Part 3. U.S.S.R. & the Great Bear of Russia

This post assumes that the previous two posts were read. This is written as briefly as possible. You may have to use the supplied links for more information.

They say “a picture is worth a thousand words”.

Like numbers, pictures are also a language. Both communicate information.

There were quite a few posts from the past written prophetically about Russia. But since our theme here is the Bear of Russia, we will focus on this particular post, written almost exactly three years ago.

Below are excerpts from the 2019 article! 


polar bear invasion is terrorizing Russians on a remote Arctic island with more than 50 beasts besieging one town.
A state of emergency has been declared on Soviet nuclear testing archipelago Novaya Zemlya as the beasts enter the front doors of apartment blocks. (Fox News)
Things to note:
  • It’s a Russian military community
  • It’s near the town of Belushya Guba, which area is associated with nuclear testing
  • It’s in “the far north” (Ezek 38:15)

“Belushya Guba is the main permanent settlement of the island territory of Novaya Zemlya. A large proportion of its population is made up of military personnel associated with the nuclear test sites located on the island.” Wiki

Rod with Flag points to Russia

Overlay with the above image. Note wind in flag and direction of blood. The original image revealed at and on, 2300 days before Trump declared the embassy move to Jerusalem.
Note the flag flying. Click to enlarge

A white horse: Religious ‘Peace and Safety’

Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, an 1887 painting by Viktor Vasnetsov. Depicted from left to right are Death, Famine, War, and Conquest. The first horsemen on the white horse with the crescent red moon below its tail represent false peace. He carries a bow and arrow the same as the constellation of Sagittarius (Nergal) where the eclipses occurred. The Pope and the Arab false peace.

“Beware of Valentine’s Day”

Both the Russian and the US-led conferences are to be held on Valentines’ Day. This reminds me of something personal.

“Beware of Valentines’ Day!” Those are the words that the Lord kept speaking to me 31 years ago when the devil attempted to destroy my family, including my mother and friends. It was our personal “Purim”. (See the Book of Esther. Purim and Valentine’s day both commemorate love and someone’s execution, and both occur around the same time of the year.)

But like Purim, God turned the tables. When that day came, what was meant to be the final blow to kill us instead became the turning point. It marked the day when the darkness began to lift.

After many months of descent, that very day, Valentine’s Day,  marked the slow ascent from the pit.

A Norad base was in the small town where I now live. We moved in on Hanukah, 2003.

“When we began our move, the moving company building where we rented the moving truck blew up like an atomic bomb… 1290 days after the Hand code.” (

The two opposing sides meet separately, but both on Valentine’s Day!

On Thursday, Feb 14, 2019– Valentines’ Day

The US-led meeting

It is interesting that this meeting for peace occurs just ten days after the Pope’s religious equivalent. After all, a woman rides the beast, (Rev. 17:7).

The two-day conference includes representatives from some “60 countries”. The stated theme was “Promoting a Future of Peace and Security in the Middle East.” The Bible says:

While people are saying, “Peace and security,” destruction will come upon them suddenly, like labor pains on a pregnant woman, and they will not escape. (1Thess. 5:3)

The Russian-led meeting

Iran, Russia, and Turkey shake hands at their first summit in 2017. Back then, my wife and I made a video about this

Russia, Iran, Turkey to hold fourth round of Syria talks in Sochi. Trilateral summit between ‘guarantor countries’ to focus on long-term settlement of the Syrian crisis, the Kremlin says.

The Syria talks run in parallel to the Geneva talks organised by the United Nations.

But the three leaders will also discuss projects and coordination on the international arena. (Aljazeera)


Is it the hand of Jehovah?
He Himself goes to war. He put him to death!

Jehovah goes to war against her (i.e., ‘Babylon‘),
and the arrogant one!

Jehovah goes to war against her,
and the rebellious one!

Jehovah goes to war against her,
and the one being removed!” (

Feb 11th (2019) was “Purim” on the 360 calendar

Click to enlarge. Calendar of Signs and Wonders that happened after the Mene Tekel Code

Purim is the celebration of the Jews over the attempt of her enemies to destroy them in the days of their exile in Persia, as recorded in the book of Esther.

It happens that Feb. 11th (the 40th anniversary of their revolution) on the 360 calendar is Purim. “Purim” is another word directly related to the Aramaic word “Uparsin“.


This completes the quotations from the said 2019 post!

Now here we are three years later and on Purim on the 360 Calendar, Russia invades Ukraine.  As usual, things are happening on the 360 Calendar, the Bible Prophecy-Calendar, so as to hide it from the wise and prudent.

Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24th, 2022. And the leader of Ukraine is a Jew like Mordecai!

On the 360-Calendar, Feb. 24th, 2022, was BOTHthe thirteenth day of the first month” and ALSO the “the thirteenth day of the twelfth month”. (Menacingly, at the same time, Russia amassed most of its naval fleet off-shore Syria and Israel. This sent a chill up the spine of knowledgeable Israelis, aware of Ezek. 38.)

Now consider the decree of that wicked Haman in the book of Esther, (and as mentioned in the post about the Russian “50 Bears“!)

Esther 3:12-14

Then on the thirteenth day of the first month the royal secretaries were summoned. They wrote out in the script of each province and in the language of each people all Haman’s orders to the king’s satraps, the governors of the various provinces and the nobles of the various peoples. These were written in the name of King Xerxes himself and sealed with his own ring.

Dispatches were sent by couriers to all the king’s provinces with the order to destroy, kill and annihilate all the Jews—young and old, women and children—on a single day, the thirteenth day of the twelfth month, the month of Adar, and to plunder their goods.

Footnote: Regarding "Iran" and "Valentine's Day" (as quoted earlier in this post), see this news article.

The Prophetic Map

This leads us to the Prophetic Map constantly referred to three years ago.

As repeatedly said, the future is written pictorially on the map. The stars in their constellations represent the heavenly war that is occurring in the spiritual realm and are overlayed upon the map of the earth like clouds.

All these things were revealed systematically, line upon line, over the course of several months three years ago.

Constellations of The Bear and Orion, “The Mighty Hunter before the Lord”, Gen 10:8–12

Webb Telescope focusses on the Great Bear constellation. The star atop the Kremlin marks the spot

“Can you tie up the chains of the Pleiades,

Or untie the cords of Orion?

“Can you bring out a constellation in its season,

And guide the Bear with her satellites?

Job 38:31-32 NASB

First is shown the constellations without the Prophetic Map.

These gif images may take a few minutes to load! Job 38:31-31

The river, “Eridanus” is seen at right that flows from Orion “The Mighty Hunter”, Nimrod, the archetype of all Conquerers. (The word “occulted” is not to be confused with horoscopes. It is the technical words used by astronomers for when one heavenly body passes in front of another.)

Notice the Golden Bull of the Stock Market is on the right balance. The below image has the earth overlapping the Bull Market as it spins on its axis. The Stock Market has been falling all 2022. Will it recover soon? God knows.

The earth is weighed in the balances and found wanting: Viewed from “the 2nd heaven”

Now the heavenly beings at war are overlaid like clouds upon a map of the earth. This is the Prophetic Map!

First is the earlier rough map that included the outer constellations, and then the final Map.

Click to enlarge
Click to enlarge. Prophetic map of Mystery Babylon
Click to enlarge “Mystery Babylon”, Rev. 17:5. Same, but displayed with globe maps

Now locate Moscow and east Ukraine (which was annexed by Putin at the start of the war) on the Prophetic Map. They are located in the right hand (Moscow) and lower right hand (East Ukraine) of Orion the Hunter. Orion has a club in his hand that threatens the whole Middle East, but his eye is on Israel as its final objective.

The face of Orion is situated so that he looks to the east (as seen in the constellation image). But when overlayed upon the Map, the sea forms an eye and an angry face that appears to look at Israel, instead.

The face of Orion appears to turn around and face the opposite direction when in overlay upon earth — a face of anger

Iran and Iraq are located at the armpit of Orion.

Let’s look at that again and enlarge Orion.

Orion overlapping earth. The two seas form two eyes and the borderlines form the nose and mouth. The head is in Russia, “Chief Prince of Rosh”, Ezekiel 38. In Hebrew, “Rosh” means “head”
Upper Orion with locations of Moscow and east Ukraine identified by a star, i.e., in the right hand of Orion

Now recall the hand in the Hand Code discussed three years ago in that post (as quoted earlier). This code is literally written on the extended hand, from Daniel 5, “The Writing on the Wall”. It foretells the doom of many Orions/Mighty Ones/Nimrods.

But as said in Part One, all codes are about the Lord Jesus Christ and only others incidentally. Thus, Orion is actually about the Lord Jesus Christ, “the Mighty One of Israel”.

He is the King of kings and Lord of Lords. He will subdue the king of the north and send him back to where he came from.

The angel of the Lord stands above the river (Eridanus) with two hands raised and on oath and promises that everything is timed, that is, “for a time, times, and half a time!” Daniel 12

Encoded in Dan. 5


Is it the hand of Jehovah?
He Himself goes to war. He put him to death!

Jehovah goes to war against her (i.e., ‘Babylon‘),
and the arrogant one!

Jehovah goes to war against her,
and the rebellious one!

Jehovah goes to war against her,
and the one being removed!” (

Enough said!

20 thoughts on “Part 3. U.S.S.R. & the Great Bear of Russia”

  1. First time ever finding or reading this site; Thank You Mr. Coombs for all of your hard work and Thank You Jesus for all of your Revelations.

    Even upon my first reading of trying to understand Gods Timeline in regards to Enoch, Daniel and Moses’ calendars etc;.. I felt Holy Spirit inspiration in the unveiling and discernment that I was on the right track coming here and I will push forward to studying all of your work.

    I came here seeking answers to Gods Timeline and where we are right now on His calendar, and with that being said; I believe we are in the End Times that are about to lead us right into the Tribulation!

    I believe the Prophecy of Isaiah 17 “The Burden of Damascus, Syria” is about to unfold and I believe this fulfillment of prophecy will lead us right into the first War of Gog and Magog. (As described in Ezekiel 38 & 39).

    I also believe that in conjunction of these two prophecies being fulfilled; that the First Seal of Revelation is also about to be opened and that the Antichrist is also about to come forth.

    All this talk about 2030 and Agenda 2023 and the year of the total eclipse over America in 2024 and the talk of the year 2025 as being a very important prophetic milestone and all of these things I mentioned earlier up above have gotten me interested in knowing where we currently stand on Gods Timeline and on Gods Calendar.

    So I feel that Mr. Coombs’ research on these matters is very valuable indeed, at least to me and in planting some seeds of thought and in pointing me in the right direction. So Thank You again Mr. Coombs for all you do and for obeying The Holy Spirit!

    But for all who read this; always Watch and Pray for Israel! For Israel will always be the key to unlocking Gods Timeline and to our understanding of Gods End Times Prophecies.

    What do I think is next on Gods Agenda? Watch for Israel to preemptively nuke Damascus, Syria. I believe this will be the catalyst for the Gog and Magog War and after that war, Israel will sign a 7 years peace treaty with the antichrist and the 7 years of tribulation will begin.

    Hey Dean, am I close, how does my interpretation line up with Gods Timeline and With Gods Calendar? 😊

    Let me know, Thanks again for all youv’e done and for all you do. 🙏🙏🙏🙏


  2. I have been taking a break from the network, but feel the need to comment on the negative post concerning 1260d from “nathan”…who seems to be challenging both the author and the readers of this site to defend the work presented here, as if we don’t understand anything about it.
    I do not pretend to grasp everything Dean presents, but I certainly don’t see the critic’s logic that nothing that has been presented at 1260d in 13 years makes any sense. This is quite absurd on its face.

    For instance, take simply the peculiarities in historical and astronomical occurrences that Dean points out…

    Just one post from 2017 concerning the great total eclipse cross of 2027 and 2034 over Egypt helped my understanding of eclipse research greatly and is one of the best examinations of that subject to be found on the internet. That same post also is the finest presentation of the incredible 1406 BC eclipse and its path and historical significance that I have come across.

    That’s just one example. I could list a dozen but really feel this work needs no more defense. I don’t understand every note of a Beethoven Symphony but I know it sounds true. If the only thing Dean did at 1260d was point out the various peculiarities of our situation, his work would be worth it. He does this regularly, with impact, and without asking for money.

    I don’t understand the 360 calendar fully but i know its real ( and authenticated by various scholars, including the great Chuck Missler. I don’t know how he presents the fractal images but they are deeply startling and clearly bear some message of truth.

    Thanks to Dean for your work. May God Bless you and your efforts.

  3. This doesnt have to do with Russia…but I cant get away from this

    Yesterday, 3/24/2022, a 14 year old boy from St Louis Missouri whose name was, get this…TYRE SAMPSON fell off of an amusement park ride in Orlando Florida at 11:12 pm and died.

    This “free fall tower” ride was 430 feet tall and held 30 passengers. It fell at 70+ miles per hour. Sampson fell 400 feet to his death from the free fall ride. Both the free fall and the ride next to it, the sling shot, have been closed. This 14 year old boy was nicknamed the “gentle giant” and was 6’5” inches tall and weighed 330 pounds.

    I keep looking at the missing section of the capstone in the prophetic map. The joplin tornados. The jefferson city tornados. The new madrid fault. Facebook (meta) suddenly wants to build in Kansas City. The tornado outbreak that took out the candle factory even seemed to follow the missing capstone and went through Missouri. I just know the Lord has my attention, and no one will ever convince me I ended up at your website by accident after the Lord has drawn my attention to the way He uses dates, festivals and events repeatedly this last 3+ years. I also live in Missouri and know it was the Lord who drew me to the details of this news story. And they shall destroy the walls of Tyrus and break down her towers. Ezekiel 26:4

  4. Why isn’t any focus on the vaccines that’s really the only thing that matters at the moment that what’s going to kill most of mankind.

  5. We truly appreciate your work regardless of its complexity. I wish I could have understood it thoroughly, but there must be a reason that I do not. I trust in your conclusions though and mostly only focus on them, even if sometimes the only conclusion drawn can be such as these: “It Is Written”, “I showed you that It Is all Written” “It Is Written, I saw it, I reported it, and now you see that the Mysteries of the Bible are real”, “The Christ is truly in our midst”, “The Christ is the only living true God”.

    Sincerely Yours
    From Iran

  6. I’d like to say something. I know that I only have a small grasp of what is going on. Yet after years of following what Dean has written, I have been witness to prophecies coming true, if sometimes only in part (with the final fulfillment on a yet future date). It does take some reading in between the lines, but what is said is true. For instance the LORD forecast that Joseph Biden would win the election via a powerful Nashville Tornado on Super Tuesday 2020 & the 17 years (of Joseph) & the of SARS Moth code to Covid-19 (SARS-CoV2) ( ), along with events happening on special Symbolic day years that had to do with the Biblical Joseph’s life (a type of Christ in the Old Testament). I’m sorry if anyone who reads this doesn’t understand what I am saying. The numbers confirm to me God’s hand in everything.

    I don’t think that it is Dean’s fault for not being able to explain things, as I believe he is speaking by the Spirit most of the time & he cannot go past what he is sure of, either by the Holy Spirit of God or by “confirmation” in some form. Sometimes revelation comes in parts or all at once & it is likely that you won’t understand it until the event that the Lord Christ was alluding to happens. It does take some explaining & study if one would like to understand more. There are many resources that Dean has put online over the years, but I’d say that the best place to start is as it lays the foundation & Reading the Bible, paying attention to dates & numbers, as major events don’t just happen on specific dates in the Bible, they happen all the time on God’s Calendars Enoch’s, the 360-Day Calendar of Bible Prophecy, & the Hebrew Calendar See the Calendar converter ( ). Moreover, I believe Dean’s hope is to bring many to Jesus Christ, to encourage Christians & to warn. I hope that more people will give his words the benefit of the doubt, as what he says WILL eventually come true, because the LORD gives him what to say. I cannot lie on this account.

    I believed him and so I was blessed with understanding. When you discover something & “everything just fits” it is an amazing feeling. The LORD gives you a glimpse of His power.
    Matthew 10:41
    “He that receiveth a prophet in the name of a prophet shall receive a prophet’s reward; and he that receiveth a righteous man in the name of a righteous man shall receive a righteous man’s reward.”

    I pray this will happen to many soon, that their eyes will be opened, like mine were!
    Praise Jesus Christ! Amen!

  7. Hi Dean,

    Could you keep this private?

    My name is Julie and I am an “old school” Christian Forum gal. My name back then was eph6julie (as in Ephesians 6).

    On July 20, 2006 I had this dream that I posted publicly on the forum:

    The dream began with me in attendance at a gathering or even a party of some sorts. The group was gathered in a very arid environment, almost like you would find in a semi-desert region. There were huge rocks and very earthy toned surroundings. In the middle of this place was a huge salt water lake. I could see across to the other side.
    In the middle of everything, the Lord told me to get a boat and go to the center of the lake. He also told me to take 2 friends with me… 2 high school girlfriends (whom I don’t talk to really anymore) who were also there. I launched the boat and we three floated out into the middle. By this time, it was dark outside.
    My friends and I were chatting, when I suddenly saw something very strange in the water. I don’t know if I dove in to get it, but I ended up examining a very very small plant with micro sized roses. As I gazed amazed at the flowers, they bloomed.
    I exclaimed, “Whenever I see roses, I know that I am going to have to attend a funeral!” My friends were aghast and fearful at the prophecy and sign.
    As soon as we got back to shore, we arrived to panic and chaos. Apparently there was a huge earthquake and many people died (I read the newspaper, and saw the number 360 having been killed). Apparently the exact time of the earthquake (I think 10:40 in the evening) was when I saw the roses bloom. I was impressed that many celebrities died as a result of the shaking. Another person I went to high school came up to me crying tearfully. She was upset with me because she had learned that my friends and I were safe on the boat only because I had listened to the prompting of the Holy Spirit. “Why didn’t you tell me! I could have warned my parents who live in Wisconsin. Now they are dead!” I felt guilty. But God had only told me to take my friends to the middle of the salt water lake. He didn’t tell me what He was about to do until I got there.
    Some time passed. I was still in the arid place and people were starting to come to grips with the tragedy. However, just when we started to relax, I knelt down to pray and looked up to heaven at the stars. I suddenly felt God impress upon me that another earthquake was coming. Again not wanting to give a wrong message or seem “strange” in any way to the people, I cried out for a sign! Suddenly, in the heavens, I saw the stars form an owl. I blinked, and then the stars looked normal. As I continued to watch, the stars again formed a shimmering owl in the sky. Again, it went away after only blinking. I then simply saw only a normal looking night sky. Finally, I said, “Lord, give this sign to me one more time if indeed it will come to pass!” With my eyes shut, I saw the owl form again in my mind’s eye. That was a total of three times God gave me the sign.
    I got up from prayer and went to the shore of the Gulf of Mexico. The earth shook. It didn’t really do any damage. However, to the people’s horror, a wave started to form. I heard 26 feet. Just before the wave crashed to shore, I woke up.

    God confirmed the dream through your KJV code because your code literally pictures a woman who “sees” and owl in her mind’s eye. I was shocked when I saw it. I believe it was posted on Aug. 7, 2007.

    At the time I was living in Indiana without a wild inclination that I would move to the Alabama Gulf Coast. I moved here on June 30, 2015. (Including dates because they might be of interest?)

    Anyway… I was praying about this dream yesterday and I stumbled onto this site. I had no idea you were writing and posting still!

    I know someone commented that he has trouble going through all you’ve written. I do too. But don’t be discouraged! Your work matters. Your forum gave me LIFELONG friends. And your posts and codes have given me encouragement and confirmation many many times.

    Thank you for all you do Dean!!! Please keep posting and don’t give up. We need to know that God is. GOOD and He in control in this seemingly chaotic times. That is the most important lesson I’ve gleaned from your ministry.

    Finally, Miki passed away a couple of years ago from stomach cancer. Do you remember her? I talked to her up until she was too sick to text and write. I know your work was affirming to her too.

    With Christian love,

  8. I too found this site in its infancy. At that time it frustrated me beyond words…because I have been writing a book for years…and Dean was parroting me! Not really, but it seemed to me as if he was reading my words and then some. I have come to the conclusion God was simply confirming to me truths in a very unusual way and he was far ahead of me. There is always a witness of 2 when God speaks. Who could make all this up especially when the truths are embedded in such different contexts? However, it did encourage me because I certainly did understand much of what Dean was saying and rather than confusion, it brought welcomed clarification that I was not off on a wild tangent. The fact that much of it appeared bizarre made it all the more incredible to me that it was speaking right into my own research. However, my book is in story book style where I weave Gods word into my own life experiences and it does not conflict in any way with his work. Also he was brave enough to say things that I wanted to say and knew as truth but just dare not put it out there. What people are dealing with now was secret then. God can and does use strange signs and wonders and parables were the instruments that Jesus used to enlighten his disciples, so that the Pharisees did not see it. When I look at some of his work, I just skip over it, not because it is not valid, but it is not pertinent to me. If it does not resonate with you, it will for someone else. I also stopped reading it because I did not want to be influenced by it where it could direct me as opposed to me being directed by God. Having said that, I do not agree with everything because I have my own ideas, particularly concerning space and NASA etc, but God deals with us where we are. We are all on our own pilgrims progress, some closer to the end than others. Dean is a man of God, and God does direct his paths. Let’s face it…the prophets were all a little “out there”.

  9. If the hearer is not edified, what value are the words? I check in once and a while hoping to read something that will compell me closer to Christ, yet nothing. I agree with the other comment, bring the cookies to the lower shelf so we may all enjoy. Condensed to men of low estate. I know you are saying something important, but it is lost in translation.

  10. Just a short update!
    “NASA’s Webb Reaches Alignment Milestone, Optics Working Successfully”
    “Mar 16, 2022”
    See the first “aligned” image posted of the star on the back of the “Great Bear”. It is super high resolution with visible galaxies in the background. Amazing!
    See Enoch’s Calendar & Hebrew Calendar. & For anyone interested in learning more on the 364-day calendar of Enoch, go here .

    Peering deep into God’s Creation!

    Revelation 4:11 “Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honour and power: for thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created.”

  11. In the “About” section at the bottom of the page, it says, “In time, others will simplify the complexity written here, and many will be blessed.” I just want to say, I’ve checked into your site off and on since 2009. That’s 13 years. And you know, there’s still very little that makes any sense to me. Furthermore, I’m certain I’m not the only one. Still, I feel there is something here….maybe. So I keep coming back. But, I also must say, I’ve come to the realization that it isn’t my lack of intelligence, nor unwillingness to learn. I don’t mean this as a personal attack, but it seems to me the problem might be the teacher and not the students. As proof of this, all one must do is read the comments section. I don’t recall in many years anyone actually building on what you’ve stated…a sign of students who know and understand the subject matter. To the contrary, more often than not it is just random babbling about world events or a few words of blessing. I’ve often been struck by the idea that as a scapegoat for your teaching/writing style you cling to the idea that “only the wise will understand” or some such, citing similar biblical passages, and just leave it at that, as if it’s a mystery that must remain so to the unwashed and those that “lack understanding.” I’m just curious, am I that far off the mark? Is this how you see it? Has anyone else ever brought this up to you? I find it perplexing. If what you’ve found were important to humanity, wouldn’t you want people to understand it?

    Just in this small series of articles, there are many things left completely unsaid, other things not explained well, if at all. You ask the reader to browse several prior articles from months or years ago, and all written in the same complex manner, such that one must read more and more prior articles ad nauseam to even begin to get a glimpse…..ughh…of what? Must I go on? Am I wrong in any of this? Does anyone else here agree with me?

    It seems to me it would be beneficial to step back and start from square one, for the sake of the reader, because I don’t see anyone simplifying this, ever. If I’m wrong, where are those people in the comments section who fully grasp what is being said? Who is willing to dedicate the kind of time it would take to help others understand? I honestly don’t think those people exist, and you know why. I apologize if I sound cynical or sarcastic, but it’s been 13 years. My frustration level is at maximum overdrive, but I thought rather than throw in the towel, I would challenge you to do better, or challenge those who claim to understand to put this in words we can ALL understand. You used to have older websites that I lost in bookmarks years ago…one on the calendars, one on the temple if I’m not mistaken…I believe there were a few….maybe it would be good to go back to those basics. Thanks

    • Thank you for your candid piercing words.

      I ask myself the same things often. I try my best already so it is unlikely anything will improve. Moreover, I am aging and the best days are behind me. That’s why I cling to the hope that others will build on it in the future, and when I say future I mean perhaps as in hundreds of years from now during the Millenial reign of Christ when we reign in heaven.

      I have the gift of revelations. I will not lie and say otherwise. But this gift is tied to the rest of the Body of Christ. This means that once something is revealed to one of God’s servants for the first time, then it is released to all. So even if all that I have revealed is lost, and every word written is lost. Yet it is not lost. It will simply sprout again in the heart of another in God’s time. For we are all connected — like a fractal. Me, you — part of the same body. I do not lose hope because from God’s perspective, not one word will fail to obtain its target and accomplish what He sent it to do. My part is to be obedient with what He has given me, and that’s it.

      The question of “when” is irrelevant.
      Whoever is accredited with this or that is irrelevant.
      Another’s praise is our praise and another’s time is our time. We are one in Him. It makes no difference. If my hope were only in this time and limited to man’s power then I would despair. But it’s not, for I know whom I have believed in and am persuaded that He is able to keep that which I have committed unto Him against that day.

      • It is not up to Dean to clarify anything. It is up to us to communicate with our Father in Heaven on a daily and consistent basis as Dean does so we may learn who we are and why we are here. Your 13 years of frustration lies in your own heart and mind.
        God has sent you a gift to enjoy, if you simply read the bible verses and pray on them you will receive revelation.
        Shame on you for your misguided anger as Dean has sacrificed much for little. Quiet your mind, pick a spot to begin on your own volition and begin.Blame yourself for lack of understanding.
        God be with you and may He give you Peace and wisdom.
        Dean, go easy on yourself.
        God Bless you in Jesus’ Heavenly name. Don’t leave us please !

      • For those of us who have no earthly father and long for Bile teaching, every single line and paragraph is a blessing.
        This is about God, not Dean.
        Dean is a vessel guiding us to the Word.
        It is up to us what we do with it as it is up to us what we do with God’s Word, the Bible.
        It is up to you not Dean.
        Dean is human only. The Bible says look to no man.
        Dean is not God, remember that Dean, you are only human. I guess you may retire now. (As if you needed permission) I am sorry for being selfish, if you don’t love it leave it, especially if this is what you have to deal with!
        Lots of love and prayer always, from Long Island, New York.


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