Update to previous “2025” post & “Asteroid Apophis”

The following was added at the end of the previous post! Yet another sign! 1274 + 1274 +21 days and years to Asteroid Apophis! This is nothing new to me. Whenever the Lord reveals something it always occurs with an ultra improbable sign. In this case, the sign is useful to confirm upon which day … Read more

Tom Horn’s book “2025” & Note added about Enoch’s 364 Cal.

An important note was added today to the posts about the Enoch Calendar at… Part One: Enoch Calendar Cycles with Leap Weeks (& 40-yr cycles) And at… How the 364-days calendar works Below is the added note… 364-days: The Calendar of Reconciliation The Book of Enoch, the Book of Jubilees, other extra-biblical literature of that … Read more