Introduction to “A Slice in Time”

July 23, 2022

How should I spend the remaining years of my life? I turn 60 soon and have written articles and studied numbers intensely for over 30 of them.

When was created five years ago, the intention was to write short, simple articles. God had other plans. There was still much to learn. The importance of Pi, fractals, the number 23, the Enochian calendar, the Long Chronology, the Sumerian Tablets, and more still awaited discovery.

However, with this extensive foundation, I return to the original purpose for Short, simple, well-written Slices in Time.

“A Slice in Time.” My own AI-generated image using Midjourney, then enhanced

Bible numbers coupled with chronology are a language

The chronology of the Bible is more than just events plotted in a straight line. Bible numbers coupled with chronology are a language. The length that each man lived from Adam to Moses is a code, including their age at death. Even their names are a code! And chronological ambiguity only serves to enrich its meaning.

Ancient civilizations shared the same numeric language with just small differences. They had one language because time-keeping and the study of numbers derive directly from the cosmos: the sun, moon, and stars that mark the flow of time. The activities of men “under the sun” must keep to the cycles of the sun, moon, and stars to prosper. These cycles, therefore, naturally gave rise to the development of Biblical numerics and chronology, led by the unseen hand of God (Ps. 19).

And God said, “Let there be lights in the dome of the sky to separate the day from the night; and let them be for signs and for seasons and for days and years, Gen. 1:14

Yes, real things happened at actual points of time in the Bible. But the fact of the matter is the further back in time we go, the less confident we are about the ‘actual’ dates. But this does not mean that the revelation of Christ in the numbers diminishes with time. On the contrary, the opposite is true—the further back in time, the more expansive the revelation.

Bible chronology is a code. It’s an aspect of “the mystery of Christ.” The Bible’s chronology creates self-similar patterns interconnected into ever larger (or smaller) patterns — a beautiful endless fractal.

Fractal of the Throne Room of God

Domes, plains, pyramids, and valleys are used to chart time in the Bible

Do not conform the Bible to a secular chronology view with its dull straight lines. The biblical “timeline” is more than that! Think of time as curved. Picture mountains and valleys. To cross a hill or mountain takes longer than to travel in a straight line. There is more than one way to go from point A to B.

We now know that even God’s creation is curved. Space and time (“space-time”) are curved to different degrees depending on speed and mass, so why not the chronology of the Bible? Is not God the author of both the Bible and the heavens? Should not the design of the Bible reflect its Creator?

Time Slice #1

Each nugget will be under a thousand words (not including footnotes).

From when Israel entered the Promised Land unto Christ’s death, and resurrection are exactly 30 jubilees

There are 1438 years from when Israel entered the Promised Land (1406 BC, Nisan 10, 14, 16) until the Triumphal Entry, death, and resurrection of Christ (AD 33, Nisan 10, 14, 16). However, with the extra 32 years of the kings of Israel, this increases to 1470 years, which is 30 jubilees. The curved golden line is longer than a straight line. It symbolizes the added 32 years without changing the actual date of the Conquest in 1406 BC.

The above “Time-Slice #1” will be posted in Aug. 2022.