Why the Star Trek logo was found on Mars

This is one of those articles that I would not write if the Lord had not prompted me ahead of the event to do so. I apologize for any grammar errors — I was in a rush before I had to go to work! 

Why would God give such a sign?


I had just given in to watching the first episode of “Star Trek Discovery”.

Shortly into the episode is a scene on a planet covered by sand dunes. The captain and first officer are stranded there. As they walk and talk a long time about their dilemma, suddenly the space ship arrives and beams them aboard. As it turns out, the captain intentionally had been walking along a path in the sand dunes so as to form the logo of Star Fleet as seen below.

A walk along the reddish sand dunes similar to Mars creates the logo in the opening scene of the new series

For the rest of this opening episode, every time I saw the logo, the Lord would prompt me to ponder the logo.

Star Trek discovery logo. The falling star wills to rise again!
Star Trek logo from the original series

Immediately after watching the first couple of episodes, I checked out Google News. This headline was reported around the world in various forms on June 10 and 11th:

NASA Finds ‘Star Trek’ Starfleet Logo on Mars Created by Sand Dunes

A high-quality copy of the original image
The same image enhanced, especially the cross

Opening a Doorway

The original logo of Star Trek was the Greek letter “Delta” Δ. This is an interesting choice of letters because the origin of the letter means a doorway, as does the Hebrew letter Daleth.

delta (n.)

c. 1200, name of the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet (equivalent to our D), which was shaped like a triangle. The name is from Phoenician daleth “tent door.” (www.etymonline.com/word/delta)

Thus, in the context of Star Trek, this logo, therefore, implies ‘a doorway into the heavens”.

If you have been following along the past half-year, the significance of this sign is obvious: The doorway to Heaven atop the Tower of Babel — man’s way — versus the cross of Christ as the only true doorway to God. 

Compare logo in the sand with the key prophetic images:

Same image enhanced
Click to enlarge. The seven seals of the Apocalypse. 1-4 are the four horsemen. The skull and cross are 5th seal (“Martyrs under the altar”). The 6th seal is the heavens rolling up as a scroll and mountains and islands moved — at middle bottom. The seventh seal opens up heaven and becomes the seven angels with seven trumpets at top of the pyramid as a fractal. (The purpose of a Ziggurat, (such as “Jacob’s ladder”) was to open heaven’s stargate.)
The first main prophetic image. Tower of Babel. Mene Tekel Parsin Matrix
Timing of capture of image
Timeline of events. Click to enlarge
Click to enlarge

As were most all the 28+ signs that the Lord gave — they were timed in units of five days as from when the Lord first gave me the message or when I first posted it.

The Writing on the Wall” matrix is itself 5*5 letters (25).

The image of the Star Trek logo was initially taken 25*6 days later on April 22, 2019. But it was released to the public 7*7 days later and became generally known to the public the next day, that is 200 days after the said starting point by which these signs have been timed.

So then, the cross of Christ above the wing-like letter Delta (instead of the falling star of Star Trek) speaks of the death and resurrection of Christ as the only way to God and the highest Heaven.


The ONLY way to Heaven is through the door of the cross and resurrection of Christ

It happens that the very day that this image on Mars was taken was April 22, 2019, but which is Nisan 17th on the Jewish calendar — the anniversary of the resurrection of Christ.

The image was released to the public 49 days later — which is Pentecost.

Note: Too complex to explain in detail now, but the Gospels present the resurrection of Christ as both on Nisan 16 and 17, likely the result of two calendar systems -- equally valid. Technically, 49 days after Nisan 17th is what is known as "Second Pentecost". This is the second time the Lord has timed a sign just like this. See "Sign 25: Three Unusual Typhoons".
Original unadjusted image with color added by NASA
The second season of Star Trek Discovery released January of 2019. Note the cross like a bird resurrecting — a Phoenix — similar to sand dune on Mars
Note the falling star that seeks to rise again like the Phoenix above the stars of God — above the Tower of Babel. But on the sand dunes of reddish Mars, the blood of the cross has overcome Lucifer, the fallen star — written on sand by the finger of God “Mene Mene Tekel Upharin”

Where and Why on Mars?

The Greek letter “Delta” was written by the breath of God on the sand dunes of mars at the site of the largest visible crater impact in our solar system known as Hellas.

Hellas simply means Greece.

Walk along the reddish sand dunes similar to Mars creates the logo in opening scene
Three footprints in the sands of Mars, each about a kilometer long

There is more than one — three Deltas appear in the original full image. This is why NASA named them “Dune Footprints in Hellas“. (Recall how the Star Trek episode began by creating the Delta logo using their own footprints.)

It happens that Greece on earth is located at the top of the pyramid in the prophetic image over that side of the world.

Click to enlarge “Mystery Babylon”, Rev. 17:5. Hellos/Greece is located at the top of the star over Africa. Reaching for the stars? — but the gods of Greece will be brought low — and you too, Mars
This is the second time the sign of Delta has been given

The following image is a part of the larger one of the Great Mountain that is struck by a meteor for honoring the gods of Greece.

Image from 2005. Please click here for more about this Picture Bible Code from back in 2005
Pyramid Bible Code from years ago and incorporated into the current posts about the Tower of Babel as seen below
“The destroying mountain will be destroyed.” This image from years ago was reposted about an hour before a meteor struck the blood-moon during a total eclipse — during the first minute of totality on Jan 19, 2019. The Delta code three images back is contained in this one located at upper left side

“There shall be signs in the heavens…”

Click to enlarge. Prophetic map of earth, the heavens and the highest heaven overlayed into one image
For those of you that have been following the posts the past months, the location of Mars at the time that the image of the Star Trek logo was taken is significant as well — between the horns of Torus
This is a blow-up of the center of the prophetic map two images above this one. The constellation of Torus is partly visible (lower middle). If completed, Mars on Resurrection Day (April 22, 2019), which happened to be situated between the horns of Torus, was therefore located where the stone is rolled away from the entrance to the pyramid at the foot of the cross. The stone rolled away at this exact spot, as said in earlier posts, depicts the death and resurrection of Christ as the only way into the kingdom of God
Just the picture code of the previous image without the fractal and constellations. (This image  includes the calendar of events as well)
Just the fractal view of the former image
The enlarged perspective of the above image
(Click to enlarge.) Arms upon the pillars of the earth/temple as if suspended there. Above image overlayed onto Ezekiel’s temple as a circle rather than an oval as seen below. Notice position of where Mars would be located on this map as in the fractal– at the stairway (like “Jacob’s ladder”) to the entrance to the inner temple, at the portico. As said, Jesus is the ONLY way into the presence of God
Here are just the four angles of the book of Enoch (and the book of Revelation and Ezekiel) that surround the temple of God that guard the entrances into the temple. Compare with the previous image. Perspective is oval because it is a wheel that turns, thereby causing the archangels to move from the inner to the outer entrances of the temple complex. For this is also the clock of all time. Fractal produced by one simple mathematical Enochian fractal equation with two slight variations. Click here for more.


Click to enlarge

This Prophetic Picture Code was revealed as the full moon of Nov. 23, 2018, the anniversary of “The abomination that causes desolation”. These signs occurred seven times 365.25 years from the Fall of Babylon in 539 BC. (Left chart is a calendar of events.)

Part One. Mene Tekel: gods are judged!

  1. Sea-Dragon comet under foot and ‘Meteor in Russia like 10 atomic bombs’
    •  Dec. 16 & 18, 2018
  2. Eruption of Anak Krakatoa triggers tsunami due to full-moon
    • Dec. 22, 2018
  3. “OSIRUS-REX” reaches Bennu on Hanukkah as Bush laid in state. And 30 days later: China on dark side of moon
    • Dec 3, 2018, and Jan 2, 2019
  4. Locust invade Mecca as a partial solar eclipse occurs
    • Jan. 5th local time, (eclipse EST)
  5. Meteor strikes “Super Wolf Blood Moon“,  and New York Tower of Babel lit up baby-blood pink
    • Jan 20 and 22, 2019
  6. River of blood: Dam bursts in Brazil killing 360
    • Jan 25, 2019, noon
  7. Polar Vortex, F4 Tornado strikes North America and Havanna, Cuba
    • Jan 27, 2019
  8. Meteor strikes Cuba at foot of mountain-mural of dragons and giants; (And Part A, “Dragon Aurora in Draco”)
    • Feb 1st and 6th, 2019
  9. Magnetic Pole speeds across the Arctic
    • Feb 4, 2019
  10. Mount Kea (Hawaii) Enlil, god of wind and mountain — judged!
    • Feb 10-11, 2019
  11. Mene, Tekel, Persia“, Turkey, 50 Russian bears,  the Pope, and Kushner’s Peace Treaty
    • Feb 1st, 4th, 9th, 11th, and 14th
  12. Resurrection! Mountain clothed with butterflies
    • Dec 22, 2018, and Feb 14, 2019
  13. (Pt. B/CStar of Isis and Virgo darkened (full moon), creating triangle both in heaven and earth. (Pt. A. “Serpent ascends”)
  14. Israel and Bible: 7x around the Moon/Jericho
    • Feb 21 and April 11, 2019 (And “Dragon’s Palace“, April 5)
  15.  “Prince of the power of the air” exposed
    • Feb 1 & 15, 2019
  16. Tornado (F4) topples tower three-hours after posting its image. And, “The Mark of Trump”
    • March 3rd and 8th, 2019
  17. US recognizes Israel’s sovereignty over Golan Heightsand thus Mt Hermon where angels fell
  18. Drill for water in Antartica
    • Dec 18, 23, 26th, 28
  19. Book of Enoch and the underworld: Three scientific reports
    • Jan 10th, Feb 14, 15; March 1, 3, 2019
  20. Enoch’s solar cal.: The great switch from lunar to solar commences
    • March 21, 23 (Enoch New Year – March 20 & 27)
  21. Secret code predicted deaths of Saddam, Bush, Yitzchak Kaduri and Sharon
    • Feb 1 and March 1, 2019. (Deaths: Saddam on Dec 29, 2006 {10 pm, EST}; Jan 28, 2006 {Kaduri’s code-Jan 18/’28‘, 2007}; Jan 11, 2014; Nov 30, Dec 3, 6, 2018
  22. Drought in USA, Israel, and Babylon ends
  23. Notre Dame Fire
  24. Easter Sri Lanka bombing
  25. Three Unusual Typhoons
  26. Mystery Mountain rises from the sea
  27. Final  prophetic images coincide with record stretch of tornadoes
  28. Day of Atonement Comet

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  1. the SIGNS FROM GOD greatly strengthen my faith, for the great persecution coming soon………the saints are shunned, ostracised, hated, demoted, exiled, ,,,,,like the OT Prophets,,and the Apostles and the Bible-translators……..the Second Advent is similar to the First Advent–a time a great apostasy…….the religious leaders persecute the saints……..many will get saved in the Tribulation—Great Joy in the Great Tribulation—a time of much Harvest of souls for Christ………Praise Christ!…..Thanks to Dean Coombs, so much………………all mankind were created to be God’s Bride.

    • Thanks for your ongoing encouragement Dennis. At times I think that I am accomplishing nothing for His kingdom — no fruit — but then someone like you comes along. So thank you.


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