Update to previous “2025” post & “Asteroid Apophis”

The following was added at the end of the previous post!

Yet another sign! 1274 + 1274 +21 days and years to Asteroid Apophis!

This is nothing new to me. Whenever the Lord reveals something it always occurs with an ultra improbable sign. In this case, the sign is useful to confirm upon which day the “two or three leap weeks” are inserted.

I began this post referring to the Enoch Calendar and “1274 + 1274 +21 days”.

Here is what I said in a footnote:

Footnote: The Essenes (of the Dead Sea Scrolls) likely used one of these two methods, but we cannot be sure. However, in this study, we care little about what the Essenes practiced, but rather what the Book of Enoch and the Book of Jubilees say or imply. After all, the Book of Enoch inspired the Essenes who hid the Dead Sea Scrolls and not the other way around. Though not the simplest, my personal favorite of mechanizing leap weeks is as follows:

Every 7 years add a leap week (2548 + 7 days). Every jubilee (7 x 7 yrs), add 3 weeks, with the exception of 3 out of every ten jubilees (490), where just 2 weeks are added. Thus, 490 years has 178969 days, (an average year of 365.2428571 days).

Compare to Daniel 9:24-10:4 — Coincidence?

“3”, “7” & “10” are all numbers that symbolize completion, as can “400”. At the end of 400 jubilees, a leap week is dropped, producing a Gregorian & 360-Cal. average of 365.2425 in 19600 years. 2025-2032 AD is 7 x 490 from the Conquest of Canaan (1406-1399 BC), and 7 x 364 (plus 2 or 3 weeks of years) from 538 BC, (the return to Promised Land). Ponder that!

Make sure you read carefully those seven verses referred to.

Compare to Daniel 9:24-10:4 — Coincidence?

Two days before this post, I wrote the following article:

The next day I came across a video by Tom Horn that led to this April 3rd post.

In the said April 1st post, I refer to several past images about a meteor striking the Accursed Mountain.

Below, with its images, is cut and pasted from the post:

(The skull at the top of the mountain is literally a known meteor as explained in the link from the below quote.)

Mountain of the Curse/Skull where the Giants/Nephilim are judged. This image is from early 2019. Notice the ancient script at the altar atop the mountain bleeding lava as the sun is eclipsed by the moon, (and the sun is crucified/suspended on a cross). It’s in the same script as the Curse Tablet discovered soon afterward atop Mt. Ebal! Seven groups of three stars are at top. They are divided in half as evening stars (at top right) and morning stars (at top left) and read “Mene/Numbered” seven times. Click to enlarge

In the next image posted in April of 2019, the dragon is slain atop the same mountain by the Lion (Leo) of Judah as He enters through the Ring of Power (earth’s aurora halo) with a large star surrounding it. (The seven-sided star is the Bride of the Lamb, and at the seven points are seven mightly angels.)

Click to enlarge. The woman is given wings of an eagle to flee the dragon — 3.5 years. A third of the said 21 stars disappear/fall. Seven pillars uphold middle-earth upon which the red globe sits. See, The 8th sign: Meteor strikes dragon mountain-mural & dragon-aurora appears in sky

A Massive Coincidence?

It happens that  1274 + 1274 + 21 days from this post (or the day after inclusive), is the anniversary of the 21 days (“3 weeks”) of Daniel 10, Friday, March 23 to Friday, April 13th, 2029. (All dates are on the 364-Calendar referred to in Tom’s book.)

And speaking of “21 days”, notice the caption in the above image: ‘7 of the 21 stars fall from the sky’ — the same as our leap months, “14” and “21”.

“Friday, April 13th, 2029” happens to be the day when Apophis passes near earth! (Tom Horn thinks that it will hit earth. I only think it’s a sign, but an important one. Yet, improbable things can happen, as we shall see!)

Thus, the 490th Seven-Year period from the Promised Land (1406 BC) converges with the reentry into the Promised Land in 538 BC, which is 1274 + 1274 +21 years to 2025, which in turn converges with our 1274+1274+21 days — All on the correct anniversary dates given in Dan. 10. (Moreover, the angel Gabriel revealed Daniel 9 and 10 to Daniel also in 538/536 BC).

Plugging in the sign!

The three leap weeks are added spring of 2025, thus…

April 1, 2022, + (364 + 364 + 364 + 21 days + 182) = 1295 days — plus 1274 = Asteroid Apophis, in 2029, etc.

(The 2 or 3 leap weeks should be added Wednesday, March 12th or 5th, 2025, with the New Year on the morning of Wednesday, March 26, 2025. Therefore, in 2029, the New Year lands on March 21st, 20 hours after the Spring Equinox in Jerusalem.)

The convergence is much more spectacular than said here, but that’s enough said.

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  1. What “Lord” is revealing things to you? Do you even know him?

    Hosea 13:4 “There is no other savior but me.”
    Hosea 13:7-8 “I shall be onto them as a LION, Observe them as a LEOPARD, and meet them as a BEAR.”
    Revelation 13:1-8 “I beheld a beast rise from the sea, with the body of a LEOPARD, the mouth of a LION, and the feet of a BEAR. All shall WORSHIP him whose names are not written in the book of life.”

    Christians like to think they are saved by grace, when Revelation says everyone is judged according to works, “The rest of the dead.” Judgment based on Works is RIGHTEOUS. Only the sinner opts out of it, in favor of “Grace” because you got to nail Jesus on a cross…

    Your reward for doing this is DISQUALIFICATION, because your 7858 YHWH GZEZ PQNQ (Yahweh Jesus Picnic of his forbidden fruit, his flesh and blood) is actually THE BEAST and 666 is Jesus Crucified in the greek.

    Run and hide from the truth, false priest, whose work amounts to NOTHING. You lack extra oil for your lamps, and the Christian oil is going out at midnight. MICHAEL THE PRINCE will stand up, slay the Leviathan dragon (Isaiah 27) and when the dragon is kicked out of Heaven in Revelation 12, HE FALLS INTO THE PAST, where he becomes the BEAST who WAS, is not, and YET IS, the devil who FOOLED THE ENTIRE WORLD. Who got the whole world to worship him.

    It’s all coming down, and when it does, those who worship this GOD are getting raptured into the past with him. You will be trapped in a Time Loop known as the LAKE OF FIRE forever, tormented in the presence of the Lamb, for the lamb existed in all cultures. Endless Reincarnation, always a second death, for what can death / reincarnation be cast into? A TIMELOOP. A lake is a body of water cut off from the Ocean. Fact of Chemistry, you can’t burn anything with H20 present. 2 Esdras, “there is a path to inheritance BETWEEN FIRE AND WATER.”

    You have failed completely!

    • Thank you for sharing your perspective. It’s an interesting view, even if I disagree. The timeloop theory aligns somewhat with my thoughts that the “bottomless pit” in Revelation might represent a black hole for disembodied spirits, caught in the chaos of timelessness. While our interpretations differ, I appreciate the opportunity to consider your viewpoint. May God make known to you his face, rather then his back.

  2. Food For Thought On Daniel’s 70 Weeks

    My Website: 70weeks.com

    I use Sir Robert Anderson Time table with minor adjustment for the Start of the 70 Weeks prophecy for the 1st 69 Weeks or 483 Prophetic Years which Equal: 173880 Days from Friday March14th 445 B.C. to Sunday (1st Palm Sunday) April 6th 32 A.D.

    My Timeline Table for Daniels 70 Weeks using 360 Day Prophetic Calendar only found in the Bible is: Monday March 17th / Nisan 5th? 445 B.C.to Sunday April 6th / Nisan 9th? 32 A.D.

    • Thanks for your comment.
      What you said is true, but just a drop in the ocean of all this numeric prophecy entails. Also, most scholars place this a year ahead, that is, 444 BC to AD 33.

  3. Dean, I have not seen anything new on your site since the April,4 2022 post! I wanted to check If I am being blocked as my work with the government, and certain people has caused me to be banned from most social media sites and hacked. Can you let me know if there are new Post’s and if anything has changed! God bless you for your wonderful ministry, that has been a major source of Gods witness to what he has revealed to me! Thank you for your faithfulness in truth! And, your love and dedication to the study if his word! Refreshing waters!! During a time of desert baroness in the 5 fold mainstream ministry. Blessings!!

  4. Hi brothers and sisters.

    Below are some updates to the article 33^137.

    Update 2 is exploring the relation between “Nicola Tesla’s 3,6,9 and Genesis 1:1”, and Update 3 is about “The 12th Polygon and the Christ’s Name”.

    Matt 11:17-19
    17‘We played wedding songs,
    and you didn’t dance,
    so we played funeral songs,
    and you didn’t mourn.’
    18For John didn’t spend his time eating and drinking, and you say, ‘He’s possessed by a demon.’ 19The Son of Man, on the other hand, feasts and drinks, and you say, ‘He’s a glutton and a drunkard, and a friend of tax collectors and the sinners!’ But wisdom is shown to be right by its results”:

    Update 2

    Nikola Tesla’s 3,6,9 and Genesis 1:1

    While studying the works of John Tng, I was led to discover the below series which is very much connected to the Nicola Tesla’s theory on 3,6,9:

    1. Genesis 1:1 = 2701 = The 73rd Triangular Number = The 37th Hexagonal Number = 37 * (Its Mirrored Image) = 37*73 = The (5*5=25)th Centered Nonagonal Number

    Adding a 3,6,9 to appropriate places in the above equation, we will have such a mind-boggling pattern/series. These are the rules for setting up our series:

    1. Add a 9 between the 3s and 7s of the above equation; [a(n) = 4*10^(n-1) – 3]
    2. Add a 3 next to the 5*5
    3. Add a 6 between 2 and 5

    Applying the above rules, the other members of the series are as below:

    2. The 793rd Triangular Number = The 397th Hexagonal Number = 397 * (Its Mirrored Image) = 397 * 793 = The (5 * 53 = 265)th Centered Nonagonal Number
    3. The 7993rd Triangular Number = The 3997th Hexagonal Number = 3997 * (Its Mirrored Image) = 3997 * 7993 = The (5 * 533 = 2665)th Centered Nonagonal Number
    4. The 79993rd Triangular Number = The 39997th Hexagonal Number = 39997 * (Its Mirrored Image) = 39997 * 79993 = The (5 * 5333 = 26665)th Centered Nonagonal Number
    5. The 799993rd Triangular Number = The 399997th Hexagonal Number = 399997 * (Its Mirrored Image) = 399997 * 799993 = The (5 * 53333 = 266665)th Centered Nonagonal Number
    6. This pattern remains valid up to infinity.

    In addition, the Triangular, Hexagonal, and Nonagonal in the series above are orderly associated with 3,6,9 too.

    Nikola Tesla has talked about the 3,6,9 as the key to the Universe and now we know that God has used the first member of the above series, which is perhaps the most sophisticated mathematical series too, to drive Genesis 1:1, and the second member of the series to drive the name of the Messiah (=397= Yehoshua with an added Waw).

    In Tanakh, there have been 2 times that instead of “Yehoshua” (=391) the name “YehoshuWa” (=397) has been used which is from the second member of the series above (a 37 with an added 9). The First Term=Genesis 1:1; The Second Term=The Name of the Messiah; With this last one, the body of Christ has been able to reveal the glory of all versions of the name of the Lord Jesus Christ: Yeshu, Yeshua, Yehoshua, YehoshuWa, as well as Yahushua.

    Also, we know that 397 (=YehoshuWa) is the 12th “Hexagonal”, its reverse (=793) is the 12th “Star” Number, and excluding the 9 (=37) it is the 12th Prime.

    It is so astonishing, indeed. We are this generation for whom the mysteries of the past turn into science. Do we believe though? That is the only question. No other questions will be remained unanswered for our generation but only this one: Do We Believe? What are we waiting for to save our generation from the Religious and Political deception upon this earth? Which other weapons of warfare should we have been equipped with for this task that we haven’t? Do we still think that it is only possible by the SWord as opposed to the Word?

    Update 3

    “The 12th Polygon and the Christ’s Name”:

    1. Triangular Geometry (T) is at the center of the Bible Mathematics.
    2. Isaiah 53 is the most informative chapter of the bible about the Messiah.
    3. It is the most debated chapter of the bible between the Jews and the Christians. The Jews refer to it as a prophecy about the Israelites whereas the Christians believe it as the most important prophecy about the Messiah.
    4. Apart from the fact that Yeshua (=Jesus) is 53 in Ordinal Hebrew, I was led to this equation T7+T5+T4=53 (The sum of the triangular of the digits of the Lord’s name; 754= “Jesus Christ”) as one very simple but solid Sign and Wonder encoded in the bible for such a time as this. A Mathematical relation in the bible cannot be simpler than this.

    The above was what the Holy Spirit had once revealed to me and thus it always stays as something beyond any proof for me myself but could it also work out in the same capacity for others?
    Could any Muslim or any Jew find the same sense of being encountered with pure truth by this revelation above?

    For those who do not encounter the Truth through the Holy Spirit but only through debates and philosophical reasoning, or through signs and wonders shown to them by others, there will always remain a gap between the Truth and the Theory. All we may be doing for them is to reduce the gap. We cannot eliminate it. It will be eliminated only when we cause them to be born in spirit and see it for themselves through the power of the Holy Spirit.

    Bringing the probabilities of events closer and closer to Zero only helps people to further close the gap. It clicks something in their mind that causes them to start sincerely seeking God. The Mathematics of the Bible suggests that the possibility of it being written by man is an absolute big fat Zero. Yet, it is only the Holy Spirit who can fully eliminate the gap for people and turn a Theory into The Truth which in turn creates Faith, the one substance necessary for the salvation of the souls by activating God’s GRACE into one’s life, as opposed to Spiritual Laws.

    When it comes to Faith, there is no difference between a narrow gap and a wide one. Even the slightest gap causes the job to remain undone. Faith comes along only when the gap is completely removed by the power of the Holy Spirit, not by the power of logic, great debates, or astonishing mathematical equations.

    As I had been filled with these doubtful thoughts above and totally forgotten my own excitement a while back at the time of the revelation of Isaiah T7+T5+T4=53, the holy spirit took me even deeper into this sign and wonder reminding me again of the importance of this revelation.
    In a dream, I was not only watching the Triangular this time but also the Quadrangular, Pentagonal, Hexagonal, etc of the digits of 754. When I woke up I made this series below to assess what the Holy Spirit was pointing me to.

    {0 , (7+5+4) , (T7+T5+T4) , (Q7+Q5+Q4) , (Pen7+Pen5+Pen4) , (Hex7+Hex5+Hex4) , (Hep7+Hep5+Hep4) , (Oct7+Oct5+Oct4) , …} ═

    {0 , 16 , 53 , 90 , 127 , 164 , 201 , 238 , 275 , 312 , 349 , 386 , …}

    The first two members are One-Pointed and Two-Pointed figures. Except for the first term, there is a difference of 37 between the successive members of the series above (127-90 =164-127 = … = 37). Seeing the incremental of 37 in the series, I had no further doubt about the importance of the revelation that the Holy Spirit was trying to bring to our attention. As you remember, the number most fundamental to all Mathematical revelations of the bible was 37. Although our focus is only on the first 12 members of the series above, this difference of 37 remains valid up to infinity because it follows a mathematical rule as below that I discovered by chance but am sure it can be also proven by mathematical rules as well.

    For example:

    Hexagonal (n) – Pentagonal (n) = Triangular (n-1)
    Hexagonal (7) – Pentagonal (7) = Triangular (7-1)
    = 91 – 70 = T6 = 21


    Hexagonal (n) – Pentagonal (n) = (Hexa-Penta) * Triangular (n-1)
    Hexagonal (7) – Pentagonal (7) = 91 – 70 = (Hexa-Penta) * Triangular (7-1) = (6-5) * T6 = 1 * 21 = 21

    Another Example:
    Octagonal (10) – Pentagonal (10) = (Octa-Penta) * Triangular(10-1)
    280 – 145 = (8-5) * T9 = 3 * 45 = 135
    So, we can now see where that difference of 37 above was coming from:
    T(7-1) + T(5-1) + T(4-1) = T6+T4+T3 = 21+10+6 = 37
    In the series above, the sum of the first 12 members (Up to 12-sided Polygonal member=Dodecagonal) is 2211(=3*737).

    2211 has many things to do with 33. This number is a product of 33.
    Subtracting from its reverse (2211-1122) it becomes 1089 which is a perfect square of 33, 33^2.
    Adding to its reverse (2211+1122) it becomes 3333.
    Adding up its two parts of 22 and 11 yields 22+11=33.
    It is not only a Triangular number but also the (33+33)rd Triangular.
    The relation of this number to 33 is very unique (33^2, 3333, (33+33)rd Triangular, 33)
    The 12th member of the series itself is equal to 386 (Dod(7)+Dod(5)+Dod(4)=386). 386 is the name of the Messiah (33) in Hebrew (386=Yeshua, 391=Yehoshua, 316=Yeshu, 397=YehoshuWa).

    The numbers greater than 363(>The Christ) that can possibly serve as candidates for the name of the Messiah while producing such series with an incremental of 37 just like above, are 843, 834, 384, 483, 438, 762, 726, 627, 672, 921, 912, 745, 547, 574, 457, and 475 but none can satisfy the sign of 53, 386, and 2211 (33) altogether in the way 754 does. In fact, none can make a connection with the 12th member (=386) except 754 (391=386=Yehoshua=Yeshua).

    So, the first geometric form of polygons (=Triangular) and the Twelfth of them relate to the most significant chapter of the book of Isaiah about Christ (T7+T5+T4=53) as well as to the name of Christ (Dod(7)+Dod(5)+Dod(4)=386=Yeshua) through this series above having an incremental of 37 all over. It contains wonder, beauty, harmony, and uniqueness regarding the name of the Messiah.
    Once again, all above is what the Holy Spirit has revealed to me myself and thus it is beyond any proof for myself and those who are in Christ along with me having the same mind of the Christ. To others, at max, it only clicks something in their minds forcing them to sincerely ask God to reveal himself to them. “The spirit searches deepest things of God” and reveals them to us. In this case, it is about some beauty about the name of Christ in relation to the Bible concealed in the heart of Mathematics. Even when I looked at the sum of the first 12 members, 2211, I realized that it itself is a reversed 12 in Stressed Form (1122).

    Having all said that, the websites related to Bible Mathematics that we introduced in the article 33^137 do not suffer from this subjectivity. They are some definite proofs suggesting that the probability of the bible being the work of man is an absolute big Zero. Although the authors themselves are some spirit-filled researchers, their works are not subjective to spiritual things but only to mathematical wonders and the science of probability. They are proper proofs even for the blindest in the spirit.
    In the name of our Lord “Jesus Christ” let’s finish this update:
    • Lord (=Adonai) in Ordinal Hebrew = 29
    • YHWH in Ordinal Hebrew = 26
    • 29 * 26 = Lord * YHWH = 754 = Jesus The Christ
    • 2926th decimal digit of Pi is unbelievably equal to 754 = 29*26.
    • The first time 2926 occurs among the PHi digits it is next to 752=Jesus of Nazareth.
    You can find the latest update to the article 33^137 in the link below from the Acrobat Reader website:


    To God be all the Glory;

    ***The child inside the womb was upside down until the revelation of 37 brought the issue to our attention. It had been Seven 45 as opposed to being Seven 54. It was the manifestation of Psalm 52:7 as opposed to being that of 7’52. Yet, the anointing was there to fix the situation and give it a right-side-up deliverance. Thank God for the presence of such anointing among us at these crucial moments in our history.***

  5. I asked god when he first sent someone to Minster in America and he showed me were Paul got lost in the sea in Acts 14 any way he reviled to me that a person in the government would unit North America with South America and the church would go to south America and a revival would happen then we would be called the Americas. I got really excited and wrote done this and wanted to share this revelation.

  6. Shalom and good morning!

    Not sure if you’ve been keeping up with what is happening in Israel and the Temple Mount, but here is an update from the Temple Institute (who is currently working to breed a red heifer)… it looks like things are being set up for this part of the prophecy to be fulfilled: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gUz-rkbnlOo

    Again, please do not publicize this comment. Much appreciated!

    G-d bless.

  7. Hello Dean,

    I just stumbled upon a new source while researching. Are you aware of a World Government and this year’s summit? I wasn’t until I watched this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k_T3SmA25JE

    As usual, please do not post this comment. I just wanted to share with you a new source that also confirms your studies as well.

    Thank you for the work you share with us. I look forward to a new posting!

    All the best,

  8. Hi there 🙂 I hope you and yours are doing well and healthy! So an article you posted helped affirm what happened to me spiritually, didn’t understand it at the time but DIVOC caused an apocalypse for me. When I went to revisit the article it’s not “password protected”. Is there a link we can join or is that article now just for your eyes only?

  9. Good morning Dean, I hope all is well.

    Just dropping you a note because surely you’re aware that Elon Musk got what he wanted and bought out Twitter (to which I promptly set out to delete my 13 year old account as soon as I heard the confirmation), and not without much controversy behind his motivation and deceitful means of taking it over. This has set off some major alarms, especially after reading more about him and the different technologies he’s tied to. So my question is, could he be the one who ushers in the mark of the beast, and that G-d may be using him as a tool to work His will as He did with Trump? I am posting the Wikipedia URL so you can check out the referenced links so you may understand my concern… this way I don’t have to post them all. I am just hoping that I am wrong and just being paranoid. — https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elon_Musk

    As usual, please do not post this comment.

    Thank you very much for your effort to spread your studies of the Bible to the world. If the tribulation has not yet begun, we must undoubtedly be on the threshold! G-d bless you and yours.


  10. Every one will be dead by 2030 the global elite plan is going ahead with Zero resistance so none of this really matters anymore. World population will be reduced to 500 million by 2030 with the beginning of the new world order to occur after.


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