Why no recent posts

I apologize for not writing new articles recently. I am absorbed in study. Like the 18 eyes of the Webb Telescope that is presently being aligned to give sevenfold light, so it is in the spirit.

The Lord is giving understanding by combing past studies into one, which is Christ.

However, every member of the Body is now being enriched according to their gifting.

For me, it’s the disclosure of things long hidden. For others, it’s miracles of power. Still others, a harvest of souls. But we are one in the sevenfold increase.

Lord willing, I will begin posting again soon.

Dean Coombs

11 thoughts on “Why no recent posts”

  1. How are you ?
    I was researching for an article I am writing regarding Jubilee and ends times when I came across your blog. Is there a way to subscribe to this blog and get updates as I can’t trace the “subscribe” button. Let me know

    • Greetings:

      The site is being revamped and the “Subscribe” feature is not active at this time.

      May God open your mind and heart to know Him better and guide you in what you write.

    • Good to hear from you too. My coworker knows him personally, having worked within his political team in Ukraine. She is now trying to help in the refugee situalion here in Canada. She is a Christian.

  2. With the recent provocation from Germany (halts gas Pipeline) against Russia, it is clear we are in the 42 month tribulation that stated in December and expected to finalize June 1, 2025 on Pentecost; Starts at sunset the day before on Saturday. (If God does not delay Christ’s coming back to earth to rule the nations). Germany and 9 other EU nations will be the 7th and final revival of the Roman empire under the influence of Satan. Germany and the EU will certainly do a Nuclear EMP attack on America and blame Russia and China. The Real enemy is Germany and the other 9 nations that will engage in nuclear weapons against America whereby the first 5 Trumpets of Revelation deals with the downfall of America and the other English speaking nations of Israel. (Canada, Australia, Britain and her Colonies, and Western Europe.) The Non- Jewish 10 tribes of Israel. The other 2 tribes of Israel; Benjamin and Levi will also suffer, as with the whole world leading up to the return of Christ and the Resurrection of the 144,000 firstfruits on a Pentecost (most likely???) in the First Resurrection. Leviticus 23

  3. Brother, no apologies needed. You are doing the Lord’s work and everything is in His timing and sequence. Love you and keeping you and your family in much prayer. Thank you for allowing God to use you in this time. Much Love!

  4. I look forward to seeing new posts. I check every day to see if there is anything new. Very often the Holy Spirit touched me, brother, through your fasts.


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