(Pt. 1) Donald Trump’s Weather Disasters Revealed Beforehand, and Isis. (Trump & King Saul)

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The article below is both about Trump and other related events and is therefore much longer.)

Five United-States Disasters in 50 days

(This is Part One of two documents).
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There have been five major disasters in the United States over the past 40 or 50 days (exclusively or inclusively calculated, respectively). It began with the record-shattering floods of Hurricane Harvey, and now the California Vineyard Fires. (Update: And Ophelia & Isis!)

The Elijah Pattern:
(This pattern was already discussed in a post 40 days ago!)

At the same time that Hurricane Harvey was flooding Texas, I compared the floods of Hurricane Harvey to the flooding rain that came right after Elijah called down fire from heaven upon “God’s Vineyard”, that is, “Mount Carmel”.

Then after two days, Elijah fled to Mount Horeb. This journey took 40 days and is reminiscent of the 40-days that Moses was upon this same mountain. (I discuss the “40 + 2 + 40 days” of Moses in that earlier document.)

At the end of this 40 days, God spoke to Elijah at this mountain. He spoke by “wind”, “earthquake” and “fire” — in that order — essentially, the same order as the disasters of the past 40 days.

But God’s heart was not in any one of these three things.

I want what happened to Elijah to remind everyone of God’s love. The heart of God is not vindictive. Jesus wants all people to turn away from evil. Because “The wages of sin is death“. At the end, all dead branches are burned.

Most do not understand God’s ways

A pattern often repeated in the Bible is that God sends trouble upon a man or people with the goal of awakening them unto repentance so that they might escape a much greater disaster. It’s God’s goodness that leads men to repentance. And this means disaster, not prosperity!

In Elijah’s day, this “disaster” took the form of a 3.5-year famine. However, for us, the disasters of the past 40 days have taken the form of fierce storms, floods, earthquakes, demonized-murders, and a sudden fire upon the Vineyards of California.

[Mt Carmel is where Elijah called down fire from heaven. It literally means, “God’s Vineyard”! Therefore, in order to show who “has power” over these calamities (Rev. 14:18-19), God has permitted “The California Vineyard Fires“.

Los Angeles, San Francisco, and beyond have spearheaded a revolt against the One True God, (Deut. 32:32). Hollywood and Sodom have led the nation astray, along with Babylon (New York) and Las Vegas in their greed. Yet God has “7000” who have not bowed the knee to Baal”, even in California! ]

“But, there have always been disasters…”


But these successive waves of calamities, each at about ten-day intervals, are unparalleled in their systematic hammering of one nation (in “peacetime”).

Show me a cluster of calamities like this in the past. Keep in mind that the U.S. had just set an 11-year record for the longest stretch without a major landfalling hurricane. (That is, over 105 kt.)

“The United States hasn’t experienced the landfall of a Category 3 or larger hurricane in nine years – a string of years that’s likely to come along only once every 177 years, according to a new NASA study.”

Hmm! “Once every 177 years”. And NASA stated this after only nine years. It ended up being 11 years. Moreover, although not as severe, there was also an 11-year drought from 1993-2003.

Footnote: Keep in mind that the actual difference in kinetic energy of 9 kt is large, about  18% stronger.


Two “11-year droughts” of strong landfall hurricanes, interspaced by one or two years of voracious landfall hurricanes.

The purpose of these two 12-year pauses (11 years inclusive) was to highlight the extremes that followed, increase a sense of anticipation, and to frustrate those who deny that Jesus is Lord over the storm.

“I am the Living One; I was dead, and now look, I am alive for ever and ever! And I hold the keys of death and Hades,” (Rev 1:18).

(Click to enlarge.) “Fractal Coliseum”, (the visual result of pure Bible mathematics). Like a fiery pillar, Jesus rides His chariot led by four cherubim. The clouds and stars of heaven encircle Him (Dan 12:3); they resemble the ancient Roman Coliseum. They cheer for Him as He rides as the victor of the Coliseum games. Jesus is Lord of the storm! He holds the keys of death and hell! He approaches the finish line, (which is the dark bolt of lightning that stretches right to left).
(Click to enlarge.) Same
(Click to enlarge.) Same “Coliseum Fractal”, except at a wider angle to show the “fiery clouds” better. This is the first-ever fractal scene that I made public (the same month Trump took office), both on YouTube and at my father’s funeral of which I spoke. The entire image contains a timeline. It spans from Creation to Christ, (“that which was”). However, this whole scene is just a reflection upon the glassy sea — a reflection of “that which is to come” — a reflection of “Him who sits on the throne”!

Donald Trump and Apollo

Compare the “Coliseum Fractal” (made public the month of Trump’s inauguration) with images from “Trump Towers“, where Trump lived before moving into the White House. Notice the theme of the “The Sun King” and the “Chariot of Apollo”. An interesting theme for a man born during a lunar eclipse!

Apollo, “The Sun King”.

Important Sidenote (Oct. 16-17, 2017)
Do you believe in coincidences?

(This important “sidenote” was eventually moved into a separate document and examined in detail. It is called: “The fall of Isis revealed beforehand, including when. (The year 2010-2017 explained.“)

The above “Fractal Coliseum” images were made public for the first time at the start of Tishri 26, 2017. (It was somewhat different from the similar image in the video. This one emphasized the Lion-Cherub as leading the way. However, the four horsemen were absent this time, and the “living altar” above His head.)

I have repeatedly told everyone to look for mighty signs on the earth whenever a particular fractal is made public; to look for events in keeping with whatever part of the Bible Fractal was released. Usually, it’s a calamity — but this time its good news!

Two great signs in the Land promised to Israel, (both within 36 hours!)

(Click to enlarge.) “Fractal Coliseum”

Accounting for time-zone differences, on the very same day (Tishri 26, 2017) that I put out the above “Fractal Coliseum“, (which scene takes place in God’s temple in heaven), “Israeli archeologists on Monday announced the discovery of the first known Roman-era theatre in Jerusalem’s Old City.” It was found beneath the Western Wall of the Temple in Jerusalem, at the arch gate where people entered the Temple Mount.

In my one-minute “Fractal-Riddle” video, I also refer to the Roman-style arch “gate” at the entrance into the God’s temple, where Jesus had just entered, riding triumphantly on His cherub-drawn chariot.

(Click and freeze video to view this massive arch-gate above the mighty angel who guards it. Continue to watch as video expands to see the Lord on His chariot inside temple-mount towards the end of the video. Compare video with the above Fractal image.)

I can hear someone mockingly say,

“That theatre discovery in Israel hardly ranks as a “stadium” as in your fractal image! It only sat 200″.

How about a stadium that sits “20,000″?

The northern border of Israel at the time that Solomon built the temple, reached north to the “Euphrates River”. This happens to be the very spot where Isis in Raqqa is located — or rather, “was” located!

Moreover, the last stand of hated Isis just occurred in this key city. It was the capital of its “caliphate,” (“antichrist-rule”). But to be exact, this final last-stand just occurred in the “20,000-capacity stadium –it’s final stronghold. The news that Isis has lost this pivotal ‘contest of war’ will send shock-waves racing through the scattered remnant of Isis.


(Click to enlarge.) Note that Isis used this as a prison torture house, with “The Circle” nearby as the place of public beheadings and crucifixions. In other words, in the spirit of ancient Rome! But we must reserve that discussion for another day.  All this is a stunning sign to His enemies of their defeat — and both Isis, but especially the demonic principalities behind them, KNOW IT! Count the “12 gates” of this counterfeit stadium, (Rev 21:12,21)! You are witnessing God’s psychological warfare against His enemies!

The collapse of Isis predicted 8 years ago: How long Isis would last (3.5 years), and when it would fall — before there was an “Isis”!

This is a bold claim, but fortunately one easy to prove. About 100,000 have read the following quotation from my site, and a snapshot of that article can be found on “Wayback Machine” for independent verification. You can read the whole article if you wish.

Keep in mind that Isis’ emerged out of the vacuum of Saddam Hussein’s death, (the date of which was also predicted back then), and that Isis had two main strongholds, one at the top and one at the bottom of the “Great River”, the Euphrates, which includes ancient Babylon, now called Iraq. (These details are important if you want to read that whole article, put out in early 2010.) Keep in mind that Isis as we know it did not even exist when the following was said:

 “As we shall see, the seven years from (late) 2010 to (late) 2017 are part of an important numeric pattern, with 2012 also emphasized. Let us watch and see what will happen along the theme of “the fall of Babylon” during these years…

In the Bible, “Babylon” is a symbol of the world system. The fall of Babylon in Sept/Oct of 539 BC became a sign of the coming collapse of the world system and inauguration of the kingdom of God, (Dan. 5)…

Moreover, another 1260 (and/or) 1290 days after the death of Saddam is the summer of 2010, which is the start of the seven year period explained in the chart. This is accurate to the very day! Thus we have seven year periods intersecting seven year periods in the exact middle. Thus, the sign of Saddam Hussein is directly connected to the seven-year period that spans 2010-2017.”

(Chart put out 8 years ago.) Notice “Assyria”, whose capital city was Ninevah, which also was a key city taken by Isis. And, ‘Isis destroyed her gates‘.)


And so, God fulfilled this prediction to the very month: (See “Fox News, Timeline” for specific dates to so with Isis.)

  • Oct., 539 BC (fall of Babylon), plus 365 times seven-years, equals October of 2017 (fall of Raqqa, and symbolic end of Isis’ Caliphate)
  • And 364 times seven-years to 2010. (Both “364” and “365” are associated with Enoch’s length of a year, who in turn is associated with Sumer/Babylon)

From Wikipedia:  (Sidenote: “Mosul” (“Ninevah”) is where Saddam’s sons were slain, exactly 3.5 years before Saddam was hung.)

“ISIL (Isis) gained global prominence in early 2014 when it drove Iraqi government forces out of key cities in its Western Iraq offensive, followed by its capture of Mosul {i.e., Ninevah} and the Sinjar massacre.”

“2014, 4-10 June: Mosul taken by forces of the Islamic State of Iraq  2017 – July (21st): Mosul liberation.”

But let’s back up 3.5 years ago. (See “Fox News, Timeline“)

As said before, the fractal images as seen in the video: of the burning bush, the cherubim, and the four horsemen of the Apocalypse were the first things the Lord showed me — the very first fractals were discovered back in 2014, on June 26, 28 and 30th respectively. (But I did not show them publically until this year.)

It happens that in Raqqah, Syria, the caliphate was also declared on June 29th, 2014. (Perhaps June 28th EST, accounting for time zone.) As said before, that was also 1150 days unto the total solar eclipse in the U.S. (See heading called, “Timing” for the exact reference to this “1150 days“.)

Hurricane Ophelia, too

Also, on the same day, record-shattering Hurricane Ophelia blasts Ireland and England, turns the sky and land blood-red. Most all major world newspapers noted how eerie and foreboding it looked — and all that on the 30th anniversary of “The Great Storm of 1987”.

(Click to enlarge.) Snapshot from Fox News on Oct. 26, 2017, says it all! (Add to this Isis, too!)

(The above important “sidenote” was eventually moved into a separate document and examined in detail. It is called: “The fall of Isis revealed beforehand, including when. (The year 2010-2017 explained.“)

Note: what follows was written a few days prior to the events of the above “update”.

When seals open, revelation comes; calamities follow!

The reading of a sealed book in the Bible is always bitter-sweet, (Rev. 10:10).

“I took the little scroll from the angel’s hand and ate it. It tasted as sweet as honey in my mouth, but when I had eaten it, my stomach turned sour.”

The Balance Bible Code and the Bible Fractal were released to the public in 2004 and 2017, respectively. (Recall the years 2004 and 2017 on the below chart.) These pictorial revelations are to do with the opened “seals” of Daniel and Revelation, and so when they were made public there was a certain expectation of cosmic signs and wonders, (Rev. 6).

Numerous exact predictions were soon made once the pattern of calamity became evident. Many articles were written especially from 2004-2011. Now here we go again in 2017. But from now on I plan on talking LESS about the signs that will follow and happily MORE about the Bible Fractal itself.


This ax to the root of the
This ax to the root of the “Cherub Balance Bible Code“, was revealed during Hurricane Charley (2004), which occurred when the Greece Olympics began. God chose this moment to prove a sacred point, namely, “Who controls the weather?”  Is it the ancient gods of Greece, whom these games honored, etc., or the Lord Jesus Christ? The Bible Fractal began round two. However, this time the bar has been raised.


Bible Fractal: Angel of the Lord is
(Click to enlarge.) Bible Fractal: The Angel of the Lord sits upon His throne within the burning bush. He has “raised the bar”!

Donald Trump’s billion-dollar weather disasters sets record

Moreover, 2017 is tied with 2011 for the most “billion-dollar disasters“.

Update: The “out-of-season” fires of December 2017 in California around Los Angelas, especially the “Thomas Fire”, became the 17th billion-dollar disaster. Thus, 2017 has had the most billion-dollar disasters of any year. Moreover, the Thomas Fire became the largest fire in California’s history. It is larger than the previous record-fire, that is, the  San-Diego area fire (“Cedar Fire”) of 7+7 years ago.  God gave several signs of upcoming nuclear warfare exactly fourteen years ago that I wrote about back then.

The Thomas Fire also formed the shape of a fiery dragon by the sea about to swipe a third of “The Angels” with its tail, (Rev 12-13). “Los Angelas” literally means, “The Angels”. Click here to view the short snippet of the “Gog and Magog” video that refers to the Thomas Fire as a sign of coming nuclear warfare on Russia and its hordes, but America will not escape.

(Click to enlarge.) The larger dragon-silhouette is simply an enlargement of the actual fire above Ventura. (A shadow and an eye added to the larger image.) Thomas Fire began the very hour (on the 360 calendar, Dec 4, about 6 pm) at the very earliest point back to the death of Moses in 1406 BC. (490*7, fewer 7yrs.) Thus, the pattern continues, except now it switches from Aaron to Moses. Also, note 1260 days from the first Fractal discovery of “The Burning Bush” image, etc. Note the timing of Trump’s embassy-move to Jerusalem on Dec 6, inclusive.  See full “Gog and Magog” video for details. It appears that God is warning of coming nuclear bombs on San Diego, San Francisco, and Los Angeles by using these fire-storms as a type of what is to come — unless America repents.

End of update.

But more than that, 2017 has already significantly surpassed 2005 for the “most costly” overall. So far 2017, including the California fires, have total losses for the year at between 200 and 400 billion dollars. The California vineyard fires alone may total 85 billion dollars.

2017 billion-dollar disaster map by NOAA. And it all began a few hours after Donald Trump’s inauguration Jan. 20, 2017, when he and others boasted about how that God validated his presidency by holding back the rain during his speech! If Clinton had won, the internet would be teeming with articles and videos proclaiming that God was judging Clinton by the weather. But why the hypocritical silence now?


The below speech at the CIA Headquarter was on the day after his inauguration. A freak severe tornado outbreak (i.e., the first billion-dollar disaster) was unfolding as he said these words…

Why is all this happening to Trump?

It’s very simple:

“For it is time for judgment to begin with God’s household; and if it begins with us, what will the outcome be for those who do not obey the gospel of God?” (1Pet 4:7.)

“But wherein have we sinned?”

By asking for a king and judges to rule over you “like all the other nations” — when Jesus was your king! (Hosea 8) To some degree or another, most American Christians are confusing the kingdom of God with politics. Jesus said, “My kingdom is not of this world”.

See my below video: “David Wilkerson’s 30-yr-old prophecy about Donald Trump”.

This word that I share in this video came to me as Hurricane Maria was crossing Purto Richo — even as the Jewish New Year was occurring in Israel. At the time I put out this video, I had forgotten that Trump’s presidency had begun with the same sign of disapproval that had accompanied King Saul’s inauguration.

Hurricane Maria over Puerto Rico, part of the United States.

Another “coincidence”!

Moreover, 2017 is currently tied with 2011 for disasters, and it happens that the most horrifying disaster of 2011 occurred the same day that David Wilkerson died.

David Wilkerson

(Who is David Wilkerson? A movie was made of his brave outreach among the gangs of New York.)

David Wilkerson died at the peak of the worst tornado outbreak ever recorded. On the day of his death alone, there were 218 tornadoes with 318 deaths. Considering his book, “The Vision”, how can anyone conclude this a mere coincidence? In a sense, David sealed his testimony with his own blood.

Around the same time that he died, God showed me an image of David Wilkerson among the clouds (saints) of heaven, seated with Christ.

Seven billion-dollar tornado outbreaks when Wilkerson died

Astonishingly, this tornado outbreak was just one of seven in a series of billion-dollar tornado disasters that year (2011). I predicted this would happen several months beforehand, in January of 2011. Four of these seven tornado disasters fell on the three exact dates that I specified months ahead of time — with the Joplin (May 22) tornado happening the same hour — 1260 + 1260 days exactly. The remaining three of the seven-billion-dollar tornado outbreaks were within a week or two of the time predicted. This original prediction is recorded on an independent website on “WaybackMachine” for verification. (See “Endnote” towards the end of that article).

Joplin tornado, 6 pm, May 22, 2011. Sadly, 158 died and was the costliest single tornado in U.S. history at nearly 3 billion in damage. (In comparison, the total cost for the 2004-record year of 1800 tornadoes only totaled half-a-billion.)

[I had predicted that these “terrible tornadoes” would occur 1260 + 1260 days (7 years) from when the Balance Bible Code was revealed, that is, from June 27, 2004, ending 6 pm — with a minus seven days, and then a plus and minus 30 days from that particular week. (I.e., mid-April, May 15-22, and June of 2011). For this reason, there were seven billion-dollar tornado disasters in 2011. God highlighted the number seven — the number of completion. After all, why not six or eight billion-dollar tornado disasters?

The fact that 2004 holds the record for most tornadoes in a single year, and yet only had a combined total of 550 million dollars damage underscores the improbability of even just one billion-dollar tornado outbreak in a given year, let alone seven!]

I mention this so that hopefully people take my video seriously, even if it contradicts what the majority are prophesying:


Yes, but at what cost?

David Wilkerson’s “The Vision”

Here are two excerpts from David Wilkerson’s 1974-book, “The Vision”.

“Floods, hurricanes and tornadoes will destroy crops, animals and much wildlife driving prices even higher and causing some experts to suggest that nature is losing its balance.”

“Many men will appear to be repentant during the times of violent chastisement by nature but the short period of relief will make it appear that nature has settled down and men will be comforted by warmed, sunshine and normal seasonal weather. But more violence, far worse will soon follow.”

If he were alive today, what would David Wilkerson think of the political alliance of Church and Trump today?

Unquestionably, at the very least Wilkerson would be extremely suspicious, for he also said in “The Vision”…

“There is going to be a sudden mysterious chain of events. Just when it appears the ecumenical movement is nearly dead, a rather mysterious chain of events will bring about the framework for this union. Rome is going to insist on and receive concessions from the Protestant ecumenical leaders. The Pope will be considered more of a political than a spiritual leader of this church union…”

Donald and Melania Trump with Pope Francis in Rome on May 24, 2017, four months into his presidency. This trip to Rome also included a trip to Israel and Saudi Arabia — the three major monotheistic religions of the world. This demonstrates that David Wilkerson’s prophecy is not as farfetched as it might seem. (Photo from Wiki.)

“I see something that frightens me to the very core of my soul. I see an army of career people invading the most influential posts in this super church. They are going to be ungodly, antichrist people, obsessed with the idea that this super church must become a big political power, strong enough to defeat anybody who opposes its actions. While those who are in leadership are speaking about miracles and love and reconciliation, these hirelings who work under them are going to be harassing and persecuting every religious organization that does not come under their leadership.”

In view of what David Wilkerson has said in “The Vision”, it’s safe to say that David would likely have nodded in agreement to my video.

The “out-of-season” storm as a sign of disapproval at King Saul’s inauguration, and Trump’s

God gave a sign to prove that He was displeased when Israel asked for a king “like all the other nations”. The sign that God was displeased with Israel was that God would send “thunder and rainin the off-season for this type of weather. Also, this off-season weather event would occur later on the same day after Saul’s inauguration.

“Now then, stand still and see this great thing the Lord is about to do before your eyes! Is it not wheat harvest now? I will call on the Lord to send thunder and rain. And you will realize what an evil thing you did in the eyes of the Lord when you asked for a king.” (ISam 12:16-17)

Like Saul, Like Trump

This is why the very first billion-dollar disaster of 2017 began on the day of Trump’s inauguration. God gave the same sign of disapproval at Trump’s inauguration as he had done at King Saul’s inauguration. In the case of Trump, God sent “thunderstorms” that set records for their unusual ferocity.

Is Trump one of the prophets?

“The people who were watching exclaimed, “What? Is even Saul a prophet?”‘” (1Sam 10:6; 19:24)

Trump’s very own words concerning his augural speech appear prophetic:

“It was almost raining. The rain should have scared them away. But God looked down and he said, “We’re not going to let it rain on your speech.” In fact, when I first started I said “Oh no!” The first line I got hit by a couple of drops! I said, “Oh, this is too bad, but we’ll go right through it.” But the truth is that it stopped immediately. It was amazing. And then it became really sunny. Then I walked off and it poured right after I left. It poured!Donald Trump swearing-in ceremony

“It Poured!”

“It poured!” And with that unwitting prophetic utterance, one can mark the commencement of the serial weather-related disasters that have followed, beginning with this first one:


(Late on the 20th of January) Wiki:

“…thunderstorm clusters blossomed along the frontal boundary….

(About 3 am, the 21st) Wiki:

“…the outbreak  produced a total of 81 tornadoes, cementing its status as the second-largest January tornado outbreak and the third-largest winter tornado outbreak since 1950. Furthermore, it was the largest outbreak on record in Georgia with 42 tornadoes confirmed in the state… Non-tornadic impacts were also felt along the East Coast of the United States.” 

The very same day of his inauguration marked the start of this unusual weather event, “unusual” in that it was out of season. By early that same evening, tornado warnings were issued. And before the sun rose the next morning, tornadoes broke out across the South.

But more significantly, this very same day also marks the first of two more records, (or at the least, tied to them): The most in number, and the costliest, billion-dollar weather-disasters in  U.S. history.

2017 billion-dollar disaster map by NOAA that began the day of Trump’s inauguration. To this one can add the multi-billion dollar California fires of October.

Area of impact included Washington DC states

Keep in mind that technically, the inauguration lasts four days, from January 17 to 21, 2017. Severe storms began the 20th, the day that he was sworn in, and severe tornadoes before the morning of the 21st.

By the second day of the outbreak, Washinton DC was also included in the zone of thunderstorms.

By the end of the 21st of January, the threat of tornadoes stretched from South to East, with the “thunderstorm zone” extending up to Washington D.C.
On the  22nd of January.

Fractal-Riddle Video

These disasters began in January, the same month that I put out for the first time the Bible Fractal. Few cared, nor noticed. But who would? It needs interpretation. This includes the Nephilim riddle that I put out on YouTube, Jan. 15, 2017, about the lunar and solar eclipses that in part concern Donald Trump and Jared Corey Kushner.

(I’ll say it again: “Pray for Trump. Respect his position.” But God’s kingdom is not of this world!)

Footnote: In this Youtube video date-stamped Jan. 15, 2017, I give the meaning of the three names of Jared and their Hebrew Gematria equivalent of "218 + 316 + 666", (which totals 1200 days). Now it happens that "in the days of Jared" (when 'fallen ones' were released) there are 218 days (200+6+6+6) from when I posed this riddle to do with eclipses, unto the solar eclipse over the United States. And 1200 days (6*200) later is the 72nd anniversary of when Israel became a nation (Iyar 5th, 2020). This, less the 666, comes to the 70th year. All this is up 1260 + 1260 + 70 & 72 from Ezekiel's temple in 573 BC. (1260+1260 years is divisible by both 70 and 72.)

“It’s global warming!” is the battle cry!

But if it is just global warming, then why has global warming singled out the U.S.?

Why systematic pummelling that includes a mass shooting?

And if it’s HAARP, why burn down the globalist stronghold of California?

True; some hurricane seasons favor landfalling hurricanes more than others. But recall that these calamities began on the heels of an ominous heavenly sign, a sign interpreted by millions around the world to be a portent of judgment.

Quite a coincidence, don’t you think!

And what about the sudden increase in volcanism along the “Ring of Fire”.

“Volcanos, hurricanes, wildfires, earthquakes – natural disasters are seemingly happening everywhere at once.” (Zerohedge)

Calamities coupled with unusual heavenly signs

First, there was the rare total solar eclipse that drew a diagonal line across the United States, and with another diagonal line set to occur in seven years so as to form an “X”.

How often does an “X” like this occur across the United States?

A string of seven Total Solar eclipses, each 3.5 eclipse years apart (346*3.5). While this is not rare (earth sees about six such strings per century), what is rare is where and how this series land.

And don’t forget the “unusual” solar storms in the off-season of the Sun-cycle.

Sept. 10, 2017, X8.2-class solar flare as observed by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory.

And what about the sign in Virgo on Sept 23. Just because the devil distorted this simple sign by overemphasis, doesn’t negate its meaning. “Jesus is coming”. But we do not know when. Perhaps this year. Perhaps in a hundred years.

The U.S. Solar Eclipse

August 21, 2017. Total solar eclipse across the United States. A total solar eclipse symbolizes death and resurrection — the stone that was rolled away from the dark tomb on resurrection morning.

Is it a coincidence that Harvey suddenly resurrects on the third day after the spectacular eclipse of August 21, 2017?

Hmm… “The third day”!

The sun was also darkened when Jesus hung on the cross.

And Jesus also rose on “the third day”.

Can you not see that this eclipse was a portent of the woes that followed?

Or has the light of the Sun blinded you?

Footnote: Both the regular Jewish calendar and the 360 calendar are communicating a similar pattern. On the 360-calendar of the Prophets, the date for the eclipse and resurrection of Harvey occur on the "7th month, 15th to 17th day", which is the half-year anniversary of when Jesus died and rose again. This is huge when one understands the importance of three-and-one-half years in the Bible.) Observe what happened 40 days after the said 15th and 17th. (The antithesis of the ascension of Jesus "after 40 days" is the ascension of certain Nephilim from the abyss of the sea, Rev. 13:1, see Video). And then Pentecost, which is 49 days after the resurrection!

Half-Seven to “Harvest Moon” & “Blood Moon”

Also notice that 49 days after the eclipse (7*7), the sun again was darkened, this time by “billows of smoke”, as seen when Northern California awoke. The sun and moon glowed like the blood over San Francisco.

All this occurred 3.5 days after the Feast of Tabernacles began, which happened to be a “Harvest Moon”, and 3.5 years after the first ominous Blood-Moon Tetrad. (“49” and “77” have similar meanings.)

It happens that “Pentecost” occurs 49 days after the Feast of First Fruits, which is when Jesus rose from the dead.

Footnote: Wow! Do you get what that means? See the previous special ticker-tape note concerning when the August 21st eclipse occurred on the 360 calendar! Therefore, this 49 days directly parallels the 49 days of Pentecost! "Pentecost" was also when Moses received the Law on Mount Sinai/Horeb.

On Pentecost, the Apostle Peter quoted from the Book of Joel as being fulfilled in his day and ours.

“I will pour out my Spirit in those days {recall the floods!}, and they will prophesy. I will show wonders in the heavens above and signs on the earth below, blood and fire and billows of smoke. The sun will be turned to darkness and the moon to blood before the coming of the great and glorious day of the Lord. And everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.’” (Acts 2:18-21)

At Pentecost, God “poured out His Spirit” (like a flood on dry ground). And the upper room (of the temple) where they sat was “filled”, (Acts 2:2). (See below charts about “3 days of forming and 3 days of filling“, which was posted 30 days before the eclipse.)

And “suddenly” there was…

  1. “A mighty wind
  2. “A shaking” (Acts 4:31)
  3. “Tongues of fire

Sound familiar? (Recall the same three emblems at Mount Horeb, with Elijah.)

And others thought they were drunk on wine!

Blood-Moon Prophecy (Israel's Passover-Tabernacles Tetrads)
Blood-Moon-Tetrad-Prophecy. (Click here for full article.)

God is Love, therefore God disciplines

“God is love”; therefore, God rebukes the backslider by using that which gets man’s attention — “Affliction”!

But we must never forget that God delights in mercy, as is evident from this passage about Elijah at Mount Horeb.

1 Kings 19 (KJV)

But he (Elijah) himself went a day’s journey into the wilderness, and came and sat down under a juniper tree: and he requested for himself that he might die; and said, It is enough; now, O Lord, take away my life; for I am not better than my fathers.

And as he lay and slept under a juniper tree, behold, then an angel touched him, and said unto him, Arise and eat.

And he looked, and, behold, there was a cake baken on the coals, and a cruse of water at his head. And he did eat and drink, and laid him down again.

And the angel of the Lord came again the second time, and touched him, and said, Arise and eat; because the journey is too great for thee.

And he arose, and did eat and drink, and went in the strength of that meat forty days and forty nights unto Horeb the mount of God.

And he came thither unto a cave, and lodged there; and, behold, the word of the Lord came to him, and he said unto him, What doest thou here, Elijah?

10 And he said, I have been very jealous for the Lord God of hosts: for the children of Israel have forsaken thy covenant, thrown down thine altars, and slain thy prophets with the sword; and I, even I only, am left; and they seek my life, to take it away.

11 And he said, Go forth, and stand upon the mount before the Lord. And, behold, the Lord passed by, and a great and strong wind rent the mountains, and brake in pieces the rocks before the Lord; but the Lord was not in the wind: and after the wind an earthquake; but the Lord was not in the earthquake:

12 And after the earthquake a fire; but the Lord was not in the fire: and after the fire a still small voice.

13 And it was so, when Elijah heard it, that he wrapped his face in his mantle, and went out, and stood in the entering in of the cave. And, behold, there came a voice unto him, and said, What doest thou here, Elijah?

What is the lesson to be learned from Elijah?

The lesson is that God is “in” the small still voice;

And He rules “over” the roar of the storm!

Mercy triumphs over judgment.

Hurricane Maria over Puerto Rico, part of the United States.

(This was Part One of two documents).
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How the timing of U.S. Disasters was given two months ago (From Flood to Fire)

Below is a summary of Part Two

One-Hundred Trillion to One

Because so many speak of “odds” and “chance” nowadays, I have computed the odds of successfully predicting the timing of the past seven events to do with the United States as one in 100,000,000,000,000. And that’s conservative.

Some calamities lasted a full week. But counting to its finish, and allowing plus or minus two days due to the various ways of looking at it (lunar month, 360 month, and solar month).

This is a very general outline. (Keep in mind the +/- two days).

  • On July 23rd evening to July 24th evening, (Av 1), I begin 1260d.com website and put out the very first document. It concerned the all-important 70th jubilee (less seven years). I tied it all into the (at that time, still future) eclipse of August 21, 2017. I begin this document the evening of July 23, 2017, Av 1, the anniversary of the death of Aaron. …
  • 30 days later is the eclipse (“One month”)
  • 40 days (after July 23rd evening) ends flooding of Harvey
  • 50 days later is Irma
  • 60 days later is Maria
  • 70 days later is the Las Vegas shooting as OJ Simpson is released
  • 75 days later is Nate
    • 80 days (California Vineyard Fire).


(Click to enlarge.) Both Moses and Aaron follow the pattern of creation when they died, and in turn become the pattern for much larger things that interweave with it. This chart and related charts were put on the internet a few weeks before the United States total solar eclipse, and is the template for all that followed.

To read the rest of this article, click here for “Part Two”.

4 thoughts on “(Pt. 1) Donald Trump’s Weather Disasters Revealed Beforehand, and Isis. (Trump & King Saul)”

  1. I am convinced that Trump is also part of the Beast system that hates the whore and brings her down. Who can see the beast as a system of religious/political/conservative movement that is shaping now? Is the church not able to discern this? We will all rejoice at Babylon’s fall… but what follows? The heroic Beast.

  2. I saw the Angel of the LORD in the burning bush! His name is Jesus (Yeshua) Christ (Messiah)! [KJV] Exodus 33:14 “And he said, MY PRESENCE shall go with thee, and I will give thee rest.”
    [KJV] Exodus 33:17 “And the Lord said unto Moses, I will do this thing also that thou hast spoken: for thou hast FOUND GRACE in my sight, and I know thee by name.”

  3. Will the 30 30 10 and 5 for Aaron start to repeat again in 3 +3+1 days after nate? or do we wait until February for something to start again?


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