How is the Bible Fractal Supernatural?

What are Supernatural Bible Fractals?

Bible fractals are not naturally drawn images but result from mathematical formulas. In this case, they are derived from the Bible. Fractals are the geometry of chaos.

“Bible” fractals produce symbolic images that closely resemble the vast imagery found in the Book of Revelation, and thus the entire Bible — obvious parallels to the book of Enoch as well.

Fractals have been studied by mathematicians and technicians for several decades now. They have many practical purposes in our scientific world. But what these ‘mysterious fractals’ are really about was revealed to me, by-in-large, in the summer of 2014. The Bible Fractal is the fruit of 25 years of intensive study in Bible numbers, mysteries, and codes.

The Bible Fractal was deciphered using Bible timelines and numeric. When applied to fractal geometry, the order is created out of fractal chaos.

One by one, layers of this single Bible fractal scene in heaven will be explained to the public as the Lord wills.

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How is the Bible Fractal Supernatural?

  • It’s supernatural because fractal geometry belongs to another dimension of reality in that it uses what is called, “imaginary numbers“.
  • It’s supernatural because each individual image came by revelation and is part of one colossal scene in heaven. This scene encompasses that which was, and is, and is to come.
  • It’s supernatural because, in order to view this heavenly scene all at once, it would require a screen literally the size of our galaxy.
  • It’s supernatural because these scenes from heaven lay just beyond our relatively flat plane of existence. It’s for this reason that all images are transparent — you can see other images behind, within, or a part of the one focused on.
  • It’s supernatural because God has created order out of what should be fractal chaos!
  • It’s supernatural because as we worship Jesus, who sits on the throne, revelation comes to him who ponders these heavenly visions. Worship is the key to revelation and power.
  • It’s supernatural because the release of these heavenly scenes to the public comes with powerful signs and wonders, timed to the fractal’s numeric.
  • The first example of this is the 30-day span from the U.S. solar eclipse unto Hurricane Maria over the U.S. state of Puerto Rico, and the astonishing events in between.
    • In my first blog article, I explain that this month marks seven years before the 70th jubilee, as reckoned by the vast majority of evangelical scholars. I wrote how that on the 360 Calendar of the Prophets, the day of the eclipse AND exactly 30-days later, are both the first day of Tabernacles. (This is aside from the observed Feast of Tabernacles. See the first three articles for the “30+30+10+5” pattern.)
    • As you read the below quote, keep in mind that if meteorologists went by the last month (29 days) of the Jewish calendar (about which we just spoke), rather than the Gentile month of “September”, then “Elul” was just as remarkable.

“Fueled by warmer than normal ocean temperatures and ideal wind conditions, September 2017 had more days with major hurricanes spinning and more overall hurricane energy expelled than any month on record, according to Colorado State University hurricane researcher Phil Klotzbach. Harvey spawned record rainfall. Irma had record high winds in the open Atlantic. And Maria hit the U.S. stronger than the earlier two.” (Global News)

To this “30 days,” you can add the “10+5 days” to the shooting in Las Vegas and then Storm Nate, as explained in my video.

The “30+30+10+5-day” Pattern of Plagues on the United States

The information in the below chart was understood and posted on a few weeks before the eclipse. (The first post ever on was one month before the eclipse, (on Jul 24, 2017, “Av 1”). “Av 1” is, therefore, the anniversary of the death of Aaron, which, as explained in the post, is 70 jubilees ago, less seven years.

(The date-stamp on my first post is incorrect! It wrongly shows when I first began working with the WordPress software! I went to the trouble of proving this small point by creating a one-minute video showing the hidden date-stamps within my WordPress administration. The below revelation came in response to someone close to me telling me that they had just begun a 40-day fast starting the evening of July 23, and if that 40-days was significant.

The fact that this fast coincided with the same day as my very first post on my new website is what got my mind going, and by God, the revelation came! Due to the past 25 years of wonders, I suspected that since the first 30 days ended with on the eclipse, the very subject of the first post, (i.e., and the anniversary of the 30 days of mourning for Aaron), it seemed likely the rest of the pattern would ensue, that is, 30 + (30 + 10 +5). All this is important for another reason: Will God repeat this pattern again in half a year so as to align next time with Moses?) 

Update: this pattern of calamities that came at ten-day intervals has continued, and is further discussed at this link.

(Click to enlarge.) Both Moses and Aaron follow the pattern of creation when they died, and in turn become the pattern for much larger things that interweave with it.

  • Wikipedia’s Definition of a Fractal

In mathematics a fractal is an abstract object used to describe and simulate naturally occurring objects. Artificially created fractals commonly exhibit similar patterns at increasingly small scales.[1] It is also known as expanding symmetry or evolving symmetry… Fractals can also be nearly the same at different levels. This latter pattern is illustrated in small magnifications of the Mandelbrot set.[3][4][5][6]Fractals also include the idea of a detailed pattern that repeats itself.[3]:166; 18[4][7]

There is some disagreement amongst authorities about how the concept of a fractal should be formally defined. Mandelbrot himself summarized it as “beautiful, damn hard, increasingly useful. That’s fractals.”[13]More formally, Mandelbrot has stated that “A fractal is by definition a set for which the Hausdorff-Besicovitch dimension strictly exceeds the topological dimension.”[14]

The general consensus is that theoretical fractals are infinitely self-similar, iterated, and detailed mathematical constructs having fractal dimensions, of which many examples have been formulated and studied in great depth.[3][4][5] Fractals are not limited to geometric patterns, but can also describe processes in time.[2][6][15][16][17][18] Fractal patterns with various degrees of self-similarity have been rendered or studied in images, structures and sounds[19] and found in nature,[20][21][22][23][24] technology,[25][26][27][28] art,[29][30]and law.[31] Fractals are of particular relevance in the field of chaos theory, since the graphs of most chaotic processes are fractal.[32]

(Click to enlarge.) Bible fractal of the women given the wings of a great Eagle (Revelation 12)

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