Is Covid a blessing in disguise?

I live in Canada where thinking for oneself is increasingly a crime.

We sense coming persecution that will include the closure of Bible-believing churches under the pretense of “equality”.

Is it possible that Covid is a blessing in disguise that moves the Church in the direction of small gatherings so as to prepare her for future persecution?

It is hard to stamp out the Church when it is disbanded into small non-public gatherings. Just ask the believers in China, Russia, or Turkey.

To obtain the full blessing, house churches should have leadership that strongly encourages every member to participate, 1Cor. 14:26.

But there is a place for both “old and new wineskins” in the economy of God, that is, meeting in a traditional building (until forcibly stopped), and meeting in houses.

We must mainly see the strategy of God in Covid and only minimally what the devil is up to. Then you will have peace.

Your God reigns!

Suggested video. (My personal view is that we should find ways of obeying government restrictions until clearly incompatible with biblical ordinances. For example, why not break up into small meetings rather than go to prison? There will be plenty of time for that in the coming days!)

6 thoughts on “Is Covid a blessing in disguise?”

  1. My views on “Covid” (which I know to be a hoax mostly) will seemingly depart from traditional beliefs. It is a possibility that this entire scenario is a test to see who is awake or not? Who wants to embrace and preserve their spirituality, shunning the seeming need for an apparently desperate reliance on technology? The “mask” and directive to stand “six feet apart” are both characteristics of occult ceremonies. What I’m alluding to is the fact that the chief intent is to separate people into two groups. One which is reliant on technology, science, and the virtual world, the other desiring to awaken to intuitive sources of information, etheric connections with friends, relatives, and the wider world. The large corporate interest tied into the Federal Reserve system of banking (ultimately tied to the Rothschild families) see only overwhelming interest in people as capital, as “currency”. You tied to a 5G network are completely subservient to their system, with their total control over your financial, medical, and personal data streams without any control on your part. If people were aware of this being the chief goal of the big money interests, would they ever consider taking a seemingly necessary (potentially extremely toxic) vaccine funded by George Soros and engineered by Bill Gates? Absolutely not. Unless they believed these sources to be trustworthy – for some unknown reason – possibly in mere appearance. What will occur in the near future regarding this scenario?


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