Video on Trump Peace Plan — Why 666?

This is an update as promised to the August 13th post.

Yesterday I finished a video about the numeric of the Peace Plan between the UAE and Israel. I finished the video exactly one minute before Trump tweeted at 1 PM that a deal had been made between Bahrain and Israel. (Of course, I was unaware of this.)

The Kingdom of Bahrain will now join Israel in Washington on Sept. 15th, 2020, to sign. Below is a snapshot from my computer at the lower bottom showing the date-stamp when the video was finished. (Same time zone).

Serpent — Rod — Serpent

Hmm, two serpent nations, one either side Israel, “The Upright One”. You will know what I mean if you watch the video.

About half-an-hour of the video was removed to shorten it to one hour, which originally had more about the treaty. But I think you can piece together what I would have said. The video has been cut into two parts.

In the video, I mention that originally Trump wanted to sign on the anniversary of the Oslo accords on Sept 13, 2020, which is ‘666 + 666 days’ into his presidency. However, it was delayed to Sept. 15, 2020. (Thus, 667 + 667 days, which is 23 x 58 and Daniel 12:12). The significance of all this is obvious from the video, but here is the link for the Sept 13th date that Trump was originally hoping for from The Times of Israel.




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  1. Now, something big is going to happen in 2022 that will be about the beast(antichrist) and or the the rapture. Or his mark. No man knows the time or hour of Jesus’return. Check this out! Could be, the 2nd month and then there are 11 days in that month that has a 2 in it! 1+1=2! There are too many 2’s in both your equations and mineto be coincidence, don’t you think!? 😇🙏🤯

  2. Well I just discovered your, I don’t know, your vlogs?, Just this morning from a second revelation that came to a 2nd mathematical equation and my reason for searching for the amount of years is in a generation and it described 2 ways to come u with the correct number. 1, is in sociology. 2, in family. When I finished, it I seen a link that said how many years is a generation in the bible and tapped it and your answer was exactly what I was trying to learn and really simple equations over and over again I got confirmation several times while reading the article about my first revelation since I now have confirmation *2-3 times so I am sharing it with you and everyone that reads this. First, it says in the bible…….. He who hath understanding calculate the number of the beat, for his number is a number of man. his number is six hundred threescore and six. Now, my revelation was a “simple” equation of that very passage right as I grabbed my my book the Divine Code and immediately had to put it back down and grab paper and pen and start writing what was revealed to me at that moment. Well, I have understanding of numbers for sure! But just like Jesus intended his teachings to be, my calculation of the number of the beast is also a simple equation and here it is, respectfully. 666÷3(the Holy Trinity)= 222=2022=2+2+2=6. 6 is the number of man! The reason I divided 666 by 3 is cause God is 3 in 1 and 1 in 3! Also, God is the reason that satan can’t be in heaven anymore because he was cast down to earth and can only communicate with God and accuse us continuously, (man/woman) of there sins and try to take us to the firey lake with him! Repent!!!

  3. Divide 2020 by 666=3.0330. This is the text number to donate to Joe Biden, 30330. I see Trump not as a Jewish king like Saul, but more in line with the gentile figure of Cyrus, who like Trump, returned Jerusalem to the Jewish people. There is also a synonymous 70 year span here as well. But that’s just me.

    • Donald Trump is also like Cyrus.

      Below is the word I posted in 2005 — 15 years ago. Around the same time, I also talked about the coming of “Don”.

      “By me, (wisdom), He measured off the measurements (of the heavens)! (Isaiah 45:12)

      Is Jesus — even His blessed One — like the transgressor (king) Cyrus!?!

      (merely) like a rich man or even like a great cherub!?!

      Who is Jesus?

      (He is) My God!

      My Master!

      My Prince!

      My Righteousness!

      My Inheritance!

      My Perfect One is Jesus!

      Who is My Great One?

      Jesus is God! (Or, “Jesus is mighty!”)”

        • Yes, the context back then was about a tropical storm named Don that fizzled out and did not deliver on needed rain.
          TS Don formed 5 pm EST, July 27, 2011

          Just three days before the storm formed, a false prophecy about Donald Trump was received and circulated. It eventually became HUGE in Christian circles. Two very different prophecies side by side began to form that week, mine and Mark Taylors. Over the years other words were added to both of us — often at the same time — always opposite!

          The word that God gave about Trump has caused many it not most to disregard my site.

          More billion-dollar disasters have plagued the USA since the very day that Trump took office than any other period of equal length since records began. If this had been Hillary, people would have made the connection. (By the way, Hurricane Hillary formed not long after TS Don!) But politics has become the new idol of American Christianity.

          Mark Taylor said…

          “I wrote a prophetic word on July 24 2011 called The Great Horse. It’s a little lengthy, so I will just give you the main parts.”

          • I am not going to debate you at length, but as an “American christian,” I take exception with the new “idol” of politics.As I explained before, Americans don’t have a king, the motto if the revolution was “we have no King but Jesus.” We have a constitution and it is under siege. Trump was elected to uphold it and he is doing just that. American Christian’s want a strong military, jobs because God commanded man to work, not depend on the government. We didn’t not want the atheist socialism that has consumed the progressive(democrat) party. If you think “billion dollar disasters” are signs of God’s disapproval, I fail to see where and how. As far as hillary, I will give you the doubt benefit that your knowledge of this Clinton global foundation human trafficker is limited to the liberal media. Partial birth abortion among other things arrived with the clintons.

          • One more thing. If people would look for signs from God from race horses, consider the last triple crown winner, “justify.” (“Just as if I’d never sinned” we used to say.) When he won the Kentucky derby, his Christian jockey lifted his arms to heaven and exclaimed,” I thank my lord and savior, Jesus Christ.” The liberal NBC reporter wasn’t ready for that, but it made big news just the same. If God wills, America will stand a little longer against socialist global government. If not, even so. come soon, Lord Jesus.

          • When the people chose King Saul, Samuel responded to their request by a sign of a storm to show God’s disapproval. It’s the only place in the Bible where God did this, other than perhaps Jona.

            Remember, Saul did a lot of good and brought stability and wealth and deliverance from their enemies. I’d support him just as Samuel did, and I perhaps Trump too. But I will not deny the word that God gave me with mighty signs following –those that make world headlines. I believe He gave me this for two reason.

            First to warn God’s people about relying on men.
            Secondly, to thin out those who read the articles because the main purpose of it all has not been accomplished yet. I would be distracted from the scribal part of my calling if God did not deter people. It’s that academic side that is most important but is the least interesting as far as signs and wonders. Signs and wonders are very quickly forgotten, even prophetic words, but truth once revealed and made public lasts forever once rooted.

            I agree with you in what you say, but it is what I said in addition that appears to be the issue. And that’s OK. I hope I am wrong. No man is above error. Maybe I am flat out wrong. Not one friend of mine whom I know personally agrees with me. It’s a constant reproach.

          • I think the Lord has shown(and continues to show) you much. I don’t always agree with interpretation. Saul was desired because the people wanted a King so they could be “like the other nations.” I see the conservatives choosing the message of Trump because they don’t want to be like the other nations. There has been a disturbing trend in academia and the media to “progress” America toward socialism claiming the constitution is outdated and people “have evolved.” They especially resent the statement that human rights to liberty come from God. In other countries, especially communist ones, rights are from the government. Trump has rallied support for Judeo-Christian heritage like no president in modern history. His inauguration featured more clergy than any other and ministers were encouraged to pray publicly according to their convictions. Even in the name of Jesus which had previously been all but forbidden. I am grateful for this time of freedom, but fear it may be short. I have never seen such hatred and such powerful forces against a political figure. China has stated that they will be the dominant global power and they have indeed brought the world to its knees. They persecute believers relentlessly. “O China, He is not a myth.”

  4. I’m just starting to learn this, and I got lost at 666×4 equals time of Exodus at 1450-1446 BC
    My math says 2664, what am I missing?

  5. Dean,
    Excellent video (1). I found it easy to understand and with the ability to pause and study, and come back to it until I absorbed it is great. I finally finally get it. Halleluja.
    I have saved a few calendars over the years, but your stack of calendars speaks volumes. Thank you God Bless You in Jesus’ name and I rebuke Satan in the name of Jesus Christ.
    Great job,

  6. Tropical Storm Sally (an English diminutive of Sarah) Formed September 12, 2020 5PM, which was 30 days later (23rd Day of the 7th Month. Sarah was the wife of Abraham, and Mother of Isaac, “Mother of All Nations”, Who’s descendents are the Israelites, Vs. Hagar who bore Ishmael (Genealogy suggests his descendents are the Arabs: UAE).

    Tropical Storm Sally is set to make landfall as a Hurricane, possibly on the Date of the Signing of the Abraham Accord Tuesday Sept 15, 2020.

    Sorry if I’m double posting this, but I didn’t see a confirmation it went through.

  7. Tropical Storm Sally (an English diminutive of Sarah) Formed September 12, 2020 5PM, which was 30 days later (23rd Day of the 7th Month. Sarah was the wife of Abraham, and Mother of Isaac, “Mother of All Nations”, Who’s descendents are the Israelites, Vs. Hagar who bore Ishmael (Genealogy suggests his descendents are the Arabs: UAE).

    Tropical Storm Sally is set to make landfall as a Hurricane, possibly on the Date of the Signing of the Abraham Accord Tuesday Sept 15, 2020.


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