Trump & Biden are weighed in the balances

A string of seven total solar eclipses, each 3.5 eclipse years apart (346*3.5). While this is not rare (earth sees about six such strings per century), what is rare is where and when this series land.

He changes the times and the seasons; he removes kings and sets up kings; he gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to those who understand.

Dan 2:21 (Gen 1:14-16)

The Sun and Moon weigh Trump and Biden in their cosmic balance at the 70th jubilee from when Israel entered Promised Land.

As explained in past posts, the seven years ending 2025 is the 490th Shmita from when Israel entered the Promised Land. (490 is 70 x 7, Dan. 9:24-27). Also, Nisan 1st (April) from 2024 to 2025 is the “Year of Jubilee.”

I said in the winter of 2019 that Trump is being weighed in the balances. I wrote numerous articles about it, and many signs bore witness in the heavens and on the earth.

But now Biden is also weighed in the balance and found wanting.

For it is time for judgment to begin with God’s household; and if it begins with us, what will the outcome be for those who do not obey the gospel of God? 1Pet 4:17

In summary, the seven years leading into 2025 is the 490th seven-year cycle as commanded by God. The jubilees began when Israel entered the Promised Land (1406 BC). (Please use the search option on this website to locate articles that explain this in detail.)

For 30 years, I said to expect great signs and wonders leading up to 2025 and the seven years after that. I said these signs may be token events, not the “end of the age.” And so it happened.

This article updates the first post on this website,, and two other posts.

Below are illustrations from those articles.

The below image is from 3.5 years ago. It portrays the Sun and Moon in eclipse as they weigh the Half-Shekel Trump coin in the balances. The Hebrew letters repeat the words, “Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin,” Dan. 5:25-28.

The earth is weighed in the balances and found wanting: Viewed from “the 2nd heaven,” 1Pet 4:17.

The new chart of the five eclipses that frames the reigns of Trump and Biden

Take time to ponder the below chart. Notice that the three solar eclipses and two blood moons perfectly outline the seven years leading up to the 70th jubilee. The Electoral College solidified the results of the election in 2020 during the middle solar eclipse, dividing the seven eclipse years perfectly in half. Biden’s reign began “mid-trib,” so to speak — but keep in mind that it’s a sign of things to come.

Thus, the 490th Shmita is precisely divided in half by a solar eclipse on the day Biden’s presidency was sealed. And his midterm election tomorrow begins with a blood moon, as did Trump’s. The only difference is that it was Trump’s midterm presidency rather than his midterm election.

Not just a mid-trib solar eclipse, but mid-Hanukah too

Moreover, the middle of the seven-eclipse years also lands in the middle of the eight days of Hanukah. Hanukah is an eight-day festival commemorating the defeat of Antiochus Epiphanes, who foreshadows the antichrist. Thus, as Jews around the world lit the middle Hanukah candle, a solar eclipse occurred, and it occurred as Biden’s hotly contested election was finally confirmed (Dec. 14, 2020) — Trump lost.

Interestingly, the midterm Biden Blood Moon occurs in the constellation of Aries (the Ram/Lamb) during the Leonide meteor shower. The shooting stars of the Leonide shower emanate from Leo (i.e., the Lion constellation). In the Book of Revelation, Jesus is presented as a slain Lamb and a roaring Lion.

Blood moon at its peak at 6 am, Washington DC, in the Ram constellations, as midterm elections begin. Many will vote on abortion this same day, aligning with evil. Jesus is “The Lamb as if slain,” Rev. 5. The slain lamb is symbolized by the blood moon. All this is during the Leonide meteor shower! Jesus will come again with the angels/stars of heaven.

Below are the new charts that include Biden. Ponder carefully.

The seven eclipse years are nested precisely within the 4+ 4 years of the Trump and Biden presidency. Everything is perfectly balanced so that time flows like a perfect mirror forward and backward, so to speak, from the middle of Hanukkah, 2020. Thus, each day of Hanukkah represents a year of time.

This chart is the same as above, but with exact dates.

Both solar and lunar eclipses are visible in the United States, except for the middle solar eclipse on Dec. 14, 2020. (An eclipse year is 346 days long.)

On page 2, we discuss the “two feet of iron and clay.”

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  1. Hello Dean,

    I believe the Lord may have prompted me to search for you online. I remember back in the day (EPBC) that you had been advocating for a closer walk with the Lord. I looked over some of your articles, and while I am at variance to some of your positions, nonetheless, I appreciate the seemingly sincere alternative approach you are taking to that of Christendom. The sons of Isaacar, as you know, accurately “ discerned the times, knew what to do, and all of their kinfolk were with them in support… “Feel free to reach back as the Lord leads. Gregory Reid

  2. Hi Everyone;

    This is the last update to the article “33^137”. The preface to the Math Part has changed to the following given the recent uprising of Iranian People. Please participate and help the Iranian people in this uprising by putting the word out and expose the people around you to the Truth which is in Christ Jesus. Best Regards. (Warning:The movie file is HUGE! 7.3 Gig.)

    (This comment has been edited due to extreme length. Admin.)

    • Hmm! Not sure about the gematria, but tonight we prayed for you!

      Let me add my own thoughts: 33^137 (4521) is also an amazing number because the 600 years of Noah to the Flood (3116-2516 BC) are 4521 years in the mirror to AD 1406-2006 — the mirror of the Conquest of Canaan and the birth of Jacob/Israel.

      33 is a number associated with new beginnings, and 137 with Creation.

      A month ago, I considered writing an article about 137 and its various usages in Bible Chronology on For example, Moses father and great-grandfather both lived 137 years of age. Abraham was 137 when Sarah, his wife died, Ishmael lived 137 years, and Isaac was 137 when Jacob fled Esau into Haraan — clearly a type of death for Isaac, Rebecca, and Jacob when you read the narrative, Gen 27.

      And the mysterious Kenan, of which, controversially, there are TWO Kenans (see Luke’s genealogy), in total lived 1370 years (“910” + “460”).

  3. Good work Dean! As always, you have an eye for the signs in the sun and moon. Excellent chart of the Monday Hepton Series. As you stated the Heptons are not “rare” but they are a persistant cycle within a cycle linked to the number seven. Seven eclipses seven eclipse seasons apart ( every other eclipse is seven eclipse years apart) all occuring generally on the same day of the week, in this case Monday. I am charting out all Heptons right now from 1896 on to show the peculiarity of the current Moon Day cycle. I have the Heptons described in more detail at the site ( under “cycles) if anyone wants to view. I have changed the name to…As far as the Belshazzar allusion goes (“weighed in the balance and found wanting”), it’s one of my favorite songs to sing and one of the first songs Johnny Cash ever wrote. He played it for Sam Phillips at his audition for Sun Records. Here’s Johnny singing it with The Statler Brothers and the Carter Family.

  4. I feel like a may only be getteong half of the picture here. There is also the 2- year variant of the SOR which adjusts to the real date of the Destruction of Jerusalem & the Second Temple in 70AD, instead of 68AD as is Commmonly used in the Seder Olam Rabbah Chronology. That the LORD even honors this Chronology is Amazing to me. It could be used to show the Power of God & point to Christ.

    • Hi Dean,

      Just letting you know that something actually did happen on Heshvan 17 & SDY 868/838BC (SOR) (Nov.10, 2022 after sunset & today). It was a revelation of the Kingly & Priestly nature of Christ. Psalm 110, Gen. 14, Luke 20:41-44 and the patterns from the MT Chronology.

      I’ll explain more later, although you could probably guess.

      A Psalm of David. Psalm 110

      1The Lord says to my Lord:
      “Sit at my right hand,
      until I make your enemies your footstool.”

      “2The Lord sends forth from Zion
      your mighty scepter.
      Rule in the midst of your enemies!
      3Your people will offer themselves freely
      on the day of your power,a
      in holy garments;b
      from the womb of the morning,
      the dew of your youth will be yours.c
      4The Lord has sworn
      and will not change his mind,
      “You are a priest forever
      after the order of Melchizedek.”

      5The Lord is at your right hand;
      he will shatter kings on the day of his wrath.
      6He will execute judgment among the nations,
      filling them with corpses;
      he will shatter chiefsd
      over the wide earth.
      7He will drink from the brook by the way;
      therefore he will lift up his head.

        • Hi Dean, I have something to add about Trump’s election bid & the Artemis 1 (the Moon “godess”) launch & The Lion of the Tribe of Judah is involved. I’d prefer it if you would read the email sent on the matter. Artemis 2 is scheduled for May 2024. Clue is 15 years & ascension.

  5. As I have said before & it is well known that King David was a major “Type” of Christ in the New Testament. King David wrote Psalm 22 (and many more), while being moved by the Holy Spirit.

    Psalm 22:16″…they pierced my hands and my feet.”

    That was written about a thousand years before Christ & there is a reason why they called him Son of David, because he was a type of the King to come! And it was also his lineage from the tribe of Judah Rev.5:5

    • Wow, I should have realized that Nov.8, 2022 was Symbolic Day-Year (SDY) 871BC (King David made King Over All Israel (Autumn 871BC would be likely & Spring 870BCis another possibily). I had been saying that I’d be looking at these dates.

      While Christ was on the cross as the “Lamb of God” he had an inscription saying “King of the Jews”. Now he is the Risen King of Kings & is coming back as a Lion ! Follow Christ & not men.

    • Sorry, the 871 BC (King David) date is from the Traditional Hebrew Chronology of the Seder Olam Rabbah. Just thought I clarify. The Lamb is Worthy!

  6. I thought the Eclipse was important & also thought about Rev. 5 “Worthy is (Jeusus Christ) the Lamb who was slain” & noted how the Total Lunar Eclipse was on the day of the midterms, but I didn’t want to spend too much time delving into it. You alway surprise me with how much more understanding you are given, Dean!

    Keep it up!

  7. This Midterm Election was a sham as expected. This is Satan’s world and is the Beast. The Beast power is 10 Nations in the EU, 5 from the North, and 5 from the South. The Pope and the Evil Roman Pagan Church rides or controls the Beast Power. 1/3 will die from Nuclear War, 1/3 will die from Plagues and disease, and 1/3 that survives will go into slavery. I pray God ends this Evil on Pentecost May 31 – June 1, 2025. One of the first signs to look for is the American Economy Completely collapsing!

    (Note: The administrator edited out a brief reference to the mark of the beast as a day of the week.)

  8. GREAT SIGN FROM GOD…..on Jewish New Years Day, 2008……Jesus caused the DOW-JONES to close on 777.7 points………on JEWISH NEW YEARS DAY……..on that day, the Jewish year added to the Christian year equaled 7777 years……………..5769 + 2008 = 7777………….NT Babylon is all about the love of money, commerce, stolen money, greed, idolatry, spiritual adultery,


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