Why War in Israel began on the Last Day of the Festival of Tabernacles

A month ago, on Tishri 15th, 2023, the first day of Tabernacles, we held a Bible Study at our home. Many attending recognized the significance of this festival. However, that day, unsettling antisemitic remarks were voiced, suggesting that Jews funded their own holocaust during WW2 to acquire their own homeland. I immediately made it clear … Read more

Hur. Fiona & Ian made landfall on Tabernacles (Enochian)

As said in the previous post about the death of Queen Elizabeth, most prophetic events occur on the Enoch calendar. The Enoch calendar has two variations, the 364 and the 360-day year. They work as one. (This post ends with the Mystery of the Burnt Offerings on Tabernacles as per Num. 24:12-40.) Why this post … Read more

Hurricane Harvey (And Bill, Hillary, and Don)

This post builds on the previous one about Hurricane Harvey. I am continuing it here because the former post was getting too long. Storms Bill, Hillary and Don will now be emphasized. We continue with the ‘diary entries’ right after this introduction about storms Bill, Hillary, and Don. Bill, Hillary, and Don The past two … Read more

Pt. 1. Why Solar Eclipse of 2017 launches 490th “Shmita”

(Because 70 jubilees elapse from the Conquest to AD 2025) (To Part Two) Jesus said, “And there shall be signs in the sun, and the moon, and the stars” (Luke 21:25) God commanded every seventh year to be a Sabbath year –the year of the Shmita. Messianic Rabbi Johnathan Cahn has popularized the Hebrew word … Read more