Book of Enoch’s 70 generations (100 jubilees)

See, “Enoch’s Prophecy of Seven 490-year Periods” (Nov. 17, 2018). The post awaits an update to reflect the addition of this critical chart.

This chart (and the “Key of 23” posted 23 weeks ago on Oct. 2nd, 2020) marks the completion of 30 years of research.

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  1. Sincere caution on these covid jabs. As a person of science and faith, this jab is a beyond dangerous. Many are not knowing or realizing that the mechanism of these jabs (all on market), are designed to enter the cell nucleus and inject itself into your dna (j&j directly affects mitochondria) then is programmed (mrna) to replicate itself through (new genetic code) throughout. The set up for autoimmune diseases and death are now set up perfectly over the next months and years. “Boosters” are being worked on now before this experimental jab is even fully determined. There is so much more to this, simply from science that no one should seriously consider accepting. For a 2-3 10th death rate, the masses, like sheep, fearful of death, are closing their eyes and lifting their sleeve to receive something they truly do not understand but can not be detoxed or removed once received. And this does not go into the immortal (which essentially is cancer) aborted fetal cell lined these virused are grown on. Or the other toxic and cancerous chemicals used and incorporated into their chemistry.

  2. There is Alot of people who belive the covid vacine is the Mark and that the world population will be drastically reduced to 500 million by 2030 as the planned global reset with all things becoming digital and automated run by artificial intelligence. What do you think Dean?

    • The mark will not be an option. I have many allergies and therefore, cannot take the vaccine. I do see the development of that thinking pattern being reinforced though. When there is a language change or a rewriting of history to suit someone’s comfort level, that is conditioning used to promote the mark.

      • I totally agree that societies around the world are being reconditioned to think along antichrist lines. Absolutely true, and quite obvious really. And we should expose the works of darkness. However, this is obvious, but Covid is not obvious as far as nefarious activities. And because it is not obvious it is causing divisions in the Church. I consider this a worldly issue, not a moral one. It’s therefore a matter of opinion and nothing more. I prefer to see the good that God is doing in Covid, such as the sifting of believers to root out imposters and purify those devoted to Him, and also the preparation for future persecution by learning to rely on small gatherings for fellowship rather than religious centralized authorities that can be controlled by Government.

        It’s distressing to see all the evil and lies perpetrated in the world right now, but we must be careful to discern that which contradicts the Holy Scriptures from that which is merely a matter of opinion.

    • I have written about Covid from the start, actually, 17 years before the start when I anticipated waves of the Coronavirus along a 7 + 3 + 7-year pattern (and 3 + 7 +3), which is what happened. (Notice that this is also the same pattern within the Enochian timeline of the chart.) Covid 19 was the seventh “Crown” virus.
      Also see the most recent post: Is Covid a blessing in disguise? March 2, 2021

      I believe the church has become enamored in conspiratory theories that are a distraction of the devil at a time we ought to be focused on the Kingdom of God, rather than politics and Covid. Unfortunately, false prophets abound creating much confusion so that in the end every man must know their God for themselves. Evil men will use the Covid matter for their own interests, no doubt. But I plan on getting the vaccine. A lot of Christians will die or be impaired lifelong needlessly because of these conspiracy theories or pseudoscience.

      The question about AI is much more important. The last generation of each cycle of 490 years has seen Apostasy/Nephilim. This leaped out at me once I finally deduced the (exact) correct timeline. I was stunned. At that hour, the strongest quake in over a year happened and I could not but think that the two were somehow related, after all, in a sense this chart was the culmination of 30 years of intense research under the heavy hand of God, for which I have been more or less isolated 30 years as all are now with Covid. These things are revealed along a prophesied timeline, although God uses our hard work and study as His tools of operation.

      1955/1962 to 2025/2032 AD is perhaps the most important seventh cycle of 490 years since the Creation of the World and thereafter. But there can be a delay of up to three generations, however, Jesus said that time would be cut short in some way; so who knows when for sure?

      Artificial Intelligence, especially the soon rise of Cyborgs (and Crisper9) is a page right out of Enoch concerning the Nephilim. And Apostasy abounds and is increasing “as the love of most grows cold”. Moreover, governments around the world are undoubtedly ahead in these fields ten or so years because of their military applications. These 70 years have witnessed the rise of supercomputers and may well end with the dawn of AI and quantum computers. A lot can happen in eleven years.

      Men have plotted nefarious conspiracies for power and wealth from the days of Cain, who build the first cities and named it after Enoch (that is, the evil Enoch). These things are inevitable, the end result of the mystery of Iniquity. But God restrains evil. Only when God gives up and gives man over to their evil do things leap forward in their progression. And it appears that such a leap is upon us as we speak unless the Lord stops it, and that seems unlikely to me.

      Keep in mind that the generation following each of the below marks a new beginning. (Jarod, Cainan, and Terah {Joshua 24:2} are all known for their apostasy.)

      Jarod/Nephilim (2946-2876 BC)
      Cainan. See Bk. of Jubilees (2456-2386)
      Terah (1966-1896 BC)
      Moses, Conquest of Cainan/Nephilim (1476-1406 BC)
      David/Conquest of Nephilim/Goliath (986-916 BC)
      Apostasy/Exile “70 years in Babylon”; Daniel (496-426 BC)
      Christ defeats Nephilim by the cross, Jewish apostasy (6 BC-65 AD) (& 2 AD to 72 AD)
      Knowledge explosion leads to a repeat of the sin of the watchers (AD 1955-2025) (& 1962-2032)
      Also note AD 536 (“Most destructive year of modern man“), 975-1045 (peak of “Dark Ages” culminating in “Great Schism” of 1054 BC — a new era begins); and the “New World” of AD 1492 with the demise of Nephilim strongholds in this unknown isolated world — a geographical divine miracle, unlike any since Noah’s Flood.

      Also, note that the seventh church of the Book of Revelation is the apostate church of Laodicea.

      • Interesting about C-19 being the seventh ‘crown’ virus.
        In studying Revelation 5, the first rider comes with a crown and a bow. I then noticed the reference to the rainbow of promise after the flood being referred to as a ‘bow’. This first rider appears to be carrying an assignment against Genisis, “Go forth and multiply and reproduce” as both of these are assignments against this, including GMO foods, Bio-adds in foods, plastics and aluminum in our consumptions and water…etc.
        Every attachment that has been named with the world’s rainbow, being a work against what was spoken in Genisis, cannot reproduce itself.

  3. 1 generation = 70 years = 1 day………..God told Adam, “on the day that you eat from it, you shall most certainly [h]die [because of your disobedience].”……..AMPLIFIED BIBLE………Gen 2;17……I died on the same day that I was born,,,,,,the day that I sinned….but our Passover Lamb died so that I can be resurrected and live. Praise Christ!


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