Bowls of Wrath & the Recent Jewish Slaughter

Also, Adam to Moses Chronological Chart Updated

I had no intention of speaking about the war in Israel but only about the chart. The Lord had other plans.

(This post has been updated to include, The “Shocking” Sign of Hurricane Otis.)

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First, a word about the charts. The Hamas invasion is discussed after that.

Charts: ‘Adam to Moses’ & ‘Kings of Judah’

I’m currently updating various charts for both accuracy and presentation quality. This particular chart is especially valuable because it’s based on the Masoretic Text, which most modern Bibles use as a source.

One of its key features is the precise dating of Kohath and Amram (born in Exile in Egypt). The engrafting of them back into their family tree adds depth to our understanding of how ‘seven’ (or 70) and 130 interact chronologically from Creation to the Promised Land (Rom. 11:24).

I’m also working on two more charts covering the times of the Judges and the Kings of Judah. After months of focused study, I’ve gained significant insights. The research leads me to believe that the authors of Judges, Chronicles, and even Genesis intended for Joshua’s 110-year lifespan to coincide with the 40-year “generation” after Israel entered the Promised Land. This interpretation aligns with the straightforward chronology outlined in the Book of Judges (1476-1366 BC.)

I’ve invested considerable time in probability analysis of various Biblical and secular chronologies. While this analytical approach has confirmed many of my initial intuitions, it has also revealed some crucial nuances. Additionally, using probability analysis has unearthed a few unexpected insights that might have otherwise gone unnoticed.

At first glance, the analysis might suggest that humans, influenced by the Enochian worldview, deliberately crafted the Biblical chronology thought for theological purposes. However, upon deeper scrutiny, it becomes evident that the complexity and integration are beyond human or even angelic capability. The chronology spans ancient and modern times seamlessly and aligns with recent events. For example, the recent outbreak in Israel on October 7, 2023, coincides precisely—down to the day—with the 1973 war, based on the Enochian Calendar. This calendar serves as the foundation for the chronology of the Kings of Judah that I am currently examining.

May “The King of the Jews” return soon! And let no one who acknowledges Him as King have an evil eye against His people of flesh, who, in God’s time, are destined to be spiritually reconnected to their roots.

Signs Align: A 7-Year Countdown and the Echo of Past Writings in Current Events

(Note: Current events and their trajectory are not cast in stone! Prayer changes things.)

For three decades, I’ve hypothesized that this current month could start a seven-year countdown based on the Symbolic Day-Year Principle, which I have frequently referenced in my previous work. Numerous articles over the past 30 years discuss these seven years and their potential significance for 2025. For instance, the randomly picked article at was written six years ago and curiously resonates with current events.

All day I pondered the two bowl-shaped patterns produced by four eclipses in 2023, Oct 14 to 2028, Jan 26, and 2024 Oct 2 to 2027 Feb 6. Each is 3.5 eclipse years apart from one other.

From my online diary on “Oct. 24, 2017” — exactly six years ago.

The article refers to two bowl-shaped patterns formed by four eclipses from 2023 to 2028, each separated by 3.5 eclipse years. Intriguingly, the first of these bowl formations and its corresponding eclipse on October 14, 2023, occurred precisely seven days after the tragic event on October 7th. This bowl is symbolically tipped towards the Middle East, suggesting a form of judgment.

The coincidence of these occurrences, including “Storm Daniel” a month prior—which sadly resulted in 20,000 deaths on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea—adds another layer of complexity and indicates a convergence of signs. The chart on the Kings of Judah, which I’ve been working on, will delve deeper into this, especially concerning the final years “597/547 BC”—the beginning of “the times of the Gentiles.”

Jerusalem will be trampled on by the Gentiles until the times of the Gentiles are fulfilled.

There will be signs in the sun, moon and stars. On the earth, nations will be in anguish and perplexity at the roaring and tossing of the sea.

Luke 21:24-25
Click on the image to enlarge. This image originates from an article published six years ago. It features two bowl-like shapes formed by four eclipses. The upper bowl is angled as if to dispense judgment over the land, while the lower one is oriented towards the sea (Rev. 16:1-3). Notably, the land-directed bowl is tilted towards the Middle East and formed exactly seven days after the great slaughter that ignited the war.

Below is the updated Chronology from Adam to Moses/Joshua and the chart on the Kings of Judah, containing notes on the mentioned years “597/547 BC.”

Without going into detail, the seven days of the Tabernacles festival, which concluded with the great slaughter of innocent Jews, align with the next seven years in the Jewish calendar, starting both from 2023 and 2025. This period also extends back by the same number of days and years—2569 days/years.

The chart on the Kings of Judah, which was being developed at the time of the tragedy, will substantiate this point (see the climatic tragedy of “597/547 BC” and reference to precisely “50 years,” an extended period of grace run out).

Daniel’s Flood: Bowls Poured Out, (Dan. 9:26)

How a literal flood preceded the metaphorical flood.

Storm Daniel” struck the Mediterranean Sea a month before the “Al-Aqsa Flood” of the Hamas attack. Storm Daniel resulted in the tragic deaths of 20,000 people in Libya, caused by flooding from two failed dams (Ezek. 38:5-9).

Note that the area where the symbolic bowl, represented by the eclipse, is tipped over is the same region affected by Daniel’s Storm and the Flood. Moreover, the Great ‘X’ formed by two total eclipses over Mecca and Medina—occurring seven years apart—also places this exact flood-affected area in total darkness on August 2, 2027. “The fifth angel poured out his bowl on the throne of the beast, and its kingdom was plunged into darkness” Rev. 16:10.

The reference to “come like a Flood” in Daniel 9:26 is often interpreted as a metaphor for sudden and overwhelming destruction, often in the form of an advancing army. The passage is part of a prophecy concerning 490 years and is deeply significant in Judeo-Christian eschatology. It seems that Hamas named their attack “Al-Aqsa Flood” to invoke a similar sense of an overwhelming and sudden force, drawing on the metaphorical usage of the term “flood” in religious and historical texts.

One of Daniel 9’s multifaced meanings is that the 490th ‘week of years’ from Israel’s entry into the Promised Land concludes in 2025. This spans a total of 3430 years, which corresponds to 70 jubilees. Each jubilee cycle begins on the New Year preceding its start date, meaning that the next jubilee would commence at the moment of the 2024 eclipse that completes its ‘X’ mark across the face of North America.

Update: God Validates His Message

A nightmare scenario is unfolding“—Hurricane Otis Shocks Meteorologists

Nations in perplexity at the roaring and tossing of the sea,‘ Luke 21:25

What happened with Otis was just plain nuts, said University of Miami hurricane researcher Brian McNoldy…

Five different hurricane experts told The Associated Press they weren’t quite sure what set Otis off and why it wasn’t predicted, especially since meteorologists have been dramatically improving their intensity forecasts in recent years.

“The models completely blew it,” said MIT atmospheric sciences professor Kerry Emanuel, a hurricane expert…

In 2017, two devastating hurricanes, Harvey and Maria, rapidly intensified.


On the same day that I discovered the ‘eclipse-formed bowls of wrath’ (August 24, 2017), Hurricane Harvey suddenly intensified. By the next day, it had made landfall, unleashing a record-breaking 65 inches of rain over Texas.

Similarly, as I published this article yesterday, Hurricane Otis experienced a swift surge in strength. After dedicating the day to refining the chart and crafting the article, it went live at 5:13 PM on October 24, 2023. Otis made landfall near Acapulco just after midnight local time, which is precisely 490 days to the said: “7 x 490 years from when Israel entered the Promised Land to 2025” (360 Cal.).

The Lord has once again reflected the same sign, manifesting it this time through the rapid intensification of Hurricane Otis—a vivid illustration of wrath dispensed in alignment with the celestial sign of the two bowls.

The Lord continues to authenticate His word, a pattern He has established and is well documented. Yet, this instance left scientists utterly perplexed. Usually, God hides His paths from sinful men; few notice God’s decrees. But when He’s obvious, tremble!

  • Hurricane Otis made landfall as a 165 mph Category 5 hurricane, the strongest ever to hit Mexico and the eastern Pacific
  • The storm intensified by 80 mph in the past 12 hours, which is the fastest rapid intensification in the eastern Northern Pacific in the satellite era since 1966
  • A wind gust of 205 mph occurred, one of the strongest ever in the world!

Computer models did not anticipate explosive intensification.

From the below chart, observe that from when Israel entered the Promised Land (and the 49-year jubilees commenced) until AD 2024/2025 are 70 Jubilees.

Click on the image to enlarge.

Below, this chart is repeated except in a format that can be read by Google and manipulated if required for further study. Also, some notes are added at the end.

Actual Vs. Schematic Chronology
of Kings of Judah & Key Dates

Exile Yrs
A) 1st Temple
to 2nd
B) 2nd Temple to 1st  ↑Age when KingA)
Birth Dates
Birth Dates
Creation (MT)
(MT & -215 of
4114 BC
Flood (MT)
(MT & -215 of
& Call (MT)
(-215 of
Egypt (MT)
(-215 of


to Conquest
1446 as Anchor PointSame!
+50 diff. ends.
2.David40 or
1st Temple
& Palace
– 946/7
– 996/7
Temple gold
Rehob. “5th yr”926925/6975/6
11.Jehoash (Joash)40835828/9878/97835/6885/6
13.Uzziah (Azariah)52792759/760809/81016775/6825/6
Fall of Samaria“Hez. 6th yr”3-yr siege
10.Jehoahaz3 mths609559/8609/823581/2631/2
Babylon Exile
(Daniel’s Exile)
(Dan 1:1;
Jer 25:1)
“3rd” “4th yr”
22.Jehoiachin (Jeconiah)3 mths,
10 dys
23.(Ezek.’s Exile)
Zedekiah (Jer.’s Exile)2.5-yr
Fall of Babylon, Return &
2nd Temple
“70 yrs”
Dan 9
2nd Temple Built-3.5 yrs
Zech. Hag.
“70 yrs”
Zech 1:12
Exile Yrs
A) 1st Temple
to 2nd
B) 2nd Temple to 1st  ↑Age when KingA)
Birth Dates
Birth Dates
Table contrasts actual and schematic dates, anchored to the 1st or 2nd Temple. The discrepancy is 49.5 years & ten days or 50 years with David’s ‘40.5’—both exact jubilees.


1)     Ezekiel’s (390+40) bidirectional sets run from 1876-586 BC and total Daniel’s ‘1290’ (Ezek. 4, 20; Dan. 12:11).

2)     Temple themes from Moses’ Tabernacle (1446 BC) to Christ’s ‘temple’ recur in 12-generation cycles (480 years).

3)     1st Temple (‘1016 BC’) aligns with Daniel’s ‘1150’ from Abraham; the 2nd Temple (‘466 BC’) with his dual 490s from the Exodus (Dan. 8-9).

4) Noah’s birth to 538/536 BC sums to ‘1260 + 1260,’ including a direct reference to “the Flood” in Dan. 9:26-27 and inferred in Rev. 10-12.

5) ‘460’ cycles from Covenant of Pieces to Babylon’s Fall tie Nephilim and ‘days of Jarod’ (Enoch 6), mirroring dates: 1866, 1406, 946, 486 ↔ 26 BC, AD 3654, 4114 (‘Key of 23’; John 2:20).

a) LXX’s Creation date is 460 x 3 years earlier than MT (5494-4114 BC).

6) Despite the schematic, a probability analysis was performed on the dates of the kings of Judah, and also on the years born, and also both combined, but no obvious sign of non-randomness occurs.

Ezekiel’s (390+40) bidirectional sets span 1876-586 BC (Ezek 4 & 20) and sum to ‘1290’ of Daniel 12. Temple themes from Moses’ Tabernacle (1446 BC) to Christ’s ‘temple’ (6 BC) occur in cycles of 12 generations, (480). 1st Temple, ‘1016 BC,’ matches ‘1150’ (Dan 8) from Abraham, and 2nd Temple, ‘466 BC,’ matches Daniel 9’s dual 490s from the Exodus. Noah’s birth to 538/536 BC is ‘1260 + 1260,’ cited in Dan. 9:26-27; Rev. 10-12).

From the Covenant of Pieces to Babylon’s Fall, recurring ‘460’ cycles link the Nephilim theme and ‘days of Jarod,’ born 460 years after Creation (Enoch 6).  These cycles mirror dates in a bidirectional flow: 1866, 1406, 946, 486 ↔ 26 BC, AD 3654, 4114, as noted in the ‘Key of 23’ (John 2:20). Moreover, the Creation date in the LXX is 460 x 3 years earlier than the MT (5494-4114 BC).

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    • It has been tough, and I face my own fears, too, mainly the fear of ever misleading God’s people. So, what I write, I do so with fear and trembling, especially the last two posts. That’s why I prefer to avoid the prophetic part of the work the Lord gave me and stick to patterns in the Bible that reveal Christ. The problem is that after He shows me something like that, He often ties it to the present as well. That is the part that always scares.

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