Part Three: 2027 and 2034 Egypt, Mecca, Medina Total Solar Eclipse

The Next Great Solar Eclipse Sign After 2017

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The next important eclipse to watch for is in ten years – August 2, 2027, when a total solar eclipse passes over Egypt, (including Thebes), and Mecca. Then, exactly seven “Eclipse Years” later, another occurs over Medina. Mecca and Medina are the birth and death locations of the Islamic prophet Muhammad!

(Click to enlarge.) Total Solar Eclipse of August 2, 2027, with daylight blocked out for easy viewing. Notice the star Regulus (“Little King”) next to the King planet, Jupiter, in the constellation of Leo (Lion), King of the beasts. The Lion of the tribe of Judah takes His stand against the god of Ishmael, whose mother, Hagar, was an Egyptian — and his wife.
Located in Thebes, Egypt, where the solar eclipse will pass over. Note the scarab pushing the sun. In the Denderah Zodiac of Egypt, it’s the Scarab instead of the constellation of the Crab. Hence, an eclipse at this position among the stars over Thebes would have been truly ominous back then. And it’s a warning to the fallen angels today.

Seven years after the 2027 total eclipse, on the Lunar New Year of 2034, and less than three hours before the (Solar) Spring Equinox,  another total solar eclipse passes over Egypt and Medina.

(This one in 2034 occurs exactly 71 jubilees from the Exodus in 1446n BC. To be specific, 71 jubilees occurred to the very day when another similar total eclipse occurred [1446n1] that crossed over the source of the Nile River. See Part One.)

There are exactly seven Eclipse Years (“Draconic years”) between the eclipse of 2027 and 2034 —  a time frame fundamental to the Bible and the book of Revelation.

(Click to enlarge.) How God marked an “X” over the southern boundary promised to Abraham that reaches along the Nile River to the Euphrates.
The 2034 Total Solar Eclipse is very Unique

An unusual synchronicity of calendar types occurs within the same countries that experienced the eclipse on March 20, 2034. (See my Calendar Converter.)

“God has ordained the nations boundaries in both time and space. He calls all nations to return to the One True God, and to believe in Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of sins.”

  1. Occurs a few hours before the religious Jewish Lunar New Year instituted by Moses in Egypt exactly 49*71 yrs earlier. (The eclipse passes over Egypt.)
  2. Occurs a few hours before the Muslim (Hijri) New Year, (by the sighting of the first crescent moon). Sunni Muslims observe this day to celebrate the victory of Moses over the Egyptian Pharaoh. (The Jewish and Muslim calendars overlap in agreement like this only every 12 or 13 years on average because the Muslim calendar employs no leap month or day system to adjust to the solar year.)
  3. Occurs a few hours before the Spring Equinox — the Solar New Year!
  4. Therefore, it occurs a few hours before the Persian, Kurdish, and Afghan New Years –the same locations where the eclipse also passes over because their calendars are made to coincide with the Spring Equinox. (India’s New Year is delayed by one day.)
  5. Occurs on the 10th day of the first and second months of the year on the 360 calendar of the prophets. This is the anniversary of when Israel crossed into the Promised Land to claim God’s territory marked by this eclipse, and it is when God commanded Noah to get into the Ark, respectively. It is also exactly 49*71 to the day from when the first Lamb was set aside for the Passover Exodus from Egypt, Nisan 10-14. (Also see Ezek 40:1, where God marks his Millennial territory, Ezek 45:1.)
  6. The eclipse also passes over Egypt, the 10th day of the last month of the Ancient Egyptian Calendar. This is in agreement with the same month as the lunar calendars, but which is the same day (10th) as the 360 calendar (but not the month)? (The Ancient Egyptian Cal. is a 360 calendar, too, but with 5 days added at the end of every year, and would not normally be in sync with either day or month with other calendars.)
  7. The eclipse passes over a large swath of China. The Chinese New Year can occur between Jan 21 and Feb 19, depending on the year. Although the Chinese New Year always occurs either one or two months before the Jewish Lunar New Year, it is interesting to note that in 2034, it falls as late in the solar year as possible- on Feb 19.  The Chinese New Year, therefore, also occurs just one lunar month before the eclipse.
  8. Perhaps the most remarkable is that the eclipse passes over Iran, and directly over the city of Shiraz, the home of the Bahá’í faith and its calendar. Their calendar works on 19-year cycles, and the eclipse marks either their New Year’s day (in the Middle East), or a few hours before the New Year outside the Middle East. — But amazingly, this day completes the 190th year of their calendar (ten full cycles of 19 years from 1844 AD)! The number “nine” is very important in Bahá’í numeric. And nine cycles of 361 years (“Kull-i-Shay”) before 1844 is 1406 BC, Passover- when the Manna ceased. This was just five days after Israel entered the Promised Land! (See Calendar Converter.)
  9. The Zoroastrian calendar of Iran (Persia) is a 360 calendar. In modern times, 5 or 6 days are added at the end of their 360 year, so the first day of the year occurs on the Spring Equinox. (Their day begins at dawn.) However, the 360 calendar resets itself again in the spring of 2035 — one year later. (See Chart.) In ancient times, the Zoroastrian calendar had a leap month of 30 days added every six years, but an extra leap month was to be added every 120 years. (History shows that usually, they neglected to add this month.) The prophetic 360 calendar of Christ (see Calendar Converter) also begins on the Spring Equinox. It begins at or near the birth of Christ. It begins 6 BC, at the Spring Equinox. The 360 Calendar of the prophets is based upon 40-year cycles and achieves the accuracy of the Zoroastrian calendar with its 120-year cycles. (I was unaware of the Zoroastrian calendar when God showed me the 360-bible-prophecy calendar deduced from the Bible, although I was aware of the Bible’s alternative method of 120-year cycles.) Anyway, 2035 AD is 17 cycles of 120 years from the 360 calendar of 6 BC. These cycles of 120 years outline many key events in Biblical history, such as the fall of Israel and Judah, Solomon’s temple, the Exodus, Abraham’s birth in 2166 BC, the Flood, the “120-years” to the Flood, Noah’s birth, and more.
  10. The alignment of these calendars within the same locations where the eclipse passes is most striking and perhaps points to a new beginning of some sort from 2034-2035. At any rate, all of these calendars are incorporated into biblical patterns without jostling one another. God has ordained the boundaries of the nation in both time and space. He calls all nations to return to the One True God and to believe in Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of sins. 

Back to Mecca and Medina, the locations of the two crisscrossed eclipses of 2027 and 2034.

It happens that Mecca is the most holy city in Islam. It is where Muhammad was born.  And Medina is the second most holy. It is where Muhammad died! Egypt, Mecca, and Medina are all symbolic of Israel’s enemies. – Each is the counterfeit of Jerusalem, where Jesus was buried and rose again.

(Jubilee cycles would have begun from the Exodus had Israel been obedient when they left Mt Sinai. It will be shown in an upcoming blog that it is primarily from 1446t that God keeps track of missed Sabbath years. Also, see Part Two.)

The “X” marks the spot

The two paths of the moon’s shadow form a perfect Tav (i.e., an “X”) crossing directly over the Red Sea that divides Egypt and Saudi Arabia. It’s a sign and wonder to remind us of the deliverance from Egypt and the Red Sea crossing.

Notice how it travels along a large stretch of the Nile, then along the Red Sea.

These two eclipses may well mark the southern border of the Land promised to Abraham: “I’m giving this land to your descendants, from the river of Egypt to the great Euphrates River” (Gen 15:8). It depends on where along the Nile River God meant. The 2027 eclipse passed along a very long stretch of the Nile, and the 2034 eclipse reached very near the mouth of the Euphrates. The full “X” formed by the entirety of both eclipses are symmetrical.

Notice how it crosses the Red Sea and heads towards the mouth of the Euphrates.

(Perhaps this is why Medina is just 10 miles from totality [at 99.75%] — so that Muhammad is buried just within Ishmael’s future territory?

It seems Ismael is symbolized by the star called “The Southern Donkey” [Gen 16:12], which star is also eclipsed by the moon at the start of this sun eclipse.

And with the eclipse next to this star, it resembles the moon-star symbol of Islam, especially given the history of this symbol.)

Click to enlarge. Image has been darkened to increase visibility.) Mecca eclipse as seen during the 3/4 stage of the total eclipse with “Southern Ass” and Venus visible. Compare to Islamic symbol. Note the encircled “Beehive Cluster” enclosed with Venus. In ancient days, this Cluster was called “The Multitude”. Recall the prophecy over Ishmael — that God would make him into a “multitude” and that he would be like a “wild ass”, Gen 16:12.
(Click to enlarge.) The eclipse will mark earthly and heavenly boundaries!
(Click to enlarge.) Locate large blue “X” over the Red Sea. (Total solar eclipses are in blue.)

The “X” looks much more spectacular when not flattened onto a map. The following two NASA images of these two eclipses help visualize better.

Mecca Eclipsed
Medina Eclipsed
Why are there 70 jubilees, ‘PLUS TWO’ more years?

The timing of these two eclipses in connection to the 70 jubilees will be detailed later.

But, the two years of Isaac’s weaning, when Isaac’s brother, Ishmael, was driven away, and the two years to the cosmic sign concerning Jesus’ birth when at two He fled into Egypt to escape Herod’s wrath (Rev. 12); and the 70 jubilees, plus the two added years, which span until the Mecca eclipse of 2027, each of these point to the same theme — exile.

(In the next blog article, we explain how God calculates missed Sabbath years. This will also elucidate why this extra two years exists.)

There was a cosmic sign at Jesus’ birth and again at His death. Likewise, in 2027 and 2034, there are signs in the heavens to do with the false prophet Muhammad’s birth and death.

But why would God give signs in the heavens to mark the opposite of Jesus Christ?

Because the book of Revelation is a book of contrasts (especially read ch. 12).

Examples of Contrasts within the Book of Revelation
  1. There is a “Lamb,” and there is a “beast,” the Lamb who was “slain” is risen, and the beast that was slain rises too from his deadly wound;
  2. The followers of the Lamb have a number and a name on their foreheads, and the followers of the beast do, too;
  3. The beast rules over Babylon, but the Lamb over Jerusalem above;
  4. Pits are opened that unleash darkness in contrast to the temple in heaven opened that signals coming justice;
  5. There is the Trinity of God, and there is the trinity of evil in the book of Revelation (i.e., the beast, the false prophet, and the dragon);
  6. The “7 churches” correspond negatively to the “7 hills” that Rome sits the mystery of God vs. the mystery of iniquity;
  7. There are the two true prophets (two witnesses), and there is the false prophet on behalf of the beast;
  8. There are the counterfeit miracles of the frogs and of the fire from heaven of the false prophet—(as were also in the days of the plagues of Moses and in the days of Elijah), and there are the true miracles of the two witnesses, also patterned after Moses and Elijah;
  9. There is the ascension of John (“come up here”) and of the Two Witnesses, and there is the ascension of the beast from the pit;
  10. The ten wicked kings give the beast their crowns (17:12-13), (as does the dragon, 13:2) in contrast to the 24 elders who throw their crowns at the feet of the Lamb;
  11. The “144,000” are called “virgins” in contrast to the “harlot”;
  12. The harlot is in a desert, in contrast to the last chapter of the bible, which uses language that parallels the Garden of Eden;
  13. The harlot is clothed in “purple and scarlet,” but the saints in “white” linen;
  14. There is the wine of blood that the harlot is drunk on, and there is the wine of the wrath of God;
  15. There are names of blaspheme upon her, but the father’s name and of the Lamb upon His witnesses;
  16. The harlot is “seated” (as if to stay) on this earth in contrast to the Lamb and his followers who are standing (as if to go), (Revelation 14:1);
  17. The harlot is rich, but his followers are persecuted for a time;
  18. John wonders at the harlot in horror (17:7) but the wicked wonder at the beast with adoration (17:8);
  19. In the end, the harlot is stripped naked, but the saints are clothed upon with fine linen (17:16, 19:8);
  20. Thus, there is the harlot of the beast vs. the wife of the Lamb;
  21. The harlot is called “Babylon,” whereas the bride of Christ is called “New Jerusalem” (21:2);
  22. The harlot (Babylon) with all her glory is cast down into the sea (hell) (18:21), whereas the New Jerusalem gracefully descends “as a bride adorned for her husband” from heaven to earth in all her glory (21:2), “and there is no more sea” (21:1);
  23. There is the feast of the birds on the flesh of God’s enemies at Armageddon (19:18) in stark contrast to the feast of the marriage supper of the Lamb (19:7);
  24. There is the lake of fire in contrast to the glassy sea upon which the saints stand in heaven;
  25. There is the first resurrection of the righteous in contrast to the second resurrection of the damned (20:6);
  26. Even historically, the dimensions of Babylon were known in the days of the Bible to be 120 stadia squared in contrast to Jerusalem at 12,000 stadia squared (21:16);
  27. And so forth.

How 2027 and 2034 (2035) Intersect With the 3+3+1 Pattern of Creation

One of the reasons why I am introducing the following is to make it clear to everyone that there are other possible scenarios for the end of the age than just 2025 AD — lots more! (But 2025 remains pivotal.)

The following are important diagrams in their own right, and will be explained in future blogs apart from anything directly to do with 2035.

(Click to enlarge.) Both Moses and Aaron follow the pattern of creation when they died, and in turn become the pattern for much larger things that interweave with it.

The Historicist view of the book of Revelation was predominant up until the past century. Great scholars wrote from this perspective, and while not complete in their understanding, neither were they wrong!

As a background to the following chart, it’s suggested that you read Albert Barns Commentary on Revelation 9 (or at least skim it!) Count 1260 years from the end of the 150 years mentioned in his 19th century commentary, and 1260 before it (back to 539-536 BC, the fall of Babylon and return of Judah from exile, etc). Barns (and most others of that time period) link the 5th and 6th trumpets of Revelation with Islam. (Note the “delay” until the seventh trumpet, Rev 10-11.)

(Click to enlarge.) Scenario 3000+3000+1000+500 years with 2035 AD. Also see next…
555-666-777-888-999 cycles converge between 2010 and 2042, (especially 2035).
555-666-777-888-999 cycles converge between 2010 and 2042. (Especially note the 888th Shmita from Creation to 2035-2042, which is the same as 8*777).
Tabernacle and Temples intersect at 2034 and 2035 AD
(Click to enlarge images.) All Jubilee and Shmita cycles originate from the Creation in perfect precision. (See Part Two for more about this diagram.)

NOTE: Due to the extra half-year at Moses, the book of Genesis places the Creation at 4115t or 4114n. Moses was already 80 at the burning bush (1447t, Exo 7:7; Num 33:39; Exo 12:2), and hence 80.5 at the Exodus (1446n) when God in effect said, ‘From now on, Spring will be the New Year for you’—thus adding half-a-year. (The amazing effects of Acts 7 await a future blog. And see above charts.)

Quote from Part One because it relates to the 2027/2034 Eclipses

(Notice the formation of the southern and northern boundaries promised to Abraham when the below eclipse is overlaid with the 2027/2034 eclipses.)

“Thus, the 1406 BC total solar eclipse is the same location as our 2017 eclipse. To understand the eclipse at the start of the jubilees is to understand the 2017 eclipse at the end, nearly 70 jubilees later. Therefore, ponder the following carefully!

On July 14, 1406 BC, as Israel fought the Amorites, the path of the moon’s narrow shadow ominously crossed key demonic high places in one long curved line. It began near the place Columbus would later sail home after discovering America, passed through Spain, then over the seven hills of Rome, then the Greek gods of Mt. Olympus, Island of Patmos along with the seven churches of the Book of Revelation, Tarsus, then along the southern side of the northern border of Israel (thus visible by warring Israel, Josh 10). This includes Mt. Hermon of Bashan where the watcher-angels rebelled. It then continued along the Euphrates river to Babylon, Ur and Eridu (Tower of Babel), then out the mouth of the Euphrates (the eastern-most border that God promised to Israel), and Susa (of Persia), and then finally ends at Bombay India, the great Hindu metropolis.

(Click to enlarge.) Path of total solar eclipse likely just days after the miracle of the sun and moon standing still by Joshua. 1406 BC, July 14. (Note: My Starry Night program places the path of this eclipse further north, about 70 miles — closer to the actual northern boundary. The further back in time, the greater the uncertainty regarding the exact path of an eclipse, but the above map is the mean location.)

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  1. It’s interesting to note that 2034 is 33 years from the inauguration of Sept 11th Occult ritual on the twin towers. 2027 to 2034 stands to reason, especially if WWIII happens to pave the way in 2026, 1,335 years from the erection of the Dome of The Rock, (a mirrored/dual prophecy of Daniel 12) in 691ad. Incidentally, the 1290 years would have fallen on 1981, the year bullets were fired at the dome and Ron Wyatt claims to have discovered the Ark of the Covenant.

  2. This is very important stuff, brother. These are the extraordinary repeating crosses of the saros cycles ( a historical review of these crosses would likely be interesting)… In this case, two sets of related crosses. –Within the eclipse crosses over America and the Mideast are 2422 days between the eclipses of the cross ( America 8-17-2017 to 4-8-2024 and Mideast Valley of Kings, Mecca etc.. 8-2-2017 to 3-20-2034)—between the two sets ( meaning between the last American Eclipse 4-8-2024 and the beginninig of the Middle East Eclipse 8-2-2027) 1211 days or half the figure of the 2422. Perfect symmetry.The crosses both intersect at 66 degree angles…this was checked by an eclipse expert. Both sets of eclipses appear related to the month of Av in the summer eclipse and the new moon after Easter ( beginning of Nisan?) in the Spring Eclipse.

    I see Judgment on America in the first Cross (complete on April 8 2024 at Salem Road near Cedar Lake) then Judgment on the Sun gods and mystery religion Babylon complete on March 20 2034 –the cross intersecting almost perfectly on the tropic of Cancer in the Red Sea just to the East of the Valley of Kings/Ramses II palace. Each of these eclipse sets conclude at possible 2000 year anniversaries of the Crucifixion of our Lord Jesus. I have been intrigued by solar Eclipses for many years –and also the identity of the beast system (the network)–and came to these conclusions independently–but am grateful at finding your work and am very interested in the depth of your direction. If you have time..Here is the video of my little Eclipse Book I wrote for kids. May God bless you and your work. I am still scratching the surface of it. The Lord is great. Jesus is our Savior.

    • Thanks for sharing. You added valuable information that I did not notice. Thank you!
      I highly recommend your video. It’s special and a blessing. I believe that you touched the heart of God!

      • Thank you Brother Dean for the kindness. Your work is one of a kind, detailed, inspired and right on time. I am astonished at the breadth of the genius of God revealed in these efforts of yours and am so grateful you have sought to bring so many of His truths to light. Sand

          • Your work is definitely for something, Dean. It has all the hallmarks of purpose and His will. God willing, it will help in the enlightenment of many , perhaps encouraging souls to seek salvation in Jesus. The fractal visions are also amazing.

            I am working on some pieces of the puzzle and will share soon. I have read and re-read your eclipse works which culminated in this piece ( I printed them out for easier reading!) Such extraordinary events unfolding…

            Just one odd fact of note I noticed this morning. From 9-11-2001 to 3-20-2034 is exactly 33 360 day years… 33 cycles of 360? so much to consider in this Universe our God gave us. There is so much more too.

            Also,if you find time, might you consider the April 8 2024 total solar North American eclipse and perhaps the Oct 14 2023 Annular ring of fire American eclipse as seen through your mathematical/prophetic lens —I would be most interested. The three american solar eclipse paths of 2017, 2023 and 2024 when viewed together create the pictograph of paleo-hebrew Aleph ( and greek Alpha)… the Mideast eclipses cross creates the Tav ( also the X or Christ in Greek) …The Alpha and Omega of our Mighty God will be literally scrawled across the earth in shadows etched across its first and last empires.

            I pray we may use these investigations to the Glory of God, though of course I’m just another sinner saved by Grace! God Bless you. Sand

  3. This is absolutely wonderful work. A tremendous amount of effort went into this. I began my research just this July 27th. The spirit gave me a huge revelation on the beginnings of the jubilees and I have been so blessed. I am being very careful to “test everything” before revealing all I have been given. I do feel an urgency to reach out to others. It has been impressed on me that this is not for me alone. But not all will receive this. While one of my timelines did not need any adjustment (dates based on the stars) I have been able to draw from it and refine my efforts to within 1 year for the jubilees! I was so excited to see that this adjustment did not change the star alignments. I also appreciated the addition of the solar eclipse in 2034, as this fills in the final piece. As I kept reading I found more similarities in the dates than differences. But there is so much here it will take me some time to digest ALL the details. Again thank you so much! –
    Lisa Foster
    The Disciples Table

  4. I have believed the tribulation would fall between 2027 and 2034 for about five years now.I put together the information mostly in these two videos though more background info can be found in the other videos on my youtube page. I came at this from a different angle then you have but we seem to have reached the same conclusion.


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