Part 2. U.S.S.R. & the Great Bear of Russia

For the past 70 days, there have not been any articles. The reason why was explained in this post:

I said:

I apologize for not writing new articles recently. I am absorbed in study. Like the 18 eyes of the Webb Telescope that is presently being aligned to give sevenfold light, so it is in the spirit.

The Lord is giving understanding by combing past studies into one, which is Christ.

I wrote this the day after the Russian war in Ukraine began, Feb. 24-25, 2022.

Red Star above the Kremlin (Moscow, Russia)

The Webb Telescope is going through seven steps over the space of several months to align the telescope by focussing on just one star.

At the same time, the world began to focus on one particular star also — the Red Star of Russia!

Both the Red Star and the Great Bear are well-known symbols for Russia & the former Soviet Union.


The Russian Bear is a widespread symbol (generally of a Eurasian brown bear) for Russia, used in cartoons, articles and dramatic plays since as early as the 16th century, and relating alike to the Russian Empire, the short-lived Russian Provisional Government and Russian Republic, the Soviet Union, and the present-day Russian Federation. Wiki

The star that Webb is focussing on goes by the name, “HD 84406“.  It happens to be the star that rides the bear as seen below!

Webb Telescope focuses on the Great Bear Constellation. The star atop the Kremlin marks the exact spot

U.S.S.R lasted exactly 12600 + 12600 days until she was ruined

Moreover, from 1922 until 1991 (12600 + 12600 days), Ukraine was the informal name of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic within the Soviet Union. This will be discussed in Part 2.

The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics … was formally established on December 28, 1922. “The Rise of Communism: History, Documents, and Key Questions” Page 123. (Wiki has Dec. 29th)


On 26 December 1991, the USSR was self-dissolved by the Council of the Republics of the Supreme Soviet of the Soviet Union, the first house of Soviet legislature (the second house, the Council of the Union, was without a quorum). Wiki

Dec. 28/29, 1922 unto Dec. 26, 1991, is exactly 12600 + 12600 days exclusive and/or inclusive. But it’s the date on the 360 Calendar as elaborated in the Ezekiel Code that is truly astonishing!

Note: God uses the 360 Cal. because it's obvious and simple. By means of it, God hides His works from the pride of man and from dead religion. Yes, God uses all calendars, but when it comes to Bible Prophecy, the 360 Calendar is the fountainhead.

The “12600 + 12600 days” is an excellent example of how the Key of 23 works in Bible Prophecy.

Plus 12600 plus 12600 days…

(See Key of 23.) Thus, 70 years of 360 days are 69 years on the regular solar cal. Therefore, the span of the USSR was cut short a year (as if from Dec. 1992), which in turn is 1290 + 1290 literal years back to the day from the start of the siege of Jerusalem, etc., and so forth.

Moreover, between Ezekiel’s siege and the actual one are 1290 + 1290 DAYS, (Ezekiel 4, Dan. 12). And from the exact middle of this period plus 1290 + 1290 YEARS is the fall of the USSR on Dec. 26, 1991.

All this is but a small thing, really. There is more — much more.

The point is that the 70-year reign of the Russian Pharaohs over the USSR and God’s people (in which many tens of millions died) occurred precisely on God’s timetable. So perfectly precise is all this that to grasp it is to swoon in astonishment.

“A wheel within a wheel” (Ezekiel 1).

By the time the 70 years were over, all Russia and the USSR were ruined, which Chernobyl epitomized.

Pharaoh’s officials said to him, “How long will this man be a snare to us? Let the people go, so that they may worship the LORD their God. Do you not yet realize that Egypt is ruined?” Ex. 10:7

And so it was.

Christians were released from their dungeons and torture racks. Jews returned to their homeland.

Thus, this year, 2022, is the 100th year from the start of the USSR, of which Ukraine and Russia were its largest members. (40, 70, and 100 are a generation in the Bible.)

Russia longs to return to her former glory. She wants to dance the dance of Tyre.

At the end of seventy years, the Lord will deal with Tyre. She will return to her lucrative prostitution and will ply her trade with all the kingdoms on the face of the earth. Yet her profit and her earnings will be set apart for the Lord; they will not be stored up or hoarded. Her profits will go to those who live before the Lord, for abundant food and fine clothes. Isa. 23:17-18

A generation is 70 years but can be 100. A gap of 30 years exists between the fall of the USSR and when “the Lord deals with Tyre”. Thirty years to repent.

A quick preview of Part 3

Count 1260 + 1260 & 1290 + 1290 literal years from the exiles of Judah in 597 & 586 BC (see Ezekiel Code) to arrive at symbolic dates 726/5 BC and 1446 BC (and -280 days/years each). The effect is to take the staff of “Joseph” and the staff of “Judah” (Ezekiel 37) so as to become  “one” in God’s hand. (“1260 ” can symbolize a staff/rod, Rev. 11:1-3.)

Remember, Ezekiel 37 is about the “valley of dry bones”.

“Can these bones live?”

And the next two chapters are about Russia, i.e., “the king of the north”.

The chapter after that is about Ezekiel’s temple, upon which Rev. 11 is based in reference to the “1260-day” rod.

Moreover, the Russian army will be buried for “7 years”, that is, 1260 + 1260 days, Ezekiel 39.

It is entirely possible that current events are merely setting the stage for this battle. But one thing is for sure, one day it will happen — and the birds of the air will eat their fill.

“Flee from the land of the north!”

Then the angel of the Lord said, “Lord Almighty, how long will you withhold mercy from Jerusalem and from the towns of Judah, which you have been angry with these seventy years?” 13 So the Lord spoke kind and comforting words to the angel who talked with me. 

14 Then the angel who was speaking to me said, “Proclaim this word: This is what the Lord Almighty says: ‘I am very jealous for Jerusalem and Zion, 15 and I am very angry with the nations that feel secure. I was only a little angry, but they went too far with the punishment.’ Zech 1:12-15

“Come! Come! Flee from the land of the north,” declares the Lord, “for I have scattered you to the four winds of heaven,” declares the Lord. Zech 2:7

God will give you wings of an eagle, Rev. 12.

Click to enlarge. The woman flees dragon-fractal from the Book of Revelation 12. Although she carried a bow strapped to her back, her weapons are not carnal, but mighty through God.
Aurora dragon
Prophetic image of the Lion of Judah prevailing to open the seven seals as the Woman flees the dragon., Rev. 12. The Lion breaks through heavens gate to trample upon the head of the dragon who presides over Mystery Babylon

7 thoughts on “Part 2. U.S.S.R. & the Great Bear of Russia”

  1. Hi Dean!
    I’m glad to see that you’re well.
    I have a reflection or comment to the development in Ukraine.
    I was at work, on my lunch break. I looked out of the window and I wasn’t looking at the pediatric hospital opposite me.
    I was looking down on the earth several kilometres above the ground. People, vehicles was so small, dust clouds rose towards me. I looked up, saw an angel in armour, a shield on his back and his sword lowered towards the ground. He was so tall and wide, a giant to me. The outlines of the angel was of golden light and I wondered how people could miss to see angels. “Please don’t hurt them” I said to him and he looked at me, a vague smile on his lips and then I was back sitting on the couch at work.

  2. I actually had knowledge of what the Chernobyl disaster had done in helping lead to the fall of the Soviet Union & “return [of the Jews] to their land”. I never put that together about what the Bible says about Jubilees. This makes so much sense!

    I was wondering what the James Webb Launch had to do with the collapse of the Soviet Union, as stated in the “Stellar Flare & Wings of an Eagle Fractal” article, exactly 30 years apart, on the anniversary of the traditional Birth of Jesus Christ. The Great Bear (Russia) awakens.

    Here is an excerpt from the Wiki for the reason for the day difference in both our articles.

    “On December 25, Gorbachev resigned and turned over his presidential powers—including control of the nuclear launch codes—to Yeltsin, who was the president of the Russian Federation until 1999. That evening at 7:32 p.m., the Soviet red banner was lowered from the Kremlin for the last time and replaced with the Russian tricolour flag.[1] The following day, the Declaration 142-Н of the Supreme Soviet’s upper chamber, the Soviet of the Republics, recognised self-governing independence for the former Soviet republics, formally dissolving the Union.[2] ”

    I suppose Dec.26 was the more formal of the dates given, but December 25th, 1991 was symbolic.

    The fall of the Soviet Union wasn’t just to free the Jewish people, but to end the suppression of Christianity by the atheist government and to allow for it’s spread to the peoples of the former Soviet Union, especially Russia.
    Though lately, there has been renewed repression of religious institutions.

    Quoted from Wikipedia Article: “Throughout the history of the Soviet Union (1917–1991), there were periods when Soviet authorities brutally suppressed and persecuted various forms of Christianity to different extents depending on State interests.[1] Soviet Marxist-Leninist policy consistently advocated the control, suppression, and ultimately, the elimination of religious beliefs, and it actively encouraged the propagation of Marxist-Leninist atheism in the Soviet Union.”

    May all be freed through their belief in Jesus Christ!
    John 8:36″If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.”

    • Details! They lowered the USSR flag after dark on Dec. 25, 1991. After evening begins the next day. in which it was formalized. But here is the thing, the evening of Dec 25, 1991, has the SDY of 1447t BC (& 1167t BC). The next day is as SDY 1446 BC. The night of Dec. 25 into the 26th, therefore, symbolized the half-year of the plagues of Egypt. Thus, the previous 12600 + 12600 days of the USSR are capsulated and have the same symbolic meaning as this night after the flag was lowered. The same can be shown for when the USSR formed in 1922 on Dec 28/30, which I am sure you can easily figure out: as SDY 446/444 BC of Nehemiah’s decree and the 490 of Daniel 9, etc.

      Moreover, the evening of Dec 25, 1991, into Dec. 26th is the anniversary on the 360-Calendar of this event — which is absolutely stunning!

      21In the twelfth year of our exile, in the tenth month on the fifth day, a man who had escaped from Jerusalem came to me and said, “The city has fallen!” 22Now the evening before the man arrived, the hand of the Lord was on me, and he opened my mouth before the man came to me in the morning. So my mouth was opened and I was no longer silent.

      Ezek 33:21-22

      My mouth was opened

      Thus, the flag, like a banner, was lowered on the very anniversary to the hour when ‘Ezekiel’s mouth was opened’ to declare the fall of his country.
      Now add 1290 + 1290 years from Ezek 33:21-22 (586 BC) to “10th month, 5th day”, 1995. It happens that there are 1470 days from the fall of Russia to the very hour, which is 490 x 3. So, how far down the Rabbit hole does one want to go? (& note SDY with the +1470, etc., etc., etc.)

  3. Wow! This was much more than I expected! Thank you for the greater context. It was especially astonishing to learn about the 69 (70) years & tying back to the siege of Jerusalem!

    I thank the LORD for having you put it all together for us. Great how your studies tie together!

    Praise Jesus Christ!

    • Thanks, David. There is so much more about USSR and Ukraine but I think too much information is sometimes counterproductive. Although, perhaps a brief look at Chernoble is in order. And it is now back in the news. (The was the first to fall to the Russians, the same day that they attacked. And now they threaten Ukraine with its radioactivity.)

      After all, that event in 1986 was 70 jubilees to the day from when God intended Israel to enter the Promised Land (Pentecost 1445 BC, when the spies returned after 40 days), as explained in an article about 20 years ago.

      The Chernobyl disaster was the catalyst that eventually led to Jews returning from “the land of the north” in great numbers. And again now many are forced to return to Israel because of the Ukraine war.

      (In the Bible, on the Jubilee Jews returned back to their own land. And 70 jubilees is especially important, 49 x 70 years).

      “`In this Year of Jubilee everyone is to return to his own property. “`If you sell land to one of your countrymen or buy any from him, do not take advantage of each other. You are to buy from your countryman on the basis of the number of years since the Jubilee.

      And remember, the USSR lasted exactly 70 years (70 x 360 days), thus connecting this 70 years event with the 49 x 70 years to Chernobyl.)

    • Hint! Add the 12600 + 12600 SDY to BOTH the start and the end of Russia (SDY 1446/1476 & 1166/96 BC to 26646/26676 & 26366/26396 BC as per the perspective of literal 1991, Dec 26.)

      And (SDY 696/726 & 416/446 BC to 24505/24535 & 24785/24815 AD as per the perspective of literal 1922, Dec. 28.) Notice that the Key of 23 causes the midpoint of all of this to be 1086/806 BC — Like two 70-year rods in God’s hand. Note the date when this article was posted, also as SDY 1086 BC. (25200 stretches to 25560 & 25567 days.)

      Yes, it’s complex, but not imperceptible.
      Ukraine is called the “breadbasket of the world”.

      BARCELONA, Spain (AP) — The Russian tanks and missiles besieging Ukraine also are threatening the food supply and livelihoods of people in Europe, Africa and Asia who rely on the vast, fertile farmlands of the Black Sea region — known as the “breadbasket of the world.”

      The Times of Israel

      Jesus is the true breadbasket of the world. He is the table of Shewbread in the tabernacle/temple. Notice its SDY location in the Passover Tetrad document, (1446-6 BC).

      Click here to view the Passover/Tabernacle Tetrad Chart of the Ezekiel Temple!

      Moreover, the Ukraine war began 8 years ago when Russia took Crimea, and on April 15, 2014 — the same day as the first Tetrad, this happened:

      April 15, 2014: Kiev’s government launches its first formal military action against the pro-Russian rebels who have seized government buildings in towns and cities across eastern Ukraine. Putin warns that Ukraine is on the “brink of civil war.” Less than a month later, separatists in the eastern regions of Donetsk and Luhansk declare independence after unrecognized referendums.


      (Temple of Time has a second chart with the extra cubit so that symbolic 1446 BC becomes the center at 43 cubits to the center, that is, 72 x 430 because a cubit equals 720 years. Thus, both 1446 and 726 BC are the SDY center of the Table of Showbread, and both of these are the SDY for the USSR and Ukraine, “The breadbasket of the world”.)

      You can see why I won’t bother to explain any of this in a post. It’s too complex.


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