Life of Abraham structured like Menorah

Over the past few months, many articles were posted that discuss the reversing of numbers and letters, as if in a mirror.

Some may think the concept of a mirror as strange and unbiblical simply because they have never heard of it before.

The Bible is predominantly organized like a mirror, as a whole right down to individual letters.

Most already know the big picture, how that the Bible begins with “The Creation” and ends with “The New Creation”. The new creation mirrors the old. But what is true on this large scale is true on the small, as said, down to the very letters in the Bible in some cases.

The Bible contains thousands of chiasms, numerically, and thematically. I prefer to call a chiasm “mirroring”, just because its easier to conceptualize.

Please review this Wikipedia article in order to know what a chiasm is.

Below is taken from the Wikipedia article. It is one of the best know chiasms in the Bible. It serves to introduce the reader to this literary device in the Bible.

At, I talk a lot about “the mirror”, how that dates in BC mirror itself in AD. This is just another type of Chiasm, albeit, clearly of divine origin. After all, only God knows the future.

Below is quoted from Wikipedia.

Chiasm at Noah’s Flood

Gordon Wenham has analyzed the Genesis Flood narrative and has shown that it is essentially an elaborate chiasm.[8] Based on the earlier study of the grammatical structure by F. I. Andersen,[9] Wenham illustrated a chiastic structure as displayed in the following two tables.

The chiastic structure of the Genesis Flood Narrative
A: Noah and his sons (Gen 6:10)

B: All life on earth (6:13:a)

C: Curse on earth (6:13:b)

D: Flood announced (6:7)

E: Ark (6:14-16)

F: All living creatures (6:17–20 )

G: Food (6:21)

H: Animals in man’s hands (7:2–3)

I: Entering the Ark (7:13–16)
J: Waters increase (7:17–20)
X: God remembers Noah (8:1)
J’: Waters decrease (8:13–14)
I’: Exiting the Ark (8:15–19)
H’: Animals (9:2,3)
G’: Food (9:3,4)
F’: All living creatures (9:10a)
E’: Ark (9:10b)
D’:No flood in future (9:11)
C’: Blessing on earth (9:12–17)
B’: All life on earth (9:16)

A: Noah and his sons (9:18,19a)

Within this overall structure, there is a numerical mini-chiasm of 7s, 40s, and 150s:

Chiasm of the numbers 7, 40, and 150
α: Seven days waiting to enter Ark (7:4)

β: Second mention of seven days waiting (7:10)

γ: 40 days (7:17)

δ: 150 days (7:24)

χ: God remembers Noah (8:1)
δ’: 150 days (8:3)
γ’: 40 days (8:6)
β’: Seven days waiting for dove (8:10)

α’: Second seven days waiting for dove (8:12)


More Numerical Chiasms

Now that the reader knows what a chiasm (mirroring) is another.

I will attempt to keep things simple. This is my goal for the future.

The most common complaint about the posts and articles written in the past 30 years is that they are too complex to understand. This was needful until now. A foundation had to be laid. But now that this is done, I hope to keep things simple from now on and just refer to previous more in-depth articles if needed. Hopefully, more people will benefit.

Life of Abraham

Abraham was 75 years old when called out of Babylon (Ur of the Chaldees) to go to the Promised Land (Canaan). (Click here for timelines.)

At 100 years of age, his promised son Isaac was born.

Abraham died 75 years later at the age of 175.

These four points of time divide the life of Abraham into three sections and form a mirror.

75 years (Birth to Promised Land).

25 years (Promised Land to birth of son).

75 years to death of Abraham.

Thus, there are two 75 and 100-year spans within the life of Abraham. (The call of Abram out of Ur unto his death are also 100 years.)

Life of Abraham is structured after the seven-branched menorah (lampstand)

The menorah מְנוֹרָה was fashioned after a tree.

The middle flame of a menorah is its main trunk and the other six are its branches.


25  x 3 = 75

25 x 1 = 25

25 x 3 = 75

Thus, 25 x 7 branches.

Moreover “25” equals 5 x 5. In this context, 25 symbolizes “grace multiplied”.

“Five” is the number of fingers on your hand. In the Bible, giving a hand means to help someone, as it does in English. Helping someone underserved is the definition of “grace”.

The birth of Jesus

The very  first verse in the New Testament reads:

This is the genealogy of Jesus the Messiah the son of David, the son of Abraham: (Matt. 1:1)

The death of Jesus

Jesus died when both hands were stretched out on a tree (cross).

Jesus is, “The Light of the World”, John 8:12.

Jesus is the Menorah of God, snuffed out for us, reignited three days later.

There are many more mirror-like structures in the Bible.

But I do not want to complicate it.

Speaking of grace…

From the article about chiasms from Wikipedia:

Form critic, Nils Lund, acknowledged Jewish and classical patterns of writing in the New Testament, including the use of chiastic structures throughout.[10]

The writer of the book of Ephesians uses a chiastic structure to bracket the entire book.[11]

A  Grace to you
B  and peace… (Eph 1:2)
  Peace be to the whole community… (Eph. 6:23)
  Grace be with all. (Eph. 6:24).

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  1. Dean,
    This is incredible, inexplicable and unexplainable.
    God is real
    He has removed many idols. He wants people to turn to Him.

  2. Thank you for your commitment to digging for buried treasure in Scripture.

    Please consider several things that may influence the direction(s) of your research:

    1. The possibility that the 2020 worldwide medical martial law “novel” (means: fiction) corona-virus is a Synagogue of Satan (also Sanhedrin/Noahide Law advocates) enforced sabbatical/jubilee “year” … also inducing community/societal resentment for losses of freedom, jobs, travel, etc … torment future rage against vaccine-refusers.

    2. Cain was the seed of the serpent not Adam. Abel seed of Adam. Mark of the Beast might be vaccine-related and contain: aborted human fetus and animal stem cells with Cain-line serpent-seed/DNA. The Mark will include: a) proof of having sworn allegiance to a worldwide antichrist system, religion, calendar and may be required to participate in human sacrifice/murder of innocents; b) required future ID for travel passport/banking system access to buy/sell; c) inextricably transform/merge the human’s genome (perishable flesh/host, eternal spirit) with serpent seed (imperishable host, eternal spirit); making the mark-taker beyond redemption; and, d) self-inflicted-sourced (chose mark, chose fate) attacks by stinging entities (injected nano-particles?), for 120 days/5 months while seeking death due to terror and agony, which may be activated by electromagnetic radio/cell frequencies? Could explain the mask-wearing rehearsal/ritual to hide both the humanity and brutality, the six ft distance is the height of many guys … future seizures, collapse … if too close, unintended person gets zapped/electrified …


    • Oops, forgot to say: the please this add this, if you post my prior comments, about the Mark which will look “holy” and will either be the Star of David” (steal God’s logo) or a “Menorah” (steal God’s template 7 branch), or a Hanukkiah (9 branch claiming to be more complete, better) in keeping with mirroring …

      • On this point, possible I suppose, but not likely in my opinion.

        There seems to be an antisemitic tone to your comments.

        We must be careful — Jews and Christians have both been blamed for about every calamity since Christ.

    • Hi. I removed your email access so you are as anonymous as I can make it.

      I really don’t buy into these conspiracy theories. All this will be just a memory in a few years. It does not mean that it was insignificant. But in the big picture of things, it is only one of many events leading to the end.

      I believe the Sabbath year rest is totally God’s doing, and not mans.


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