A Span of Time

July 23, 2022

Brief history until 490d.com

When writing about codes, signs, and wonders, I went into too much detail. I regret this deeply. It only diluted the message.

The more the words, the less the meaning,” Ecc. 6:11.

The www-internet opened to the public in 1991, the same year my study began. At the time, I thought the internet was “an open door that no man can shut” Rev. 3:8 . After seven years of intense study (during which God physically shut my big mouth so that I could not speak), I concluded that surely now, at last, the time had come to speak — via the internet.

Footnote: Here is an independent reference to my very first website from 1998/9.

The truth is that I was impatient and underestimated the vastness of Biblical numerics.

Mercifully, God incorporated my childish ambitions into the learning process.

Perhaps most things are best left hidden.

When 1260d.com was created five years ago (my 6th website), I thought, “Now I will write short, simple articles!”

But once again, I was premature. Pi, fractals, the number 23, the Enochian calendar, the Long Chronology, and the Sumerian Tablets awaited.

At 60, no longer in a rush, perhaps now is the time.

1260d.com and 490d.com

The new web address is 490d.com. (490d refers to the 70 weeks of Dan. 9, which is 490 days.)

Articles that do not fall under “A (short) Span of Time” will be posted here at 1260d.com.

Thus, 1260d.com will continue to post contemporary prophetic insights. However, 490d.com will pick out slices of time within Biblical history and examine them numerically.

Whereas 1260d.com is suitable for our time, 490d.com is for all time and, by God’s grace, not quickly forgotten.

“Jesus, forever, you are my treasure.”


“A Slice/Span of Time.” My AI-generated image using Midjourney, then enhanced

Bible numbers plus chronology are a language

Biblical chronology is not just events plotted along a straight line. Bible numbers coupled with chronology are a language. How old each person was when their son was born and their age at death is a code. Even their names are a code! And chronological ambiguity is intentional.

A common language
Only math rooted in the cosmos was unaffected at Babel

Ancient civilizations share a common numeric language rooted in the fundamentals of the physical world.

God created the complex cycles of the sun, moon, and stars and formed man (Gen. 1:14,17). Calculating celestial cycles and measuring body parts gradually produced this universal numeric language. God ordained this numeric language, fully developed in the Bible, to be a vehicle to reveal Christ (Ps. 19).

The numbers and narratives in the Bible proclaim the same thing, Christ and Him crucified.

Genesis is like a Seed, and DNA

The Book of Genesis is true history; however, it is condensed the further one looks back. The earliest chapters are like a seed that slowly grows into a tree. By the end of the Bible, it is fully matured, “bearing 12 fruits for each month of the year”, Rev. 22:2.

The Genesis chronology is especially dense with information, like DNA itself.

Moreover, the chronology of the Bible is a fractal: Ever repeating, but never quite the same, ever larger and ever smaller, complex, yet simple, leading to and flowing from Christ.

Click to enlarge. Fractal of the Throne Room of God. Events in the Bible link to each other like a wheel within a wheel. The Bible presents history as a fractal and produces this image.

Domes, plains, pyramids, and valleys express time in the Bible

A winding path is longer than a straight line

Time in the Bible is not always a straight line. It can be curved, folded, even reversed.

When you think of time, picture a mountain, valley, or winding path. The curvature of a hill or valley is longer to cross than a flat highway.

We now know that all creation is curved. Both space and time (“space-time”) is curved depending on speed and mass, so why not the chronology of the Bible?

Is not God the author of both the Bible and the heavens?

Should not the Bible reflect its Creator?

Time Span #1

Each article will be under a thousand words (excluding footnotes).

From when Israel entered the Promised Land unto Christ’s death and resurrection are exactly 30 jubilees
There are 1438 years from when Israel entered the Promised Land (1406 BC, Nisan 10, 14, 16) until the Triumphal Entry, death, and resurrection of Christ (AD 33, Nisan 10, 14, 16). However, with the extra 32 years of the kings of Israel, this increases to 1470 years, which is 30 jubilees. The curved golden line is longer than the straight line. It symbolizes the added 32 years without changing the actual date of the Conquest in 1406 BC.

The above “Time-Span #1” will be posted soon.