Fires of California/Lebanon: “No more delay”

I really do not want to write this for two reasons:

  1. I feel silly talking about minor personal signs
  2. the message is not what people want to hear

I’ll keep it short.

(Please bear with the formatting of this post. Can’t seem to correct it.)

Recall yesterday’s article about the 21-delay recorded in Daniel 10.

Recall the series of posts about the California Wildfires in 2017 and again in 2018. The below images may refresh your memory.

The Thomas Fire formed the shape of a fiery dragon by the sea about to swipe a third of “The Angels” with its tail, (Rev 12-13). “Los Angelas” literally means, “The Angels”

The above image and caption were posted two years ago at the time of the Thomas fire. I enlarged it and placed the dragon around Los Angeles back then. This year (2019) Los Angeles has had record “Red Flag” warnings amid hurricane-force winds, especially around Halloween.

This year’s wildfires have been exceptional in several ways, however, with rare “extreme” wind warnings issued around Los Angeles. (Economic Times)

This year also began the new norm of placing millions in the dark for days to avoid electrical sparks that might ignite flames during severe Red Flag events.

Does this foreshadow Rev. 16:8-11?

Pi on sun and 11/7
A “7forms on the sun September 1, 2019

The fourth angel poured out his bowl on the sun, and the sun was allowed to scorch people with fire. They were seared by the intense heat and they cursed the name of God, who had control over these plagues, but they refused to repent and glorify him.

The fifth angel poured out his bowl on the throne of the beast, and its kingdom was plunged into darkness. People gnawed their tongues in agony and cursed the God of heaven because of their pains and their sores, but they refused to repent of what they had done.

And oddly, fires burn in both north and south California at the same time — all this even though the seven-year drought ended last year.

Last year I wrote:

North-South California Fires (Paradise)
Extreme Events (Enochian Calendar)

(For the month of November, 2018.)

As I said in the previous article, at the end of each post in this series, extreme events that occur that are related to the Enoch Calendar are briefly summarized.


Calendar of Signs and Wonders that happened after the Mene Tekel code
Calendar of Signs. Click to enlarge

In that article, I wrote the following embarrassing personal sign.

The endpoint of that personal sign is that God may delay another generation before He returns. However, even this “generation-of-delay” can be cut short in some mathematically way so as to fulfill all prophecy nonetheless.

Then, “25 days” later, God indeed cut short this personal sign thereby illustrating what He meant.

Then God proceeded to perform 30 mighty signs around the world about the 25-day delay, most of which were in headlines of the media. (See left image.)

I posted about each international sign as they occurred, one by one — a very tiresome task.

Below is an excerpt from the post about my simple personal sign that preceded the major signs around the world.

The Wall Furnace


Similar “Sign” as Ezekiel 4:4,6

“Now you son of man, get yourself a brick, place it before you and inscribe a city on it, Jerusalem. Then lay siege against it…” 

“When you have completed these (i.e., “390 days”), you shall lie down a second timebut on your right side and bear the iniquity of the house of Judah; I have assigned it to you for forty days, a day for each year.”

“The brick” represents His Land, People, and City”

To illustrate the message of the 7 and 40 days/years, God gave me a sign that He also gave to Ezekiel, (Eze. 4).

I purchased two large stone slabs (bricks) at 5:01 pm, October 31, 2018, each about 16″ by 24″ and 2″ thick. The surface of the slab is divided into five sections.

Simple object lesson, but one hard to ignore when it is in sight all the time. And that’s why God does it — so we don’t forget. (Stone slab is actually rectangular, although it appears square in this image.)

I placed each slab in front of my furnace of fire that heats up the southside of the house and another on the northside. (I live in a duplex and rent the north side of the duplex to my mother and brother.)

I picked out the slabs “just before 5 pm” on Holloween (Oct. 31, 2018) amid spiritual warfare.

Earlier that day my wife had reread my article that was written one year ago concerning the oil tanker explosion that had happened near us and she reminded me of this incident that same morning. She also spoke of it to one of her friends from the United States by phone.

Holloween night, 2017, on HYW not far from where we live. “Rivers of burning oil flowed…like a thousand ovens.” This event had marked the end of the California Vineyard Fire, as said in my article a year ago.

When we got home with the two slabs, we heard on the news that another oil tanker had exploded near us again, “just before 5 PM”, on the very anniversary of the other tanker. My wife was stunned at the ‘coincidence’, as she had just been talking about the one a year ago, and rereading the article about it. The first happened on HYW 400 near Barrie, Ontario where we live. The other was 60 miles southof us (HYW 407, not far from HYW 400) in Toronto where we used to live.

Upon learning of the second oil tanker explosion, I remembered Ezekiel 20:46, the verse that God gave me exactly a year earlier when the first oil tanker exploded, (Oct 31, 2017). That sign was also linked to the California forest fires back then. And I recalled how the text of Ezekiel 20:46, in turn, is clearly alluding back to Ezekiel 4.

(End of quote from one year ago.)

A repeat of the sign of “God’s burning wrath delayed”

I live in a duplex and am responsible for both sides. My mother lives on this other side attached to us.

About a year ago (as said in the above quote) a cement slab was placed in front of both wall furnaces to protect the carpet by which each house is heated. The two sides are identical. Each side is 1505 square feet, (exactly 7 x 430 total according to official blueprints).

At the end of last winter, the fan went on my mother’s (north) side.

Oh no! First, the fan (that blows the heat of the flame onto the slab) breaks on my south side, and now the other fan on my mother’s north-side breaks!

Most irritating!

After procrastinating until midsummer, I hired a company to fix the fan and to check the overall health of the furnace. But then came delay after delay.

September roles around and where I live it starts to get cold. My mother’s frugal instincts kick in and she refuses to heat the house above 65 degrees with the more expensive baseboard electric heat, despite my urging to the contrary.

That puts pressure on me, and pressure from my wife!

I had to pay the whole bill of about 820 dollars upfront before they bought the part. So when more delay happened all this month of October and temps dropped, it was becoming a real issue.

But then on Sunday, Oct. 2oth, 2019, the word of the Lord came to me. I recalled the symbolism of delay to do with the fan and furnace from last year. I realized that God, therefore, had a purpose in all this delay. That same day, Sunday (Oct 20), I wrote a post about the 21-day delay.

Because the 21-day delay of Daniel 10 ended Oct. 23, 2019, I reasoned to myself that on Monday I might get a call that they will be here on Wed., Oct. 23, 2019, to fix the fan and furnace thereby marking the end of the 21-day delay of Daniel 10. (See post.) I reckoned that some calamity in the world would likely occur at the end of the 21 days, that is, at the end of Wednesday, Oct 23.

And so all these things happened just as I thought. The furnace was fixed and back on about 3:15 pm, Wednesday.

New California Wildfire breaks out as Wednesday ends

In keeping with the previous signs in 2017 and 2018, a wildfire broke out at the end of the said 21 days.

I am writing this post on Thursday morning. Already 10,000 acres are in flame.

(CNN)A raging wildfire has forced the evacuation of hundreds of homes after it exploded to thousands of acres in Northern California, authorities said.

The Kincade Fire, ignited Wednesday night, has scorched 10,000 acres, the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, also known as Cal Fire, reported Thursday morning.
The Kincade Fire started at 9 p.m. Wednesday (midnight ET) and torched more than 5,000 acres within three hours, Sonoma County Sheriff’s Sgt. Juan Valencia said.

Also, 364 days have elapsed since the first post about the Enoch calendar when I said:

As I said in the previous article, at the end of each post in this series, extreme events that occur that are related to the Enoch Calendar are briefly summarized.

The Calendar of Enoch is “364 days” long.

Fires of Lebanon, and a sword

In the same post from a year ago, I quote the prophecy of forest fires from “south to north” in the land of Israel (Ezek. 20:45-49; 21). This can include Lebanon to the north. (I.e., “south to north” mean the southern and northern kingdoms of Israel that include parts of modern Lebanon.)

In that post, I carefully compared the south-to-north topography of Californian to that of ancient Israel and said that they mirror one another. Last year both Israel and California saw a dramatic end to record droughts at the same time.

Note October 17th, 2019 headline happening now. Fires both figurative and literal fill headlines at the same time:

“Lebanon’s Year of Fire: From self-immolations to forest blazes, the country’s conflagrations are igniting pan-sectarian protests “(FP)
“Lebanon is on Fire” (New York Times)

Fires are burning across Lebanon during a record heatwave.

Lebanon struggled thisweekto fight its worst wildfires in decades after a heatwave and strong winds caused fires in the pine tree-dense western mountains to spread to towns south of Beirut.

The blazes – the worst in decades – started in Lebanon’s western mountains, amid a heatwave and strong winds.

Heavy smoke was seen over Beirut and the city of Sidon, and one volunteer firefighter reportedly died. (Vox)

Also, see Zech 10:10-11:1. Note Ethiopia’s Nile-Dam from yesterday’s post.


The math of delay

Quickly, as said in previous posts, 7 x 365 years to-the-day have elapsed since the prophecy of Daniel 10-12.

However, the 21 days (or 21.5 days) correspond to the 21 or 21.5 years of delay that followed the rebuilding of the altar and temple in 537/536 BC (until 516/515 BC). I will not go over the whole pattern again here, but the decree to return home from Babylonian exile was in 538 BC.

Therefore, 7 x 365 years from 516 BC (when Zerubabbels temple was completed) brings us to 21 years from now, that is, about AD 2040.

In other words, God is reiterating the first furnace-sign of last year, namely, God may delay in some way His FULL wrath and thus return.

Therefore, be ready now, or for the long-term marathon run. For their might be a delay.

Let no man steal your crown.

Be prepared for the possible long haul.

See, I told you that you wouldn’t like the message!

And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened. (Matt 24:22)

Warning: there are numerous ways to “shorten the days”. Do not fixate on one method. God alone knows.

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  1. I have often thought that God, who is mindful of the life of a bird, relates the personal to reflect the greater. And every life is filled with his signs. The important point is He is with us, delay or not. And in our eagerness for His return, we are reminded that His delay is because of His marvelous mercy.


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