Pi, Fractals, How that the day when discovered was encoded ahead of time

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Jesus on throne before angels and saints. Included reflection in the
Jesus on the throne before angels and saints. Includes reflection in the “glassy sea”. Notice intersection of the large and small circle as discussed below
Calendar of Signs and Wonders that happened after the Mene Tekel code
Calendar of Signs that happened after the Mene Tekel code. Each row is five days. Compare to the next image of the mountain/coin/bull etc.

The Pi-of-Time directly relates to the fractal because fractals are in fact the augmentation of circles, and Pi is the formula for a circle.

The Prophetic Map Fractal predicted when all the above would be discovered beforehand. Both world events and when things would be revealed are in the timeline that overlaps the fractal.

For example, the discovery of the Christobrot fractal corresponds to the small rod in his hand (too small to see in the image), and 5 days later the post “We begin at the altar” therefore corresponds to the line below it, that is, the line at exact center between the hands of the Lord where He sits upon the throne and opens seals.

Both of those days, (July 5th and 10th, 2019), therefore, also overlap the mouth of the Lamb upon the throne as He cries out as seen in the Christobrot fractal. The California earthquake also occurred on July 5th.)

Likewise, the Pi revelation and posting correspond to where the main circles (“wheels” of varying sizes) intersect. It’s the location of where the wheels intersect that connects all fractals together — the tiny, medium and huge fractals — each is 196 times the size of the other. (See above image and caption.)

And ten days ago when we began to explain the fractal after the 210-day time delay, that day, Feb 5, 2020, therefore corresponds to where the vertical and horizontal timeline within the prophetic map intersect, which is next to the River of Time-Clock constellation within the Star of David — recall the “Doomsday Clock“.

The 210-day delay represents the 21-day delay of Daniel 10 and Rev 10, etc.

And so forth.

The timeline and how it continues

Click to enlarge. Note the timeline running through the middle. This matrix is 25 lines down, which corresponds to 100 days. (Each row represents five days. Read the caption within the image.) This “Calendar of Events” image, in turn, overlaps the Prophetic Map, and the Prophetic Map overlaps the massive fractal. These prophetic maps are stacked one upon the other like a pyramid so that each earth-map represents 100 days. Thus if you continue to count down as see here, all the events listed will align with the said dates. All was predicted ahead of time because the Prophetic Map in all its detail was posted before any of these events happened
Mystery Babylon. See “Sign 13B”
“Which is…” Click to enlarge. The four large angels (and so forth) that surround Christ at the center with constellations superimposed. Note the large pyramid outline drawn with a dark line. The next image is the same but with the prophetic maps superimposed six layers deep, each of which continues to countdown by 100 days, continuing from where the first left off
Click to enlarge. This is the full “Prophetic Map”. It repeats the smaller prophetic map previously shown. It is repeated and forms six layers, tiered like bricks in a large pyramid — “A mountain that fills the whole earth, Dan 2. As said, each map-tier denotes 100 days. (This image also includes the Pyramid Bible Code.) You can now count down the days for yourself to see how future events aligned in this picture. Make sure you allow for the five missing days of “Sin” — In other words, begin your count halfway down from the top map to avoid errors. The easiest way to count down is to look for the middle cross within each individual map. Ignore the extra maps of the earth to the right and left of the middle for now
Click to enlarge. Incomplete image of Bible-Fractal-Earth-Constellation-Code. The previous images are expanded to include the 12 constellations of the year in a hill formation along the ecliptic with the equator and celestial equator as the base so as to create a timeline due to the precession of the equinox. The overlay of the 15 “earths” are 15 days and years. They tell the good news of Jesus from start to finish from the perspective of the heavens
“Which is…” Fractal of the Lord upon His throne surrounded by seven angels the seven Churches and 24 elders. All will be explained in due time
“Which is…”  this is similar to the previous image. This is one of the better images for viewing the face of Christ upon the throne. Click to enlarge.
“Which is…” The angels that surround the throne. This is the main fractal. Click to enlarge. The previous image is an enlargement of the ‘Lord on His throne’ at the center of this image. This large blue oval is ‘the seal upon God’s heart’ as discussed last. This image can also be viewed upside down
“Which was…” Click to enlarge to see the man with a rod at the center of the middle wheel, displaying two faces at once. This is the (small) measuring-rod of God. It’s “a wheel within a wheel”, and is 196 times smaller than the preceding main image called, “Which is”. When the wheel moves the lightning changes to a new position to create new effects. (Lightning precedes thunder, which is what we hear.) The wheel moves in space and time, up and down, and also rotates with time, including the precession of the equinox — as do ‘the large four’ and ‘seven’ archangels. (To be explained later.) In addition, each earth-map is also measured at one rod (1960 years), consequently, this image overlaps onto the globe of the earth. Each earth-map (top to bottom) thus represents both 100 days and 1960 years. This image is lodged in the previous larger main image just below the neck of Jesus who sits upon the throne. The six layers of the triangular earth-maps in totals span 600 days and also 240 jubilees, (11760 years). All that, in turn, sits within the still larger image seen below. The three sizes of fractals, each is 196 times the size of the other, represent the Lord, “Which is, which was, and is to come”
“…and which is to come”. The largest image within which the other images are lodged. The Lord Jesus as depicted as “Which is to come“. Click to enlarge. (Fractal of New Jerusalem coming down from heaven.) Enlarge and locate, the smaller “Which is” fractal lodged as a seal upon His heart. The tiny rod image is much smaller even than that. It is less than a pixel within this massive image. It is located way within this seal over His heart, and over the heart on the Lamb on His throne (in the seal), and is 196 times 196 smaller than this image. This tiny pixel that depicts the rod thus represents July 5th, 2019, which also happens to be the very day when the Christobrot fractal was discovered and California shook. This image has yet to have the Christobrot imagery overlayed upon it which will greatly enhance it