Throne-room Fractal, Measuring Rod, & Book of Enoch

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This fractal will demonstrate how a timeline radiates from the base of the throne and precisely matches the Enochian timeline posted 19 days ago and all other timelines. At the left is the timeline, and below are the fractals.


The Throne-Room Fractals

(Def. of a fractal: “Infinitely complex patterns that are self-similar across different scales”)

Each fractal draws us closer to the throne room of God. Click on the link below each image for the best quality and enlargement.

The throne room of Christ
Click here for best quality. Panoramic view from afar of the throne room. Click here for a broader perspective of this image.


Click on this link for best quality. Or download the full image at this link, 65 MB


Click on this link for the best quality.


Includes the birds that form an eagle/cherub. Click here for best quality. For more images and information about the eagle/cherub, click here


Click on the image to enlarge.


Click here for best quality. Fractal of the throne room with an altar at the center. This is the same image as before, except with greater complexity. It was left out in the first images because the intense detail can be overwhelming.


All of the above is nested as a seal over the Lord’s heart in the image below.

Click to enlarge. Fractal of New Jerusalem coming down from heaven. This image is 196 times large than the previous one which looks like it. Wheels with wheels, each precisely intersects with its smaller equivalent by locating the river in the same place — flowing out from his side at his waist. Thus, this image produces an identical “river” 196 times smaller and is located as seen in the previous images. As explained next, the circle in the middle is precisely 490 x 196 years across.


Click to enlarge. The Branch of God. This image is 196 times smaller than the first and, thus, 196 x 196 times smaller than the previous image. It is lodged within the “Lord on His throne” but was omitted. Even if it were, it would barely be visible, about the size of a few pixels.

The three sizes of the Lord symbolize the past, present, and future.

I Am Alpha And Omega, The Beginning And The Ending,” saith the Lord, who is, and who was, and who is to come, the Almighty. Rev. 1:8


The Measuring Rod of God

The above circle (with the branch in His hands) spans exactly ten years vertically and horizontally. It is lodged within another fiery circle three times its size, hence, 30 years.

The golden throne is slightly larger than the Lord

Because the above circle spans exactly “10 years”. Therefore, the main image of “the Lord on his throne” is 196 times larger. Consequently, the first images depict the Lord’s throne at the height of 1960 years (40 jubilees). This throne spans from 6 BC at its base (a little below His feet) to 1955 AD at the top (a little above His head).

The “24 elders” (i.e., larger golden circle) span 3920 years (80 jubilees) vertically (1895 BC to 2025 AD.)

The Church spans 140 jubilees vertically, from 3436 BC to 3425 AD. (The Church is the large seven-pointed star, hard to spot at first.)

Click to enlarge. The Church, along with the “seven angels to the seven churches”, Rev. 1. Spans 140 jubilees vertically.


Click to enlarge. Same image, with a different color scheme. The golden large seven-pointed star is the Church, Rev. 1


Alternative colors

The four massive, interlocking guardian angels at the four corners of heaven span 280 jubilees, 6795 BC to 6925 AD, from bottom to top.

The below image will help to spot them more easily.

Enlarged view of the throne and the 24 elders, with the four large interlocking guardian angels surrounding the entirety of heaven


Four archangels of Enoch that guard the four corners of the earth and its seasons
Just the four angles. Four archangels of Enoch guard the four corners of the earth and its seasons.


Click to enlarge

The enormous throne, which is 196 times larger, spans 196 x 1960 years, from 262086 BC to 122075 AD. Its center is 70006 BC, 1000 generations to Christ.

Remember that all these images interlock by intersecting a wheel within a wheel (Ezek. 1); thus, the timeline is the natural outcome.


Measuring the throne and the length of a rod

The following is a little complex but is essential to appreciate the intricate agreement of the length of the “rod” with the Bible and the Book of Enoch. After all, it’s the rod that measures all else.


As said, the “1960 years” of the circle is also the length of “the Branch” (Zech. 6:12), and the “Branch” symbolizes the Messiah. It is also the length of the throne. This agrees with Zech. 6:12-13.


The Branch is .77777 and .66666, that of a regular and royal rod (Rev. 11:1-3; 21:15-17).


One “handbreadth” equals “70 years“, Ps. 39:4-5; 90. There are six handbreadths to a regular cubit (seven if it’s a royal cubit), and six cubits to a rod.



“70 years” times 6 (or 7) times 6 = 2520 (or 2940) years.


Therefore, the regular rod spans 2520 years, and the royal rod spans 2940 years.


Jesus is both Priest and King, employing both a regular and royal cubit


Jesus is both a Priest and King (Zech. 4). Because a rod (2520 years) is 1.5 times the average height of a man. Thus the fractal image of the Man (at the throne) spans 1680 years, which is the priestly number of grace (= 336 x 5). Thus, the Lord upon the throne spans 1680 years. (1680 x 1.5 = 2520.)


Notice that on the Enoch timeline, Levi (who starts the priestly line) is 336 x 5 years to Christ, and Christ is 336 x 10 from the beginning of time. And the Flood is one rod (2520 years) before Christ.


However, with the “Royal Cubit,” a rod is 2940 years long; thus, a Man is 1960 years. The throne itself spans 1960 years.  (1960 x 1.5 = 2940.)


Notice that “in the days of Jarod” (Enoch 6:6) is one Royal rod to Christ; Enoch was born to Jarod. And from Terah to Christ are 1960 years; Abraham was born to Terah.


Also, according to the Enochian timeline, half a Priestly rod (1260) and half a Kingly rod (1470) span from Moses to Christ. Moses is a type of King and Priest who stretches out the rod of God, Rev. 11.


Measuring the throne in the reflective Crystal Sea

The likeness of the throne is cast upon the crystal sea before it, as in a mirror, at a ratio of 4:3. Thus, in the crystal sea, the reflected throne measures at half a royal rod, thus 1470 years (6 BC to 1476 BC). And thus the Lord measures at half-a-regular-rod, 1260 years.

Jesus is the exact image of God, Heb. 1:3. When He rose, Jesus passed through the lowest and highest depths, “sea.” Thus, Jesus rose up through the crystal sea into the presence of God, the victor over death and hell.

Since then we have a great high priest who has passed through the heavens, Jesus, the Son of God, let us hold fast our confession, Heb 4:14.

(Click to enlarge.) Fractal of Jesus rising up into glory, as in a chariot of fire, as in a race before adoring saints and angels. He ascends into God’s heavenly ‘Coliseum’ before a great cloud of witnesses, Heb. 12:1-2.

The above scene is the reflection of the throne and is, therefore, the view from the throne. It is thus upside-down when compared to the other images. An entire video was created that illustrates this.


Footnote: The throne can move one generation of 70 years. Thus it may also span 2025 to 65 AD (and its mirror from 65 AD to 1406 BC). It takes it's cue from the two Pillars set to 29515 and 29465 AD. See "Temple of Time".


Because it's a "throne of grace". It allows flexibility and mercy by delaying judgment one generation, Heb. 4:1-16, "the generation under His wrath", Jer. 7:29.


Converting units (cubits) of 490 to 720 years

As explained in “Temple of Time”,  a cubit can also be 720 years long rather than the 490 used here. The unit of “720 years” is pervasive throughout the  Sumerian Tablets. (The Sumerian King List and Biblical chronology convert in both directions, from 720 to 490 or 490 to 720, and interlock with the fractal.)


The difference between 720 and 490 is 230, which is significant. (See “Key of 23”.)


How to convert the fractal, tablet, or Biblical chronology:


Sumerian Kings List. Click here for best quality.

If using units of 720, count to 1446 BC (the Exodus). If units of 490, then to 1406 BC (the Conquest of Canaan). Next, add or subtract 40 years to realign with 1406 or 1446 BC.


The foot of the throne in the fractal will move 720 years from 6 BC to 715 AD. And as explained before concerning the Sumerian King List, all its dates can also be back 720 years. (Example: 452886 BC to 453606 BC, or 262086 BC to 262806 BC.)




To convert units of 720 to 490 from 262086 BC (the date of the creation of man according to the Sumerian King List & also the beginning of the fractal), do the following:


  • From 262086 to 1446 BC are 260640 years.


“260640” divided by 720, then times 490 equals 177380 years.


Can adjust to 1406 from 1446 BC: 1406 BC plus 177380 is 178786 BC.


Thus, 262086 BC converts to 178786 BC, a decrease of 170 x 490 years.


Footnote: Thus, there are 365 x 490 years from 178826/178786 BC unto AD 25/65. And 364 x 490 to the prophecy in Daniel 9, etc. (Recall the fractal throne-room advance of one Enochian "generation of 70 years", i.e., 536 to 466 BC.)
  • Or contrariwise (especially concerning the fractal), we now convert units of 490 to 720 from 262086 BC (or any other point in the fractal):

From 262086 to 1406 BC are 260680 years.


“260680” divided by 490, then times 720 equals 383040 years.


Can adjust to 1446 from 1406 BC: 1446 BC plus 383040 is 384486 BC.


Thus, 262086 BC converts to 384486 BC, an increase of 170 x 720 years.


Footnote: Instead of 262086 BC, try the two pillars, 29465 & 29515 AD to 1406/1446 BC. Converts the same way to 19625/19665 AD & 43915/43955 AD. These are the pillars in the wilderness for 40 years (14400 days) after 430 years in Egypt.
Enoch is the key:


Try the Sumerian King List date for the Sumerian equivalent of Enoch. (Use the +6480 plus leap month of 30 days/years.)


The life of Enoch spanned “21000 years”: 66966/66996 (birth) to 45996/45966 BC (ascension).


45996 to 1406 BC converts back to 66966 BC! (1446 BC plus “91 x 720”)




91 x 490 converts to 91 x 720 (180 times the Enochian year of 364), a difference of 21000 less 70 (i.e., 299 x 70).


Furthermore, 299 converts to 300 anyway due to the difference between the Enochian 364-day-year and 365.2422 days. See “Key of 23”. Even in the Bible, Enoch ascends “300 years” after the birth of his son, Methuselah, at “365 years of age”, but which is 364 when 300 converts back to 299!


Doubtlessly this is why the Book of Enoch places Enoch in heaven for just “one year” (364-365 years old). Or in the Book of Jubilees, for “294 years” of “364 days”, which equals exactly 293.0001 solar years!



Enoch 91-93, the Fractal Template

Click here for best quality


Key of 23

The Enochian timeline is the original template for the fractal (and Biblical Chronology).


Example: Enoch’s creation date is 3366 BC (see left). The Bible is 4114 BC (or max, 4304 BC). With the “23’s,” these convert to 4326 (or 4346) BC. (For simplicity’s sake, we ignore the Sumerian Creation and Flood date, 258000 & 16560 years earlier.)


Thus, 3366 BC converts to 4326 BC and vice versa. This demonstrates the unity of all in Christ, mathematically speaking, even among the Gentiles.


Click here for best quality. For more images and information about the eagle/cherub fractal, click here

These conversions (490 to 720) allow the fractal to copy itself and morph into a new position relative to the old “until we all reach unity in the faith and in the knowledge of the Son of God and become mature, attaining to the whole measure of the fullness of Christ,” (Eph 4:13).



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  1. S/Patoshi here, lol. I left a note the other day. These fractals?

    Quantum. So when I look at the throne room, I identify with the science. The Creator is using symbols with infinite meaning to make us aware. Equal but distinct and then unique! But the eternal, universal truths remain. So in the throne room fractal, I see E mode, B mode and Hydrogen on the quantum level; see H field, metallic hydrogen, plasma reactors etc. esp plasma reactors as you see these shapes that we find in nature; you’ll see these shapes too in the life cycles of superluminous supernovas.

    Between H and 0 and all elements are infinite others and that’s what these primes can denote also.

    I saw the image on the Bible pictogram site that looks like coins with the 6 shape. I agree but I also see Archimedes’ circles! What he was aware of in his time.

    This reveals the magnificence of our humanity and the godspark within; and what a precious, priceless gift the endowment known as our mind is!

    I am with Manly Hall the man known for his knowledge of secret society symbolism: what is so incredible isn’t that we do know and are aware of this, it’s that we have the capacity to know it. That we CAN know!

    I began using the American Founders original work and some of their numbers. When I conquered and owned as wisdom the correct app of EO&DP accounting for biolgical actuality, in my mind’s eye I saw the Platonic Solids on a balance, and as they leveled and so slid back and forth there was balance and a…”mountain”. But action, I saw the shape of the natural force and wave flow dynamics.

    You do really cool work! Do you know how much help your work will be to ppl currently living in darkness, in these earhly hells who have no hope? Live upon sheet will alone?

    I designed experiments that did not require outside tools so any human could rely on self and prove it or not without having academics textbooksplaining away the proof of life and of the Creator, lol. But your fractals? I am filing these to SCOTUS too! A person can just view one of these and know all of these concepts! In context. And as they are fractals, what will the anti social math guy materialists object to then? They gutted the Spirit from the law and broke the will of ppl across this Earth. Do you realize how powerful a child would feel and be if they realized they are a universe unto their own self? That this is how expansive and magical they are? And a part of not apart from nature?

    I need to go, gotta give you and your work to others and the cred too: thank you!!! You? I have a string of triangles and a pyramid of equations that I’m having difficulty unifying, reducing. But you told me where to look for 9. I was certain it’s base 9 and you said in Baha’i. 9 is important. That? Independent confirmation. I have been looking there but not at any numbers or formal doctrine. Now I will.

    I feel like a little kid who is delighted by a discovery unfolding and starts jumping up and down, “Do more, do more!” 😀

    • Yes, God is great. Glad you were blessed.
      God uses the calendars of each nation to instruct them towards Jesus of Nazareth, the only Son of God. Unfortunately, men stumble in the light.
      God created the sun and moon which yields various ways to keeping time. God wills that Baha’i find Jesus using the time-keeping method ordained for that people just as He did for the Romans with their Julian calendar or the Egyptians with their 365.00 calendar.

  2. Thank you for your all your work, it has been very encouraging to see what Jesus is doing since coming across this site in 2020. In a season where my heart is coming back to the reality that “Christ is ALL”, the content on this website has spurned my heart to continue the race and love Jesus even more. Why? Because it’s nice to know what He’s doing!… and that makes me feel a little closer to him.
    I have been sharing your articles with another friend here in Australia, and it’s given us something to talk about again, bringing things in our own lives to light through Jesus.
    Thanks again, keep up the good work.

  3. Hi Dean!
    I have a question concerning the angels in the book of Revelation.
    The fourth angel brought a message and I wonder if the time has come for the reaping.
    I had a strange dream before I woke up this morning, a voice said angel and then four. Imagine that 4:50 in the morning CET!
    I’ve googled it, of course. But I wonder if you have the time to take a look at it. Sort of explaining it, but the message is quite clear to me though.
    God Speed and Blessings


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