3 thoughts on “2b. Vision of the Lamb: “Take the beam out of your own eye””

  1. https://m.washingtontimes.com/news/2020/feb/7/national-prayer-breakfast-reveals-great-evil-left/ Nebuccanezer saw the future gentile world empires. His Babylon, the medio persian empire, and finally the brutal Roman empire which was never conquered but degenerated into the European western rulers. The Romans(“people of the prince to come”) destroyed the temple and scattered the Jewish people. Soon, “the times of the gentiles” will be fulfilled. Even as we speak, the real powers of the world, the crime and banking institutions are gaining power. Populist moves like Trump, the God-fearing US, and the UKs move from the European union are an affront to them. Trump is not Saul, Constantine, Nebbacanezer, or anything from those scenarios. In the US, we don’t have a “king”. We elect someone to uphold the constitution which is what he is doing and he is hated worldwide. He has stood against the global Clinton epstein pedophile machine along with its network of drug and human traffickers, against the horrific abortion industry and spoken up for Christianity and Israel. Canada’s officials hoped for the last cat 5 hurricane to destroy Florida & his resort, but God steered it away. Sadly, Canada is falling in line with the spirit of anti-christ with a liberal leader that is “changing morals and customs”, even doing away with gender. Few are willing to warn them.

  2. What will be removed is the spirit of belshazzer. What will be removed is the spirit of anti-semitism within the democrat party that calls Israel “evil”. What will be removed is the arrogance against the humble people that Trump states are making America great-the WWII vet that fought against hitler. The black people, wrongly imprisoned. The young mother who fought for her premature baby. What will be removed is the spirit of Jezebel that led her witches to shriek when Trump spoke against the barbaric partial birth abortion. We voted for Donald Trump and he is doing what we elected him to do. He speaks for me. He was falsely accused and his kangaroo trial was based on lies and “witnesses” who witnessed nothing. I too, have problems with people who justify their faith for wrong doing. People who say”Jesus wants women to have abortions.” People who teach our young people that socialism and climate change are christanity. They and their arrogance will be removed.

    1. Yes, that’s the positive side of things regarding Trump. Thank God for the good things.

      But the sword of truth spares no man. The false prophet seeks to please men. More often than not, his or her voice is popular among those who profess to follow God. It’s what they want to hear. Pillow prophets.

      But all is not good about Trump or God’s people who support him. Israel chose king Saul. Saul brought prosperity to the land. But his heart was proud, and like Nebuchadnezzar, God removed him.

      Trump is the emperor Constantine of the United States. State religion kills. The Prayer Breakfast is a good illustration of religion used to advance political agenda. Religion and politics always attract the insincere. The kingdom of Jesus is not of this world.

      History repeats itself; God’s people never learn.

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