DOW JONES CLOSES DOWN 2,352.6 POINTS, OR 9.99% (Reuters)

Yesterday, as the Stock Market was about to close, I pondered the location of the date (March 11, 12, 2020) on the “prophetic map” — the day that the Bear Market officially began. I observed that the date corresponds to the entrance to the inner sanctuary at the east gate in the fractal image. This is where the angel that looks like a bull is located — who guards the entrance. (Cherubim guarded the east entrance to Eden, Gen 3:24.)

(I already explained in past posts how that every day is counting down in the prophetic image, from top to bottom.)

Update: According to the Financial Post, the Bull Market ended Feb. 19th, 2020, which is Shebat 24th on the Jewish calendar. This is the day predicted by the Prophetic Picture. “Shebat 24th” was discussed at length in posts just days before Shebat 24th. It was the fastest decline ever into a bear market  — twice as fast as 1929.


Note timeline running through the middle. This repeats and extends up until now

I thought to myself: “This will be hard to explain in a post. I will have to flip the bull (angel) upside down because at the East gate it already appears upside down (because it is located at the bottom of a circle of 14 angels).”

The 14 angels that surround the throne: “the seven angels to the seven churches”, and the seven angels having seven trumpets — each blows their trumpet in turn. The bluish circle represents a scroll rolling up with the four horsemen at the center. The entrance is at the crown of the seven-pointed large star (the Church).

Below is this same image except upside down. Now you can see the angel at the top-middle — who guards the East gate.

Scroll of Lamb and the four horsemen — upside-down. Click to enlarge
An enlargement of (two of) The Four Horsemen of Revelation as seen in the first image
Moving downstairs

And so I got called downstairs for the prayer meeting, but I had my laptop open to the Dow Stock Market with just a few minutes left until close. I watched the last few minutes downstairs. It closed down at 9.99 percent — which “upside-down” is 6.66.

And so God took His tithe (10%) in one day — the largest ‘points-drop’ ever.

It also forced all people, great and small, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hands or on their foreheads, so that they could not buy or sell unless they had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of its name.

This calls for wisdom. Let the person who has insight calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man. That number is 666. (Rev. 13:17-18)

Below is the full, but very complex, prophetic map, that I was pondering just before the Dow closed. The second is the added map. The first fractal just helps reduce congestion.

Click to enlarge. The four angels of Enoch surround Christ at the center with constellations superimposed. The “14 angels” are also here, but hard to spot unless you carefully compare to the previous image. See next image for the overlay of the prophetic map with this one
Click to enlarge. Full Prophetic Map. Including the prophetic maps of the earth: The four angels of Enoch surround Christ at the center with constellations superimposed

The next day, “Russel 2000” up 7.77%

We expect huge up and downswings. But of the four major Stock indexes of the United States, it is curious that the DOW was 9,99 down one day and Russel 2000 up 7.77% the very next day.

I know that this article has been disjointed. I just don’t have the time to do it justice — and I know few will read it anyway. Therefore, below is cut and paste from the related post:

Dow and TSX enter Bear Market as predicted by Prophetic Picture

“21 days” from Shebat 24th (Feb 19) to Bear Market

As discussed in earlier posts — a few days before the drop began — Shebat 24th (Feb 19th) is the date on the Jewish calendar that represents the “Times of the Gentiles”. (Feb 19/20th to March 11th/12th.)

And “21 days” (three weeks) is the number that symbolizes delay, (Daniel 10:13).

I discuss the delay number of “21” (and “210”) in combination with the date of “Shebat 24th” in the series of posts about the “Vision of the Lamb“. Below is a list of posts at that time. Note that most dates are just before Feb. 20th, when the free-fall of the Stock Market began.

The most important of these were the signs in the heavens that preceded the collapse by only one day, where I discuss at length the importance of Shebat 24th, and America and the world weighed in the balance. See, Rise and fall of the Dung god.

For details, see “Dung god“. Planet Mars disappears behind the moon on Feb 18, 2020, centered over the Prophetic Map and North America like a pair of balances in one’s hand.  Jupiter is eclipsed the next day over the tip of South America
Same as above, but without the full outline of Mystery Babylon. As explained in the link “9.99% DOW drop“, the Hebrew letters in this image each correspond to consecutive dates on the calendar. The 21-day drop until the Bear Market, thus, corresponds to a drop straight down to the tip of South America — and just below it — where the King planet, “Jupiter” was seen eclipsed. I will not elaborate here, but rather see the above link. The point here is that the market dropped according to the pattern in the image, etc.
Prophetic Map showing location where Mars and Jupiter eclipse behind moon were visible that occurred one day apart -- just before Stock Market collapsed -- and was posted two days before the collapse
Prophetic Map showing the location where Mars and Jupiter eclipse behind moon were visible that occurred one day apart — just before Stock Market collapsed — and was posted two days before the collapse. See “Rise and Fall of the Dung god (Jupiter)”
Here is another image, included in about 40 posts the past year. Note the dates. In the full prophetic image, these are simply stacked upon each other, and so the timeline just continues. From top to bottom are 100 days, (5 x 20 lines = 100.). Therefore, simply add 400 days (four stacked = 4 x 100) to the dates you see on this map to calculate until the present. Click to enlarge and observe the arrow just to the right of the lower cross and add 400 days to those dates. Note the stone rolled away from the entrance. The symbol of the arrow means this: ‘The rise of Christ from the tomb anticipates the fall of this world.’ Thus, the bull sinks down in the scales.