Why 2019 Total Solar Eclipse forms dome over Antarctica

Sorry folks. But I have been so busy that this article in rough was completed two weeks ago, but not posted. It here remains in rough as time does not allow me to polish it up.

The upcoming total solar eclipse that arches over Antartica fits well with the ongoing theme that began with this article: “Mene Tekel: The gods are judged!

Tower of Babel. Mene Tekel Parsin Matrix. This was the first major prophetic image. Later it was superimposed over a map of North America
The theme of the past 40 or so posts has consistently been that the ancient so-called gods are being judged once again, just as they were when God led Israel out of Egypt after 400 years of bondage in 1446 BC, and again at the fall of Babylon in 539 BC. The "writing on the wall" i.e., "Mene Tekel Peres", is the foundational theme of all 40 posts.

In this post, I leave it to the reader to ponder and draw their own conclusions. Below are suggestions and hints for your own research.

The numeric is awesome, but I know that most will not be interested. Without explained how I derive it, or even what I mean by it, this eclipse is 34300 days/years from 14466 BC and relates to the birth of Isaac, and Jacob/Esau.(700 jubilees.)

The Eye of Thoth and Horus grow dim!

See the sign of, Jupiter, the eye of Thoth grows dim!

The above link is an ABC news article that should be self-explanatory when you look at the shrinking eye of the 400-year storm on the planet Jupiter and compare it to the eye of Thoth.

Image enhanced. See ABC News article for original images. The photo was taken the same day the “New Jerusalem” fractal was released, the culmination of 30 years of study. The planet Jupiter was understood by the pagan Babylonians to be the god Bel (Marduk). Thus, the connection to the “Bel Bible Code” as mentioned shortly

Some images to quickly review before examining the eclipse

Please quickly skim over the images until the next heading. The images are just there to support what is said about the meaning of this eclipse.

This Pyramid Bible Code from 8 years ago, with the figures at the top side of it from 15 years ago. This, in turn, is overlaid onto the prophetic images that we have been looking at the past six months. However, only the capstone was superimposed as seen below with ‘man and measuring rod’
Same New Jerusalem Bible Code from Isaiah 46, with Hebrew text
Compare with the large image of the above pyramid
Babylonian false god Bel seeking to dethrone God, located towards the top-right of the above Pyramid images

As you can see, the same message is contained in the earlier Picture Codes as now
Overlay of Pyramid Code from 8 years ago with the one now, posted on Jan 21, 2019. Thus, the bold orange Hebrew letters are taken from the end of Isaiah 45, and the rest repeat “Mene Mene Tekel Uparsin”. Note the sun and moon at the top
Image from Path of the shadow of the occultation of star Sirius superimposed over the Mene Tekel prophetic image. Note path of Sirius’s shadow is similar to the serpent that is rising
Pyramid Bible Code

The massive pyramid of the earlier image is meant to be superimposed over the below image, which I have not yet done.

However, it is not difficult to get a sense of it by aligning the peak of the image at right with the peak of the one below so that the water level of the image at right comes to about the foot of the throne in the below image.

Click to enlarge. Including the prophetic maps of the earth: The four angels of Enoch surround Christ at the center with constellations superimposed
Click to enlarge. Fractal of ‘New Jerusalem coming down from heaven’, posted on Home Page on May 27, 2019. See Home Page for more info. Fractals, codes and celestial signs all overlap one another within specific numeric patterns, which I will again demonstrate in future posts
What this Eclipse means…

As I said earlier, I leave it to the reader to fill in the gaps. The last thing I want is another long article!

The Moon god “Sin/Suen”

Remember that it is the “Moon god” that is principally being judged in the code.

Mystery Babylon. Click to enlarge. In the image, the serpent, “Enlil”,  rises from the vicinity Mt Vincent, Antarctica. It rises and swallows the moon and seeks to swallow the sun also. Solar and lunar eclipses symbolize this. This prophetic map is based upon the previous total lunar eclipse of Jan 20, 2019, when the moon is darkened, (“The eye of Thoth”). And now, the sun is darkened on July 2, 2019, “The eye of Horus”. This is how the ancient Egyptians would have perceived these common occurrences. Recall that Israel sojourned “400 years” in Egypt.

The mirror image, or left eye, sometimes represented the moon and the god Djehuti (Thoth). (Wiki)

Compare with the location of the total eclipse in “The Twins” on July 2, 2019.

I leave the reader to ponder. Hint: also read “The Great Twins of Babylon” and “The Eye of Horus”

“The Great Twins of Babylon” and “Nergal”  is also Thoth of Egypt. This Eclipse occurs on the 15th anniversary on the 360 calendar of the Bel Bible Code. Read about their antithesis in Rev. 11.
Total eclipse July 2, 2019, above Antartica
As seen using the traditional square map. From “Time and Date” (enhanced)
Geb, Nut, Shu of Egypt
Image from Mene Tekel post. I said, “Because it is a cylinder seal, when it is rolled it can look like this too. Notice the sky becomes the mound upon which the cross sits. Anu Nanna Cross mound and sky.”

Compare with below prophetic image concerning where the serpent is emerging with the above map of Mount Vinson, Antarctica.

Also, see Sign 18 “Drill for water in Antartica

Ben-Nun goes on to discuss the Book of Enoch and its reference to imprisoned Fallen Angels that were removed from Mt Hermon to Antarctica (Mt Vinson/Sentinel Range):

Enoch 18.14  And  like  a  spirit  questioning  me,  the Angel said:  “This is the place of the end  of  Heaven  and  Earth;  this  is  the  prison  for  the  Stars  of  Heaven  and  the  Host of Heaven.

18.15  And  the  stars  which  roll  over  the  fire,     these     are     the  ones  which transgressed  the  command  of  the  Lord,  from   the   beginning   of   their   rising, because  they  did  not  come  out  at  their  proper times.

18.16 And He was angry with them, and bound   them   until   the   time   of   the  consummation  of  their  sin,  in  the  Year  of Mystery.”

Ben-Nun’s reference to the Fallen Angels still being alive in their Antarctica prison raises an intriguing possibility. The Book of Enoch describes a future “Year of Mystery” when they are liberated. Is this an event we will shortly witness? (Exopolitics)

This is the same as the previous prophetic image, except here the Arctic is here visible. Notice that the serpent has swallowed the moon at top of the pyramid.
Click to enlarge. Same as the above except now on the rectangular map. The moon and sun lay at the top of the pyramid
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  1. The mystery year is the calm before the storm I think, war is going to happen. God is getting his warriors ready. Making his moves more calculated more now than ever. Its a chess game.


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