Why War in Israel began on the Last Day of the Festival of Tabernacles

A month ago, on Tishri 15th, 2023, the first day of Tabernacles, we held a Bible Study at our home. Many attending recognized the significance of this festival. However, that day, unsettling antisemitic remarks were voiced, suggesting that Jews funded their own holocaust during WW2 to acquire their own homeland. I immediately made it clear that I would not entertain such views or tolerate them. The meeting ended on a tense note, unresolved. Given my prophetic sense, I felt this distressing day served as a divine warning about the dangers of heeding antisemitic propaganda.

Exactly seven days later, on the last day of Tabernacles, Hamas attacked Israel, tragically killing 1400 Jews—the most severe since Hitler’s time. This horrendous event clarified the divine warning from the previous week. God is emphasizing the peril of slander, especially when it might indirectly sanction such atrocities.

It’s vital to state that this doesn’t exempt the Jewish nation from criticism. But as one who follows teachings that instruct “Judge not lest you be judged” and “turn the other cheek,” my call is to promote peace and the Gospel of Peace, not harmful slander, as seen during the Nazi era. Remember, God is the true avenger. We should declare that Christ took our deserved wrath upon Himself on the cross. In Christ, we find refuge from this wrath, called now to be agents of reconciliation and not of false accusation.

About twenty years ago, the discovery of the “Hand Bible Code” and the “Acrostic Bible Code” seems to have pointed to the current conflict.

Important! We do not know how all this will end.

Twenty-one days after the fall of the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001, I released the Hand Bible Code.

The Hand Bible Code highlighted the judgment of the antichrist, foreshadowed in Saddam Hussien, who died as predicted, precisely 1260 + 1260 days after the Writing on the Wall Acrostic Bible Code. In biblical texts, notably Ezekiel 38, “Gog” is often identified with the antichrist or possibly a figure leading up to the antichrist. The timing of the code’s publication—on the commencement of Tabernacles—was underscored in subsequent articles discussing the Hand Code.

Three years later, on October 7, 2004, which marked the conclusion of Tabernacles (Tishri 22), another code emerged— the Jacob Acrostic Prophecy. This prophecy, titled “Acrostic-Bible-Code Prophecy: Russia and Arab Confederacy Attack Israel,” appeared to foreshadow the Hamas attack on Israel. Remarkably, this assault transpired on the exact same date 19 years later, aligning with both our calendar and the Jewish calendar.

And then there is the Dragon Bible Code about the War of Gog and Magog.

The revelation of these codes underscores God’s overarching sovereignty in the tapestry of history. While they offer insightful elaborations, it’s essential to understand their place. These codes, as intricate and detailed as they are, operate in a supporting role, subordinate to the primary Biblical text. They serve to enrich and expand upon the foundational scriptures, but the Bible remains the paramount source of divine truth and revelation.

In all, a few dozen articles were written about these things in great detail twenty years ago. Below are a few samples, starting with the Hand Bible Code.

Prompt based upon the Hand Code

Below is the Hand Bible Code, published on the first day of the Festival of Tabernacles 2001, three weeks after the fall of the Twin Towers.

The Hand Bible Code

(Note: codes, of course, are not on par with the bible, and I certainly do not claim divine inspiration as bible prophets did. The bible codes simply reinforce the bible, and never the other way around.)

Picture of a hand writing on the wall: "Mene, mene..." (Bible Codes)

“They will be thrust out and made to bow down. 

I will make them slip! Divided they fall!

For I made him bend sufficiently!

His hand (of power) is sufficient, my beloved ones, the hand of the Lord!

Destruction! Jehovah and destruction!

For the Lord will fight the ones attacking her.

When he comes to battle, lo, it comes

—lo, destruction after destruction!

A forearm, and a forearm

to blot out the arrogant one!

He slipped!

I am risen to life, even to abundant life!

For His hand is the hand of the Beloved—Jah!” (i.e., ‘the Lord’)

Three Years Later… “Jacob’s Acrostic Code”

Three years after the above Hand Code (Tabernacles 2001, Tishri 15) came Jacob’s Acrostic Code concerning a future Russian-Arab war (Tabernacles 2004, Tishri 22).

Highlighted below are excerpts from the detailed Jacob Acrostic Code/Riddle, which pertains to the “Russian/Arab Attack on Israel.”

Around the same time that I discovered the Acrostic, the trajectory of Palestine shifted due to Yasar Arafat’s sudden illness. The global community remained unaware of this event until five days after the unveiling of Jacob’s Acrostic Code, which was when Arafat was hospitalized. He died 28/35 days after my introduction to the code. The unraveling of this code was an extensive process, requiring significant time to comprehend fully.

The code frequently alludes to Esau, illustrating him as the treacherous sibling with a malevolent embrace. As a result, Arafat symbolically prefigured another looming pivotal figure. During this timeframe, I authored roughly two dozen articles about Arafat. These articles also elaborated on the 12 comets that appeared over the next 3.5 years, aligning with Jacob’s Acrostic Code. Arafat’s passing facilitated the rise of Hamas the subsequent year, which subsequently overpowered the PLO. This series of events reached its climax with the unfortunate incidents on the last day of Tabernacles in 2023, precisely 19 years from its initial revelation.

Some articles from 19 years ago: Arafat The Bull (Pg 2  -3–  -45).

This specific “19 years” constitutes a Metonic cycle, crucial for the Jewish Calendar. Every 19 years, by adding seven leap months, the unruly erratic Lunar calendar is synchronized with the prevailing solar— symbolically, the ‘moon is placed beneath its feet’ in vertical harmony.

“A great sign appeared in heaven: 

A woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet and a crown of twelve stars on her head,” Rev. 12:1.
Prompt: The text of Revelation 12.
Picture Bible Code of the Lion of the Tribe of Judah bearing His cross, staff, rod, and sword! "His star" shines at top! All pretenders to the throne will be crushed.

This specific 19-year period is identified as the Metonic cycle, harmonizing the sun and moon. In every 19-year span, the Jewish-adopted solar and lunar calendars align perfectly. Beginning in 2004, when Jacob’s Acrostic came to light, the first 3.5 years marked the emergence of 12 comets—referred to as stars by ancient civilizations. Each was diligently chronicled upon its appearance. Inclusive to this, the 19-year cycle symbolically depicts the “moon” beneath Israel’s control, completing the imagery of Revelation 12:1. Here, Israel is envisioned as being “clothed with the sun,” crowned with “12 stars,” and seeking refuge in the wilderness for “3.5 years” to evade the “dragon.”

An encoded depiction of the pouncing Lion of Judah, holding the scepter that ‘shall not depart from his feet’ (referenced in Gen. 49, where the Acrostic is also found), paved the way for the subsequent 11 stars/comets that appeared over the designated 3.5 years. However, Judah was the first star/comet, and it traced this encoded image, as illustrated below.

You can read about this and the remaining
11 ‘stars’ at this link.

And over the next 1290 days exactly (3.5 years, Dan. 12) there would be 12 naked-eye comets (likely a record), ending with the unexpected, bizarre, sudden, and spectacular explosion of comet Holms on Oct. 24-25, 2007. It would remain visible for many months after that…
Thus, the 12 comets/star began and ended dramatically, with the 9th comet being the brightest in 40 years.


The excerpt provided is merely a fragment of the entire code. It’s important to recognize that the code continuously draws from the foundational text and consistently employs the terminology associated with the 12 constellations. This aligns with the imagery in Revelation 12, where the woman is depicted with a crown adorned with 12 stars.

Jacob’s Acrostic Riddle

Summary: (The year is 2004)

Tishri 1 (Rosh Hashanah) — Hurricane Ivan strikes.

Tishri 10 (Day of Atonement) — Hurricane Jeanne strikes.

Tishri 14/15 to 21 (Tabernacles) — The seven days of Mount Helens.

On Tishri 22, the Lord gave me another cluster of picture bible codes. This one is about the Lion of the tribe of Judah at Shiloh. It is awesome!

First letter of every consecutive word
from Reuben to Benjamin: (Genesis 49:3-28)

(Reuben, Simeon, and Levi) (Genesis 49:3-6)

“Jesus, You shall fly! With you will be a people!” (letter-space) (Note parallel text Deut. 33:2, 26)

“O my brother Esau (i.e., Jacob’s vengeful brother), surely wrath is coming — A Jackal is coming — But the light of the oppressor will be extinguished or dissolved like a moth!”

(Or may read: “Oh my brother Esau (Edom), surely in heat (anger) you came — you prophesied, “A star! Behold! — and the constellation of the Great bear!” (Or perhaps, “Leo,” See Num. 24.)

(Judah) (Genesis 49:8-12)

“O enemy, a Great Leader is coming — a mighty Ram, you arrogant ones! On that day you will be cut off as unclean. But who are they that belong to me? Desolate, Jesus will shepherd you with his scepter!” (Jesus is Shiloh!)

Sub-acrostic: “I desire the territory of my Prince!”Sub-sub-acrostic: “I will draw near!” “I will take (it) by force!”

Acrostic continues to read:

“I will drink deeply and stutter like a drunk! And they, too, will drink the blood of the grapes. For He comes to bind them to the vine and to trample down the grapes!”

(Zebulun and Issachar) (Genesis 49:13-15)

“To be burdened down with a load like a donkey is my constellation (destiny)! He became exhausted, as well as the trees used for the great festival at the feast of Tabernacles. Alas, O’ impoverished one!” 

“And always be ready for Shiloh (to return)!”

Prompt: The foreground showcases a Sukkah, a temporary hut, adorned with palm fronds, willow branches, and myrtle boughs. People of diverse descent gather around, some holding the ‘Four Species’ including a citron (etrog) and a palm branch (lulav). The backdrop not only reveals a vibrant sunset over the hills of Jerusalem but also highlights a dense forest of native Israeli trees.
Prompt based upon Jacob’s Acrostic about the ‘coming Jackal.’

Not the first time for this 19-year sign

The configuration of 12 stars, in conjunction with the sun and moon from the 19-year Metonic cycle, had previously manifested.

“By the testimony of two or three witnesses, every word shall be confirmed,” 2 Cor. 13:1.

The inaugural 19-year cycle was marked by the uncovering of the Mene Tekel Peres Acrostic in February 2000. This discovery aligned with the Chinese New Year, celebrated as “The Year of the Dragon.” During this span, a plethora of signs appeared, and numerous articles were authored.

The celestial interpretation of Revelation 12 indicates that it doesn’t have just one fixed perspective, but rather embodies a repeating archetypal theme.

The subsequent image alludes to this sign:

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  1. 3500 years ago, the first Passover lambs were like PROPHECIES of the PASSOVER LAMB OF GOD, JESUS CHRIST, that was sacrificed 2000 years ago…..”Christ is our Passover”, as Paul said….Jesus died on the same afternoon that the OT lambs died, 2000 years ago….It was amazing FULFILLED PROPHECY….Nobody can do FULFILLED PROPHECY like Jesus can….The other religions cant do it. Isaiah 46;9-10…….JESUS CHRIST is the GOD OF PROPHECY. And all Prophecy testifies of Christ Jesus! It is God’s proof that He is the only true God….All other gods are demons, masquerading as gods.
    Our Lover is super delightful. Praise Christ! He is our Sabbath Delight.

  2. Your knowledge of biblical prophecy, astronomy and mathematics is quite impressive. I wonder what your opinion of this recent article is? God bless. cjkerouac.substack.com/p/tribulation-and-judgment

  3. A Hello Dean, Love your work and have been following it for years.It builds my Faith, knowing Yahweh has all undwer His control, down to the minutest detail. I have also supported the State of Israel for decades, and fiercely come against anti-semitism. The Oct. 7,2023 attack and massacre was horrific.

    (The rest of this post was deleted. See response to this post next.)

    • Thank you for your kind words.

      I had to remove part of your comment because I do not want to support rumors that cast the blame on Jews for the holocaust and other modern-day atrocities. I believe you are unwittingly furthering misinformation that ultimately led to the death of Jews. Words always come before the gas chamber. The spread of words justifying suspicion against a race always precedes the slaughter, whether it is Jew or Arab, black or white, male or female, or something in between.

      There are many things I dare not repeat because they cannot be proven, and the Lord has come to save and not condemn. God will judge the earth and all who offend, but for me, I am a minister of reconciliation. I leave the politics and especially the retelling of conspiratorial ideas to the world, where it belongs, knowing that precious little can be proven with certainty.

      People may mean well, but we must be cautious when repeating what we hear. Misinformation will grow exponentially now due to AI bots. Love believes the best.

      I know you mean well, so may the Lord bless you and cause you to grow in Him in all things.

      As Christians, we may never see eye to eye on everything, but that is OK.

      • You are right, Dean. I also believed(and to some extent not yet deprogrammed from it) , but the Lord used the pages of a ministry I have earlier left to remind me. Now, looking at your page, the same message too! I was thirsty for minute details and forgot the main picture. I guess I owe the Lord an apology.

        • Thank you for sharing your thoughts. At times, I think I should delete a lot from the past, but then again, it’s a record of personal development as well. Not that my views have changed, really, but rather my sense of what matters.

  4. Oct 7, 2023 Israel–Hamas war started on the last day of the 7 day festival,,,,,the festival symbolizes the 7 year Trib ( the trib is daniel’s 70th week),,,,,,,,at the end of the Trib, all armies will gather at jerusalem to annihilate israel ,,,,,,,today’s war is symbolic of that future war,,,,,,,,,,
    When jerusalem is surrounded by all the world’s armies, israel will call on JESUS CHRIST , and He will Return ( the SECOND COMING) to save israel from the world’s armies………
    King James Bible,,,,,,,,,,,mat 23;39…
    For I say unto you, Ye shall not see me henceforth, till ye shall say, Blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord.
    ………..abraham prayed for his children’s salvation, to all generations.

    • Hi Mark. Yes, indeed. Moreover, it sets the stage for the final conflict as well, although we cannot know exactly what all that will look like.
      But our salvation is nearer than when we first believed.

      • What I am about to mention, Dean knows already. There was another sign exactly 1 month ahead of this event (Israel Attacked) . Comet Nishimura (C/2023 P1) CBC News headline: “New comet makes historically close approach to Earth today, but spotting it will take some luck”
        This was right at the mouth of Leo the Lion on the same Symbolic Day-Year SDY 538BC (1st year of Cyrus, King of Persia).That was September 7, 2023. See the images of the Comet/Scepter in this article taken from the Lion Code. Both October 7th & September 7th represented the same year because of a 30-day offset in the 360-Day Calendar https://360calendar.com.

        • Thank you for sharing this information, David. _I have no one like you who grasps such things as the day-year importance of events past and future. Thanks for your thoughts, my friend!

  5. His kingdom will increase! Hallelujah Amen! Glory to the Alpha and Omega, the one who was, is and is to come, Praise be to our shepherd, prince, king, lord, prophet, mother, brother, son, high-priest, guide, helper, answer, truth, hope, life, light, way, righteousness, peace, love, lover, husband, caretaker, guardian, author, word, savior, salvation, resurrection, renewal, regeneration, faith, leader, teacher, master, guide, comforter, counsellor, the one we called our enemy once, and the one who called us friend, and child, the embodiment and the presence of our Father, the one true Holy living God, Jesus we call the Christ, Anointed, Messiah, and the Son of God, who is from Nazareth, and was called a Nazerene, who is our branch, our root, our vine, our mighty sustainer, the rivers and tree of life, the one who authors all creation, and rules mightily! Blessings be on His Name, Jesus, And his Kingdom! Forever and ever, Amen.


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