Blood-Moon Tetrads on Passover & Tabernacles

Blood-Moon Prophecy (Israel's Passover-Tabernacles Tetrads)

Blood-Moon Prophecy (Is Still Very Relevant!)

(Israel’s Passover-Tabernacles Lunar Eclipse Tetrad Cycles)

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 If you think that the tetrads are no longer relevant, think again!

The Tetrads Reveal the Big Picture

We examine the big picture that includes tens of thousands of years, not merely our present puny window of time!

Also, a great many Biblical events previously overlooked are examined.

(Also see, The Solar Eclipse of 2017 — Why they are 3.5 years apart.)

Blood-Moon Tetrads over the ages that occur on Passover and Tabernacles
Blood-Moon tetrad cycles that occur on Passover and Tabernacles over many millennia. Remarkably, our present narrow window of time is the center of a much larger pattern that spans tens of thousands of years.

“Signs in the sun and moon…”

Jesus said, 

“There will be signs in the sun and moon and stars…” (Luke 21:25)

  • Did you know that the very first tetrad occurred about the time of Noah’s Flood?

  • Another on the exact day when Israel entered Egypt (LXX)

  • Another is when Jacob died (& prophesied the coming of King David, and our future!)

  • And exactly when David became king! (Also, Saul and Solomon, 1Kings 11:36)

  • A special Hanukkah-tetrad exactly at 168 BC. “The abomination that causes desolation”

  • And more recently, just before the discovery of America (and Jewish exile)

  • Rebirth of Israel

  • 1967-Jerusalem war

  • And Now!

  • But the last tetrad of this current cycle is 2061, not 2015 (equinoctially)

They follow the theme of Joseph’s dream of  ‘the sun and moon bowing down to him, (Gen.37:9;43:26, and ‘to Judah,’ Gen.49:8).

‘Blood-moon eclipses’ symbolize this humbling, and the blood speaks of suffering (Isa. 13:10).

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First half of all Passover-Tabernacles Tetrads up until now within the present cycle. Here they are arranged in the likeness of a lamp (menorah). This includes Hanukkah.
(Click to enlarge.) The first half of all Passover-Tabernacles Tetrads is within the present Tetrad cycle. Here they are arranged in the likeness of a lamp (menorah).

(In the Bible, the sun and moon are likened to “lamps”, Gen. 1:16; Rev. 21:23; hence. An eclipse symbolizes the temporary snuffing out of a lamp.)

The below chart contains all Passover-Tabernacles Tetrads, including distant past and future.

Notice that we are currently in the exact middle of one single massive 8000-year cycle. The arrangement of these long cycles logically takes the shape of two menorahs!

All blood-moon Passover-Tabernacles tetrads, including distant past and future.
All Passover-Tabernacles tetrad cycles within the present cycle, including distant past and future.

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The Golden Spiral

The below chart examines one of many “Golden Spirals” (Phi Spiral) formed. This main one spans ALL Passover-Tabernacle Tetrads (2277 BC to 5934 AD), with the birth of Jesus near the source of this spiral.

Blood Moons Menorahs Phi Spirals (Fibonacci)
(Click to enlarge.) “Golden Spirals” (Phi Spiral) formed. This main one spans ALL Passover-Tabernacle Tetrads (2277 BC to 5934 AD).

The below image is the same as above, except now it zeros in and focuses on the beginning of the above Phi Spiral as it coils around the time of the conception of Jesus. Therefore, the Phi Spiral emphasizes the importance of this tiny period over the full 8000 years, and it exactly corresponds to the life of Christ!

Phi- Golden Spiral Zeroed in on Christ's Death.
(Click to enlarge.) Phi- Golden Spiral zeroed in on Christ’s conception/birth. (Spiral forms within Passover Tabernacles Lunar Tetrad-cycles spanning 8000 years.)

Remarkably, there is another spiral similar to this, except the source shifts to when Jesus left this world at His ascension!

2251 BC to AD 6000 Phi Christ Spiral
(Click to enlarge.) Phi- Golden Spiral zeroed in on Christ’s death/ascension. (Spiral forms within Passover Tabernacles Lunar Tetrad-cycles spanning 8000 years.)

Ezekiel’s Temple: Blueprint of Ages

The blood-moon tetrad-cycles as seen over vast ages.
(Click to enlarge.) The blood-moon tetrad-cycles as seen over vast ages. It harmonizes with the vision of the temple given to Ezekiel (and with fractal geometry). This, and other charts, are fully explained in the main article.
(Click to enlarge.) Ezekiel’s temple contains a blueprint for the outline of the ages.

The Main Lesson to be Learned

The lesson to be learned from these Blood-moon tetrad cycles is that they reveal God’s larger plan over vast spans of time — past and future. They reveal “The Temple of Time.” This sets the stage for the related revelation of the Bible Fractal, which uses the same time frames.

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(Also see, The Solar Eclipse of 2017 — Why they are 3.5 years apart.)

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5 thoughts on “Blood-Moon Tetrads on Passover & Tabernacles”

  1. When Did The Women Buy And Prepare The Spices ?

    A story is told of a young man who left home and ran a little way, and then turned left ran a little more and turned left again ran some more then turned left and ran home. At home he found two masked men. What were they doing there, and who were they?

    Many times our brains are stuck in thinking a certain way, and it becomes almost impossible to see any differently. This is called a “paradigm.” Now I can break your “old paradigm” by answering the question in this story. The answer will change your whole perspective of the story. The identity of the masked men are Catcher and Umpire and they were there to play a baseball game. Now you see the story in a whole new way.

    A famous quote that has been attributed to Benjamin Franklin says, “A man convinced against his will, is of the same opinion still.” Mark Twain said, “In religion and politics, people’s beliefs and convictions are in almost every case gotten(sic) at second hand, and without examination.” In 2 Timothy 3:16: “All Scripture is inspired of God and useful for teaching.”

    Let’s consider Mark 16:1, the women BOUGHT spices AFTER the Sabbath, the Gospel of Luke Ch.23:55-56 says that the women PREPARED spices at home BEFORE the Sabbath! Can both be true?
    Before we focus on that question, let’s see what Genesis 22 can reveal. Abraham is a type showing what God the anti-type would do in their future for them and us. Let’s look closely at the time line when Abraham considered Isaac to be as good as dead. It was evening when God instructed Abraham that Isaac must be killed. It was after a total of three days of traveling to Moriah, Abraham building an altar,
    and Isaac carrying the wood for the altar that he was to die upon, that God says, “Stop do not harm your son.” After three days, believing Isaac was as good as dead, God restores Isaac’s life. Abraham saw Isaac as good as dead, starting in the evening, then night, day, night, day, night, day. The same time line as God saw Jesus as dead. Then God / Jesus restores Jesus’ life. Jesus said, “I lay it down, I take it up”.

    In prophecy a day can equal a day as when Jesus said in Matthew 12:39-40, “Three days and three nights the Son of man will be in the heart of the earth.” This isn’t a prophecy of how long he would be dead, but how long he would be in the tomb. Or in John 2:19, Matthew 26:61 and Mark 14:58 it states that Jesus will rebuild the temple (his body) in three days.

    In prophecy a day can also equal a year. In Luke 13:32, Jesus says, “Go tell that fox that, Behold I cast out devils and do cures, today, tomorrow, and the third day** I will be perfected.” This is after John the Baptist was arrested. Most scholars agree John died six months into Jesus ministry. When Jesus said, “the third day** I will be perfected,” He was saying he had three more full years to do miracles, then he will be glorified, not in two years, but three.

    In prophecy a day can also equal a 1,000 years as with 2 Peter 3:8. No man has lived past 1,000 years of age, so it can be said that they died on day one. Genesis 2:17 says,”The day you eat of it you will surely die”, but Adam lived 930 years. Methuselah lived the longest of all 969 years, yet still short of the 1,000 years needed to reach the end of day one. Some say, “Adam and Eve died instantly”. Wouldn’t God have said, “The instant you eat of it you will surely die?”

    Now let’s consider Daniel 9:26-27, I believe this is a prophecy of Jesus’s crucifixion from three perspectives. [When looking through a microscope you first focus on the large picture, then middle, then you turn the lens again to focus up close, you see the same object from three perspectives]. This is how the angel Gabriel reveals this prophecy to Daniel. First you see a day equals a 1,000 years. Looks like
    Jesus died on the Cross at the end of day Four, or the end of the four thousandth year since Creation. Second you see a day equals a year in this prophecy, or a week equals 7 years. Middle of the week, (Fourth year) after the Messiah (Jesus) is anointed (baptized), he is cutoff (dies). A synonym of circumcised in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary is to cutoff. Christ is called the circumcised of God in the New Testament. This is a picture of Jesus being One with the Father until he is, “cutoff” and dies on the cross. In Genesis 17:11, God reveals this through Abraham’s own circumcision. Abraham being a”type”, and God the “anti-type”, as told in Colossians 2:11, “in who also (like Christ) are circumcised with a circumcision made WITHOUT HANDS (this is by God’s own doing), in putting (cutting) off the body of the sins of the flesh (God became flesh) by the circumcision, (cutting off as stated in Daniel 9:26-27) of Christ.” Now let’s adjust the microscope lens to see up close the prophecy in Daniel 9:26-27. We see the Messiah will be cut off in the midst of the week, or middle of seven, and cause the end of sacrifice. Middle of seven is four. On the FOURTH day of the week the Messiah will die as told by Gabriel. Clearly Gabriel reveals in the middle of the fourth year of Seven, Jesus would be the final sacrifice. That’s three and a half years after he was baptized. In the same passage, Gabriel reveals in the middle of the week, (the FOURTH day of the week), which is commonly called Wednesday, Jesus would be the final sacrifice for all time. This is one prophecy with three focal points, large, middle and small.


    the FOURTH millennium after CREATION

    the FOURTH year after Jesus BEGAN his MINISTRY

    the FOURTH day after the FIRST day of the CRUCIFIXION WEEK
    …Jesus dies for our sins.

    The angel Gabriel in Daniel 9:22-23 gives this understanding to Daniel. Much earlier on the same day (Tuesday night/FOURTH day) Jesus and his disciples had the “last supper” meal. The last supper was in fact the Seder meal, remembering the Passover Lamb that brought protection and deliverance in Egypt.* Jesus drinks from the first three cups, (three times from one cup) but not the fourth cup.* The fourth cup is the Passover cup. Pesach translated Passover literally means “protection.”* Jesus would not take this cup of protection, because the protection is possible only because he (God’s first born) substituted his death for us and them. If God’s first born did not die in their place on the cross, (the first born sons of Israel in Egypt) there would not have been a fourth cup of protection, (remembering God’s protection of their first born in Egypt) in their past to remember. Kind of like the movie, “Back to the future” where they were concerned about changing the future, by changing some past event. But Jesus was concerned about changing the past, by not fulfilling the prophecy of his future. The significance of the Passover (first day of Unleavened Bread) which is also a Preparation Day for the Feast of Unleavened Bread (a HIGH Sabbath) is truly great. Then he also rested until the end of the Seventh Day Sabbath showing its significance also. Both Sabbaths were needed to reveal the reason for Christ’s death. Pesach, a Jewish festival that commemorates the exodus of the Jews from Egypt, is marked chiefly by the Seder ritual and the eating of matzoth. It begins on the 14th day of Nisan. The 15th day of
    Nisan is a HIGH Sabbath. The last cup or the fifth cup, he took alone, on the Mount of Olives.* It did not have wine, but was filled with “God’s wrath meant for the nations” also known as, “Elijah’s cup.”* This cup was the cause of Jesus great anguish that made him sweat large drops of blood. Hematidrosis (also called hematohidrosis ) is a very rare condition in which a human being is suffering extreme levels of stress causing capillaries to burst under the skin.*** Probably from high blood pressure, and then the blood passing through the skin.*** Leonardo da Vinci described a soldier who sweated blood before battle.*** Also men unexpectedly given a death sentence have suffered from the condition.*** This condition is normally fatal. In Luke 22:23-24, Dr. Luke describes this condition with Jesus, he also tells how an angel from heaven strengthened him. If not for this angel strengthening him, he most likely likely would have died right then and there.

    Then day FIVE was the Passover Sabbath. Now let’s focus on Mark 16:1 and Luke 23:55-56 again. Day SIX is now a day AFTER the Passover SABBATH and BEFORE the Seventh Day SABBATH. Day six is also named the Preparation Day. This is to give time to prepare so you don’t have to work on the Seventh Day Sabbath. The Passover Sabbath is no different, it also requires a Preparation Day ahead of it.

    Day SIX is when I believe the Matthew 27:62-63 events occurred. “On the next (preparation) day” which precedes the Seventh Day Sabbath, the chief priests and the Pharisees went to Pilate. They never would have done any common business on any Sabbath day, and there was no need to, they had time to wait. They ask permission from Pilate to place a guard at the tomb until the third
    day.** (A proper definition of the term, “the third day,”** idiomatic expression-and difficult to translate
    into English is, “three days have already passed”**). It can be translated, “They ask permission from Pilate to place a guard at the tomb, until three days have already passed.”** They told Pilate that they
    REMEMBERED Jesus saying while still alive, “AFTER THREE DAYS I will rise again.” [This passage states, “AFTER THREE DAYS” and, “the third day”** are “Phrase Synonyms”. The BIBLE gives the DEFINITION of, “the third day”** clearly, by none other than the chief priests and the Pharisees! The bible always gives the definitions we need.] Too bad the women did not remember, “AFTER THREE DAYS I will rise again,” it would have saved them a lot of grief, work and money. In Luke 24:6-8, two angel’s reminded them how Jesus must be delivered into the hands of sinful men, be crucified and “the third day rise again.” Once again “Phrase Synonyms”. One must be dead for over three days before a death certificate can become, “Official” according to Jewish law.** It is widely taught and believed, “Jewish reckoning of time” allows Jesus to be dead less than three full days, yet at the same time full-filling the requirements of being dead three full days. This application of time reckoning is backwards to all applications of time reckoning presented in scripture. The King that reined two and a half years is given credit for ruling three years, not two years. In the Lord’s parable of the laborers, the workers that worked a hour at the end of the day was credited with a full days pay (Matt. 20:1-15). A partial workday was considered a full workday. If a worker worked half a day, the employer could not say, “I owe you nothing, because not working any part of a day, is the same as not working at all that day.” It’s not what you don’t do that’s enlarged, but what you do. The day Jesus died on the cross he put in twenty-one hours, so the whole day he is considered working, even if he died with three hours left in that twenty- four hour day to go. You cannot say, “Because he died with three hours left to go that day, he was dead the whole day, and did no work that day.” The correct way to apply Jewish reckoning of time to a Friday Crucifixion and Sunday Resurrection would be, Jesus worked all day Friday, was dead Saturday and worked all day Sunday. It’s a good thing God credits us only for what we do for Jesus, and places on Jesus to bear what we did not do for him. How long did Jesus delay before raising Lazarus from, “the dead?” The answer is recorded in the 11th and 12th chapters of the fourth gospel. Did Jesus delay past three days to prove “officially”** he can raise Lazarus and likewise us from the dead? Was Jesus “officially”** dead? You decide for yourself.

    The SEVENTH Day of the week is a permanent Sabbath. Then Jesus rose after the end of the (Seventh Day) Sabbath (the original text says, “end of Sabbaths”**** meaning more than one), that
    being the FIRST day of the week, (commonly called Saturday night). Psalm 121:4 says, “God does not
    sleep.” This destroys one reason commonly given for transferring the Seventh Day Sabbath to Sunday.

    Mark 16:1-2, says, “when the (Passover) Sabbath was past (over)…bought spices, that they might
    come (later on the First Day of the week) and anoint him.” (Now the seventh day Sabbath comes and goes). “And (now) very early in the morning (on) the first day of the week, [could not have prepared it on this day, no time, but this was the day, “That they might come, later”] they came unto the sepulcher at the rising of the sun.” Luke 24:1-3 says, “Now upon the first (day) of the week, very early in the morning, they came unto the sepulcher, bringing the spices which they had (previously) prepared (on day six), and certain (others) with them.” Luke 23: 53-56, (53, Jesus laid in sepulcher), verse 54, “and that day was the (Passover) preparation, and the (Passover) Sabbath drew on” (was about to begin, no time here for preparation). Then the Passover Sabbath on Day five, no work is done, [verse 55-56, day Six the Preparation Day women followed after (Joseph, before tomb was sealed) and beheld (the) sepulcher, and how his body was (previously) laid. They may have met the guards when leaving the tomb and was told,”The tomb would be sealed closed for a time”. Then they bought spices in Jerusalem (as in Luke) then returned home and prepared spices and ointments. The day was almost over so they prepared for the coming Sabbath. Then they rested according to the (Fourth) Commandment until the (Seventh Day) Sabbath was over. Luke 24:1 says, “The women returned very early the first day of the week bringing spices they had (previously) prepared (on the Preparation Day) (no pun intended, well… maybe yes) to the sepulcher in Jerusalem.”

    Now we see clearly, Mark 16:1-2 and Luke 23:55-56 totally agree!

    The women BOUGHT the spices AFTER the Passover SABBATH and PREPARED it BEFORE the Seventh Day SABBATH ON the, “PREPARATION DAY”! THE RIDDLE SOLVED !

  2. When the Message from Heaven went silent shortly before both Judgments.

    Methuselah and Noah stop preaching to the population of the Earth 7 days before the flood started. Methuselah died and was buried according to Orthodox Jewish beliefs the very day Noah went into the ark. Then after seven days of silence, (No more preaching a message from heaven for repentance by Methuselah or Noah) the rain started. During the time of seven days in Genesis and about half an hour in Revelation no switching from lost to saved or saved to lost will be allowed. Revolution 8:1 also teaches there will be silence in heaven for about an half hour. In prophecy a day corresponds to a year. To apply this rule we must do a little simple math. There are 1,440 minutes in a day, 60 minutes times 24 hours. In the Jewish calendar there is 360 days in a year. Every so many years they add an extra 30 day mouth to fix the calendar. To find how many exact minutes Revelation 8: 1 is talking about we have to do a little division. 7 days ÷ with 360 days for a year equals .0194444444 . Now take that fraction and multiply times the total minutes in a day and your get the corresponding number of minutes to the days of the year. The fraction .0194444444 X the total minutes in a day 1,440 = 28.000000 minutes or about half an hour. Neat
    By. Jim Mattox

      • It’s in the math in numerous places. Many don’t realize that leap-months are as common as leap days in many calendar systems, including the one given by Moses and used still today in Israel. Every 19 years seven leap months are added. A quick search on Google will confirm that. The extra 30 days is also found in the 360-calendar. It is represented in three places; the 1260 of Revelation 12:6 refers back to 1290 of Daniel 12, so that the one-month difference is simply the leap month.

        It can also be represented by a “time times half time”. A “time” is 360 days, or therefore 390 days if it has a leap month, the same number found in Ezekiel 4, with another six years after that until the fall of Jerusalem about which he was portraying with his symbolic siege. The actual seige lasted 2.5 years exactly, thus the times-time-half-time are the parts that make up the siege of Ezekiel from the actual one exactly 7 years later. The actual siege and fall of Jerusalem occurred in 586 BC. (Moreover, from the 390 of Ezekiel’s seige until the arrival of the first refugee after the fall are 390 + 2300 days of Daniel 8.)

        586 BC less 1290 years equals 1876 BC when Israel entered Egypt for “430 years”. But wait, I thought God said to Moses that the stay in Egypt would last 400 years? Well, the Bible gives both numbers, the 430 is actual, and the 400 was rounded. Note that this is a 30-year difference. 430-30 = 400. Why is this significant? It means that from the times they entered Egypt until they entered Egypt again with Jeremiah (and others into Babylon) elapsed 1290 years AND 1260 years (if using the rounded 400 years in Egypt. “1290” itself is 430 times 3 (430×3=1290), and 430 is the other number given in Ezekiel 4.

        I could go on and on, but I hope you begin to see what I mean.
        Leap months basically occur every six years(6×360=2160+30=2190. 2190/6=365.) This is interesting because Abraham was born 2166 BC (360 x 2 years before the Exodus in 1446 BC). Thus the “about 30 years of age” mentioned in the Gospels for when Jesus began His ministry is this leap month in years. 2166 BC – 2160 = 6 BC, + 30 years, = AD 25 (“About” when Jesus began His ministry).

        The Enoch calendar has leap weeks instead.


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