363-day Palendromic Calendar of Angels & Sumerian Kings List

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The Palindromic Calendar of Angels is a distinctive chronometric system that employs palindromic numbers and precisely measures time indefinitely, anchored to the average solar year since Christ’s era.

This Calendar is an annual reminder of the sins committed by “a third of the angels/stars,” reflected in its two cycles of adjustments.

It connects extensive time periods using the chronology in Biblical scriptures and Sumerian Kings List. The official commencement of this calendar traces back to an ancient epoch, specifically 1440006 BC.

Operating Principles of the 363-Day Palendromic Calendar

  • Solar year of 365.242242242 (365 242/999)

  • Adjustments made:
    • An extra 121 days (1/3rd of a year) every 54 years
      • 54-year cycles have 484 days (cf., Dan 9:24-27)
      • 54 is ‘3x6x3‘, reflecting the 363-day year
        • Thus, every 363x3x6x3 days add 121 = 54 years
    • An extra day every 666 years

  • Began in the distant past: 1440726 BC & 1440006 BC.
    • In the contemporary era, the calendar seamlessly aligns with two seminal events: Abraham’s birth in 2166 BC (Julian #930389.25) and the Exodus in 1446 BC (Julian #1193363.25), precisely marking the end of 40 cycles of 54x666 years.”
      • The 720-year interval between start dates includes ’54 + 666′ and ‘666 + 54’ year cycles – a palindromic arrangement. (54+666=720.)
      • The 363-Cal. New Year of the Exodus in 1446 BC (Julian #1193363.25) occurs 40 days (Julian #1193323.25 and 720 years) after the New Year of Abraham’s birth in 2166 BC (Julian #930389.25, spring equinox), creating the pattern of Lev 12:1-8.

  • Day-year principle: “One day is as a year” and “1000 years” (Num 13:34; Ezek 4:5-6; Dan 9:24-27; 2 Peter 3:8).
    • Christ sits at the center of time, which infers AD 1439275 & 1439995 (Rev 7, cf., Rev 7:17; Rev 1:8; 4:8; Ex 3:14).

Then I heard the number of those who were sealed: 144,000 from all the tribes of Israel…

For the Lamb at the center of the throne will be their shepherd;

‘he will lead them to springs of living water.’

‘And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes.’

Rev. 7:4;7:17
The palindromic solar year can be conveniently remembered as “363 + 2.2422422”.

The average solar year since the time of Christ, also known as “The Church Age,” is 365.2422422 (“365 242/999”). This average was achieved approximately 1441441 years after 1440726/1440006 BC (4004 x 360 years).

Why does this matter?

In a sense, the Church fills the Fallen Angel’s vacant role.

Its tail swept a third of the stars out of the sky and flung them to the earth. The dragon stood in front of the woman who was about to give birth, so that it might devour her child the moment he was born.

Rev 12:4

The fourth angel sounded his trumpet, and a third of the sun was struck, a third of the moon, and a third of the stars, so that a third of them turned dark. A third of the day was without light, and also a third of the night.

(Recall that “1/3” of 363 days drops off every 54 years, and that ‘a year is as a day’. Hence, the darkening of “one-third of a day” is a calendrical reminder to the fallen angels/stars.)

Rev 8:12

This calls for wisdom. Let the person who has insight calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man. That number is 666.

(Recall the “666”-year cycle.)

Rev 13:18

The duration of 666 years is “one-third” short of 1000 years, symbolizing the fall of the angels. In the Book of Revelation, the beast identified by the number “666” is cast into the lake of fire at the commencement of the “1000-year reign of Christ”. Those who carried his mark, along with the dragon, are consigned to the lake of fire at the termination of the 1000-year period, as detailed in Revelation 20:1-4.

The “144,000” mentioned in the Bible symbolically represents one-third of the “432,000 years” cited in the Sumerian King List. The figure 144,000 serves as a metaphor for a “remnant” of Jews, designated as “ten percent” in Isaiah 6:13, Isaiah 10:22, and Romans 9:2. As a result, ten percent of 1,440,000 yields 144,000, which clarifies the year 1440006 BC. This is why “144,000” appears three times in the Book of Revelation (Rev. 7:4; 14:1; 14:4).

In essence: God’s elect are predestined to occupy the space left by the angels who transgressed. This is the recurring message to the angels, mirrored in the celestial cycles of the sun, moon, and stars according to the 363 Palindromic Calendar of Angels.

The frequent usage of palindromes emphasizes the irrevocable nature of the judgment imposed on them – it remains constant whether viewed forward or backward. Thus, it cannot be reversed or undone (Book of Enoch 10).

Two out of every three cycles of 666 years comprise a year of 364 days (363 plus one leap day equals 364). (The Enoch Calendar is also 364 days.)

The next verse after “666” is about the “144000.”

Then I looked, and there before me was the Lamb, standing on Mount Zion, and with him 144,000 who had his name and his Father’s name written on their foreheads.

Rev. 14:1

Exploring the Connections: Enoch’s 363, 364, and 360-Day Calendars

Enoch ascends from Hades after affirming the irreversible judgment of God against the Fallen Angels. Enoch is a type of Christ, (Bk. Enoch 10).

The interrelation of these three calendars becomes apparent when we demonstrate the functionality of the 363-Day Palindromic Calendar of Angels. (See “The Enoch Calendar.“)

The 363 Calendar aligns with the sun, stars, and the moon. These celestial bodies were created on the fourth day of Creation as per Genesis 1:14-16. This is why the Enochian Calendar commences on Wednesday — the fourth day of the week. It also explains why the 363 Calendar started in 1440006 BC.

Remember the guiding principle: “A day is a year and a thousand years (1/360000).” This means that the 14400000 years to Christ’s birth in 6 BC symbolize the initial four days of Creation.

1440000/360000 = 4 years, which is as four days.

Here are a few things to consider about Enoch:

  1. From Enoch’s birth in 3552 BC (accounting for the extra 60 years for Terah, Acts 7:4) to the Exodus in 1446 BC, there are 39 cycles of 54 years. In these 39 cycles, 13 x 363 days are added as leap days (39 x 121 days equals 13 x 363). Notably, Enoch’s recorded lifespan was “365 years”.
  2. The year 2886 BC, 666 years after Enoch’s birth, signifies the commencement of the Sumerian Tablet chronology. Additionally, it is 720 years before the birth of Abraham.
  3. The figures “13 x 363” and “666” symbolize an enduring curse – the curse of the Nephilim and of the 1/3rd of angels who fell. (Multiples of 13 signify the curse. The 364 Calendar of Enoch divides each season as 7 x 13, signifying the curse’s undoing.)
  4. Enoch’s son, Methuselah, lived 969 years, dying in the Flood. His grandson, Lamech, lived 777 years, both palindromic lifespans. Eber died at 464, 1313 years after Lamech’s birth, 1500 and 1200 years after Methuselah’s birth and Enoch’s ascension, respectively. From the Flood’s end to the Conquest of Joshua was 1111 years.
  5. The birth of Enoch, according to the Sumerian King List, is 66966 BC (or 60486 BC.) He ascended 60486/39486 BC, 36000 years before the birth of Methuselah in 3487 BC, according to the MT. According to the MT, Enoch ascended 300 years later, in 3187 BC. Thus, from the ascension of Enoch according to the Sumerian King List, unto the ascension according to our MT is 36300 years! If we disclude Terah’s +60, it is 36360 (101×360), and 36363 from 39488 to min. MT, 3425 BC for Methusaleh.1)
    • As explained in the Sumerian King List chart, Enoch’s maximum ascending date was 45966 BC + 720 = 46686 BC. From the 46686 BC ascension to the 3427 BC MT ascension, are 121×360, which is also 120×363, and recall that Enoch lived “365 years.2
    • The “year is as a day” principle equates 121×360 to 121 years/days, symbolizing a leap season on the 363 Palindromic Calendar. This represents one-third of the fallen angels. Similarly, the Sumerian Flood from 20886/21606 BC to 1446/2166 BC spans 54×360 years, a cycle on the 363 Palindromic Calendar. This period also corresponds to three-quarters of the Precession of the Stars/Equinox, with a complete Precession of 25920 years aligning with the alternative Flood dates of 27366/28086 BC.3

12 observations about the 363-Day Calendar

  1. The year 1440006 BC, marking the 2160th cycle of 666 years aligns precisely with the Exodus in 1446 BC.
  2. Similarly, the year 1440726 BC, 2160 years before Abraham’s birth in 2166 BC, falls precisely 2160 years before Christ’s conception/birth. The number 2160, six times 360, symbolizes the first six days of the fallen Creation.
  3. Therefore, the span from 1400006 BC to the Exodus in 1446 BC equals 6x6x6x6660 years.
  4. The 363-Day Calendar, also known as the Calendar of Angels, operates on cycles of 666 x 360 and 54 x 360 days and years. This principle of patterns replicating in days, years, and millennia – a wheel within a wheel within a wheel – applies consistently without exception.
  5. For example, the period from the Sumerian Tablet’s date for the Flood (20886 BC) to the Exodus aligns with the 54 x 360-year cycle, corroborating the typical 54-year cycle.
  6. The Sumerian Tablet covers a span of 720 x 360 years (10 years of Precession, 259200) from 262086 to 2886 BC, which is 720 years before Abraham.
  7. As per the Sumerian Tablets, Adam’s creation in 262086 or 262806 BC (refer to the Sumerian Tablet Chart) is 363 x 720 years before 1446 BC.
  8. Intricate patterns of 666-year cycles stretch from the Masoretic Text (MT) Creation in 4174/4114 BC to 2166 and 1446 BC, intertwining cycles of 666 and 667 years. The importance of 666 and 667 were explained long ago prior to the discovery of the 363 Calendar. (Therefore, calculate 2160 x 666 and 2160 x 667 years to Abraham and Christ from 1440726 BC.)
  9. What 777 is to “1260” (483 + 777 = 1260, Rev. 12:6), 666/667 is to “1150” (484/483 + 666/667 = 1150, Dan. 8:14). Therefore, the “Father’s name written on the foreheads” of the 144000 is “777” Rev 13:18;14:1. (The number of Jesus’ “name” is thus 888.) Recall that the 54-year cycle is “484 days” long.
    • Might not the number of the “dragon” be 616? 616 + 161 = 777
  10. The Key of 23 is significant in the 363 Calendar and works with “667” (29 x 23). For instance, every 54×3 cycles accumulate precisely 363 days. This is because every 54 years, 121 days are added. Thus, multiplying by three equals 363. Here, 54×3 equals 162.
  11. However, excluding leap days, this equates to 161 years (19602 days per cycle times three equals 58806 days, which equals 162 x 363 days but is 161 solar years). Notably, palindrome “161” is seven times 23, a crucial number related to Enoch. See “Key of 23” for its significance.
    • A riddle: Modified Julian Day #minus666666.5 (or 6 BC to AD 35) plus 161616161 days on the 336-Priestly and 364-Enoch Calendars, the pattern of just one scroll, with its 6+1 seals, trumpets, thunders, and bowls that war with 7*10*7*10*7*10*7*10*7, Rev 12:3;13:1;17:3; Dan 7:8, 480966 BC to 1446 BC and the law of “1/3 darkened”, etc.
    • Precession of the Stars lasts 25200/1 years, which is 161*161.
  12. The last “week” of Daniel’s “70 weeks” is divided in half, as 486.5 years, or more generally, 486 or 487 days/years, Dan. 9:24-27. Therefore…
    • In the same way that 483 solar years equals 490 years of 360 days (r. +12 days), 486 years of 363 days equals 483 of 360 days (r. +18 days). And 487 solar years equals 490 of 363 days (r. +3 days).
    • Similarly, 1260 years of 364 days is 1263.5 years of 363 days (r. -10.5 days), Rev 11:11.
    • Consequently, the final week of Daniel can be contracted or extended by adjusting the length of the year so that the last “week” of Daniel’s prophecy “covers/overlaps” (atones) itself. This denotes the “atonement for guilt,” as indicated in Daniel 9:24.
      • Hence, the Palindrome Calendar, comprising 363 days, emphasizes atonement more than any other calendar.

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MT Bible Chronology. Creation to Moses in the Bible.
+720-yrs “Adam” (262806 BC) to the Exodus is 720 x 363. Compare 1440726/144006 BC to this chart.

The chart sequentially totals each patriarch’s age at death, building a timeline from the births of Moses and Aaron, who symbolize king and priest, born three years apart. Dates from Creation to the Flood bear a +/- 2-year margin due to Gen 5:32 and 11:10. The beige dates on the left reincorporate Cainan, with a lifespan of ‘460 years’ from Luke 3:36, into the Masoretic Text (MT). The timeline covers Adam to Shem (49 x 175), Shem to Abraham (7 x 428), and Abraham to the Conquest (49 x 21), totaling 12600 years.


1. A minimum MT of 3425 BC for Methuselah, rather than 3427 BC, is plausible due to the two-year anomaly at the Flood, stemming from Shem’s rounded 500 years and an exact 502, as per Genesis 5:32 and 11:10. In this specific context, all dates from Creation to the Flood can be advanced by two years, shifting 4174/4114 to 4172/4112 BC. Although beyond this paper’s focus, these two years correspond with the Sumerian King List’s two years and two years of years (720 years), derived from consistently applying the ‘day is a year’ principle. This includes the extensive ten years of Precession across the Sumerian Kings List (262086-2886 BC), equivalent to 720×360.”

3. The striking link between the King’s List and biblical chronology prompts an extensive study to decipher potential associations. Solving this conundrum requires treating mathematics as a lingua franca; numbers equate to words in a story, and both chronologies utilize this common tongue, spinning the same saga as if composed by a single writer. Although not strictly vital, affirming 1446 BC as the Exodus yields notable clarity, as does accepting that scholars—Jewish and pagan—perceived around 6 BC as an epoch’s finale. Next are numerical illustrations of this grand epic, centering on the descent of men and angels.

In the Masoretic Text (MT), Noah’s death coincides with Abraham’s birth in 2168/2166 BC, 720 years before the Exodus in 1446 BC, presenting a thematic resonance with the Sumerian King List’s Flood date (21606/20886 BC) that marks Ubara-Tutu’s (Noah) death. The period separating Noah’s death on the Sumerian King List from Noah’s death or Abraham’s birth on the MT is precisely 25920— one complete Precession year, and there are likewise 25920 years to the Exodus when God judged the gods of Egypt.

As next explained, this year of Precession corresponds to one day — the most solemn Day of Atonement, kept since 1446 BC, the year of the Exodus, Palindromic 363 x 720 years from the Sumerian Adam (262806/262086 BC), but Enochian 364 x 720 to Christ. The 720 years between Abraham and the Exodus is ten days (“ten degrees”) of Precession (720/72=10 days), further emphasizing the Day of Atonement (Isaiah 38:8). This is why the angels were bound “10000 years” at (or before) the Flood, which is as ten days, as the Apostle Peter implied, (2Peter 2:4-5; 3:4-8; Book of Enoch 10:10; 18:16; 20:6; 60:1; Gen 11:11).

Hence, in the ancient language of numbers 259200, 10000, 3600, and 720 all symbolize ten days or years. The Sumerian 2906 BC termination point favors “10000 years” as 12906-2906 BC, 11500 to the Promised Land (1406 BC), 12740 (same as 12600 as per Book of Enoch 75:1;82:11; Rev 11:3-4) to the “lampstand” of Hanukkah in 166 BC, and 12900 to Christ (Dan 12:11, with 13350 to the AD mirror of Dan 9:24-27). Each occasion marked a cleansing from “the abomination causing desolation.” Moreover, 2300 years from 2906/2886 BC is 606/586 BC of the fall of Jerusalem. All four dates signify the “abomination causing desolation” Dan 8:14.

Remarkably, Adam of the Kings List (262116/262086 BC) demarcates ten Precession years to both Creation of the MT’s Adam (4174/4114 BC) and the 2886 BC Watcher rebellion, intertwining human and angelic downfalls. Thus, the ten days between the Feast of Trumpets and the Day of Atonement refers back to the ten years of Precession, Lev 23:26–32; Compare the scapegoat “Azazel עֲזָאזֵל” of Lev 16:8 with Azazel of the Book of Enoch 10:1-10. And the tenth year of Precession (from the Sumerian Flood 21606/20886 BC to 2886/2166 BC) represents the Day of Atonement itself. Keep in mind that the Nephilim died in the Flood.

The problem: How can ten Precession years be aligned concurrently with the MT fall of Adam at creation and the Watcher rebellion?

Intratextual clues in both the Bible and the Kings List suggest a Precession of both 25920 (432×60) and 25800 (430×60). It’s why 430 years in Egypt, but 432 to the start of seven years of famine. Both 430 and 432 are six days of Precession, echoing the six days of Creation as God formed Israel into a nation (Gen 45:6-11; Ex 12:40; Ezek 4:4-6). Following a period of 430×3 (1290) years, Israel found itself back in bondage in Egypt and Babylon in 586 BC. As for the Sumerian King List, where the text says, “23 kings; they ruled for 24510 years, three months, 3.5 days” (27366-2856 BC), the extra three months (90 days) are counted inclusively as 90 days of Precession, that is, 6480 (72×90; 432×15) and 6450 (430×15) years — the span between the two parallel Kings List. This clarifies why “24510” isn’t ‘24480’/360=68, a multiple of 360 like the rest of the Kings List. The variance allows for 6480 and 6450. Moreover, “24510” is 57×430 (19×1290). (Refer to King List Chart. Observe, 434886 BC minus 1446 BC and AD 29515 equals 1290 times 336 & 360, symbolizing priestly and prophetic years. The difference, 72 x 430, signifies 430 Precession days at the Exodus post 430 years in Egypt.)

Subsequently, the timespan from the Sumerian Adam to the biblical Adam encompasses ten Precession years or 258000 years, marking 262116/262086 to 4174/4114 BC, and extending 1200 years further to 2886 BC, totaling 259200 years (the difference between 259200 and 258000 is 1200). The addition of Terah’s +60 (Acts 7:4) and 1200 equals 1260, accounting for the “3.5 days” cited in the King’s List, given that 3.5×360 equals 1260/1290. The 90 and 3.5 days can also be projected forward (2886 BC + 90×360 yields AD 29515 Pillar.)

The synchronicity deepens when Adam’s 930 years (MT), plus 360 years, total 1290 years—coinciding with Mahaleel’s death, Jarod’s father. This establishes a 1290-year cycle for each of the “200” fallen angels, 200×1290=258000 (see Enoch 6; Dan 12).

The Book of Enoch 6:5 states, “Then they all swore together and bound one another with a curse. And they were, all of them, two hundred, who descended in the days of Jared onto the peak of Mount Hermon.” This implies that the death of Jarod’s father in 2884/2824 BC, 259200 years from the Sumerian Creation date to the end of its King List in 2886/2856 BC, marks the exact year of this rebellion — 2886 BC. The death of Jarod’s father corresponds to Terah’s death (Acts 7:4), which is when Abraham’s journey from Ur of the Chaldees/Babylonia to Haran and Canaan begins, setting the stage for the reversal of the Mount Hermon curse.

The Sumerian King List notes Mahalaleel/Tammuz’s death in 95766/89286 BC (Jared’s birth). The period from the Sumerian to Biblical Mahalaleel’s death in 2884 BC (~2886 BC) is 72 x 1290 years. As a Precession day is 72 years (25920/360=72), the 1290 years from MT Creation to Mahalaleel’s death (4174-2884 BC) align with the 72nd 1290-year cycle, symbolizing the prior 72×1290 years as 1290 Precession days (Dan 12).

Furthermore, the 360 years between Adam’s death and Mahalalel’s death (MT) correspond to 360 x 360 years from the Sumerian birth of Tammuz (Mahalaleel), 132486/131766 BC, to the death of the Biblical Mahalaleel in 2886 and Noah in 2168/6 BC. Therefore the 930+360 = 1290 pattern observed earlier (from Adam to Mahalalel) intersects with a larger version of itself at a 360:1 ratio.

All doubt about this synchronicity is put to rest by the exact span of “1288/1290 times 360 years” twice, marking the full timeline of the King’s List. This corresponds to the 1288/1290 years of the MT from Creation (4174 BC) to 2886 BC and 2884 BC—the Mt. Hermon curse and Mahalalel’s death, respectively. One may validate this congruity by referring to the King List Chart, encompassing 459366 BC-AD 4315 and 434886 BC-AD 29515. Moreover, as said earlier, 2906 BC is favored for the “10000 years” of Enoch’s chained angels; however, 2886 BC is also valid, hence, 12906/12886 BC, 12900/12880 to Christ. Validation of 1288/1290 is found at every turn.

The interpretation of Daniel 12 takes on a grander scale:

3 Those who are wise will shine like the brightness of the heavens, and those who lead many to righteousness, like the stars forever and ever.

…“How long will it be before these astonishing things are fulfilled?”

…“It will be for a time, times and half a time (i.e., 360+720+180 days)

11 “From the time that the daily sacrifice is abolished and the abomination that causes desolation is set up, there will be 1,290 days.

These chosen examples demonstrate that the pair of chronologies interlock impeccably at every juncture. The balance is not restricted to the Masoretic Text (MT); it permeates the Septuagint (LXX) and Samaritan Pentateuch (SP) as well, with all three major variations intersecting exactly at 1656 years to Noah’s Flood, birth, and death, ultimately separating in increments of 720 years.

The differences between the MT, LXX, and SP are less pronounced than often assumed, and shared aspects reveal Biblical chronology’s core components. While this chart was designed with the “Key of 23” in mind (1656=23×72), for our current discussion, note the LXX’s recording of Noah’s death in 2888/2886 BC, the year of the Mt Hermon curse, which is 720 years before the death of Noah in 2168/2166 BC according to the MT.

Furthermore, the gap at Creation between the LXX and the MT broadens to 1440 (360×4) if we solely attribute to Terah’s extra 60 years in the LXX or alternatively in the MT, thus resulting in the specified disparity of 720 (360×2) at the Flood.

Regarding the SP, the sole divergence from the LXX preceding Noah is the incorporation of the accursed Cainan, Shem’s progeny, extending the LXX chronology by 130 years. While the SP reflects the MT’s 1290 years leading up to Mahalalel’s demise, the death of Jarod, Methuselah, and Lamech now aligns with the Flood. Consequently, Methuselah’s lifespan concludes at 720 years. Should Cainan be re-included, this aligns with the Sumerian King List’s variable of 720 in 3608/3606 BC. Jarod’s 847-year life (inclusive?) corresponds with the Flood wiping out the Watchers’ illicit descendants (Genesis 6:4). The number “847” on the Palindrome Calendar signifies 363+363 (+121 leap season of Genesis 6:3).

This analysis hints at intersecting temporal segments, a subject beyond our current scope.

Also, see 666-letter Palindrome Prophecy About AI.

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