The two solar eclipses across USA intersect at same location as…

Another update to the record tornado outbreak!

Compare all that was read in the earlier two posts about the tornado outbreak with the two solar eclipses across the United States! (Also see Sign 13, A,B,C,D.)

(This Update added May 29, 2019. See THIS LINK for more.)

The following is from the series of articles back a year-and-a-half ago concerning the 2018 solar eclipse.

Note the path of the solar eclipse over North America. Keep in mind that this image and caption was posted over a year ago in the context of upcoming floods. (But God has blinded men’s eyes to see what is happening under heaven.)

(Click to enlarge.) Two of the X’s overlapped form the general shape and dimensions of the New Jerusalem at 12000 stadia (2200 km). They span 5 times 7 years (35), with each of the X’s themselves seven eclipse-years apart. Some of the above eclipses are 2000 years to the day from the Alpha-Omega Total Eclipse strokes that I spoke of in my Tetrad Passover-Tabernacle Blood-Moon Eclipse diagrams back in 2015. 

Now compare these eclipses when superimposed upon the prophetic map below. Especially note how the total solar eclipse over North America set to happen in five years perfectly aligns to the left side of the pyramid with the intersection point of the two North American eclipses crisscross marking the spot where I said that the last segment to the capstone of Babylon has yet to be completed.

Moreover, all this is repeated at the right side of the pyramid that lays over the Middle East.

Click to enlarge and carefully compare the superimposed eclipse line. Like a bows-eye, the “X” marks the spot of the last segment to complete the capstone on Mystery Babylon
Same image but with greater contrast to help see eclipse lines
Same image but with colors inverted to help see eclipse lines

Are we to believe that all this is a coincidence?

Then consider this next image also posted a year and a half ago concerning the location in the sky of the 2017 total solar eclipse over North America. Compare Leo (Lion constellation) with the prophetic image and note that as the sun overlaps the moon it does so at the same place on the map where the two eclipses crisscross, etc!

Aug 21, 2017, total solar eclipse, showing the position in the sky — at the front paws of the constellation of Leo, (i.e., the Lion of the Tribe of Judah). Some stars become visible during a total solar eclipse.
Click to enlarge. The below image is simply superimposed over the map of the earth. Notice that the location of the 2017 eclipse over North America, (i.e, when the sun and moon overlap) is located on the prophetic map in the same place where the 2017 and 2024 North American total eclipses criss-cross! As God is my witness, I did not even look into the eclipses that I posted over a year ago until now — May 29, 2019. What are the odds of the center of the criss-cross of the two eclipses, and the point on earth that begins the last segment of Mystery Babylon, and the location of the eclipse at the feet of Leo — all perfectly aligning?
The earth is weighed in the balances and found wanting: Compare the location of 2017 eclipse in Leo with this image.

As always, there is more…

And also note this next image, taken from this same post over a year ago.

(Click to enlarge.) The brown bowls symbolize Jew and Gentile that make up the Body in Messiah. They also speak of the pouring out of God’s judgment. It can also speak of the outpouring of power.


(Click here for Sign 13C and 13D)

Ishtar (Venus) is gored upon her own horns

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  1. I think it is interesting that the two eclipses of 2017 and 2024 intersect over the New Madrid fault line. 3 earthquakes on this fault line in 1811-1812 were so powerful at one point the Mississippi river flowed backwards. Interesting that Madrid is the capital of Spain, the country where Columbus sailed from and the Mississippi River “splits” the country from north to south.


    The NMSZ is famous for a series of three major earthquakes (believed to have been magnitude 7.0 or larger) which occurred in the two month period between Dec. 16, 1811, and Feb. 7, 1812. In addition, hundreds of moderate earthquakes (magnitude 5.0-6.5) and thousands of smaller (magnitude 5.0- 4.0) earthquakes occurred in between the larger earthquakes and continued shaking the area for several months. These earthquakes were felt and recorded in personal journals as far away as Louisville, Kentucky and Cincinnati, Ohio.

  2. That’s truly amazing. From this point, both eclipses happen at almost the same time of day, with the sun in almost the same spot in the sky. Of course, good weather will be needed to see both eclipses, but LOTS of people are going to try to get to this very special spot. (Will we be there? Probably not. As cool a thing as this would be to do, the 2024 eclipse goes right over our home base in Indiana, and so weather permitting, that’s where we’ll be.)


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