Cain’s Seed Parallel to Godly Seed Forms Flag of Israel

The following is in response to an email sent to me by a Bible School Student.

One of the  questions asked was:

“Hello, I was just wondering how you came about the Names-Code, thank you!”

My response:

Aware that the first ten names could be strung together (discovered by another), it provoked me to look for an acrostic using the same ten names, plus the next ten to Abraham — and there was.

It also seemed logical that because the first ten names could be strung together to read the way it does, why not to Christ?

And it does!

I tried to do the same with the genealogy of Luke (that bypasses the kings of Judah), and it does not.

The fact that one does so well, and the other not at all, underscores how miraculous both genealogies are. Why the line of the kings’ works and the other does not is in of itself an interesting puzzle. Of course, both genealogies are true, but from two angles and literally from two directions.

On Nov. 7, 2017 (a month before Trump acknowledged Jerusalem as Israel’s capital), I discovered another code within the Genesis geology when studying the pre-flood world, particularly Enoch and Jarod and the fallen angels (Nephilim). I have been too busy to make it public, but I am presenting the image to you.

Parallel Geneology in Genesis

The names of the ungodly line of Cain are parallel to the same or similar names of the godly seed. Scholars have debated why this is so for millennia. The text underscores these names with the mathematical formula of sevens. The text itself refers to 7, 77, 777 (and less obvious — 70×12, 70×13,  182+595) — and even 70×7 in the LXX. Contrasted to Jesus’ words using the same numeric, the first refers to “vengeance,” but Christ to “forgiveness.

When I first drew lines to simply join these names, I thought, ‘It looks like a flag that I once saw.’ ‘It looks like a star separated by two lines.’

So I searched the internet for similar flags. It turned out that it reminded me of Israel’s flag!

All this, along with the said acrostic and Meaning-of-Names code embedded here, creates a staggering degree of complexity.

The rest I leave to you to ponder for yourself!

God bless!

Dean Coombs

P.s. I will insert this response to your question as a page on my website (with your name, of course, left out).

Besides, seven years from now (2025) is the 70th jubilee (70x7x7 years) from when Israel entered the Promised Land, and the jubilee cycles officially began (1406 BC), which is when Moses died, thus completing that genealogy. Moreover, 70 years had elapsed from when Israel became a nation. This also means that Israel will celebrate its 77th year in seven years.

Flag of a six-pointed star between two lines is created when lines are drawn from Cain's seed to its match in the Godly Seed.
(Click to enlarge.) Flag of a six-pointed star between two lines is created when lines are drawn from the seed of Cain to its match in the Godly seed. (The Godly seed is on the left side.)
Compare the former with this Flag of Israel. (Wiki “A blue Star of David between two horizontal blue stripes on a white field.”)
The 77 names from
(Click to enlarge.) The 77 names from “God” to “Jesus”, the “Son of God”, which is also 70 names from Enoch. The meaning of all these names when strung together, tells a story that interprets the epochs wherein each of these ancestors of Christ lived. The flag also includes an acrostic.

Flag of Antichrist?

The two flags are close but are not an exact match. Perhaps the flag created by the parallel names refers to a coming conflict between the godly seed and the ungodly seed?

The star in the middle of the flag resembles two tridents overlapping each other — a symbol associated originally with Nimrod, “the mighty hunter before the Lord”, who in turn is a proto-type of antichrist, (Gen. 10:9).

dragons in sumerian mythology - Google Search
Note the trident arrowhead.

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  1. Bible old testament book of Amos 5:26 – But ye [Jews] have borne the tabernacle of your Moloch (Satanic god child sacrifice by fire) and Chiun your images, the STAR STAR STAR star of your god, which ye made to yourselves. (Jews carried what star?)

    Acts 7:43 – Yea, ye [Jews] took up the tabernacle of Moloch, and the STAR STAR STAR star of your god Remphan, figures which ye made to worship them: and I will carry you away beyond Babylon.

    What STAR STAR STAR do the jews (even so called Messianic) carry? Moloch and Remphan
    Moloch was the satanic god that demanded children be burned alive in fire.
    Remphan has reference to the giants, think Goliath
    Look at the Israeli flag.
    Interesting the way you put together the names codes with the Israeli flag.

    • Thanks for your thoughts.
      However, we must remember that the devil is a counterfeiter. He does not come up with better imagery than God — he can’t. It’s not possible. He just twists God-ordained imagery. So the star of Moloch is a perversion of truth, just like in the Bible the “morningstar” is applied to both the devil and Jesus.

    • You are correct with your analysis. I have researched it and found the same thing. The name “Star of David” is very MISLEADING!! David never used that star. The star, is in fact, the Star of Remphan! Why should it be on the flag of the State of Israel?

  2. when OT Israel was faithful—she was victorious over her enemies,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    When the early Church was faithful—she was victorious over her enemies (Acts 1), healing the sick, casting out demons, preaching, making disciples, sending out apostles,……………..
    When the Church (as a whole) was unfaithful—-her enemies were victorious over the Church…………….
    In these endtimes, the Church (as a whole) is unfaithful (apostate)—-so the demons gain courage to rise up and defeat us, and we dont heal the sick and cast out demons…………….
    In the coming Tribulation, many will leave the Church to join the Harlot of Babylon (satan’s false Church), and the faithful Remnant of the Church will be purified by persecutions, and will be victorious over her enemies (healing the sick, and casting out demons), and God will Rain down the LATTER RAIN OF GOD’S SPIRIT upon the Church…………..the LATTER RAIN will be far greater than the EARLY RAIN (read the book of Acts)

  3. AD 70 was the fore-shadow of the 7 year Great Tribulation…………the Church was driven out of Israel before AD 70………..likewise…….in Rev12, the Church escapes into the wilderness on eagle’s wings to flee from the Great Red Dragon satan………..Colossians 2;16……….the Physical is the fore-Shadow of the Spiritual………..Everything in the Bible has a fore-Shadow……….the Shadow explains the Substance………..the Substance is always infinitely better+greater than the Shadow………..ONLY CHRIST KNOWS THE FUTURE,,,,SO HE GIVES US THE FORE-SHADOW! PRAISE CHRIST!……..Isaiah 46;9-10

  4. SIGN FROM GOD……….911 days between the NORWAY SPIRAL and the ISRAEL SPIRAL……….
    THE NORWAY SPIRAL occurred when obama got his NOBEL PEACE PRIZE…………
    THE ISRAEL SPIRAL occurred when obama assured the Jews of his support+fidelity to the Israel nation………..
    Jesus knew that the world was honoring obama for murdering the nation Israel, which he failed to do……….the SIGN proves that Jesus knows our true evil motives……….the world craves to murder Israel because the world hates Christ.
    Jesus has sent many astounding SIGNS about 9-11.
    The SPIRAL is the Sign that means SCREWY+CRAZY.


    This is not what you think it is….

    Ron’s discovery has been covered-up for 36 years, especially the blood evidence. The circumstances around his discovery are very suspicious and reads like a set-up (Sunday Law). The circumstance surrounding the 4 angels only appearing during his 4th entry into the chamber is highly suspicious and could be a pre-planned set-up.

    The mark of the beast is also not what most Christians believe it to be. It is instead a literal description and appears to be closer to at counterfeiting certificate of authenticity with a hologram of an animal avatar. A mark on the hand and forehead is from a camera or a hand-held scanner. Those who don’t venerate the mark, their products will be terminated from global trade.

    It’s my belief that man cannot willfully fulfill prophesy with prior knowledge, so this Sunday Law appears to be a Red Herring and could be intentional. The Israeli military were involved in Ron’s discovery and the US Department of Intelligence was clearly also aware.

    So if the Vatican has been pushing this Sunday law for so long (didn’t start until after 1982), it’s pretty obvious that this isn’t a fulfillment of prophesy. It’s an intentional misdirection so that the genuine fulfillment isn’t known beforehand.

    I enjoy your codes Dean, but I think that a large majority of them are not what you think they mean.

    • Lets say Ron Wyatt lied, Now lets think about that for a minute. A man who devotes enormous time in several countries to prove the Bible a true historic record decides one day to LIE and bring his makers rath down on himself. Ron Wyatt told the truth I must conclude.

      • For those embracing a false theology of Ron Wyatt: he said Jesus’ blood needs to spill on the ark “made with human hands” quite openly and literally degrade the precious blood of Jesus Christ right down to the level of oxen, goats and sheep. How awful is that? His blood is to be the “better” sacrifice that spills on the “greater” and “more perfect tabernacle.” Declaring it must mingle with the blood of goats, oxen and sheep on a man made tabernacle. Can’t you see what Wyatt was saying there. The least one can do is show respect towards Jesus.

  6. SIGN FROM GOD……12 = LIGHT. (bible symbolism).

    1335 is a famous wonderful bible number in Revelations……1335 = the SECOND COMING OF CHRIST……1+3+3+5 = 12.

    Jesus had 12 Spiritual sons. Jacob had 12 Physical sons.

    why 12?………Jesus said, “There are 12 hours of dayLIGHT in a day”……we are the LIGHT of the world…..the children of LIGHT(God is the Light).

    Abraham’s army of trained men was 318 adult men “born in his own house”……….3+1+8 = 12……..Abe had 12 sons.(symbolism)

    12 NEW MOON ASSEMBLIES in a year……..
    noon and midnight are 12 o’clock.
    the 24 Elders in Revelations = 12 + 12 = 24.
    the 144,000 = 12 X 12 X 1000.
    zodiac = 12 signs
    dozen = 12.
    “in criminal cases involving serious felonies there are usually 12 jurors.
    There are 12 troy ounces in a troy pound (used for precious metals)
    In the former British currency system, there were twelve pence in a shilling.
    There are normally twelve pairs of ribs in the human body.
    Twelve people have walked on Earth’s moon.
    12 inches in a foot.
    12 face cards in a card deck.
    Alcoholics Anonymous has 12 steps, 12 traditions and 12 concepts for world service.

  7. The Deuteronomy 28 curses have fallen on the nation Israel because she rejected Christ Jesus in 30 AD………the curses include the Holocaust, ghetto, pogroms, Hitler’s Final Solution, intifada, anti-semitism, 9th of Av, 70 AD fall of Herod’s temple, 70 AD Diaspora, etc………All this is a Shadow of the consequences of the NT Church’s GREAT FINAL APOSTASY (2 Thess 2), the Great Falling Away,,,,,,,,the endtimes apostate Church will suffer a spiritual babylonian Captivity in the 7year Trib, because of her apostasy………..the OT Israel nation was the Shadow of the NT Church………Colossians 2;16…… the Trib, a Remnant will cured of apostasy, and will Return from Babylon to Christ. Praise Christ!……………the OT was physical—-the NT is spiritual…………OT Babylon is the Shadow of NT Babylon…….Col 2;16


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