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Very important information about the Webb Telescope was added today. I am putting the updated portion here for those who already read the main post.

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The updated portion

The first heading and text are included for the sake of context to the update.

Headings: “A day is as a year” and “What about Jan. 7th, (the Orthodox Christmas)?” is the actual update.

The Sweet Spot in Time

Yesterday’s post about the release of the 12 missionaries from captivity (and the “Opening of the Ear“) occurred at the lunar equivalent of what will be said here. God always accomplishes momentous things by means of at least two or three witnesses.

The Ezekiel Code utilizes the 360Calendar, that is, the year has 360 days in it, with a leap month of 30 days every six years, etc. (This accounts for the difference between the 1290 and 1260 of Dan. 12 and Rev. 11.)

A careful study of the Ezekiel Code reveals that the “sweet spot” of all these dates — the middle point — just happens to correspond to the “10th/11th month and 12th day” (that is, Dec. 18-25, 2021, at 7:20 am, EST).

In addition, this date also “coincidentally” overlaps the traditional date of Christ’s birth on Dec. 25th, and thus lays stress upon the said “280 days” to His conception.

It is tempting to now go into detail about these things, but I know most people are not interested in math — and I understand. So I will be extra brief. But this means more study on one’s own for those who want to examine the details.

As explained in the Ezekiel Code, the entire WEEK (seven days) of Ezekiel’s calling is forwarded in time 1260 + 1290 (as well as 1290 + 1290 days). The seven-year pattern revealed in Ezekiel is overlaid upon different events in the then future, such as the birth of Christ and of the nation of Israel in 1948.

He replied, “Go your way, Daniel, because the words are rolled up and sealed until the time of the end. Many will be purified, made spotless and refined, but the wicked will continue to be wicked. None of the wicked will understand, but those who are wise will understand.

“From the time that the daily sacrifice is abolished and the abomination that causes desolation is set up, there will be 1,290 days. (Dan. 12:9-11. For “1260”, see Rev. 11.)

The most exciting overlay is occurring right now — that leads up to 2025 AD. This is because 2025 is the 70th jubilee from when Israel entered Canaan (7 x 7 x 70 years). But according to Jewish chronology, it is 3500 years (i.e., 70 jubilees of 50 years) from the Exodus in 1476 BC. (Note: Their chronology is set 30 years before the correct one.)

Pay attention to the “360 Calendar from the Exodus”.

Blastoff day is on Christmas morning:


Thus, “1290 days” AFTER Christmas is:

Anniversary of the end of the week that Jerusalem fell in 586 BC. See Ezekiel Code.
Notice that “1260 days” is to the anniversary of Exodus 24:15-17, “the 7th day” when Moses entered the cloud atop Mt. Sinai to receive revelation about the tabernacle (See “1260” of Rev. 11:1-3)


However, “1290 days” BEFORE Christmas was:

Anniversary of the call of Ezekiel, when he began to lay on his side 430 days (“1290” is 430 x 3)

In other words, 1290 days ago was the anniversary of the end of the seven days of Ezekiel’s call and thus the start of when he laid on his side 430 days to symbolically besiege Jerusalem.

However, the actual siege by the Babylonians ended 1290 + 1290 days later. (And 1290 is 430 x 3.) Thus, 1290 days from now is the anniversary of the week Jerusalem fell, that is, to AD 2025, etc. (See Ezekiel Code!)

But what about the extra 30 days from the fall of Jerusalem to the destruction of the temple? (Tam 5-12 unto Av 5-12, in 586 BC.) This adds another 30 days to the “1290 + 1290 days from Ezekiel’s call to the fall of Jerusalem”, that is, the anniversary of these events from 2018-2025.

1290 + 1290 + 30 = 2610 days.

“A day is as a year”

As said, 1290 + 1290 + 30 = 2610 days.

NASA keeps saying that the project began about “30 years ago”.


From Ezekiel’s call and his symbolic siege unto the end of the actual one was from 593 to 586 BC. (To be exact: Tam 5-12 593 to Tam/Av 5-12 586 BC.)

Tam 5-12, 593 to Tam/Av 5-12, 586 BC = 1260 + 1290/1320 days.

However, the anniversary from 2018-2025 AD happens to have an extra leap month, and thus totals 1290 + 1290/1320 days.

And what do we find?

“A day is as a year”.

Tam 5-12, 593 to Tam/Av 5-12, 586 BC plus 1290 + 1290 YEARS (“a day for each year”) brings us to 1988 to 1995, plus the extra 30 years “the extra leap month as years” equals 2018 to 2025.

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To repeat:

We said, “1290 + 1290 + 30 = 2610 days.”

And from 593 to 586 BC are the same number of years as days to 1988-1995 & 2018-2025.

“Precision” is one thing. But brethren, this is a bonafide miracle!

Anyone who reads this carefully and understands it is forever without excuse as to whether they believe that there is a God!

What about Jan. 7th, (the Orthodox Christmas)?

If all goes according to plan, the telescope will be fully deployed 13 days after launch, around Jan. 7, and will reach its final orbit 29.5 days after launch. Next, the observatory will undergo five months of commissioning… (Space)

Thus, it’s Christmas all over again!

Also, to a lesser extent, the main pattern repeats 30 days (“29.5 days”) after blastoff. Example: 30 days from now is consequently 1290 (or 1260) days to the week that the city and temple fell (as earlier discussed).

Thus, the telescope reaches its “Sweet Spot” in Outerspace on the 30th day, which is also a sweet spot in our equations.

Footnote: The last seven days are as 1447 Sept, to 1440, SDY, etc. "Scrolling" effect at variations of seven years is al
so occurring. 


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