02/02/2020: Rare ‘worldwide palindrome day’ (& 7.7% financial quake)

Mathematicians and geeks everywhere celebrated a rare occurrence Sunday, 02/02/2020, a kind of 8-digit palindrome that hasn’t happened for more than 900 years.

A palindrome is any sequence, phrase or word that reads the same backward as forward. And 02/02/2020 is considered a “universal palindrome” because it reads the same whether written as “Month/Day/Year” as the United States does, or “Day/Month/Year” as many other countries do.

The last universal palindrome occurred on 11/11/1111. The next one won’t come until 12/12/2121. (GlobalNews)

I would not have mentioned this, it seems silly, but the Lord brought it to my attention — and who am I to tell God what He can or cannot do.

The Previous Post

In the previous post, I talk about the earthquake in Cuba on Jan 28, 2020. I said that there elapsed 400 days from the Dec 22, 2018, Anak volcano that killed 400 people to this 7.7 earthquake around Cuba. It was just a small point within a big article. However, it turned out that I counted wrong. There actually elapsed 402 days, not 400.

I just realized this today, Feb 2, 2020.

I counted wrong because the calendar in the prophetic image goes forward (left to right) but the Hebrew right to left — and so I got it mixed up.

This is the original caption from the previous post, (correctly counted). “Click to enlarge. The beforementioned chart from a year ago. Notice the calendar at top and the first word, “MENE”מנא on “Nov. 21, 22, 23”, 2018, then count “430 days” to Jan 25, 26, 27, 2020, which is also “20 years” from the Year of the Dragon when the first series of insights were granted by God. Note the mention of China in this image, and the half-shekel with Trump weighed against the Bull-market of China/”Sin”‘” 

(Update to the above caption originally posted January 27th, 2020:

  • First, note the parallel of the prophetic image of the Trump coin weighed in the balance of justice’ with the current impeachment trial of Trump.
  • “The Bull Market of China”. The day after 02/02/2020, the headline read: “Chinese stocks plunged 8% as coronavirus fears took hold. It’s the worst day in years”. CNN
    • Hence, rather than the 7.7earthquake on Jan 28th, instead “The Shanghai Composite plummeted 7.7% CNN — a financial earthquake.
    • “7.7” is also a simple two-digit palindrome.

Someone may say, “You are reading into it after the fact”.

But before eight witnesses on Saturday, Feb 1, 2020, I prayed aloud that God would shake the stock market of China and use the virus to mercifully turn men to repentance, and then quoted Hagg 2:7-9. Know that God did not hear my cry, rather the cry of persecuted Chinese Christians, whom He loves.

This does not mean that one should run out and sell their stocks. ‘Avoid extremes’ is always the best advice.)

But the “400 days” was so perfect — How can it be wrong?

But it was so perfect, I thought.

The letter that designated the date of the quake in the prophetic image also overlapped the location of where it occurred — a stunning improbability. (This will make more sense later in this post.)

However upon further study, other things did not add up and so after much effort, I retraced my steps today and found my error.


Close, but not exact is not good enough.

Then I thought, well I will delete that part of the post because it is not the main point anyhow. Yet somehow, the way that I counted forward and backward at once to arrive at this mistaken two-day gap — well, it all seemed like a God-thing somehow — a two-day delay for some reason. So I wondered if the Lord had His hand in my two-day mistake for some reason.

Right when you’re wrong

Then right after this frustrating discovery, I noticed in the news that today, Feb 2, 2020, was special. Today’s date can be read forward and backward (just like the dates in the prophetic map and the Hebrew is read forward and backward).

Moreover, the date is based upon the repetition of 02 or 20.

(Even the day and month, can be reversed.)


  • Now it happens that in this previous post, I talk about the “20-year” gap from 2000 to 2020, and what it means.
  • In the same post, I even discuss the reversal of the date of the year in detail, something that I rarely talk about!
  • I also refer to the “symbolic day/year”, which today is as 1881/1851 BC. “1881” is also a palindrome and 1851 BC is the birth of Isaac (-215 LXX, NT, SP). Moreover, 1881/1851 are 3900 and 1290 x 3 (430 x 9) to AD 2020. This same post also explains at length 390 and 430.
  • As said before, the past 20 years is like being in a Y2K loop of time. (My laptop at Y2K went back 20 years to 1980. Thus, if I did not correct it, this year, 2020, would instead read 2000 — and repeat its loop back to 1980.)
Jesus reverses the curse! This illustration is from about 20 years ago. Notice the 390 and 430’s. But especially note the390 days of Ezekiel’s symbolic siege in which “he bore the sins of the house of Israel” to the actual siege seven years later of 930 days, (Ezek 4). “390” reversed is “930”. The zero acts as “a place holder” as explained in the previous post
My conclusion about the two-day miscount?

The 2-day error regarding the 20-year gap in “the Writing on the Wall” is, I believe, God’s way of declaring that He can reverse time if He wants to, symbolically or literally.

Jesus reverses the curse.

Never put God in a box.

And so I deleted that part of the post today about the 400 days. Instead, I am reposting it here below — unedited.

The excerpt will be difficult to understand without the context of the previous post from which it was copied.

To me, this 8-digit palindrome simply reinforces the “mystery” all the more.

Speaking of “8”. There were 8 souls on Noah’s ark. Did not Shem and Japheth walk backward to clothe their naked father? (Gen 9:23)

“Right when you’re wrong”.

Now that’s grace!

That which is crooked cannot be made straight: and that which is lacking cannot be numbered. (Eccl 1:15)

Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” (Matt 19:26)

The next palindrome: 12/12/2121

As said in the same previous post, “Mina, Mina, Shekel, Half-Shekel” (of “Mene Mene Tekel Persin”) equals 50 + 50 + 1 + half-shekel, which equals 101.5 shekels — and these convert to years, that is, 101.5 years, (or in gerah’s, 2000 + 20 + 10 gerahs/years).

Intriguing that “101.5 years” from now is the next 8-digit palindrome, i.e., in 12/12/2121.

Below is the unedited part of the post that I deleted today because it was out two days (402 rather than 400 days)

A profound mystery:

This is a blow-up of the top of the hill/mountain of the earlier image. The image is from earlier this year. Click to enlarge. In the image, beneath the darkening sun is another cross overlapping the skull that literally reads, “Golgotha”, where Jesus died. Golgotha translated means, “Hill of the Skull”, that is, “Mount Calvary/Skull”. The “Tekel” centered on the skull is the same Tekel superimposed over the prophetic map. Thus the earthquake occurred just to the left of inside the center-square of Te-k-el — at the center of the skull on the hill.

These three Hebrew letters are also ancient pictographs. Hebrew reads from right to left (although the calendar-dates run left to right), and thus “Te-k-el” is a pictograph of ‘the Cross’; next letter “K”, ‘the setting and rising sun’(and thus the quake occurred just where the sun rises in the image (i.e., right side of image is darkness and left- is light), and lastly the letter “L” in Hebrew, which was a pictogram of a ‘Shepherds staff. You can spot the same three pictographic letters five rows above the skull running through the center of the sun. Because, profoundly, in the image, Christ rises left to right, right to left, up and down, down and up (note the four crosses) — all at once — for all mankind!

Again, note the calendar of events image and the same middle tekel AND the same middle letter of the quake. The date of that same letter is Dec 22, 2018. This was the “Second Sign: The Eruption of Mt Anak”. (Note eruption in the above skull image.) The sign of Mount Anak had a lot to do with the number 4 and 400. It happens that 400 days after Mt Anak is this earthquake on Jan 28, 2020, and centered on that same letter geographically!

As said in that post, the Anak volcano draws attention to the Biblical Anak:

Keep in mind that Anak’s father, Arba, is called “the greatest of the Giants/Anakim”, and his name means, “Foursquare”, or “four”.

Thus, “400 days later” makes all the more sense.

The link address for this earlier Anak post says it all: Note the embedded number 400. 1260d.com/2019/01/07/anak-krakatoa-the-giant-kills-400-mene-tekel-code/ As it says in this post, the image of the hill of the skull erupting was posted for the first time just hours before the eruption.

Moreover, the gematria of the original Aramaic of “Persin” is also 400 (but 390 in Hebrew, “Persim“).

The Full Prophetic Map

I know its complex so I will keep it short. The full prophetic map that encompasses everything is made up of six levels of these earth-maps, each span 100 days.

Because the Cuba earthquake occurred 400 days after the Anak Volcano, thus it lands on the same position four maps down — that is, on the cross-beam (“Tekel”) of the cross, just as did the New Zealand Volcano 50 days earlier, and as did the post explaining the Christobrot fractal 100 (and 110) days earlier (thus centered around the July 4th and 5th, 2019, California quakes) — which consequently overlaps both the mouth of the Lamb (AND the Lion) on the Throne. The revelation of the Christobrot fractal, therefore, was predicted ahead of time, as was everything else.

“A Prophetic Earth-Map”. Each of these spans four Mene Tekel Parsin matrixes, which corresponds to 25 x 4 days each. Thus, four of these span 400 days, etc.
Click to enlarge. Full Prophetic Mapwith the six layers of earth-maps that therefore spans 100 x 6 days. (The four angels of the Bible and the Book of Enoch surround Christ at the center with constellations superimposed.)
Same as the above, except with an emphasis on the earth maps and the constellations
Supplement for advanced students in Biblical patterns: Read postfrom 3.5 days ago, and scan for "symbolic day/years". Observe that this particular 3.5-days (only) corresponds to the death of Jacob and Isaac, which thus represents the death and resurrection of Christ, due to the leap-month (30 days/years) effect.(Note: Of secondary importance, the less 30 occurs in Prophetic Full Map too, overlapping the leopard and the lamb, etc. But don't boggle your brain about it!) This is why the Treaty, quake and gematria insight about 'the 430 of the Shekel' were delayed half-a-day to the 28th of Jan.

The original article in full:

Riddle of the Damned, 7.7 Cuba-earthquake, Peace Treaty

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    • It’s simple to add that up yourself. A search on Google will give you tables for both Hebrew and Greek for their respective gematria. But use the normal method used in the Bible, such as used for millennia. The rest are inventions of men.


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