Hurricane Harvey (And Bill, Hillary, and Don)

This post builds on the previous one about Hurricane Harvey. I am continuing it here because the former post was getting too long. Storms Bill, Hillary and Don will now be emphasized. We continue with the ‘diary entries’ right after this introduction about storms Bill, Hillary, and Don. Bill, Hillary, and Don The past two … Read more

2017 Solar Eclipse & Hurricane Harvey

The 2017 & 2024 solar eclipses that form a mark across the face of America This is written informally, like a diary. Timeline: Saturday, Aug. 19, 2017 I have friends over to pray for Donald Trump. (See “Storms Bill, Hillary, and Don,” which is discussed at the end of this post.) Having just written about … Read more

Part Three: 2027 and 2034 Egypt, Mecca, Medina Total Solar Eclipse

The Next Great Solar Eclipse Sign After 2017 (To Part One.  To Part Two.) The next important eclipse to watch for is in ten years – August 2, 2027, when a total solar eclipse passes over Egypt, (including Thebes), and Mecca. Then exactly seven “Eclipse Years” later another occurs over Medina. Mecca and Medina are … Read more