Update on “The Wolf Comet & the Scepter of Jacob”

The post is by David Rooke.


This post is an update to the documents “Crown Him With Many Crowns” & The “Wolf Comet & The Scepter of Jacob.”

http://1260d.com/2019/10/03/the-wolf-comet/  &  http://1260d.com/2019/10/11/crown-him-with-many-crowns/

It’s best to familiarize oneself with these articles first, then to read this document, as this update will provide little in the way of exposition.

“The Wolf Comet & the Sceptre of Jacob” document showed the path of the interstellar comet 2I/Borisov overlayed on the Mene Tekel/Mystery Babylon Prophetic Map, (created by the Celestial & Earthly Events of 2019), following the revealing of the Mene Tekel Uparsin/Writing on The Wall series of documents. This series was a “message to fallen angels first & man secondarily” (Dean’s words).

Part One. Mene Tekel Peresin: The gods are judged!


The whole is world weighed & found to be “to light” (found wanting). This image was posted in the original article. The Mene Tekel Code is all about money.

The Bible plainly tells us that man is unable to save himself & had been doomed to suffer death, even if it were possible for him to avoid sinning his whole life. This is due to the “original sin” committed by Adam and Eve. Our carnal minds were at enmity with God until the Holy Spirit is ingrafted in believers when we realize & admit that we are sinners & that God in the flesh (Jesus Christ) had died in our place, purchasing us, on the Cross & rose to life on the third day. For “the wages of sin is death.” Therefore, no man can purchase his own life. All that is required is that we believe in Jesus Christ, turn from sin, and serve Him with love toward our fellow man.

The path of Comet Borisov as it passed through the constellation of the cross in February 2020. God directs the path of comets to communicate Christ to the world. Nothing is by chance. All is under God’s direction — and it all points to His Son!

This generation has scoffed at this Good News & fallen away, so many great signs are saved for these last days, before Christ’s coming, to fulfill the prophecies found throughout the Bible (Luke 21:25).

There is little, if anything, that occurs by chance in this world. Even though we do have free choice, the outcome of our choices is directed by God. “He is in control.”

The Crown of Ethiopia (whose king once held the title, “Lion of the Tribe of Judah”)

Lion Bible Code

With this in mind, (that men are disregarding God’s last-day signs), I start by saying that Dean asked me to let him know when the 18th Century Ethiopian Crown (depicting the Father, the Son & the Holy Spirit) was returned to its “rightful” owner as Dean knew that it would be on a special day. 

The day that the crown was returned to Ethiopia, in a ceremony involving “The Prince of Peace” (Nobel Peace Prize winner Prime Minister of Ethiopia) Abiy Ahmed, was on February 20, 2020. This was the very same day that the Stock Market began its fall & the day Dean uploaded the image of the Lion/Flying Cherub to his website, (Haggai 2:6-8).  https://www.cnn.com/2020/02/20/africa/ethiopia-crown-returned-intl/index.html . This was 140 days from the Wolf Comet Document being posted & https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/2020_stock_market_crash  Also see: https://1260d.com/2020/04/04/video-sign-of-comet-atlas-chief-of-titans-portent-of-corona-virus-and-bear-market/

02/02/2020: Rare ‘worldwide palindrome day’ (& 7.7% financial quake)

The Crown and Scepter

A Crown & Scepter denotes a king’s right to rule.

Moreover, in the past the Emperor/King of Ethiopia held the title of “King of Kings” & the “Lion of Judah,” therefore the Prime Minister can be seen as a “type” of the once rejected Lamb of God, returning soon as a Lion King claiming the rule over all the ends of the Earth, which is rightfully His! (Rev.5:5 & Gen. 49:8-12)

Remember, the Wolf Comet’s (2I/Borisov) theorized origin was near the crown and scepter of the King of Ethiopia (Cepheus), shown below.

Unknown to Dean at the time, on the very day of the return of the crown, he uploaded the below image to his website.

Lion Bible Code

“Benjamin is a ravenous wolf.” (Genesis 49:27). Just after the time of the original discovery of Comet Borisov, on the day it was revealed to me (The Feast of Trumpets: Hebrew Calendar), this interstellar comet was at the mouth of Leo (the Lion).

To keep it brief, this, in part, was about “Benjamin” Netanyahu, who had (by the timing explained in the “Wolf Comet” article) recently fallen from power in the recent election.

““Benjamin” Netanyahu (Trump’s counterpart) fell from power in the Israeli election that same day. But like a “ravenous wolf” he claws back.””

This was Dean’s interpretation (made through the Spirit), even though at the time, it looked like Gantz would form the new government.

On the evening of March 26, 2020, an agreement was made with the opposition party (Nisan 1st or 2nd ). www.jns.org/opinion/netanyahu-finally-deemed-winner-is-set-to-form-large-center-right-government/

This is like when King Saul was interim King until King David eventually became ruler over all Israel. (King David is a foreshadow of Jesus.) This is the purpose of all world leaders (spiritual & governmental). They are given power for a time, until Christ comes again. Even the Antichrist will be given power for a “short season.”

His an excerpt from “Jacob’s Acrostic Prophecy” found in Genesis 49, which in the surface text was a Prophecy made in regards to the future of the Tribes of Israel, just before Jacob’s death at 147 years of age.

“”For the bull grew into an swift bear charging toward her.” (Or, “For the bull grew into an swift bear that caused them to wail (howl).” Or, “For the bull prospered into a bear of burnished metal (that) rips in pieces.” Or, “For the bull grew into an accursed bear.” Or, economically speaking: “For the prosperous bull (market) became a weak bear (market) that makes them wail,” [See Genesis 41:17-21].)” (From Jacob’s Acrostic Code discovered Oct. 2004)

Also see: http://1260d.com/2020/04/04/video-sign-of-comet-atlas-chief-of-titans-portent-of-corona-virus-and-bear-market/

Added details to ponder

David Rooke’s added note about the date of the return of the crown of Ethiopia. To understand this map please see below post

Rise and fall of the Dung god

7 thoughts on “Update on “The Wolf Comet & the Scepter of Jacob””

  1. The Independent put it succinctly, saying this,”Storming back from the brink of defeat, Benjamin Netanyahu – Israel’s longest-serving prime minister – appears to have secured his throne.”

    “This is despite failing to win a majority of seats across three separate elections in under a year. This is despite being unable to form a coalition government twice. This is despite being indicted across three corruptions cases (on charges he denies).”


      • Possibly, but I think it shows that something that would appear highly unlikely is possible with God. The Lord sets up rulers that he wishes (for good or bad).
        They are all just temporary kings until the Everlasting King comes (Isaiah 9:6).

        [KJV] Micah 5:2 “But thou, Bethlehem Ephratah, though thou be little among the thousands of Judah, yet out of thee shall he come forth unto me that is to be ruler in Israel; whose goings forth have been from of old, from everlasting.”

  2. Something to think about:
    Although I am not sure of the exact hour of signing of the Benjamine coalition deal, the late hour indicated by Israeli reports says seem to point to it being after sunset. This would make it Holocaust Remembrance Day.
    Just a thought.

  3. The very same day (April 20, 2020) that Benjamin Netanyahu secured a coalition (unity) government (Gen. 49:27 “Benjamin is a ravenous wolf”) , the Wolf Comet (2I/Borisov) was in the news, for a study (released April 20, 2020) indicating its “strange” composition is unlike other comets from our solar system.
    The study wad published in Nature April 20, 2020.


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