31:10.

Note that these commands do not have to be observed by the believer under the New Covenant & were intended for the Israelites. However, the LORD keeps track of these cycles for prophetic purposes. See the Jubliee Cycles article at: Also see the document called “Part One: Why Solar Eclipse of 2017 Launches 490th “Shmita-Cycle”:   As an external source you may check out the Jubilee document on Wikipedia:

Here is a quote in Dean’s words from the above-linked article concerning the Shmita (7-year) Cycles: “The contemporary Shmita is based upon the return from Babylonian Exile. (It very likely commenced 444t BC; compare Neh 8:14-18; 10:31; with Deut 31:10 and Dan 9.) Therefore there run two parallel seven-year cycles, separated by three years.”

The following are excerpts from earlier documents written by Dean Coombs in October of 2017, stating the importance of the 7-Year Cycles & can be found here in their original context.

“Seven-year cycles from entering Promised Land in 1406 BC (and 1948)”

Click to enlarge. Sabbatical Years (Timeline)

“These seven-year cycles began in 1406 BC when Israel entered the Promised Land. However, since Israel became a nation in 1948, these cycles took on a decidedly “birth-pang” appearance. Every seven-year cycle, generally speaking, has been more potent than the one before. And each cycle is a prototype and builds up to the one that came after it. This will reach a still-future climax — a seven-year period popularly understood as “The Great Tribulation.”

(Think of prophecy as a fractal. It is self-similar on every level: large and small timeframes. But as in the case of The Bible Fractal, there is a definite goal and climax in mind. So it is not aimlessly cyclical.).”

“These seven-year cycles are windups, birth pangs, preludes to what follows. And as said, normally, each seven-year period is more intense than the preceding one. I have been documenting this publically since 1996/1997.”

“(Note: these seven-year periods, in turn, intersect the “Shmita” cycles observed in Israel today.).”

“I know all this is complex, but I will now make it simple:”

  1. “These seven-year cycles each have the same basic theme, (“The end of the world!”).”
  2. “The events of these cycles were outlined ahead of time (predictive). This included dozens of specific dates, to the very day.”
  3. “The end of each seven-year period bleeds/overlaps into the next cycle”
  4. “(Late) 2010 to (late) 2017 is now complete. As predicted, God did many remarkable things that foreshadow the ultimate end”

I have included a chart showing  Spring & Autumn New Years (The Autumn New Year is also known as the Feast of Trumpets or Rosh Hoshanah) on the 360-Day Calendar of Bible Prophecy ( &  ), their corresponding Gregorian Calendar dates, along with the Seven-Year Cycles (the “seventh year” is marked) as mentioned in the above paragraphs. It should be considered that there is the option of having the Autumn New Year ending on either the 15th day or the 1st day of the 7th month. Both should be considered, but what is shown here is the Feast of Trumpets dates, as that is what is understood as the Autumn New Year in Israel today (On the Hebrew calendar, the Fall new year is used for the count of years, whereas the Spring new year, which is on Nisan 1, that is the 1st Day of the 1st Month is the start of the Religious New Year).

The chart shows the beginning of the 7th Year to the beginning of the 1st Year of a new seven-year cycle on both the Spring & Autumn New Years.  In Dean’s words, “The year of release is announced after six full years and 15 days — on Tabernacles. (2205 days, 2190 + 15 days, and therefore is 2205, which is 45*49). This allows room to have the year of release. What makes it all the more confusing is that it appears that the bible counts the autumn New Year as ending on Tishri 1st or 15th in certain places. The reason is complex, but it has to do with Precession of the Equinoxes…”

Although the“7th Year” of a Spring New Year to Spring New Year reckoning of the Sevenyear Land Sabbaths/Year of Release has less biblical support, it is no doubt accounted for and should be considered, with the 7th Year starting Nisan 1407BC unto Nisan 1406BC & Nisan 444BC unto Nisan 443BC (See Exodus 12:1-2) & continuing unto the present day.

As can be seen in this New Years’ & Seven-Year Cycle chart, there have been 4 Major X-class  Solar Flares, with at least one which was record-breaking in intensity for its time. All occurred either at the end of the 6th year/beginning of the “seventh year” or marking the beginning of the 1st Year of the New 7-year cycle. Note that a 360-Calendar day begins at 6 PM & the local time of an event is considered first. If the event is global or is celestial in origin, it is recommended to consider Universal Coordinated Time (UTC/GMT) first, but earlier times are permitted (Eg. Jerusalem is +2hrs UTC, etc.). Of special note is the Record-Breaking X20+  Solar Flare of April 2, 2001 (, at 21:51Hrs UTC, marked the very beginning of the first year of the 350th Spring to Spring 7 Year Cycles that began around the time of Nehemiah’s Wall was built Nisan444BC-Nisan443BC & or Tishri 444BC-Tishri 443BC.

The other flares on this chart that marks the end/beginning of years in the 7-year Cycles are also notable. For instance, the X15 Flare of March 6, 1989 (14:10Hrs UTC) was the most potent eruption on the Sun in 11 years. The flare was released in the closing hours of the Sixth year of the 7 Year Cycles, marking its end & the beginning of the 7th Year. The Sunspot Region which produced this flare was the same Region that gave off an X4.5 flare (Mar. 10, 1989), along with a Coronal Mass Ejection (CME), which is proposed to have caused the Geomagnetic Storm that led to the  Quebec Blackout of March 13, 1989. ( )

The August 9th,  2011 X6.9 solar eruption, already covered by Dean, was the most powerful flare in Solar Cycle 24 occurred on the Feast of Trumpets/Autumn New Year on the 360-day Calendar, marking the beginning of the next Fall-to-Fall Seven Year Cycle (7-Year Land Sabbaths from Tishri 1407/1406BC). As with the 1978 Solar Flare, this one also happened to occur on the 9th of Av (Hebrew Calendar).


The September 6th, 2017 X9.33 Solar Flare was one major event, marking the beginning  490th Seventh Year land Sabbath Cycle and Shmita year  (which ran concurrently). It also took place on the 1st Day of the 7th Month (Feast of Trumpets & Autumn New Year) on the 360-day Calendar. It was the most powerful Solar Flare in 12 years & the Most Powerful flare in Solar Cycle 24. Thus, it marked 7 years to the Jubilee year (counting inclusively) on the 360-Day Calendar. Four days later, on September 10th, 2017, another powerful flare, this time an X8.28 flare, erupted on the Sun. This was the same day as the landfall of Hurricane Irma, which is fifth on the list of the Costliest Atlantic Hurricanes of all time.  Curiously, both events were 7 years  (2580 days =1290+1290 days) to Tishri 1 (Rosh Hoshanah/Feast of Trumpets) Oct 2, after sunset to Oct 3, 2024, just before sunset (keep in mind the different time zones of America & Israel).

Moreover, Oct 2, 2024 (after 6 AM to 6 AM the next day) is the Feast of Tabernacles on Enoch’s 40-year Calendar & an Eclipse Occurs in the Constellation of Virgo (Rev. 12) on this date, in a way marks the Jubilee Year 49*70 years from 1407-1406BC. The beginning of the “Year of Release” is said to be on the Feast of Tabernacles.

*The Autumn new year & the Feast of Tabernacles in 2024, on the 360-Day Calendar &/or Enoch’s 364-day Calendar, is also important.

A Flood of Fire

The theme is simple. There was a flood of water, so will there be a “flood of fire” (See Genesis 7, specifically Genesis 7:11). The destruction of Sodom & Gomorrah was by fire instead of water & likewise of Jerusalem along with the Temple on the 10th day of the 5th Month (Av) in 586BC (Jeremiah 52:6-14). Also, see the Wikipedia Tisha B’Av article to understand why the Jewish Traditional date of the 9th of Av is also considered at: . In Revelation Chapter 18, the future fate of “Babylon the Great” is the same, that is, a judgment by fire. Here is the key piece of scripture.

2Peter3: 3-8 “Knowing this first, that there shall come in the last days scoffers, walking after their own lusts, 4And saying, Where is the promise of his coming? for since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of the creation. 5For this they willingly are ignorant of, that by the word of God the heavens were of old, and the earth standing out of the water and in the water: 6Whereby the world that then was, being overflowed with water, perished: 7But the heavens and the earth, which are now, by the same word are kept in store, reserved unto fire against the day of judgment and perdition of ungodly men.”

8But, beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day. 9The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.”

Christ’s Second Coming is also likened to the time of the Flood & the Destruction of Sodom & Gomorrah by fire.

Matthew 24: 36But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only. 37But as the days of Noe were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. 38For as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noe entered into the ark, 39And knew not until the flood came, and took them all away; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.”

Luke 17: 24For as the lightning, that lighteneth out of the one part under heaven, shineth unto the other part under heaven; so shall also the Son of man be in his day. 25But first must he suffer many things, and be rejected of this generation. 26And as it was in the days of Noe, so shall it be also in the days of the Son of man. 27They did eat, they drank, they married wives, they were given in marriage, until the day that Noe entered into the ark, and the flood came, and destroyed them all. 28Likewise also as it was in the days of Lot; they did eat, they drank, they bought, they sold, they planted, they builded; 29But the same day that Lot went out of Sodom it rained fire and brimstone from heaven, and destroyed them all. 30Even thus shall it be in the day when the Son of man is revealed.31In that day, he which shall be upon the housetop, and his stuff in the house, let him not come down to take it away: and he that is in the field, let him likewise not return back. 32 Remember Lot’s wife.


As is evident, the ultimate fate of this Creation is to be destroyed by fire & new heaven & new earth follow, for those in Christ.

Why the Prophecy of Armageddon & Purim Flare Articles Are Still Important

Dean Coombs has covered specific  Powerful Solar Flares and their meanings previously & the message is still relevant today. The message the LORD has shown him is true & I believe the LORD has confirmed his words via special signs recently, which were explained earlier, involving The Stellar Flare & The Wings-of-an-Eagle Fractal. Here are the documents which explain the meanings of the 2003 Flares & their surrounding events.

Solar Flares and River of Blood: A Prophetic Analogy

The Prophecy of Armageddon and the Middle East/Russian Peace talks

Also see:

Key Quotes from the article:           “The code: “The name of His plague is a secret.”

“Key thoughts:”

“River of blood = Battle of Armageddon”

“Solar flares/radiation = Atomic radiation”

“Key scripture:”

“”And this shall be the plague wherewith Jehovah will smite all the peoples that have warred against Jerusalem: their flesh shall consume away while they stand upon their feet, and their eyes shall consume away in their sockets, and their tongue shall consume away in their mouth,” (Zec. 14:12).”

“”And the angel cast his sickle into the earth, and gathered the vintage of the earth, and cast it into the winepress, the great winepress, of the wrath of God. And the winepress are trodden without the city, and there came out blood from the winepress, even unto the bridles of the horses, as far as a thousand and six hundred furlongs,”” (Revelation 14:19-20).

“Most Powerful Solar Flare in Years Begins and Ends on Purim…timed to the exact minute!”

“A sign of a future nuclear war between”
“Russia and Iran against Israel. Here’s why!”

Quote from Dean’s Article: “However, the solar flare is more than just an analogy of coming nuclear war; God is warning of disaster from both the sun and man-made.”

The meaning has already been explained at the links above; this concerns the timing & theme.

Of the Solar Flares mentioned in the first article, titled “Solar Flares and River of Blood: A Prophetic Analogy,” one of them was Record-Breaking, in that it was the most powerful Solar Flare ever recorded & this X28+ flare took place on November 3rd at 19:53Hrs UTC, which was the 17th day of the 8th Month on the 360-day Calendar, which when using the “Spring to Fall New Year Switch” principle is considered the 2nd Month ( ). In Jewish tradition, it was on Cheshvan 17 that the Great Flood began. Keep in mind that the Hebrew Calendar month of Cheshvan is the eighth month of the ecclesiastical year & the second month of the Civil Year. , &

About “Symbolic Dates”

Time Spans Creating Symbolic Day-Years

Both the X28+ & the X17.2+ flare seven days previous are related to the Great Flood. Also, note that this X17.2 Flare was 777 days from 9/11/2001 & 222 days from the beginning of the Invasion of Iraq (555+222=777days). Other than the fact that X17.2 flare contains both 17, as in the 17th day) & .2, as in the 2nd month, the Symbolic Date of one of the 8 main flood dates of the Masoretic Text Chronologies is encoded by the date on which it occurred as well. That date is Symbolic 2302BC, when using the New Datum (Symbolic 1AD) of February 15th, 2010 JD#55242 (or March 17, 2010, = JD#55272). This new AD date is created by the 1260 plus 1335 years from 586BC (Year of the Fall of Jerusalem).

An astute reader may say, “Hey, I thought 2303BC is the Flood date?” (For Flood dates of the chronological variants of Masoretic Text & why 777 days, go here: ). This is true. However, consider that the flood lasted a year (2303-2302BC. Not to get you lost in the details, but because there is the optional less 2 years option of Shem being having been born when Noah was 500, instead of at the age of 502 (If  Gen. 11:10 is not considered, only using Gen.5:32)  & that an Autumn New Year was possibly used at the time, this would produce a Flood date beginning in the year 2302BC as well. (See the “Spring to Fall New-Year-Switch” at ).

I discovered that the flare was on this special Symbolic Date 14 years later (5070 days)  to the day  (on the 360 Calendar), on Sept.13, 2017, after 6 PM. It was 420 days later, on November 8th, 2018, that the Camp Fire, the “deadliest and most destructive wildfire in California’s history,” began.  This was the same Symbolic date (2302BC) as that X17.2+ flare, except this time, it was from the New Datum of actual 2025 AD (15 years later = 5490 days)  New Year on the 360-Day Calendar (Feb 26, 2025, is 1st  day of 1st Month = AD1). This fire utterly destroyed the town of “Paradise,” with the bulk of the town being destroyed in one day. ( ). Dean also documented this, accompanied by revelations into Enoch’s Calendar(s) His prophetic words, “It will happen!…”

The X17 Solar Flare on September 7th, 2005, was on the 15th day of the 7th Month, that is, the Feast of Tabernacles on Raguel’s  Enochian Calendar  & the 29th/30th Day of the 6th Month (1150*3 years from the year of the Exodus), at the very end of the 360-Calendar Year (Fall to Fall Reckoning). See the documentation of the Enochian Calendars here:

A spreadsheet  showing the Autumn New Year (along with Spring New Years), which is the 1st day of the  7th Month or Feast of Trumpets (“Feasts of the LORD”: Leviticus 23) for this year, and others, is available here:

As I have been saying, the number “Seventeen” is related to the biblical account of the Great Flood (Genesis 7).

Furthermore, exactly 1290 days later (March 20, 2009), the movie ‘Knowing’ was released into theatres. It was about a woman that prophesied world disasters through the use of numbers using exact dates that stretched 50 years into the future, culminating in a massive Super Flare that wiped out all life on Earth, with only those who were “chosen” (the elect) to escape, leaving this earth behind before its fiery fate.

Throughout this movie, there are various Biblical allusions, including a direct reference to the inaugural vision of Ezekiel. Interestingly, I discovered, from an interview with the writer, that the original name of the character Caleb was Noah. The film is definitely not perfect, as anyone who has read the book of Revelation, Matthew 24, Luke 21, & Daniel 12 will know. Importantly, the exact timing of “the end” is not known because it is written (Mark 13:32 ), “But of that day and that hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels which are in heaven, neither the Son, but the Father.”

Interestingly, from an interview with the writer, I discovered that the original name of the character Caleb was Noah.  The film is not perfect, as the exact timing of “the end” is not known, because it is written (Mark 13:32 ), “But of that day and that hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels which are in heaven, neither the Son, but the Father.” We are simply commanded to “watch”(Matthew 25:13 & Luke 12:35-39). This is a link to the interview done by a Christian blogger of the original screenplay writer, which was then adapted into the final movie. It’s a good read ( )

On top of this, it was another 1260 days later, on August 31st, 2012 @ 20:36Hrs UTC (2550 days or 7 years from the X17 Flare), that a Massive Filament flare projected out of the Sun. It was estimated to be 30 Earth’s across and projecting out millions of miles from the Sun’s surface Nasa Images placed it next to a scaled image of Earth. A portent of what will come?

Here is the Image from . This occurred 40 days  (360-Calendar reckoning)  from the Massive July 23rd, 2012 CME (3 AM) that “Narrowly Missed Earth.” Recall the 40 days & 40 nights of the Flood & the talk of the end of the world in 2012. A sign indeed. . For more, go here.

Perhaps I am going a bit too far here, but I’ll quickly mention this to show a continuing pattern. Exactly 14 years (4*1290 days) after the September 7th, 2005 X17 flare, & unknown to Dean at the time, he referenced Rev.16:8 in his article “Fires of California/Lebanon: “No more delay” ( ) in regards to the Sign of the number “7” that appeared on the Sun along with the California & Lebanon fires of 2019 at the end of the forwarded (by 2555 Years 365×7 Years)  21 days delay of Daniel 10. This is quite the string of events all with the same general theme, isn’t it?

As to why the X17 Solar flare happened to fall on the Feast of Tabernacles on Raguel’s Enoch Calendar, perhaps it has to do with Raguel & Uriel being “responsible for cosmological phenomena.”

Enoch 20:4 “ Raguel, one of the Holy Angels; who takes vengeance on the world, and on the lights (luminaries). ”

Enoch 23.4 “Then Raguel, one of the Holy Angels, who was with me, answered me, and said to me: ““This burning fire, whose course you saw towards the west, is the fire of all the Lights of Heaven.””


1 Enoch 20:4 specifies that Raguel is the angel who “takes vengeance on the world of the luminaries.” Two proposed meanings for the name “Raguel” include “friend of God” and “shepherd of God” (see Davidson, Angels at Qumran, 92n1). Davidson notes that the Raguel and Uriel were responsible for “cosmological phenomena,” and the rest of these angels dealt with “eschatological issues” (Davidson, Angels at Qumran, 77)

.Raguel has an active role in two accounts in 1 Enoch:In 1 Enoch 23:1–14 Raguel offers an explanation for a fire that Enoch sees ceaselessly following a path: “This course of fire that is toward the west is the fire chasing away all the luminaries of heaven” (1 Enoch 23:4 LES).1 Enoch 87:2–4, which is part of the “Animal Apocalypse” (1 Enoch 85–90), seemingly refers to Raguel indirectly with its reference to three “beings like white men.”

These three beings—who are likely Raguel, Saraqael, and Remiel (Davidson, Angels at Qumran, 97–98)—place Enoch upon a high place from which he can observe humanity’s disobedience before the flood and the events that ensue, which the narrative portrays symbolically with animals.

The Major X-Class Flare of 1978

The X15 solar flare of July 11, 1978, as far as I can tell, was the most powerful Solar flare ever recorded by satellite instruments at the time, and it occurred on the 9th Day of the 5th Month (Ninth of Av) on the 360-Day Calendar of Bible Prophecy ( ). Not only this, but it occurred on another Possible Flood date 2242BC (Flood Year 2243-2242BC) when using the Fall New Datum of August 30th, 1984AD as forwarded from Autumn 1447BC by the span of 3430 years (70 Jubilees of 49 years).

All “New Datums”(Representing AD1) of the Symbolic day/year grid, which are created from Spans of Years using Bible numbers, have an optional Fall “New Datum” (1AD) date that is a half year (six months) earlier on the 360-Day Calendar.

In addition to this, counting from the Spring New Datum (Symbolic 1AD) of Feb. 26, 1985AD or Mar. 28, 1985, created by the 3430 years from the Spring  New Year of the Exodus from Egypt in 1446BC, places this July 11/’78 as Symbolic 2452BC  or 2422BC which correspond to the middle of the week in which Ezekiel sat “astonished” (Ezekiel 3:15-16), following his Inaugural Vision.  This is because, in actual 593BC, it would have been 2452 or 2422 days until the 1st Day of the 1st Month (on the 360-day Calendar) in actual 586BC, which was the year of the Fall of Jerusalem.

The Vision reads from Ezekiel 1:1 to Ezekiel 3:14. So this week would be from the 5th day of the 4th Month (Symbolic 2456/2426BC) to the 12th day of the 4th Month on the 360-Day Calendar (Symbolic 2449/2419BC) in actual 593BC. For more details, please check out  As Jewish tradition (Talmud) informs us, the 9th day of the 5th Month (Av) is when the Temple of the LORD began to burn & continued to burn throughout the 10th Day of the 5th Month (Jer. 52:12 & see Tisha B’Av @, seven years after Ezekiel’s First Vision.

Of major events going on in the world at this time (1978), one of them was the Iranian Revolution, which one could say was seeded with protests beginning on January 7th, 1978, 400 days earlier & concluded on February 11, 1979, which was Purim on the 360-Calendar (14th Day of the 12th Month). Importantly, the end of the revolution (Feb. 11, 1978) was 215 days later, which is half of the 430 days/years of Ezekiel’s Symbolic Siege of Israel (390 days) & Judah (40 days). Also, note that a 400 days/years period is a rounded figure of the full 430 years that the Israelites spent in Egypt. Thirty days or years less, the full 430 years/days is simply a month being omitted or jumping from either the “From Christ” or “From Exodus” variants of the 360-Day Calendar ( ). In this case, I believe the 9th of Av Solar Flare was in the center of the events involving the Iranian Revolution & thus linked. The Cinema Rex Fire (2) in Iran was the worst terrorist attack in history at the time & it began at 20:21 hrs (Local time) on August 19th, 1978. This was  40 days (360 calendar reckoning) after the flare is also said to have triggered the Iranian Revolution (on the 360-Calendar reckoning of days, after 18:00 Hrs is the next day).

Recall the “forty days and forty nights” of the Flood, the 40 (+390) days that Ezekiel laid on his side for Judah, and the 40 days the 12 spies spent spying out the land of Canaan. The 9th of Av is the Traditional Date, the beginning of the Temple’s burning, but the 10th day of that month is more Biblical & this is the date that the 12 Spies returned, with 10 of them giving an evil report, in the second year of the Exodus  (1445BC). For their fearful unbelief, the children of Israel were sentenced to wander 40 years in the wilderness, so another 40 days until the fire makes sense. The pattern that makes up 390+40 &/or 40+390 is common in Bible chronology.   For more, go here:

Amazingly, the Start of the Iranian Revolution was 2450 years (50 Jubilees of 49 years) from the events of the Book of Esther (Esther 9:1) in 473BC. The institution of the Feast of Purim, the first observation was likely held in 472BC, was again 2450 years to the end of the Iranian Revolution. Also, keep in mind the 50th year in Jubilee Cycles. ) (2)

Iran is the modern name of Persia, listed in the kingdoms that will come against Israel in Ezekiel 38-39 in the Gog & Magog war. It is a prophecy that has been long in its coming & there have been many more events happening on key Symbolic & Prophetic Calendar (Enoch’s & 360-Day) dates in the past few years that say that this prophecy will come true “soon.” As I have said, I don’t know how it will play out. There could be more key events before it happens. Regardless of how it begins, I know that the result will be as in the Prophecy of Ezekiel.

The Theme of Famine & Siege

The August 16th, 1989  X20 Solar Flare was another record-breaking Solar Flare (for its time), & it would be another 12 years until another X20+ Flare topped it. The Pattern of the Seven-Year Famine of Joseph was used here as it occurred on Symbolic 1878BC (The Seven Year Famine of Joseph began in actual 1878BC) when using the October 7th, 1994 is as 1AD (JD#49632) Fall New Datum, as forwarded from Autumn of actual 587BC. Therefore, both 587BC & 586BC are equally valid as most likely year(s) of the Fall of Jerusalem, with 586BC being favored.

The Flare, in this instance,  caused microchips to fail and led to the halt of world trade on the Toronto Stock Exchange ( ). This theme continues, like 1290 days later was the World Trade Center Bombing Feb.26, 1993, which was the 13th Day of the 12th Month (Esther 9:1) on the 360 Day Calendar & Symbolic 588BC. Recall that in actual 588BC, the 2.5 year Siege of Jerusalem that led to its destruction in 586BC began.

The themes expressed here are that of siege and famine. The events above are pictures of how the final seven-year period, especially the last half of the Tribulation, may play out. As Dean has stated in his online book, “This seven-year famine fell upon Egypt and “all the world” (Genesis 41:57), and is a prototype of the well-known future “seven-year tribulation-period,” also destined to come upon “the whole world” (Revelation 3:10; 16:14)”. This is explained here:  & here:

There is more that could be said. For instance, two days later, on Feb.28, 1993 (Symbolic 586BC & The Feast of Unleavened Bread/Shushan Purim on the 360-Day Calendar) is when the “Waco Texas Siege” began. As a quick aside, this event foreshadows future events having to do with the Antichrist, who will call himself God, leading deceived men to their destruction. As some will remember, this siege had a fiery end (Pentecost on the 360-Day Calendar: 5th Day of the 3rd Month). Also, recall that it was on Pentecost that the LORD descended in fire on Mount Sinai. Moreover, the name of the place where this happened was Mount Carmel Center. Remember the account of Elijah (1 Kings 18:16-45).

These events were signs of what to expect at the time of “The End.”

The “Carrington Event”

The Solar Flare was the first solar flare ever observed & was also likely the most powerful. A bright flash of light was observed from the telescopes pointed at the Sun by both Richard Carrington & Richard Hodgson just before noon on September 1st, 1859 AD.  The Subsequent CME & Geomagnetic Storm caused Auroras to be seen around the world & in the northern hemisphere, they were visible as far south as the  Caribbean. Some witnesses of the auroras were even convinced that this was a sign of the end of the world.

Recent estimates classify the X-class intensity as an X45 (+5) Flare, topping all charts. The closest would be the Nov.4, 2003 (X28+)  flare, reclassified as an X35 (+5).  (  )  This intense flare was on the 7th Day of the 7th Month on the 360-Day Calendar & is tied to the death of Jacob, also named Israel.

The “Masoretic Text Exclusive” chronology places Jacob’s death at 1859 BC.  The 23-year Cycles of both Uriel’s Enochian Calendar & the Priestly Calendar link both Jacob’s birth year of 2006BC & the Mirror date of his death 1859AD by 3864 years (483*365.25 days *8 cycles). Using the 23 Enochian Calendar years to 25 Priestly years conversion (8400 days is 364 days X 23 years + 28 day leap month & 336 days x 25 Priestly years = 8400 days), this turns into 4200 Priestly years.

One can go a step further and take the 4200 Priestly years & convert them into 360-day  years, which is not adjusted by the 30-day leap months, giving one a count of 3920 non-adjusted 360-day years. So this is 8 Royal Jubilees (490*8) to the Carrington Event! Dean has mentioned that this would be the date of Noah’s birth (7th day of the 1st month/7th Month on the 360-day Calendar) & it would be the anniversary of the 7th day of Creation (Fall-to-fall Years).

The 23-year pattern to the Carrington flare is also tied into the landfall of the Catagory 4 Hurricane named Laura,  which was on August 27th, 2020 (also on the 7th day of the 7th Month:360 ), exactly 23*7 years later (58800 days 490*). The Symbolic date was 1644BC, which is also the death of Jacob on the Minus 215-year  Masoretic Text (+ Samaritan Pentateuch translation’s rendering of Exodus 12:40, LXX, & Galatians 3:17) Bible Chronology ( ). This pattern was revealed 364 days before Laura’s landfall. It became the 12th costliest hurricane on record.

The Great Solar Storm of August 1972

Even before the SMS & GOES satellites, partially dedicated to observing and cataloging solar flares, solar events were observed, such as Solar flares, with their accompanying CME’s & geomagnetic storms. Ranked third on ‘s list of “7 of the Strongest Solar Storms In Recorded History” just so happened to begin on August 2, 1972, & continued until August 11, 1972. ( & )

This major storm began around the time of the Close of the 6th Year & beginning of the 7th Year (of the  7- year cycles) & marked the beginning of the Seventh year on the Fall-to Fall 7-year Sabbath Cycles (Tishri 1972AD to Tishri 1973, that are said to have likely begun on the Autumn new year t444BC-t443BC.  Notably, it had been  2415 years (23*7*15 years & 483*5*365.25 days: Solar Years) since the 444BC to 443BC time frame. This converts to 2625 Priestly Calendar years, via the 23 regular years to 25 Priestly years conversion & represented 1290 + 1335 priestly years & 50 Jubilees (49 years each) of non-adjusted 360-day years (or 490*5*360 days) since the gathering of the returned Hebrews to hear the Law of the LORD, just after the walls of Jerusalem had been rebuilt, had taken place (Nehemiah 8:1-2).

There would be 430 days from the beginning (Aug.2) of the August 1972 Solar Storm to Tishri 10 of 1973, when the Yom Kippur War began (See Leviticus 25:8-9). Importantly, one should consider that the Yom Kippur War was a dress rehearsal for the Gog & Magog war. In this war, the Soviet Union & confederate Arab states attacked Israel. Therefore, was this Solar Storm a portent of war?  Note also that in the BC/AD mirror that from 1972-1973AD to the Mirror of the rebirth of the nation of Israel & the following 1st Arab Israeli War 1948-1949BC is a span of 8*490 years.

December 1982 Flares & Theme of Siege

Adding to these, there was an X10.10 flare on the 10th day of the 10th Month (Jeremiah 52:4) on December, 17th 1982 after (18:00 Hrs UTC). This date represented Symbolic 801/831BC: same Symbolic Year as the beginning of the Siege in actual December 589BC/ January 588BC ). What of the greater Dec 15, 1982, X12.9 flare that was about 2.5 days earlier?  It’s difficult to explain, but that solar eruption (along with a Solar Eclipse over Russia the same day) was likely part of this pattern, as 215 days later would be Symbolic 589BC. Basically, there is the option of going forward in the days, together with the years as they progress (Wheels within Wheels). Notice that  2.5 years later (in actual 586BC) was the fall of Jerusalem (900 or 930 days, less a day). This all takes place in Ezekiel’s forwarded week.

One should also consider the option that 2nd Kings 25:8-9 says that the Temple was set on fire on the 7th Day of the 5th Month instead of the 10th day (Jeremiah 52:12). Many scholars have discussed this apparent discrepancy, so I will not say much about it. I consider both to be valid & I believe the LORD does too. And so there would be an exact 930 or 960 days (2.5 years less a day to Jerusalem’s walls being broken through  + 31 days) to the Burning of the Temple. Note this is just patterned after what occurred between 588 & 586BC. As far as I know, a significant event did not occur 2.5 years after Dec. 1982. Again, this seems to warn of a future “siege” (war), like that of the Tribulation Period (Daniel 10-12).

I could go on and on, but I hope by now I have hammered the point home.

Not all  Solar Flares are shown, but are just samples of the largest flares of each Solar Cycle from Solar Cycle 21 upward are listed. There are some flares that no doubt belong to numerical patterns that make use of Bible numbers. However, I do not have time to research & explain all of them. There will have to be some element of faith on your part. These events are just a small part of other natural events such as hurricanes, earthquakes, wildfires, etc., which occur on God’s clock(s) (The Prophetic Calendar(s)).  Besides solar flares & solar storms, the Lord tends to use wildfires to make the same point, that of a coming judgment by fire.

The peak of Solar Cycle 25 is set to occur as early as October 2024 (or 2025). Perhaps a major Solar flare will happen around this time.

A Destroying Fire & The Sun Wakes Up After Nearly Four Years!

I will admit that I had doubts about publishing this article, so I sent Dean a draft of this Article in the evening (8:59 PM MT) on July 29, 2021. I was hoping for a sign from the LORD on whether or not I should go ahead with finishing this document & the same day (360-calendar reckoning), but the next day on the modern Gregorian Calendar,  an explosive fire tore through the town of Lytton, BC in here in Canada, utterly destroying it with fire. This was the town that had, just one day previous, smashed the record for the hottest ever recorded temperature in Canadian history (49.6 degrees C).

Then 3 days later, on July 3rd, 2021, which was the 17th Day of the 4th Month on the 360-Day Calendar (See Tammuz 17 article on Wikipedia: ), the Sun roared to life again, after a drought of X-class solar flares that lasted 1392 days ( ).  I believe this was the LORD answering by fire.

X1.59 Flare of July 3rd_2021


“The message is the same as it always has been & that message is of “repentance.” To put it succinctly, the end of your world is when you die (Hebrews 9:27), as we might not all live to witness “the end of the world.” To be clear, before the very end of the age comes the resurrection ( & the Rapture) of the just (1 Corinthians 15:51-52) & later comes the resurrection of the unjust when the White Throne Judgment begins (Rev. 20:11-15). Why wait?

Now is the time to turn to Jesus Christ & trust in Him as your one and only Savior (John 3:16-18). He will not turn away anyone who comes to Him (John 6:37). For the believers among you, this was put together to show that the LORD Jesus Christ, who is God, is in control of all of His Creation & to give you faith to endure the trials of this world, as you look forward to the great reward of life everlasting. Remember, “do not love the world” & “don’t look back at Sodom” (the filthy old world, with its lusts), lest you be destroyed with it. ( 1 John 2:15-17 ). There is hope in Jesus Christ, who took the LORD’s full & righteous wrath on the Cross, to save us. For we were all guilty of sin & worthy of God’s wrath, but the blood of the sacrifice of God’s only Son washes away sins of those who believe in Him and call on His name (Acts 2:19-21, 1 John 1:7, Revelation 1:5). ”

This last part is an extended look at the timing of solar flares, followed by a brief explanation of how the Symbolic Date System works, along with links to access the data on flares that are listed here.


More Flares & Solar Storms

There are a few more examples of Solar events to show so that you will know that the themes of these events remain consistent.

October 19, 1989, X13 Solar Flare was on the 17th Day of the 8th/2nd Month (360-Day Calendar). There was also an X9.4 Solar Flare on November 6, 1997, which was again on the 17th Day of the 8th / 2nd Month (360-Day Calendar). There was also a powerful Solar Storm that began on November 8th, 1991 (I’ll let you guess what day that was on the 360-Day Calendar). Do you see a pattern here?

There have been flares on the anniversaries of other primary events in the bible. For instance, there was an X12 flare on June 11, 1991, it being the 17th day of the 4th Month (360 Calendar), which on the Hebrew Calendar (Tammuz 17), is a day of fasting as Jewish tradition marks 5 Calamities that are said to have transpired on that day. The most important of these was when the walls of Jerusalem were broken through by the Romans in 70AD, leading to the Destruction of Jerusalem & The Temple by fire. Four days after this, another X12 flare occurred along with the explosive eruption of Mount Pinatubo that was on Symbolic 2301AD (From the 1985 New Datum 1AD= Feb. 26, 1985 (70 jubilees from Exodus), which is the Mirror date of the minus 2 years variant of 2301BC; one of the 8 possible Masoretic Text chronology Flood Dates & 2300 days from the 1985 New Year.

How the Symbolic Day/Year Grid System Works

Some events listed in this Solar Flare article have important “Symbolic Dates” that match up with actual dates of major events in the Bible. Dean and I have explained this precept in other articles. If you would like to know more after the short explanation below, please head to this link:

Here is a short explanation of how symbolic Days/years work, beginning with explaining what a New Datum is.  When a new King came to power in ancient times, those dating & documenting various things, such as the historical events, trade of slaves, goods,& services, would begin a new dating system, beginning the year their monarch came to power. This would be called Year 1 of a king’s reign. This is true of Jesus Christ as well, as he was born “King of The Jews” (Matthew 2:1-2). In fact, “Anno Domini” means “In the year of the Lord,” taken from the full phrase  “anno Domini nostri Jesu Christi,” translated as “in the year of our Lord Jesus Christ” (16).

In the case of events in the Bible, certain Major events create these New Datums. These new datums begin a new dating system beginning (usually) on the 1st Day of the 1st Month (Spring New Year) of whichever year the major event occurs. Added to the usual count of years as years, days are counted as years as well and run alongside the traditional years as years, days as days, & months as months. Every day counted forward from the 1st day of the year receives as Symbolic Date, represented as AD. An example of this is that the 2nd Day of the 1st Month is called 2 AD.

It is not just the events that occur after the new year of the year in which the event takes place that receives a date, which we call “Symbolic A.D.,” but are the events that occur before that date that get the name of Symbolic BC (SBC). Using  “The 360-Day Calendar of Bible Prophecy” for day counts over months and years, we can decipher the Symbolic dates of events in the bible when given the year in which the event takes place, the day, & the month.

For instance, the year in which the Fall Jerusalem (to the Babylonians) took place in 586BC was the eleventh year of Zedekiah (Jeremiah 52:5). The beginning of that year (1st Day of the 1st Month) will be counted as our “New Datum.” Well, earlier in Chapter 52 (Jeremiah 52:4) that the beginning of the Siege of Jerusalem was on the 10th Day of the 10th Month in the 9th year of Zedekiah (Dec.588BC/Jan 589BC). The days between that New Datum (1st day of the 1st month, 586BC), which is considered 1AD, and the 10th Day of the 10th Month (actual 588BC) are 801 days. Therefore, the Symbolic Date for the beginning of the Siege of Jerusalem is Symbolic 801BC (or 831 BC: if there was a leap month), which is 215 Days before “Symbolic 586BC”. This was just one example.

Sources of Data

Solar flare data is available here & from

The following is quoted from:

“GOES X-ray flux measurements (1 – 8 Angstrom flux) have been made since 1986 and, before that, on the NOAA SMS satellites since 1974. SWPC has used this data to produce the 1-minute and 5-minute averaged X-ray data sets and plots.”

Also by David Rooke: Mystery of Bible Number “17”

Read more

“62 weeks” of Dan. 9 confirm date of Exodus and foretold 1948

“In Daniel, is there a connection between the 62 Years of Darius/Cyrus and the 62 Weeks?”

Daniel 5:30-31 In that night was Belshazzar the king of the Chaldeans slain. And Darius the Median took the kingdom, being about threescore and two years old.

Daniel 9:26 And after threescore and two weeks shall Messiah be cut off, but not for himself

Yesterday, Wednesday, July 21st, 2021, the Lord granted insight into the above question. The insight was confirmed by someone who made a comment this morning on using similar math. She was unaware of my study from yesterday, or my intention to post about this subject today.

Considering I have never gone into great detail about the significance of “62 weeks” or “62 years” before, I unlikely influenced her by some past post. Therefore, I believe it is the Lord’s confirmation. After all, when is the last time you heard someone talking about “62 years” or “62 weeks”? It’s a biblical numeric that very few are even aware of.

Unfortunately, I have limited time today! I may not finish this post today, at least properly edited. Therefore, for now, I have chosen to repost the comment made by “Chanda Pinto”, and my response.

Also, today I noticed an article about “62 years”. Actually, it’s a question asked on The question is:

In Daniel, is there a connection between the 62 Years of Darius/Cyrus and the 62 Weeks?

The answers supplied by various people at that site lays a good foundation for what is revealed here. What the Lord showed me, or should I say, showed us, answers what is unanswered at “”.

Birth of King Cyrus

What is of particular relevance at that site concerns whether Darius and Cyrus are one and the same person? If not, then coincidently they were both born about the same time. Either way, the prophecies of Isaiah concerning Cyrus bear upon what will be revealed here in this post, (Isaiah 40-46). Because even if Darius is not Cyrus, it still holds true that Darius is the representative of King Cyrus. As such, the prophecies of Isaiah still relate.

Notice the connection in Isaiah 44 between the birth of Israel as a nation to “King Cyrus”, who conquered Babylon at age 62.

“Family of Jacob, listen to me. You are my servant.
People of Israel, I have chosen you.
I made you. I formed you when you were born as a nation.
I will help you.
So listen to what I am saying.
Family of Jacob, do not be afraid. You are my servant.
People of Israel, I have chosen you.
I will pour out water on the thirsty land.
I will make streams flow on the dry ground.
I will pour out my Spirit on your children…

The Lord says,
“People of Israel, I set you free.
I formed you when you were born as a nation.

“I am the Lord. I am the Maker of everything.
I alone stretch out the heavens.
I spread out the earth by myself.

25 “Some prophets are not really prophets at all.
I show that their signs are fake.
I make those who practice evil magic look foolish.
I destroy the learning of those who think they are wise.
Their knowledge does not make any sense at all.
26 I make the words of my servants the prophets come true.
I carry out what my messengers say will happen.

“I say about Jerusalem,
‘My people will live there again.’
I say about the towns of Judah,
‘They will be rebuilt.’
I say about their broken-down buildings,
‘I will make them like new again.’
27 I say to the deep waters,
‘Dry up. Let your streams become dry.’
28 I say about Cyrus,
‘He is my shepherd.
He will accomplish everything I want him to.
He will say about Jerusalem,
“Let it be rebuilt.”
And he will say about the temple,
“Let its foundations be laid.” ’

(Isaiah 40 to 46 contain other references to this link between Cyrus and the birth of the nation of Israel.)

As we will show, the birth of Cyrus was a marker in time that contained a prophecy that from his birth to the birth of the nation of Israel in 1948 spanned “seven years of years”.

We will also show that the “62 years” and “62 weeks/sevens” (434 years) of Daniel 5 and 9 confirm what most scholars now attest to, namely that Israel entered the Promised Land in 1407t/6n BC. (“t” and “n” are abbreviations for the Jewish months of Tishri/October and Nisan/April.) (Daniel 9, like the Book of Jubilees, is about jubilees of 49 years and generations of 70 years. There are 70 jubilees (490 “weeks”) from 1406 BC to 2025 AD.)

The latter point that affirms the 1406 BC date for when Israel entered the Promised land is what will be discussed first and after that how it also foretold when Israel would become a nation.

Daniel’s 434 years (“62 weeks”)

Daniel refers to 434 years as 62 weeks/sevens, Daniel 9. (Specifically, one jubilee of “49 years” plus  “434 years” plus “seven years”, for a total of ten jubilees, Dan. 9:24-27.) Daniel is told that just as there were 490 years before the exile (actual, more like two sets of 490), there would be yet another 490 until the Messiah comes. (Interestingly, Cyrus is called a messiah(meaning, “to anoint”, Dan. 9:24-27. Cyrus/Darius is symbolic of Jesus the Messiah, Isa. 45:1.)

Daniel’s ten jubilees (490 years) is a complex discussion. I have written numerous articles over the years about this, the most recent was about two weeks ago on July 6, 2021, Daniel’s 490 (“seventy weeks”) in the Mirror.

However, for our purposes, let us focus on the “62 weeks”.

Babylon fell to Cyrus/Darius during Tabernacles (Tishri) of 539 BC, a date well established. (By the way, recall that Daniel was also called Belshazzar — the same name as the king, together who are symbolic of the death and glorification of Messiah — but that’s another story!)

Dan. 5:29 Then at Belshazzar’s command, Daniel was clothed in purple, a gold chain was placed around his neck, and he was proclaimed the third highest ruler in the kingdom.

30 That very night Belshazzar, king of the Babylonians, was slain, 31 and Darius the Mede took over the kingdom, at the age of sixty-two.

Babylon fell in 539t BC. The proclamation for the Jews to return home occurred the next year, 538 BC. And the temple began to be rebuilt in 537 BC regarding the prophecy of Daniel 9 (given in 536 BC), although there was an additional delay of “21 weeks/sevens” (Dan. 10, Ezra, Zech.) until the temple was completed in 516n BC.

Back to the “62 weeks”

601t/600n (birth of Darius/Cyrus) unto 539t/8n BC (end of Babylon) is the “62 years of age” of Darius/Cyrus (Dan. 5).

539t/8n BC less the “62 weeks” (434 years) of Dan. 9 equals the death of King David (973t/972n BC plus 434 years equals 539t/8n BC). However, David likely died 971t BC, and the temple of Solomon in 967 BC, which are 434 years and also exactly 430 years (Dan. 9:24-27 and Ezek. 4) unto 517 BC when the temple was rebuilt; (from 1Kings 6:1 to Ezra 3:8 are exactly 430 years). (In the Bible, the temple symbolizes Messiah in his death and resurrection.)

And 434 times two years (868 years) elapsed from the death of Aaron and Moses (called “king in Jeshurun”, in Deut. 33:4–5), which is also the year when Israel entered the land of Israel on the two sides of the Jordan. This is also when the jubilees officially began, that is, 1407t/1406n BC.

Therefore, the “62 weeks” and the “62 years” confirm when the Exodus and entry into the Promised Land occurred, 1446 BC and 1407t/1406n BC.

Therefore, from the death of King Moses unto the death of King David are “434 years”, and from the death of King David unto the death of Belteshazzar, king of Babylon (the same name as Daniel) are again 434 years; (and Darius/Cyrus took the throne at “62 years of age”, that is, at the end of the 62 x 7 and 62 x 7 years.) Aaron/Moses, David/Solomon, and Belteshazzar/Cyrus are all types of Messiah and they all intertwine with the numeric that culminates in Jesus the Messiah, as per the prophecy of Daniel (ch.9).

This also agrees with the date of Ezekiel’s revelation (Ezek 40) regarding a future temple. His vision is dated as given either on the Day of Atonement or on the anniversary of when Israel entered the Promised Land (Tishri 10th or Nisan 10th), which is when the jubilee is announced, which corresponds perfectly to the 17th jubilee (1407t/6n to 574t/n BC).

Next, we look at the comment posted today about “62”, and how it points to 1948 when Israel became a nation.

1274 (& 1260) + 1274 (& 1260) unto 1948 when Israel became a nation

The comment posted on

Below is part of the comment by Chanda Pinto on July 22, 2021, at 8:37 am, posted on

We were taught the most significant year prophetically was 1948. We were taught this started the Parable of the Fig Tree and this Generation would not pass before all prophecy was fulfilled. The good and the bad fig returning to the Holy land. For about 20 years that was that but I kept having people, even my Mom asking where are the good figs, they are not over there…

A generation can be 40, 70, 120…..Noah knew he had 120 yrs before the flood this is why 1917 became interesting. We know in the past 120 years we’ve seen: Electricity, Cars, Airplanes, Spaceships, computers, Ect….. out of the past 6000 yrs the last 120 have been very different.
Almost finished with my thought…

1948-62 week yrs = 2010 ( could relate to the 7 good yrs of plenty before the famine Joseph)
2010-2017 ( 1st 7 yrs growing extra before the 7 bad yrs
2017-2024 ( 7 bad years leading to the final days)
(The Eclipses also are factored in this and the 2024 USA Eclipse is a time marker)
The Global Agenda has stated 2030 is the year they plan to have total control.

And last the Mirror…
2021 years ago Christ was near the age of 21-ish
2030 Christ will have turned 30…..( Some say the cross was at age 30 some say 33)… All things considered and the 2030 date would be 2000 years from the cross. My simple mind is like 4000 yrs before the cross, and 2000 after mark 6000… That leaves the 1000 Millennium = 7000 and then the 8th day!…

My response to the above comment

Thanks for sharing. Biblical numeric is like the rest of the Bible — increasingly complex the more one studies — without end. You have described the basic outline, which is good to be reminded of. It’s part of the basic framework upon which all else is built. I would add to this the 70 jubilees from 1406 BC when Israel entered the Promised Land unto 2025.

It’s interesting that you mention the “62 x 7”. I planned to write an article about that today, based upon my study from yesterday. It also relates to 1948 and 2010. I do not believe this to be a coincidence considering very few people are aware of the significance of 62 weeks. Awesome confirmation, including the “seven-year famine part”. It’s like you were reading my notes! The groundwork for what I plan to say was laid three and 25 years ago in earlier articles.

I plan to demonstrate that the “62 years of age” (601t/n to 539t/538n BC, & died 530 BC at 70) when Darius took the throne (539t BC) is directly related to Daniel’s “62 weeks”.

Now forward this “62 years of age” by Enoch’s seven years of years (364 x 7 days/years) from 601t BC to arrive at 1948 to 2010, etc. Plus your next seven years — not symbolic of the famine, but very close to that (2001-2008-2015). See

In the book of Enoch, 1260 + 1260 days/years is equivalent to 364 x 7 (1274 + 1274). For “1260 + 1260 years” from Ezekiel’s temple vision unto 1948, see,

Daniel 5:30-31 In that night was Belshazzar the king of the Chaldeans slain. And Darius the Median took the kingdom, being about threescore and two years old.

Daniel 9:26 And after threescore and two weeks shall Messiah be cut off, but not for himself

In conclusion

Thus, both the date of Cyrus’ birth (601t BC) and when Ezekiel’s vision of the future temple was given (573n BC) confirm the date when Israel entered the Promised Land and the jubilees commenced, that is, 1407t/1406n BC.

And these same two dates, 601 and 573 BC point not just to the past when Israel became a nation in 1446/1406 BC, but to the future when Israel was to be a nation once again — in 1948, which is 1274 + 1274 and 1260 + 1260 years later, the time frames used in the Book of Enoch and the Bible.

Also, see Daniel’s 490 (“seventy weeks”) in the mirror.

Daniel’s 490-year prophecy in the Mirror of BC/AD, are evenly balanced so that Christ is in the middle, forming a mirror. That is, each date is 490 + 490 years to the other

Why devastating floods in Germany and Barrie tornado?

On the first day of study

On Wednesday, July 14th, 2021, I pondered for hours several verses from the book of Daniel about spiritual warfare.

Dan. 9:21 “While I was still in prayer, Gabriel, the man I had seen in the earlier vision, came to me in swift flight about the time of the evening sacrifice.

Dan. 10:1 In the third year of Cyrus king of Persia, a revelation was given to Daniel (who was called Belteshazzar). Its message was true and it concerned a great war. The understanding of the message came to him in a vision.

20So he said, “Do you know why I have come to you? Soon I will return to fight against the prince of Persia, and when I go, the prince of Greece will come; 21but first I will tell you what is written in the Book of Truth. (No one supports me against them except Michael, your prince. 11:1 And in the first year of Darius the Mede, I took my stand to support and protect him.)

12:1“At that time Michael, the great prince who protects your people, will arise. There will be a time of distress such as has not happened from the beginning of nations until then. But at that time your people—everyone whose name is found written in the book—will be delivered.

I concluded that spiritual powers, good and bad, know that the “Book of Truth” cannot be altered (Dan. 10:21; 11:2, Book of Truth/Destiny, cf., Dan. 12:1). However, prophecy is rarely crystal clear. At times it is vague. Therefore, rulers and powers of the unseen world, both good and bad, attempt to have it fulfilled in a way that favors them.

Daniel understood this flexibility (as did Jesus, Matt. 24:20-21) when Daniel prayed that the 70-year exile prophesied by Jeremiah be fulfilled at that time (Dan. 9 – 10:1,2). He did not want the fulfillment delayed “three weeks” of years, (537-516 BC), (cf., Dan. 10-12; Ezra 1-6; Zech. 1-2).

On the second day of study

The next day I resumed my study about spiritual warfare. I read from a book in my library by the famous scholar John Walvoord, “Daniel: The Key to Prophetic Revelation” (1971).

After several hours of study that Thursday morning, it occurred to me that exactly 1290 + 1335 years elapsed from when Daniel went into exile in the summer of 605 BC.

June-August, 605 BC. Fall of Jerusalem to Nebuchadnezzar, and Daniel and companions taken captive. Walvoord, Pg. 46.

It happens that “1290” and “1335 days” are explicitly stated in Daniel 12 about this spiritual war. And “a day is as a year” (cf., Dan. 9; Ezek. 4). The fall of Jerusalem (when Daniel was exiled) marks the start of the “times of the Gentiles” spoken of by Jesus, Luke 21:24.

(1290 + 1260 is a seven-year period. Thus 1290 plus 1335 is simply a modification of the below prophecy.)

“From the time that the daily sacrifice is abolished and the abomination that causes desolation is set up, there will be 1,290 days. Blessed is the one who waits for and reaches the end of the 1,335 days. Dan. 12:11-12

As I read page 46 (Walvoord), to obtain the exact date of Daniel’s exile, my son unexpectedly arrived at my house. (My son lives in Barrie, Ontario, and I live just north of it.)

My son was all excited at a revelation he just had. He said that yesterday and today (i.e., July 14-15, 2021), he pondered the spiritual war in the heavens about the battle between socialism/communism and capitalism. He concluded that the most enslaving of the two systems is capitalism because it grips the heart of the saints; wealth is a lure that reaches the heart and robs God of His rightful place. Socialism and capitalism both have a “prince” over them, an arch-demon vying for power in the same way that the book of Daniel reports a demonic “prince” over Persia and Greece.

Because my son just happened to be studying the same subject, I seriously took what he had to say. I then drove him home to Barrie. When I got back to my house, I renewed my study. I then realized that not only was this day (Thursday, July 15, 2021), 1290 + 1335 years from the first exile (Daniel’s exile), it also happened that 1290 + 1335 days from July 14-15, 2021, was the 2028 New Year on both the Enochian solar and on the Jewish lunar calendars!

Moreover, the year 2028 is also 1290 + 1335 years from the second exile in  598/7 BC, Ezekiel’s exile (Ezek. 1:2).

As I pondered “1290 + 1335 days to 2028” and ruling “princes” such as Michael and Gabriel the Archangels, our prayer meeting began. It was 2 pm, Thursday. As we prayed, at about 2:25 pm, a tornado warning sirened on our phone. As we soon found out, six F2 tornadoes had formed, and the first, in particular, devastated the Barrie area. About ten were hurt, and 100 homes left uninhabitable.


Barrie’s tornado, which was the strongest and most impactful of the five (actually six) twisters, had maximum wind speeds of 210 km/h, with a damage path that was 12 km long and up to 600 metres wide. Weather Network

Paramedics also set up a triage area at Saint Gabriel the Archangel Catholic School on Prince William Way. (CBC)

As said many times before, depending on its significance, a revelation is like a seal on a small scroll broken open in heaven that affects the natural world. Moreover, spiritual warfare usually accompanies significant revelations that may influence weather. However, in this case, something far more important was happening at that time than merely a tornado.

Germany’s Political Flood

Recall my son’s insight into the greater threat to the souls of men: socialism or capitalism.

On the same day as the Barrie tornado, the leader of Germany was visiting Biden in Washington for what will be her last trip. An important election will occur in September between the socialist Green Party (and coalition) and the present capitalist government of Merkel, with her controversial pro-gas pipeline from Russia. (I am simplifying the political landscape to make a point.)

The man chosen to replace Merkel as leader of the party is Armin Laschet, presently Governor of the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

So what happened?

Days of torrential rain culminated on Thursday, July 15th, 2021 (the same day as the Barrie tornado and revelation). It caused historic flooding with hundreds dead. The worst-hit was the North Rhine-Westphalia of the party leader Armin Laschet.

Most of the deaths have been reported in the states of North RhineWestphalia and Rhineland-Palatinate.

The headlines from major newspapers, such as the Wall Street Journal, says it all:

Germany’s Flooding Rearranges Political Picture Ahead of Election to Succeed Merkel

Ignored flood warnings could damage government parties as Greens flash environmental credentials

Conclusion: Pulling back the veil

The floods in Europe, especially Germany, are the result of heavenly events beyond our perception. Forever the future of Germany will be influenced, whose great weight of influence will, in turn, affect the fate of Europe.

Will socialism or capitalism prevail, or a combination of both?

The Prophetic Map

As said repeatedly, these events are recorded ahead of time on the Prophetic Map revealed several years ago.

The path of storms that brought the floods to this part of Europe occurred along the lower staff of “The Twins” in the Prophetic Map, whose tip touches Rome.

Click to enlarge. Prophetic Map of Mystery Babylon. Look to the right of the Lion and Crab constellations at top. Stars in the Bible often symbolize heavenly beings at war. “The Twins” constellation is to the right with only the lower part of their bodies showing, one with his foot upon the top of the star over Africa. He holds a rod in his right hand whose tip strikes Rome

Is this the end?

Well, one might think so.

Even as I write, the sun shimmers hazy red, and the moon has turned into blood. It’s due to the thick clouds of smoke drifting in from northern Ontario.

But as I wrote in the last post, only God knows when the end will come. So, like Daniel, pray that the “1290 + 1335 days” be fulfilled!

Please see the last dozen posts for information relevant to this article.

Outcome of Election

When will Jesus return?

Now and again I feel the need to repeat something that I have always maintained. Later in this post, I  quote from my earliest writing, published on the internet about 25 years ago. I had no idea of the wonderful things yet to be revealed when it was written.

The following preface to “The Writing on the Wall” (written in the late 1990s) was written before the bulk of my study into biblical numbers.

Rembrandt-Belshazzar. I used this image to illustrate my book. I was unaware at the time that several years later God would interpret the letters in this very image in the light of Christ’s First and Second Coming and use the same mathematical foundation of 1260 + 1260 days

The Purpose of “Warning Signs”

A lifelong study into Biblical numbers and mysteries has enabled the foretelling of when “warning signs” occur. However, warning signs point to the future like a shadow points to the substance that casts the shadow.

A more accurate analogy is a fractal. It is not that a warning sign is unreal or simply a shadow. They are literally part of a bigger picture. As such these ‘signs’ or ‘judgments’ directly connect to the Second Coming in some way and therefore teach us about the Second Coming, but the end has not yet come. They are like birth pangs before a baby is born that increase in frequency and intensity — but they are not the baby!

From the beginning, I have maintained that no one knows when the actual coming of Christ is. Only one thing is certain, His Second Coming will be mathematical astounding upon reflection after the fact, and it will follow the same rules that foretold the warning signs.

Most things can be predicted in advance (with God’s guidance). However, some things, such as when He will return, are kept secret.

The purpose of warning signs on earth below or in the stars above is to remind us of His coming and to warn the wicked.

God wants us to know that in an age of chaos, Jesus has everything under control.

Christ sits on the throne and holds the keys of death and hell!

Not men.

Not devils.

Below is copied from the preface to the “Writing on the Wall“.

As you read the below preface, please observe the stated purpose of numbers and timelines in the Bible.

Bible Prophecy Numbers
The Writing on the Wall

Jesus the Messiah
Revealed Numerically in the Bible


“This is the interpretation of the thing:
MENE; God hath numbered thy kingdom, and brought it to an end.” Daniel 5:25-26

(Bible Prophecy Numbers:
  Intro., Chapters OneTwoThree)

(Part A)


On the night mighty Babylon fell to the Persians, this writing appeared on the palace wall: “MENE, MENE, TEKEL, PARSIN”, written with the finger of God, (Daniel 5:25). The king of Babylon was having a huge drunken party. They felt safe and secure surrounded by the cities massive walls. But suddenly the hand of God came writing on the wall. Revelry became fear. The wicked king and his astrologers were baffled. They could neither read nor interpret the writing!

Then the terrified king called for Daniel the prophet. By the light of a candlestick, Daniel both decoded and interpreted the writing. It foretold the immediate end of Babylon and her king. And so it came to pass. On that same night, the king of Babylon was slain by her Persian conquers; a new era was born.

The writing on the palace wall is comparable to the greatest writing of all, the Bible. For like the writing on the wall, some things in the Bible are mysterious and hard to understand apart from God’s help. Only by the light of the candlestick (that is, by the Spirit of God) can a man understand its mysteries.

Most mysteries in the Bible have already been unveiled by the apostles of the Lord Jesus Christ (Mk. 4:11; Rom. 16:25; 1Cor. 2:7; Eph. 1:9; 3:3-9; Col. 1:26-2:2; Revelation 1:20). All further illumination of the Scriptures must therefore conform to and be built upon this finished apostolic foundation (Eph. 2:20), otherwise it is error.

There is one mystery expressly said to be “sealed until the time of the end,” (Daniel 12:4, 9-12).

“Go your way, Daniel, because the words are closed up and sealed until the time of the end…None of the wicked will understand, but those who are wise will understand. From the time that the daily sacrifice is abolished and the abomination that causes desolation is set up, there will be 1290 days. Blessed is the one who waits for and reaches the end of the 1335 days” (Daniel 12:9-11).

In this online book, “The Writing on the Wall,” the decoding of these and other puzzling bible prophecy numbers is detailed.{1} However, their full interpretation and actual fulfillment await a future day.

This final fulfillment awaits a future day because there are three stages to the detailing of this great mystery (i.e., of Daniel 12). These three stages are again occurring in the same order which they did when Daniel interpreted the writing on the wall at the fall of Babylon.

First, there is the decoding of the writing itself; (i.e., understanding the function of Bible prophecy numbers).

Secondly, there is the interpretation of that which is decoded, (i.e., the Scriptural interpretation of these numbers).

Thirdly, there is the fulfillment(i.e., the culminated fulfillment of all things).{2}

By God’s grace, this book unravels the first stage of this mystery, the decoding of the numbers in the bible, with the date of the fall of Babylon, (and hence, “the writing on the wall”) its dominant theme.

Furthermore, the second stage has already begun upon completion of this first stage. The understanding of the numbers is giving fresh new insight into all of the scriptures, especially the writings of the prophets.


{1} A gradual increase of light has come concerning the numbers ever since they were first given to the prophets long ago. The difference now is in the sudden detailing of these same numbers (Daniel 12:4).

{2} The revelation of this “time-of-the-end” mystery comes in advance of its full and final fulfillment, otherwise, how can they be prepared if the knowledge of it has not been shed abroad in advance? Nevertheless, the full and final application of this revelation awaits those specific people who will live “at the time of the end.” For the climax of all things occurs “at the time of the end,” in sweeping culmination of all that went before it. (See Daniel 7:3-7 with Revelation 13:1-2).


Bible Prophecy Numbers

Introduction, Part B

Purpose and Scope

To ch. 1a

Back to intro. A

The PURPOSE of writing this book is not to entertain the careless, nor for predicting the future. Bible prophecy numbers are primarily meant to demonstrate that Jesus Christ is the one and only messiah. And, secondarily, prophecy numbers are God’s response to the age-old martyrs’ cry of “How long?” ‘How long shall my trial last?’ (Revelation 6:9-11).{1}

By super-abundantly exalting the SCOPE and magnitude of these numeric patterns, the Spirit has deliberately placed them far out of the reach of honest men who might otherwise innocently attempt to predict the future with them. For honest men must conclude that “His paths are past finding out,” (Rom.11:33).

It is important that you read the chapters in sequence since there is a building of one brick upon another with increasing glory. For when properly understood, bible prophecy numbers reveal the dimensions of “both the goodness and severity of God,” (Rom. 11:22). Its “breadth, and length, and depth, and height,” (Eph. 3:18).

To Chapter One


{1} Just as the timing and nature of the first coming of Christ were misunderstood by the people of that day (John 7), so it shall be again before His Second Coming, to the likely bewilderment of that future end-time people. For this cause, enlightenment is given at this time––so as to supply that future end-time-tribulation-people with a thorough understanding of the many complex time-frames possible, destined to emerge at that time, so that they may have faith and hope to endure it. By recognizing the various time periods and patterns in history, this future end-time people will be better equipped to correctly (but never perfectly) apply that knowledge to their own unfolding trial.

To Chapter One

Chapter 2e: “390, 430, 1150, 1260, 1290, and 1335 Days and Years of our Chart”

Joseph seven-year famine chart

“Bible Prophecy Numbers”








Burning-Bush Fire & its fractal 7 years earlier

Ten days ago, I posted an article about the extreme heatwave that shattered the previous records. That article states that this occurred exactly “seven years” from when the first fractal was revealed. The first fractal was “The Burning Bush.”

In the caption below the fractal, I state in the post the following:

Panoramic view from afar of the throne room that forms that shape of the Greek letter Omega Ω

Christ with dazzling royal robes that “fill the temple” and forms the shape of Omega. (Click here for best quality.) The heatwave began on the 7th anniversary from when the first fractal image was discovered — the “Burning Bush” fractal on June 26, 2014, (“The four living creatures blowing trumpets” on June 28th and the “Four Horsemen of Apocalypse” on June 30th).

I will now elaborate just a little, mostly for my own sake. I do not want to forget what the Lord has done.

The AIRS instrument aboard NASA’s Aqua satellite collected temperature readings in the atmosphere and at the surface during an unprecedented heatwave in the Pacific Northwest and western Canada that started around June 26. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

Expect to be rejected

What I am about to say will be rejected by most Christians, either because they believe that God is not in control of nature (because this implies that God is responsible for when some bad things happen), or they believe that these increasingly extreme natural calamities are greatly exaggerated by the media. They assert that the global elite is controlling the media’s narrative to take over the world or some such conspiracy.

How sad!

I am overwhelmed with a heavy heart. I sigh continually.

Deep grief fills my heart at the blindness of God’s people because of the false prophets that fill the internet and churches. Both charismatic and non believe the same lie: “All things continue as they have since the beginning of the world.”

They say:

“God is not angry!” — God is love!

“The earth is not besieged by storm and fire! — That’s merely liberal media propaganda!”

But most of the Bible, New and Old Testament, speaks of God’s ever-present anger towards evil and the coming day of God’s righteous wrath. At times this approaching wrath is expressed before the Day of Wrath to warn people.

God is not unjust to bring judgment without warning mankind first,  both in word and deed.

Exactly 3.5 plus 3.5 from the Burning Bush fractal to the burning bush fires

On my calendar for June 26th, 2014, I state that the very first fractal image (the burning bush) was discovered at “noon,” exactly “12:02 PM”. I record the precise minute because one thing the past twenty years had taught me was that calamities in keeping with a prophetic image always occur, counting down from the day they are revealed.

Usually, the most astonishing events will occur 3.5 years after a significant pictorial revelation and then again 3.5 years after that for a total of seven years. “Seven” and half-seven (i.e., “3.5-years”) are frequently mentioned in the Bible and usually have to do with divine judgment, especially in the Book of Revelation.

The fractals are a significant revelation. Therefore, three-and-a-half years after the Burning Bush fractal — the first prophetic fractal discovered — was the record-breaking Thomas Fire in California. I wrote about it back then extensively. I said:

But let’s back up 3.5 years ago. (See “Fox News, Timeline“)

As said before, the fractal images as seen in the video: of the burning bush, the cherubim, and the four horsemen of the Apocalypse were the first things the Lord showed me — the very first fractals were discovered back in 2014, on June 26, 28 and 30th respectively. (But I did not show them publically until this year.)…

When seals open, revelation comes; calamities follow!

The reading of a sealed book in the Bible is always bitter-sweet, (Rev. 10:10).

“I took the little scroll from the angel’s hand and ate it. It tasted as sweet as honey in my mouth, but when I had eaten it, my stomach turned sour.”

The Balance Bible Code and the Bible Fractal were released to the public in 2004 and 2017, respectively. (Recall the years 2004 and 2017 on the below chart.) These pictorial revelations have to do with the opened “seals” of Daniel and Revelation, and so when they were made public there was a certain expectation of cosmic signs and wonders, (Rev. 6).

Numerous exact predictions were soon made once the pattern of calamity became evident. Many articles were written especially from 2004-2011. Now here we go again in 2017. But from now on I plan on talking LESS about the signs that will follow and happily MORE about the Bible Fractal itself…

Update: The “out-of-season” fires of December 2017 in California around Los Angelas, especially the “Thomas Fire”, became the 17th billion-dollar disaster. Thus, 2017 has had the most billion-dollar disasters of any year.

Moreover, the Thomas Fire became the largest fire in California’s history. It is larger than the previous record-fire, that is, the  San-Diego area fire (“Cedar Fire”) of 7+7 years ago.  God gave several signs of upcoming nuclear warfare exactly fourteen years ago that I wrote about back then.

The Thomas Fire also formed the shape of a fiery dragon by the sea about to swipe a third of “The Angels” with its tail, (Rev 12-13). “Los Angelas” literally means, “The Angels”…

(Click to enlarge.) The larger dragon-silhouette is simply an enlargement of the actual fire above Ventura. (A shadow and an eye added to the larger image.) Thomas Fire began the very hour (on the 360 calendar, Dec 4, about 6 pm) at the very earliest point back to the death of Moses in 1406 BC. (490*7, fewer 7 yrs.) Thus, the pattern continues, except now it switches from Aaron to Moses. Also, note 1260 days from the first Fractal discovery of “The Burning Bush” image, etc. Note the timing of Trump’s embassy-move to Jerusalem on Dec 6, inclusive.

A fire from South to North

The Thomas Fire was the largest in California up until that time. (Now, it is only the seventh-worst because of the increasing severity of forest fires since that time.)

Three-and-a-half years after the Thomas Fire of December 2017 is June 26-30th, 2021 the exact four days of the record-shattering heat that culminated with the burning down of the town that set the most astonishing record perhaps ever in the history of the world (to do with heat).

Remember, it wasn’t just the 50C heat that this northern town reached– and the summer had just begun, or the fact that the town next burned down in just 15 minutes, but also the astonishing number of lightning flashes across B.C. — over 700,000 in just 18 hours!

Compare the record-breaking dates that culminated with the town burned down (June 26-30, 2021) with the following quote from 3.5 years ago:

The fractal images as seen in the video: of the burning bush, the cherubim, and the four horsemen of the Apocalypse were the first things the Lord showed me — the very first fractals were discovered back in 2014, on June 26, 28 and 30th respectively.

The following links on independent “” verified when the above quotes were made.

And concerning “2014, June 26, 28 and 30th”:

By reading that post from 3.5 years ago, it was only natural to expect another fire-related catastrophe to occur 3.5 years from then, especially in British Columbia.

Why British Columbia?

Because at that time, I stressed the recurring message that the Lord was giving me (according to various signs mentioned back then), specifically and especially referring to this verse from the Bible.

Say to the southern forest: ‘Hear the word of the LORD. This is what the Sovereign LORD says: I am about to set fire to you, and it will consume all your trees, both green and dry. The blazing flame will not be quenched, and every face from south to north will be scorched by it.

Everyone will see that I the Lord have kindled it; it will not be quenched.’ ”

Then I said, “Sovereign Lord, they are saying of me, ‘Isn’t he just telling parables (picture-stories)?’ ”  Ezekiel 20:45-49

If you look on a map, the Thomas Fire of California is located south along the west coast. In contrast, British Columbia is north along the west coast — the correct order specified in the prophecy. “…and every face from south to north will be scorched by it.”

(In various posts, I also discuss the similarities of the topography of California with Israel and so forth.)


Why I no longer specify ahead of time when things will happen

For nearly twenty years, I specified when a calmity would occur and publish the prophecy beforehand. But over the years, I realized that very few believed because it was not what they wanted to hear. Therefore, time was better spent just explaining the mystery.

For it is time for judgment to begin with God’s household; and if it begins with us, what will the outcome be for those who do not obey the gospel of God? 1Peter 4:7

Also, see  “1-in-10,000-years” heatwave burns town to the ground

Note: In the past, usually the seven years lasted 1260 + 1260 or 1260 + 1290 days. This time it was exactly seven solar years, precisely to the very hour, that is, at the heat of "noon". The reason is that the solar year is here emphasized, that is, the sun and its blazing heat, which is also why the sudden spat of intense solar flares. (It also has to do with the Enochian calendar.) (David Rooke will explain the flares soon in an upcoming post.)

But more importantly, seven solar years equals 2557 days, and "a day is as a year". It happens that 2557 years ago was when the temple began to be rebuilt (Ezra 3) and Daniel received the revelation concerning the "70-sevens" of both days and years, Daniel 9-12, (537/536 BC). Hence, the past seven years have symbolized the past seven years of years back to Daniel's key revelation about seven years and days! 

Keep in mind that the fractal revelation is about God's temple in heaven and is based upon units of 70 x 7 years. Thus it fittingly links back to 537/536 BC.

Perhaps just a coincidence?

The minute I posted this article about the relationship of the Thomas Fire 3.5 years ago in the south with the B.C. fires in the north, a fire broke out in  B.C that quickly became huge and the subject of headlines the next day. The new fire is called by a very similar name, “Thomas Creek Fire.”

Thomas Creek wildfire grows to 500 hectares, local state of emergency for Okanagan Falls

The blaze erupted just after 2 p.m. Sunday, creating a large plume of smoke that could be seen throughout Penticton.

This local state of emergency is being issued Sunday night and will remain in force for seven days until date July 17, 2021 Aldergrove Star


The Thomas Creek Wildfire near Okanagan Falls continues to burn out of control today after exploding to 500 hectares in size on Sunday.

The blaze sparked shortly after 2 p.m. Sunday and grew quickly east of Skaha Lake. Castanet


Evacuations continue in B.C.’s Okanagan as fires burn across province

Heat warnings have also returned for B.C.’s Interior (CBC)


“Shortly after 2 p.m.” corresponds to shortly after 5 pm (1700 hours) EST (my local time). Note the time stamp for this post at the upper right corner, “Published on Jul 11, 2021, at 17:09.”

All this occurred at the end of June 2021:

The next month was even more unusual, especially in Canada — including Barrie, Ontario

Canada takes centre stage in a dramatic month of global weather disasters

July in Canada started on the heels of a historic heat wave and ended with the country blanketed in wildfire smoke. The calamities didn’t end there. This was a rough month for weather disasters far and wide. The Weather Network

Also, see the post, Why the floods in Germany? (and the Barrie tornado).

Numeric of fractal unto tornado outbreak and Germany floods

Therefore, from the first fractal discovery unto the tornadoes are 2576 days = 23 x 112. (June 26, 2014, to July 15, 2021.)

This, therefore, converts to 25 x 112 = 2800, the same as 70 x 40 = 40 generations or 70 years, or 70 gen. of 40 years, or 28 gen. of 100 years.

For the background to the above numeric, see:

2. My Story: My Struggle with Agnosticism

In high school, my teacher asserted with a smug grin that humans have hair like apes, and thus we come from apes– or so he told us. I began to doubt whether my relationship with Christ was real. The seed of doubt brooded and grew like a hovering dark cloud for about ten years.

I loved God very much in my youth and was zealous for Him. So I went to Bible College in Peterborough, Ontario, for four years, and then another year after that at Tyndale Seminary in Toronto. Yet, doubts arose off and on during the whole ten years, with increasing intensity. A great dread would sweep over me; A cold sweat.

“Was I wasting my life on a non-existent diety?”

Here I was in Bible College and Seminary, being trained to teach others the faith. Yet, at times I would break out in a cold sweat with this incessant chilling thought, What if there is no God!” “What if!” “What if!”

This voice of doubt haunted me often.

Waging war in the flesh and defeated

I read a great deal of apologetic material during those years — evidence for Christ. I became an expert in them. But eventually, a pattern emerged. My doubt was external to my own thoughts. No amount of evidence would suffice because “what if?” was a demon, an agent of Satan whispering in my ear.

Yes, “evidence for God” took me back a few steps from that tree, but it never got to the root of the problem. And thank God I never actually ate its fruit, (Gen. 2).

But how do you rebuke a demon that you are not sure is really there?

And so that battle continued.

After Seminary and marriage, in my self-righteous zeal, I helped form an evangelical church that thought itself better than all others. I will tell that story another day.

Unfortunately, our church degenerated quickly into a controlling church that separated my wife and me. It got very dark. It was my personal “Great Tribulation.” And my “Armageddon” came when all enemies converged to destroy me:

  1. My doubts.
  2. The depressing warm winter weather. (As said in the previous post, weather has always been huge in my life.)
  3. My months-long separation from my wife.

But at the darkest time of the year, the light shone. Victory came in two stages.

“Be faithful, even to the point of death, and I will give you life as your victor’s crown,” Rev. 2:10

I read a poem by a persecuted Christian. He wasted away in a Romanian prison camp for years. It read to the effect that “O’ God, even if you are not real, my love for you will make it real.” (Not very appealing intellectually, I know, but powerful before God who is quite sure of His own existence!)

Hence, I sacrificed my mind to God.

This robbed the demon of its power but honored God, a pleasing sacrifice.

The truth is that we must all decide whether to give our mind to the Beast or the Lamb — it’s a moral choice and has little to do with the intellect (Rev. 13-14). There are no other options. You fool yourself if you think you serve just yourself.

He gave me a new name and a new song

The second and final victory point over doubt came after devoting seven days to seek God about this matter, Dec. 18-25, 1988. It was the darkest time of the year and soul.

Alone at the time, separated from my wife, sleeping at the church, the Lord spoke in a dream on that gloomy Christmas morning.

I heard one angel (or was it the Lord?) proclaim to another in a voice like thunder and with authority that I have never heard before or since:

“His name is … … … …”

And so the Lord pronounced a new name — one that I will not fully disclose publically, but it’s the name of one “running” and “leaping” past all obstacles — the name of an overcomer.

And so I awoke from the dream, and there beside me was a tape recorder. I pressed play. The recording was that of a new song that the leader of the church had just written. I listened to the song on the tape, never before heard.

“It’s not every time you pray that an answer always comes. But in the Lord’s time, you’ll get the victory and the battle will be won. All our yokes will be broken and deliverance will come. Not by your might, nor by your power, but by obedience, trust, and love.

(Chorus) “My grace is all-sufficient. My strength is made perfectly. My child lean not to your understanding, but wholly trust in me. My grace is all-sufficient and my strength is made perfectly. My child just stay in prayer and I will be with thee.”

A new walk

From that day forward, I entered a new reality. Signs and wonders became common and as normal as taking a walk. (I will recount these many signs in forthcoming posts in this series.)

A new battle

Once the devil saw that the battle for my soul was lost, then, about a month later, another spirit returned with a new message: “Yes, there is a God. And He has given you over to delusion and hell!”

This whispering spirit attacks me to this day. But God’s “grace is sufficient.”

“He that overcometh will I give…”

God rewards the overcomer.

  1. In place of apologetics based upon human wisdom, God ordained a constant stream of signs and wonders and mathematical evidence beyond my wildest dreams.
  2. Instead of defeat by gloomy weather, God commissioned me to predict the weather and command it.
  3. And God restored my family.