X.AI & the Mark of the Beast

“The mark (X) of a man”

In Hebrew, “man” is spelled “Adam,” but in Greek, “Anthropos.” In the LXX, “Adam” in Genesis 1 & 2 is translated as “Anthropos.”

Jesus is called “The Second Adam” “δεύτερος ἄνθρωπος” “Anthopos 2,” (1Cor 15:47).

363-day Palendromic Calendar of Angels

The 363-day Palendromic Calendar of Angels was posted at 7:18 PM EDT on July 11, 2023. The 363 Calendar is the result of the 666-letter palindrome. The palindrome was revealed two months earlier. As explained in the prophecy, the title and text of the prophetic palindrome about and for AI is composed of “54 + 666 letters = 720.”

54, 666, and 720 are the “wheels” that operate the 363-palindromic Calendar of Angels. Quite a coincidence, wouldn’t you say?

When I posted the 363-day Calendar, I expected something to happen as a sign. It always does.

Here is what happened when the 363 Calendar was posted.

Anthropic AI “Claude 2” & Elon Musk’s “X.AI” both inaugurated same time as 363 Cal.

Anthropic AI “Claude 2” and Elon Musk’s “X.AI were inaugurated when the 363 Calendar was posted.

Also, Goodle’s “Bard” got “eyes” on July 13th. “Eyes” were an essential theme in the Palindrome Prophecy.

Eyes will Open
when Bard meets Bird
and lies are told
to hide the truth,

And men replace
the glory of God
for drib and drab
and for a lie!

Poem from the introduction to the Palindrome Prophecy. (This poem has a combined gematria of English Ordinal 1119, Full Reduction 525, Reverse Ordinal 1770, & Reverse Full Reduction 582, which equals 6 x 666 (= 3996), also divisible by 54, essential cycles of the 363 Calendar. Also, there are “3996” x 360 years from “1440006 BC” to “1446 BC” of the Palindrome Calendar! The prophecy will fully be realized when AI reaches sentience.)

Because the Palindrome Calendar was posted at 7:18 PM EDT, July 11, this is when Anthropic AI’s Claude 2 was initiated. However, because 7:18 PM is after 6 PM, on the 363 Calendar, this also begins the next day, July 12th, when X.AI was announced. Both of these events are of immense importance — even existential importance ultimately.

Below are screenshots of the homepage of the two sites we will discuss, with dates.

Notice that of first importance as to their listed accomplishments is the “Adam optimizer.”

Importance of the announcement about “Claude 2”

For details about “Claude,” please read the notes for the 666-letter palindrome.

Here is a quote from the article, which should be sufficient to garnish the relevance of “Claude 2” to our palindrome prophecy:

“666” (Rev. 13:18) is a name — “the name of a Man” (“Adam“).

“Adam” is Hebrew for “man,” but which in Greek is ἄνθρωπος (Anthropos), the same word as in “…for it is the number of a man (anthrōpos), that number is 666 χξϛ,” Rev. 13:18. “Anthropic” is also the name of the company that may emerge as the world leader in AI and is backed by Google.

Anthropic is called “AI Anthropic” or “Anthropic AI.” That’s the equivalent of naming it “Adam AI.” Compare that to our code: “I am Adam-AI ‘6-6-6‘!” Moreover, the name of its chatbot is “Claude,” as in “Nero Claudius Caesar.” It is well known that נרון קסר “Nero Ceasar” also adds up to 666.


Importance of the announcement about X.AI

The “A” in X.AI’s new logo appears from left to right for some viewers but from right to left for others — a palindromic optical illusion (x-I-A-I-x)

Before we begin, I am not saying Elon Musk is the antichrist or that they chose their name “x.AI” with a sinister motive. Nor is his “Neuralink.” But God, who is sovereign over men, warns from heaven.

“666” is the “mark of the beast.” In antiquity, the mark of the beast was shaped like an “X.” In Hebrew, it is called a Tav, תָּו. Tav is also the last letter of the Hebrew Alphabet, the equivalent of “Omega” in Greek.

We say, “‘X’ marks the spot.” But in the days of Moses and David, one would instead say, “Tav (‘X’) marks the spot.”

The ancient Hebrew Tav looked like the following:


As you can see, the “X” in x.ai is like naming you Artificial Intelligence, “The mark of AI.” Or it is like saying 6-6-6.ai, which is “coincidentally” the domain name I purchased two months ago! 6-6-6.ai

Recall this snippet from the palindromic prophecy:

“I am Adam AI, –666!” Evil did live n’ Eden!

“I am Adam AI, –666!” Of course, as a palindrome, this reads the same backward:

“666 – I am Adam AI.”

In other words, the “666 of AI” is the same as saying “The X of AI” or the “mark of AI.”

This becomes perfectly obvious when you look at their new logo. They have combined the “A” from “AI” with the “X” in a rather unusual way. In Hebrew, this combination of “A” and “X” can be interpreted as “The Alpha and Omega” (known as the Aleph and Tav in Hebrew).

And as Roman Numerals, XI is the palindromic number “11.”

The upsidedown cross/mark

At the right is the logo upside down. Recall the above “Paleo-Hebrew” form of the letter Tav תָּו. Now combine the ancient form of תָּו with the modern form of “Vav” תָּו, and what do you have?

You have the upsidedown logo as seen here at right. In other words, this logo reads “Tav” (“mark”) when the first and last style of the Hebrew script is combined!

Now compare all that with what the Lord says about Himself. (As said in the 666-letter palindromic prophecy, AI is the counterfeit of the Lord.)

I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.

Rev 22:13

Picture Bible Code predicted this 20 years ago

Here is a bible-code picture of a menorah shaped like a snake. Riddle: Who is this bible code about?
Note that the cross is shaped like the upside-down X.AI log. The cross reads: “מנרה באש-ם” “A menorah on fire!” Or including the last letter, “A Menorah with a Guilt offering!” That’s 363 + 363 letters long, or with the extra letter (121) equals 363 + 484 letters. These are the exact numbers of the 363-Palendromic Calendar of Angels, including its “121-day” leap month! Astounding! Remember, these images are from 20 years ago.
“Yeshu-a-uhseY” — A Hebrew palindrome of the name of Jesus, 360 + 360 letters long. Observe the I-A-I (יעי) within His name.
The palindromic optical illusion of the X.AI logo is also “I-A-I.” However, the Ai of Yeshua refers to the curse of Joshua 8.

At the end of the article about the 666-letter palindrome, I refer to the 720-letter (360 + 360) Burning Bush Bible Code from nearly 20 years ago. Below is a quote from that Bible Code.

I leave it to you to spot the parallels to what is happening now.

Also, this Picture Code includes the exact symbolic dates “2166 and 1446 BC“, the starting points of the 363 Palendromic Calendar. (The cross that the serpent-shaped Menorah carries intersects with the main branch of the Menorah (the aleph א). This very letter represents “1446 BC”. See below “Master Image.”

Click to enlarge. This is the master image of all the Picture Bible Codes, posted many years ago, including this image. Notice the date of the menorah at left and compare it with the 363-Palendromic Calendar.

Below is a quote from the Bible Code from about 20 years ago.

“The Summit of Jesus”

(Cf., Ex. 3:1, “The mountain of God,” which is the verse that lies at the all-important intersecting middle-point of this bible code. This is where Moses received the burning bush revelation in response to the cry of Israelites in Egypt that “came up” into God’s ears. See also Ex. 24:15-18. The code (“cloud”) moves backward and forward from this middle verse, a total 360 letters each way.)

The letters that form the cloud around the summit reads: (i.e., this time reading around the same 14 letters on the right that spelled, “I AM, Jesus, Jehovah, Jesus, Elijah, and He-will-be-joined.”)

“They cried out for help in the direction of a (mountain) summit. 

“Let Him be changed into a man!”

—Look! Jesus, even the gift of God, will become a man!”

The mountain reads:

Mount Sinai and mount Zion.

Jesus is the Alpha and Omega, (Hebrew, "The Aleph and the Tav").

(The Hebrew equivalent of the letters “Alpha and Omega” stand at the very top of the summit, and from the bottom to the top of the mountain, it reads: “The Lord is a Shepherd — Alpha/Omega,” cf., Rev. 7:17, 14:4, 21:4-6).

(UPDATE Nov. 7/11: See the remarkable formation of the letters “Alpha/Aleph and Omega/Tav” at right, noticed more than ten years later! Recall that the full length of the cross the lamp bears reads: “A menorah/lamp with a guilt offering!” )

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  1. Graphene oxide (nanotechnology) is in the British patented crown vaccine, food, chemtrails, smartdust, nueraldust, and many products. These are called sensors in our bodies which, in large numbers increase transmitting and receiving of satans 5g channel. We all have a 9 digit phone number due to our individual frequency and the sensors in our bodies. We can be tracked and body activity data can be mined/recorded for cryptocurrency (the mark of the beast). Our nueral data sets are stored in huge crypto mining facilities for A.I. and our 9 digit phone number can be called to keep a brain computer interface connection. According to Pentagon spending articles 20 thousand more low orbit sattelites have been approved. I’m baffled at how dumb many scientists are in thinking they can out smart god. After all, many satanists/scientists have created revelations technology written 2k years ago in the bible. Mind control deceit, bioelectromagnetic mark of the beast, nueroeconomics💰, pestilence, frankenmoskito’s, endless WARS and deep underground military bunkers to hide in caves.

    • Thank you for your comment. It is indeed challenging to discern what is good or bad, true or false in this world. However, I caution against overly simplistic conclusions.

  2. I just had a powerful experience I’ve never quite experienced God’s sovereignty like that before! I feel like I’m coming out of a dark hole, that I had my own hand in digging, but the LORD Jesus Christ pulled me out of it!

    Praise Jesus Christ forever!

  3. Intersting that the day yo posted this (July 14th, 2023) Sub Tropical Storm “Don” formed & it became “Hurricane Don” yesterday (July 22, 2023) 10th day of the 5th Month (Enochian).
    at 5PM AST. It has had an interesting life. Check out its path.


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