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The previous post about the results of the 2020 election was prophetic and severe. I purpose to say what I hear from heaven without tickling ears. Most are not used to that.

Whether one agrees with me or not, “Where do we go from here?”

I happened upon the below video today and essentially it represents my own views.

One thing that I would add to the below CBN video is this: As Christians, we are not obligated to vote at all. Everyone should first decide IF they should vote. And if they decide to vote, then, who should they vote for. Failure to understand this has led to much division in the Church and has made captives of men rather than the ascended Lord, (Eph. 4:1-16).

Where I disagree with CBN, in general, is the inference that Christians are obligated to inform others as to whom they should vote, supposably “in accordance with Christian principles”. More often than not, this is just another form of manipulation. Wicked men manipulate the gullible, and the gullible, if in positions of ecclesiastical power unwittingly forward that manipulation on to their followers. It’s not always this way, but it happens a lot. Many Christian leaders have become ponds of men or worse.

CBN is too political in my opinion. But the very fact that I am posting this video attests to the fact that I consider them as co-workers in God’s harvest field. It’s the task of angels to uproot the weeds from the wheat, not mine, (Matt. 13:24-30). I’m much too blind and self-absorbed for such a task, and so are you!

God bless and keep CBN and all those who love the Lord.

God deliver us from all that offends.


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  1. Dr Fauci has stated, “Americans have an independent spirit, but it’s time to do what you’re told.” (Shut up and take the mark.) I feel sorry for the young people. They have sin taught and pushed at them everywhere. We knew some Christians that wanted to witness at a gay parade. They said their messages were lost because churches were marching with them “showing love.” In this last election, it was said that we “had a landslide of marijuana” and hard drugs like heroin were legalized in Oregon and DC. You are right that we don’t judge, but for the sake of the lost, I intend to keep speaking wherever the Lord shows me to. From Revelation: “They would not repent of their murders(abortion), pharmakeia(pyschtropic drugs) fornication(ALL sexual immorality, including homosexuality) and theft(looting, cheating everywhere, including elections.)”

  2. And again, people make decisions on what they know. In the US, we have many voices, free speech being a fundamental right. I remember your post about baal worship and it reminds me of the bohemian grove. A two week celebration at midsummer in the redwoods north of San Francisco. This is a party for all global elites, presidents, media moguls, heads of state from everywhere-the royal family. Number one rule MEN ONLY. Here they party and discuss their agenda. Festivities start when a giant 40 ft owl is lit up with fire and druid-like priests simulate the burning of a male child, complete with screams. This is the “cremation of care.” Don’t believe it? Alex Jones infiltrated this ultra-restricted thing and filmed it. Why do you think there is such effort to get rid of him. The film was on youtube may still be. After this, BG couldn’t deny this ceremony, but downplayed it. The question is who would enjoy such a thing? Jones confronted George Bush about it. Of course, got no answer. Why would Clinton, McCain and Obama(who arrived together before their election-how nice) who claim to be christian even go to this. Trump had no time or interest in it, and of course, not being a drinker, no use for that kind of party. And they don’t like him, consider him a threat. Things like this say a lot.

  3. People make a choice on who to vote for based on the best media information they have. The news program 60 minutes boasted at one time that they decided who the candidates would be based on their ability to edit. Trump exposed their biased interview with him by boldly broadcasting the full interview before they released theirs. A few outlets such as CBN, Newsmax, and OAN, are still endeavoring to be journalists. Newsmax is the only major network that is complying with US laws and not declaring Biden the winner. They, and a a few bold commentators on Fox are the only ones updating the public on the planned fraud which literally stole this election. Thousands of ballots “appeared” overnight and software (Dominion) which threw thousands of Trump votes. Where we go is not about who we vote for now as much as whether or not our vote counts. The vaccine and treatment for covid were released deliberately after the election. The governor of New York wants it held back so Biden can control it. One “scientist” on his new panel has stated those over 75 don’t need it because they have already lived their life. The governor has stated that families cannot gather over the holidays. I understand that the “new” vice president wants to legalize prostitution. “Vote them out?” From now on you may not be able to. And this report from OAN shows how this fraudulent election software is being used in other countries thanks to Hillary:


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