Is the Book of Enoch Inspired?

Enoch and the Calendar of Enoch

My View of the Book of Enoch and Biblical Inspiration

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The Book of Enoch has impacted the New Testament (and arguably the Old Testament), yet most seminarian and Bible College professors sadly neglect it.

Is the Book of Enoch Inspired?

I do not believe that the book is inspired, nor that Enoch is its author. It actually has many authors. Bits and pieces may represent the thoughts of Enoch in some way, but that’s as far as I dare take it.

Here is a link to a video about whether the Book of Enoch is inspired. However, the footage underestimates the Book of Enoch’s usefulness.  A careful comparison of the New Testament with the Book of Enoch reveals significant influence upon the NT, or at least they both held similar worldviews.

However, one thing’s for sure, the Book of Enoch helps to understand certain parts of the Bible. It clarifies many obscure allusions or symbols, especially in the Book of Revelation.

In short, the Book of Enoch is helpful but not authoritative.

Biblical Inspiration

The following is my view of the inspiration of the Bible (not the Book of Enoch).

God used flawed people in a flawed culture with a flawed worldview, scientifically and culturally, to deliver His perfect message. And revelation is progressive, yet never contradictory, although it might appear so initially.

Stated another way:

God makes Himself known through men according to their limited understanding, but the outcome is perfectly what God intended.

This is how our Redeemer is glorified: He takes what is flawed and makes it perfect so that our trust is in God and not men.

Therefore, I ask myself two questions when I approach Scripture:

First, What did the author mean?

Second, What did God breathe?

Men spoke more than they knew and may or may not have been aware of it.

“For prophecy never had its origin in the human will, but prophets, though human, spoke from God as they were carried along by the Holy Spirit.” (2Pet. 1:21)

So I don’t search the scriptures merely to know what a man said, but what God “moved” them to say.  We may compare it to a loving father who interprets their infant son’s gibberish so that “out of the mouths of babes” gush words deeper than men or angels can fathom, yet still comprehensible having come from man (Matt 11:25; 21:16; Eph. 3:10).

A Brief Overview of The Book of Enoch

The book of Enoch consists of five distinct significant sections:

Most scholars believe that these five sections were originally independent works (with different dates of composition), themselves a product of much editorial arrangement, and were only later redacted into what we now call 1 Enoch. (Wiki)

NOTE: I will embed incidental information within boxes, as below. The title within the box is what most readers should know, so feel free to skip over these sections!
Dating the Book of Enoch: 

Sections one and three of the Book of Enoch were written at least two centuries BEFORE the New Testament was written.

The second section, "The Book of Parables", is about the "Messiah: Son of Man". Ironically, the Book of Parables is conservatively dated to around the birth of Christ.

Scholars gather regularly to discuss the book of Enoch's influence on the New Testament and early Jewish development of thought. "The Enoch Seminar" is an academic group of international specialists in Second Temple Judaism and the origins of Christianity who share information about their work in the field and biennially meet. The group gathers about 200 university professors from more than fifteen countries. (Wiki)

At the 2005 conference, the date for this section of the book of Enoch ("The Book of Parables") is dated conservatively to about "the end of the reign of Herod the Great, or shortly after". (I.e., about the birth of Christ, plus or minus 20 years.)

Keep in mind that these scholars are in search of "the historical Jesus", as they put it. In other words, they are speaking from a root of unbelief, which is valuable in obtaining the least contested date for this part of the book of Enoch.)

In summarizing talks regarding its date (during the 2005 Camaldolo meeting), Paolo Sacchi writes:

"Earlier Walck remarked: "The dating of the Parables, while tentative, is important." I think that after the Camaldoli meeting the adjective "tentative" should be dropped, given the impressive amount of evidence gathered in support of a pre-Christian origin of the document. The burden of proof has shifted to those who disagree with the Herodian date. It is now their responsibility to provide evidence that would reopen the discussion." 

{"Enoch and the Messiah Son of Man: Revisiting the Book of Parables." The summary and conclusions of Paolo Sacchi in regard to research presented separately by Suter, Stone, Charlesworth, Hannah, Arcari, Eshel, and Olson. Pg. 511. Bold italics added.}

The title of the subsequent 2013 meeting is also telling: "Seventh Enoch Seminar (Camaldoli 2013): “Enochic Influences on the Synoptic Gospels”'"

My Approach to the Book of Enoch

My life’s work and calling, for the past 30 years, mainly regards biblical calendars and their associated patterns and related mysteries. These patterns form the hidden skeletal outline concerning the timing of every event in the Bible, large and small, and of the nations.

The 364-day calendar of Enoch demonstrates the orderly motions of the cosmos. This “Orderliness,” as demonstrated by this calendar, is fundamental to his book because this calendar reveals the POWER of “The Son of Man.” This is because the Son of Man is the one who holds all things together “by the word of his oath” (that is, ‘by the Word of His power’), Enoch 69. The Son maintains the courses of the sun, moon, and stars, and they, in turn, govern all things.

“And these are the secrets of this oath… the heaven was suspended before the world was created, and forever…

And this oath is mighty over them and through it they are preserved and their paths are preserved, and their course (ie., the circuit of the sun, moon, stars, and even weather) is not destroyed… and they (the angels) rejoiced because the name of that Son of Man had been revealed unto them. And he sat on the throne of his glory“…

And henceforth there shall be nothing corruptible; For that Son of Man has appeared, and has seated himself on the throne of his glory, and all evil shall passway before his face…” Enoch 69:16,25,26b,27a,29

Carefully compare this to the opening words of the Book of Hebrews. Such parallels are numerous throughout the New Testament and in the Old.

In the past God spoke to our ancestors through the prophets (such as “Enoch”, Heb 11:5) at many times and in various ways, but in these last days he has spoken to us by his Son (i.e., “The Son of Man”!), whom he appointed heir of all things, and through whom also he made the universe. 

The Son  is the radiance of God’s glory and the exact representation of his being, sustaining all things by his powerful word. After he had provided purification for sins, he sat down at the right hand of the Majesty in heaven.So he became as much superior to the angels as the name he has inherited is superior to theirs.”

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Extreme Events (Enochian Calendar)

The SOUTH and NORTH California Record Fires

As I said in the previous article, at the end of each post in this series, extreme events that occur that are related to the Enoch Calendar are briefly summarized.

(Enoch’s calendar was reserved for the last day but did not replace the Jewish lunar calendar. It’s a second witness that “God has power over these things,” Rev. 16:9.)

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Enoch and the Calendar of Enoch

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  1. Hi Dean Tom here been reading your research and it is making sense though I do not fully understand the formula. The book of Enoch seems to both record great victory and great perversion in the fall of men and angels. My eyes are opening to see how much detail God has gone to and conversely the massive work of satan to destroy His works and plan. Certainly I with some struggle am understanding some of your work in mathematics. God is has and continues to reveal incredibly intricate things of the Kingdom of God to you. God and I bless for obeying God in pursuit of Him and His plan. My mind has on several readings been left spinning at the level of understanding seen and displayed. Bless you dear Brother.
    With great respect Tom

  2. I believe the book of Enoch was kept out of the hands of the Evil Angels as I like to call them. I also believe that some so called scientists who try to keep it hidden by lying to throw people off the evil angels scents. No one ever listens to me when I speak God’s word, God’s truth.

    • What I mean to say is now that the book of enoch has come to light the evil angels keep trying to discredit it and keep their existence hidden.


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