13C/D. Ishtar (Venus) gored by her own horns

I apologize that this important article is a little disorganized. If the Lord wills, I will go over it again at a later date.

The occultation of Mercury as seen from Venus at the same moment that Sirius was occulted on earth


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This Prophetic Picture Code was revealed as the full moon of Nov. 23, 2018, the anniversary of “The abomination that causes desolation”. These signs occurred seven times 365.25 years from the Fall of Babylon in 539 BC. (Left chart is a calendar of events.)

Part One. Mene Tekel: gods are judged!

  1. Sea-Dragon comet under foot and ‘Meteor in Russia like 10 atomic bombs’
    •  Dec. 16 & 18, 2018
  2. Eruption of Anak Krakatoa triggers tsunami due to full-moon
    • Dec. 22, 2018
  3. “OSIRUS-REX” reaches Bennu on Hanukkah as Bush laid in state. And 30 days later: China on dark side of moon
    • Dec 3, 2018, and Jan 2, 2019
  4. Locust invade Mecca as a partial solar eclipse occurs
    • Jan. 5th local time, (eclipse EST)
  5. Meteor strikes “Super Wolf Blood Moon“,  and New York Tower of Babel lit up baby-blood pink
    • Jan 20 and 22, 2019
  6. River of blood: Dam bursts in Brazil killing 360
    • Jan 25, 2019, noon
  7. Polar Vortex, F4 Tornado strikes North America and Havanna, Cuba
    • Jan 27, 2019
  8. Meteor strikes Cuba at foot of mountain-mural of dragons and giants; (And Part A, “Dragon Aurora in Draco”)
    • Feb 1st and 6th, 2019
  9. Magnetic Pole speeds across the Arctic
    • Feb 4, 2019
  10. Mount Kea (Hawaii) Enlil, god of wind and mountain — judged!
    • Feb 10-11, 2019
  11. Mene, Tekel, Persia“, Turkey, 50 Russian bears,  the Pope, and Kushner’s Peace Treaty
    • Feb 1st, 4th, 9th, 11th, and 14th
  12. Resurrection! Mountain clothed with butterflies
    • Dec 22, 2018, and Feb 14, 2019
  13. (Pt. B/C) Star of Isis and Virgo darkened (full moon), creating triangle both in heaven and earth. (Pt. A. “Serpent ascends”)
  14. Israel and Bible: 7x around the Moon/Jericho
    • Feb 21 and April 11, 2019 (And “Dragon’s Palace“, April 5)
  15.  “Prince of the power of the air” exposed
    • Feb 1 & 15, 2019
  16. Tornado (F4) topples tower three-hours after posting its image. And, “The Mark of Trump”
    • March 3rd and 8th, 2019
  17. US recognizes Israel’s sovereignty over Golan Heightsand thus Mt Hermon where angels fell
  18. Drill for water in Antartica
    • Dec 18, 23, 26th, 28
  19. Book of Enoch and the underworld: Three scientific reports
    • Jan 10th, Feb 14, 15; March 1, 3, 2019
  20. Enoch’s solar cal.: The great switch from lunar to solar commences
    • March 21, 23 (Enoch New Year – March 20 & 27)
  21. Secret code predicted deaths of Saddam, Bush, Yitzchak Kaduri and Sharon
    • Feb 1 and March 1, 2019. (Deaths: Saddam on Dec 29, 2006 {10 pm, EST}; Jan 28, 2006 {Kaduri’s code-Jan 18/’28‘, 2007}; Jan 11, 2014; Nov 30, Dec 3, 6, 2018
  22. Drought in USA, Israel, and Babylon ends
  23. Notre Dame Fire
  24. Easter Sri Lanka bombing
  25. Three Unusual Typhoons
  26. Mystery Mountain rises from the sea
  27. Final  prophetic images coincide with record stretch of tornadoes
  28. Day of Atonement Comet

Sign 13C and 13D

Click here for Parts A and B

The following background information is necessary before we look at the sign of Ishtar gored upon her own horns.

“Mystery Babylon” revealed in the heavens

Click to enlarge “Mystery Babylon”, Rev. 17:5. The Hebrew of Isa 45:21-23 and Dan 5:25 runs through the image. The path of Sirius’s shadow, the morning star, rises from the pit! See “Sign 13B” for more about how this globe of Babylon was deciphered.
Mercury as seen from Venus as Sirius occulted on earth

Mystery Babylon was unveiled 42 months after the blueprint for the “Temple of Time: Blood-Moon Tetrad“.

God has timed more than 21 irrefutable signs in keeping with this prophetic image of Babylon. Therefore, I do not debate the matter but simply present what God pictographically shows me.

God acts on each image that is revealed, usually after three and seven days from the day when the image was revealed, numbers that symbolize completion and fulfillment.

“Line upon line” –the pyramid of Babylon

Every line in the above image is drawn according to its position relative to a lunar eclipse, two stars (Virginis Chi and Sirius) and the planet Venus. The lunar eclipse occurred Jan 20, 2019, and the other celestial bodies were blotted out 30 days later.

A “falling star” (asteroid) also struck the moon at the very minute of totality on Jan 20th.

The underlying message of each and every sign is the same –repeated over and over again, namely this:

Mystery Babylon and her star is rising, but her end is near and her stars will fall and return to the pit from whence they came. The true Morningstar (Jesus) has overcome them, so do not fear what you must suffer ten days “a short time”. God has everything under control.

Ishtar, Osiris, and the black hole
Venus as seen from Mercury as Sirius occulted on earth

Venus (as viewed from Mercury in Virgo/Libra) disappeared behind the sun at the very same time that Sirius blinked on earth.

χ Virginis, Sirius, and Venus, all three symbolize the goddess Ishtar during this once-in-a-billion-year heavenly sign! Her rise and her fall.

The star along the rod of Virgo is where the historic black hole is located (“M87”, superimposed over the map).

Behold the reward of the wicked
The reward of the wicked: “Crown of Darkness

It’s the first black hole ever seen by human eyes. (I.e., revealed on April 10, 2019, which was 50+1240 = 1290 days from Tetrad.)

The abyss of the black hole, therefore, corresponds to the abyss נונ of the Pacific-Ocean.

Woman/Virgo flees on eagles wings to escape the dragon. Fittingly, χ Virginis is located in the wing of Virgo, (Rev 12).

How the Star of David in this Globe of Babylon was deduced

Click any image to enlarge.

Step 1. As the sun came between Mercury and Venus, this triangle was formed with the earth. (Astoundingly, at the same time on earth, Sirius was occulted)
Step 2. As Sirius was occulted; (that is, at the same time as step 1). Step one superimposed over the “Winter Triangle”. Venus is at its peak. Earth is at the armpit of Orion. Mercury at Sirius.
Step 3. The triangle formed by  Earth, Mercury, and Venus is now rotated 180 degrees to form Star of David.
Step 4. The Star of David is now just placed over where the Winter Triangle was located on the prophetic map/globe. (Compare to the earlier map below)
Earlier map without the full Star of David. The type of map in unimportant.
Enlargement of the star of David. Among the less obvious things, note where Rome and Constantinople of the Western and Eastern Roman empire are located. Note where Hereopilis (named after Hermes and Thoth) is located (i.e., where the sun is located as compared to Step 3.) Locate where the ancient Olympics were held and Mt Olympia. Locate Jerusalem, Mt Hermon, Neom, Mecca, Ur/Uruk, Babylon, Persia, the Red Sea and the location of the Red Sea crossing by Moses. Locate the Island of Patmos and the “Seven Churches” (where John saw Mystery Babylon and New Jerusalem, Rev 18), and the Aeolian Islands (that the asteroid that occulted Chi Virginis is named after). And God and Magog, Moscow…etc.
The sign of the increasingly fast expanding Universe adds yet another layer of constellations that fit perfectly into what is being communicated by these images. Please see this link for more about this: 1260d.com/2019/05/01/mystery-babylon-revealed-in-the-heavens

Sign 13D

Morning star (Venus) blotted out by moon and cast into the abyss of a black hole

This sign occurred January 30-31, 2019 and succinct with the other signs

I will not labor long on this remarkable sign in that I was too busy to write about it until well after the event.

Below are links to related information that is helpful to appreciate this sign in the heavens.

(13 B) Star of Isis and Virgo darkened (full moon), creating triangle both in heaven and earth. And, (13 A) “Serpent ascends

Venus is gored upon the shadow of her own horns, (Jan 31, 2019). The shadow of Ishtar/Siris rises from the pit, (Feb 19). The star along the rod of Virgo is where the first black hole was seen for the first time with human eyes (April 10, 2019). The abyss of the deep corresponds to the abyss of the black hole. “Uphar-sin ופר-סינ”, “The Bull of Sin” is divided!
Click to enlarge. Earth is occulted Jan 31, 2019, as seen from the Venus. Venus was Ishtar — a supposed ‘goddess’.

In the above image, notice that earth and moon are upon the horns of the bull (Torus) and the club of Orion (Nimrod)

Click to enlarge. The same occultation of Venus as before, except as viewed from the earth; to be specific, from the very spot on earth where this occupation is first seen on earth. This location happens on the prophetic map to be where the black hole of Messier 87 (M87) is located. (I will explain what I mean shortly)
The colors on the prophetic map are here rendered negative to make it easy to spot the superimposed constellations. The star along on the rod/sheaf of Virgo at left marks Messier 87 (M87) where the sign of the Blackhole is located.
Notice the shape of the location on earth where the occultation of Venus was visible. In the context of all the other sings, it appears as the horns of a bull cut off. (See Zech 1:21)

All the horns of the wicked I will cut off, but the horns of the righteous will be exalted.” Psalm 75:10

Compare the above two images and you will notice that the tip of the left horn (where the occupation of Venus can first be seen) is the exact spot on the prophetic map before it that the said Blackhole is located.

Occultation of Venus overlayed onto the prophetic map. Notice how perfectly it overlaps the star that marks the location of the Blackhole.

Thus, the occultation of Venus occurs on the right horn of Torus as seen from  Venus (see below), and on the right horn as seen in the above image.

Occultation of Venus overlayed onto prophetic map

Now take a closer look at the occultation of Venus as seen from the spot on the map (in the middle of the Pacific Ocean) at the tip of the “cut-off horns”.

Notice that as the moon rises above the ocean-abyss the moment that Venus begins to be occulted on earth that Venus appears to sit at the right horn (our left) of the crescent moon!

Click to enlarge. The same occultation of Venus as before, except as viewed from the earth; to be specific, from the very spot on earth where this occupation is first seen on earth. This location happens on the prophetic map to be where the black hole of Messier 87 (M87) is located

Venus on the horns of a dilemma–3x

I know that all this is hard to absorb, but to cap off:

  1. As seen from Venus, earth and moon are occulted as it sits on the right horn of the constellation of Torus the bull!
  2. As seen from earth, Venus is occulted as it sits on the right horn of the crescent moon! (The crescent moon is a common symbol for the horns of a bull in antiquity)
  3. And upon the face of the earth, the shadow of the occultation of Venus also forms the shape of bull horns (cut off). And the start of the occultation begins at the tip of the right horn, which also happens to be the location of the Blackhole on the prophetic map!
  4. In the image below, can you spot a fourth time that the horns of a (charging) bull are cut off?
Occultation of Venus overlayed onto the prophetic map

What does it all mean?

Venus is the vile goddess Ishtar.

“The bull of heaven” will gore her to death.

Negatively speaking, the Bull of heaven is the beast that she rides, but who will turn against her and devour her flesh.

Positively speaking, the Bull of Heaven is the Almighty, who judges her.

And the ten horns which thou sawest, and the beast, these shall hate the harlot, and shall make her desolate and naked, and shall eat her flesh, and shall burn her utterly with fire. (Rev 17:16)

This is the lesson for the US and the world today: Political power will use, but later destroy the harlot of religious power after he has used her for his own wicked ends. This is how her own horns (of her lover) will gore her.

Let him that has ears to hear…

Click here for Parts 13A and B

Posts about “Sign 13”. (Pt. B/C) Star of Isis and Virgo darkened (full moon), creating a triangle both in heaven and earth. (Pt. A. “Serpent ascends”)

An aside:

The 12 faces (sides) of the Star of David appear to represent 12 months

Psalm 19:1-6 (CSB)
The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky proclaims the work of His hands. 
Day after day they pour out speech; night after night they communicate knowledge. 
There is no speech; there are no words; their voice is not heard. 
Their message has gone out to all the earth, and their words to the ends of the inhabited world.
In the heavens He has pitched a tent for the sun
It is like a groom coming from the bridal chamber; it rejoices like an athlete running a course
It rises from one end of the heavens and circles to their other end; nothing is hidden from its heat.

The sun ‘happens’ to be at the eye of the Unicorn, but more importantly, at the junction between Mercury and Venus, and also Marduk and Nimrod. Moreover, the Full Moon is aligned with Marduk and Venus.

All this implies that the star of David is framed like a clock that tracks the 12 months in the year with the sun positioned in the first Full Moon, that is, Nisan 14/15th of Passover, and the “Earth”, therefore, in the seventh, Tishri 14/15th (Tabernacles). And thus the distance of the moon to the sun on this ‘clock’ is one season — winter.

The horn of the Unicorn, therefore, points to the New Year of Nisan the 1st.

Ishtar/Venus, therefore, points to the month of Tammuz, and Marduk to Tebeth.

It all falls into place too easily to be a coincidence.

Note: the star of David on the map is precisely centered, and thus all six lines intersect on the map precisely, whereas in the above case they are slightly misaligned.

‘He opened the second seal… A fiery red horse’

“A fiery red horse.”

Notice where the horn of the Unicorn would be if superimposed, that is, pointing to Istanbul (Constantinople, Turkey). Thus, the position of the New Year is marked twice: Once by the horn and secondly by the large intersecting line that reaches to Canada.

The image of the sun pulled by a horse-drawn chariot is a common metaphor in iniquity for “the circuit of the sun”. When superimposed, the sun itself is located in the ancient city of Hermopolis along the Nile river. The ancient Greek Olympic games (“a strong man to run his race”), and Greece itself, form the ear of the horse.

In conclusion, the horse, the position of the sun, and the “strong man” Orion positioned as one ready to run his race, leads me to believe that the 12 faces of the star of David are intended to represent the 12 months of the year, (as well as the Zodiac?)

Posts about “Sign 13”. (Pt. B/C) Star of Isis and Virgo darkened (full moon), creating a triangle both in heaven and earth. (Pt. A. “Serpent ascends”)

(This Update added May 29, 2019. See THIS LINK for more as pertaining to “floods”)

The following is from the series of articles back a year-and-a-half ago concerning the 2018 solar eclipse.

Note the path of the solar eclipse over North America. Keep in mind that this image and caption was posted over a year ago in the context of upcoming floods. (But God has blinded men’s eyes to see what is happening under heaven.)

(Click to enlarge.) Two of the X’s overlapped form the general shape and dimensions of the New Jerusalem at 12000 stadia (2200 km). They span 5 times 7 years (35), with each of the X’s themselves seven eclipse-years apart. Some of the above eclipses are 2000 years to the day from the Alpha-Omega Total Eclipse strokes that I spoke of in my Tetrad Passover-Tabernacle Blood-Moon Eclipse diagrams back in 2015. 

Now compare these eclipses when superimposed upon the prophetic map below. Especially note how the total solar eclipse over North America set to happen in five years perfectly aligns to the left side of the pyramid with the intersection point of the two North American eclipses crisscross marking the spot where I said that the last segment to the capstone of Babylon has yet to be completed.

Moreover, all this is repeated at the right side of the pyramid that lays over the Middle East.

Click to enlarge and carefully compare the superimposed eclipse line. Like a bows-eye, the “X” marks the spot of the last segment to complete the capstone on Mystery Babylon
Same image but with greater contrast to help see eclipse lines

Are we to believe that all this is a coincidence?

Then consider this next image also posted a year and a half ago concerning the location in the sky of the 2017 total solar eclipse over North America. Compare Leo (Lion constellation) with the prophetic image and note that as the sun overlaps the moon it does so at the same place on the map where the two eclipses crisscross, etc!

Aug 21, 2017, total solar eclipse, showing the position in the sky — at the front paws of the constellation of Leo, (i.e., the Lion of the Tribe of Judah). Some stars become visible during a total solar eclipse.
Click to enlarge. The below image is simply superimposed over the map of the earth. Notice that the location of the 2017 eclipse over North America, (i.e, when the sun and moon overlap) is located on the prophetic map in the same place where the 2017 and 2024 North American total eclipses criss-cross! As God is my witness, I did not even look into the eclipses that I posted over a year ago until now — May 29, 2019. What are the odds of the center of the criss-cross of the two eclipses, and the point on earth that begins the last segment of Mystery Babylon, and the location of the eclipse at the feet of Leo — all perfectly aligning?
The earth is weighed in the balances and found wanting: Compare the location of 2017 eclipse in Leo with this image.

And also note this next image, taken from this same post over a year ago.

(Click to enlarge.) The brown bowls symbolize Jew and Gentile that make up the Body in Messiah. They also speak of the pouring out of God’s judgment. It can also speak of the outpouring of power.


Posts about “Sign 13”. (Pt. B/C) Star of Isis and Virgo darkened (full moon), creating a triangle both in heaven and earth. (Pt. A. “Serpent ascends”)

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