Notre-Dame Fire and the Double-Slit experiment

Today is the day they call “Easter Sunday”; a good day to remember the sign of Notre-Dame one year ago.

Notre Dame Was Meant to Reopen by 2024 (Olympics). Then Came Coronavirus (Headline, Time Mag.)

On Good Friday, I posted about the Curse of the Olympics, and why it was canceled this year. The Lord wins the crown, hands down!

The 2024 Olympics is to be held in Paris, which is why the haste to finish repairs to Notre Dame by then. But the coronavirus has slowed down the rebuilding process and shortened the interval between the Paris and Tokyo Olympics. The Tokyo Olympics is now delayed to 2021 or 2022.

A fire also broke out the same day as the Notre Dame fire at the Temple-Mount mosque in Jerusalem.

Remembering the sign of Notre-Dame

Some see Notre Dame as a symbol of hope.

Others as a warning-sign.

Numbers symbolizing the curse are 13 and 130

Rembrandt-Belshazzar, The writing on the wall: Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin

The fire occurred 130 days after the “unsealing” of the Mene Tekel Peres Bible Code. And the “unsealing,” in turn, was 13 days after it was “sealed.” (These terms are explained later in this article.)

We come back to Notre Dame later in this post, but first a little about the famous quantum “Double-Slit” experiment. It will have direct bearing upon the Notre Dame fire.

Not everyone is familiar with this very famous experiment that demonstrates the weirdness of ‘order within chaos, but only when observed.’ It’s a fascinating experiment that every person on earth should know.

Polytheists and pantheists alike cling to the experiment as proof of ‘universal consciousness.’

The sheer complexity of the experiment causes atheists to salivate, who worship “Science” and bow down.

But no experiment on so grand a level can yield the same result, even though the blood flow.

Christians fear the “Double-Slit” and ignore it.

But why?

Where is your God?

Is He not the God of the mountain and the valley? (1Kings 20:28)

The big and the very small?

So why not a contest to see whose God is Lord of both big and small?

Come now, repeat your quantum experiment on mountain-size photons if you can.

The Full Moon and the sun atop the mountain, surrounded by water. The Light of the cross overcomes the light of the moon. First posted at full moon just hours before the island of Mt. Anak erupted, Dec 22, 2018. It caused a tidal wave that killed 400 enhanced by the effects of the full moon. Mt. Anak has been quiet up until the evening on ‘Good Friday,’ 2020
This is the final version of the same image completed a few days later. Above all others, the moon-goddess is the one weighed in the balances and found wanting. That’s why so many signs to do with the moon occurred shortly after this image was posted. As we shall see, it’s the Lord’s Double-Slit experiment on a grand scale.
Posted Dec 6, 2018. At top the moon is weighed in the balance by the hand above it. The ramification of the double-slit experiment once prompted Albert Einstien to famously exclaim, “Surely the Moon does not exist only when we look at it!” How fitting, then, that the Moon plays so large a role in the Lord’s own double-slit experiment!

The below short video was pulled off the internet. It simplifies the famous experiment for us. Especially observe from 4:40 minutes.

Keep in mind that the weird phenomena explained in the video only happens on the quantum level, that is, the very small world of particles, atoms, photons, etc. It does not happen on the large scale — anything seen with the naked eye, basically.

But God repeats this experiment on the extremely large scale — moon size and universe size! This is something only God can do. This is God’s double-slit experiment that proves that He alone is God, as shall be explained after this video.

The Macro-Double-Slit experiment:

The greatest sign never known!

“The act of measuring collapses the wave function.” A rod to measure and to number. A man kneels at the peak of the mountain-pyramid with rod stretched out to the 21 stars, hand on the moon. The rest is explained at Sign 13. After this image was posted, a meteor struck the moon 21 seconds into a total Blood-Moon eclipse, dubbed, “The Trump Blood Moon“, as it occurred exactly in the middle of his four-year term. (This was “The 5th Sign“.) One hour after posting an image of a meteor hurtling toward the top of a large mountain, (the meteor is called, “A rich man, King Cyrus”), a meteor did, in fact, strike the “Trump Blood Moon” 21 seconds into totality. (Trump is often compared to King Cyrus, as most Christians know.) This happened ‘5 x 9′ days after the “unsealing”
Dragons and Giants! Exactly 70 days after the “sealing” (Nov. 23, 2018), another meteor struck, this time at the famous massive dragon-mountain mural in Cuba. It caused a sonic bomb and bright fireball near Havana, Cuba? Why Cuba? Cuba was at the exact center of the Trump Blood Moon that, in turn, yielded the position of the mountain overlayed upon the Prophetic Map seen below
Click to enlarge. Prophetic Map is exactly centered over Cuba at the middle yellow cross over the middle of the word “Tekel” — which as we shall see, is the same “Tekel” dead center of the large yellow cross avoided by in the double-slit experiment

These few signs are mentioned so that you may know the nature of the signs, and that they were not done in some corner, but witnessed by all.

Sealed and unsealed, (Dan. 9:24-27)

The terms “sealed” and “unsealed” are explained many times in past posts, so I won’t go over that here, except to say that these are the two dates that the Lord marked on His calendar. They are the two dates from which I was soon told to observe, measure and number all future signs.

The 27 signs that followed the Mene Code were observed one by one, event after event, and separately documented in great detail as they occurred. This went on for half-a-year. The signs had one thing in common, they had to do with the Mene Tekel Parsin Code that was “sealed” Nov 23, 2018, and “unsealed” (posted) Dec. 6, 2018.

These are the two dates marked by the Lord, a platform upon which to reveal His power over the dragon of chaos, and every Typhoon and Buphoon, (Gen 1:2, תהו ובהו).

The reoccurring theme is this: Mene Tekel Parsin: “The gods are weighed (judged) in the balance and found wanting!” (Dan. 5.)

This is the Lord’s “double-slit” experiment, but not on the quantum (tiny) scale, too small to be seen by human eyes, that’s too easy. Rather on the largest of scales. Events terrestrial and celestial, one after the other, each event headlines around the world for the space of half-a-year, (Peresin: “the dividing of a time”, Dan. 12:7).

Multiples of Five — “Mene”, according to the numbering of the gods. (See, “Sign 10“)

It’s why the Lord wins the crown, hands down!
Calendar of Signs and Wonders that happened after the Mene Tekel Code

Nearly all 27 events occurred in multiples of five-days counting from either one of these two dates. Many single events had multiple dates upon which they occurred and were also marked in purple.

Because events tended to occur in multiples of five, counting from one of these two dates (“slits”), this eventually created two purple lines as seen at left. Over time the pattern became obvious. Events related to the code mostly avoided the other three vertical lines. This created mostly empty columns on either side (colored green), as well as the mostly-empty middle column.

See “The Calendar of Signs” on the left side. Each purple square is the date of at least one sign that followed the Mene Tekel Code. Some purple squares mark multiple events on the same day!)

Profoundly, this is the Lord’s very own quantum “double-slit” experiment. It is primarily directed against Tiamat, the (so-called) ‘god of chaos.’

Tiamat was examined in the very first post, the day marked “unsealed,” (Dec. 6, 2018).

According to the famous double-slit experiment, on the quantum (atomic) level, when a tiny quantum wave-particle is observed, two lines mysteriously appear. However, when they are not observed all five (or seven) rows appear. (See suggested quantum-video.)

These signs were closely observed for half-a-year, up until the 27th sign when I stopped monitoring for this pattern. It ended with a grand finale, a record 13-day-long outbreak of tornadoes, perfectly positioned on the Prophetic Map, exactly seven ‘Mene-Tekel matrices‘ later, that is  7 x 5 x 5 days counting from both the day “sealed” and “unsealed”. (Thus, there are 13 days between Nov 23 and Dec 6, 2018, plus the 175 days to the “13 days” of record tornadoes that occurred on earth so as to overlap the west side and plateau of the Prophetic Map.)

Seven is the number of perfection.

The “five-times-five” matrix of the ‘Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin code’ in Aramaic, the tongue of Babylon. This matrix was repeated seven times on the Prophetic Map from the 13 days of “sealed” and “unsealed”, unto the 13 days of tornadoes

Seven repeats of ‘Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin’, (written forward and backward) to the 27th sign, 3 x 3 x 3 signs, which signaled ‘completion’.

God made His point!

He wears the crown!

Olympia bows down!

Babylon stoops!

But the Lion of Judah is not finished.

But what about the few exceptions to the purple double rows?
Click to enlarge. As mentioned earlier, the Prophetic Map is exactly centered over Cuba at the middle yellow cross over the middle of the word “Tekel” — which is the same “Tekel” dead center of the large yellow cross avoided by in the double-slit experiment

The exceptions to the (purple) double-slits only serve to highlight the “50 days” that lapsed between these two so-called ‘misses.’ (There is another “50” before “Pentecost”, but for now we leave that out; Enlil, Lord of the air.)

As we shall see, this was no “miss’!

“50” is the name and number of Enlil of Babylon, who later took credit for slaying Tiamat in two.

This creates the yellow cross in the ‘Calendar of Events’ because it is surrounded by ‘hits’ (i.e., signs that occurred).

It perfectly surrounds the middle Aramaic word in the matrix “Mene Mene Tekel Upar-sin,” “Tekel תקל”: You have been weighed in the balance and found wanting, Dan. 5.)

Notice how that this yellow cross resembles the aerial view of Notre Dame. (Compare yellow cross in the Calendar of Signs to the below image of Notre Dame. Notice that the fallen spire is located at the center of an aerial view of the cross-shaped roof on Notre Dame, corresponding to the said middle letter in “ת-ק-ל” (Tekel).

A spire is simply another type of tower of Babel, a mountain made of man’s hands.

The Calendar of Signs is longer than shown here. The Notre Dame fire occurred on April 15th, 2019, five days after the sign of the “Black Hole” on April 10th.

Also, compare the top view of the brown roof that also forms a cross in the same shape as the said yellow large cross of the “Calendar of Signs”. Every tower must fall, and the low places raised up! 

I began working on this post on Easter morning. (Recall the opening words to this post.) About the same time that I wrote the above caption and it was posted (1:37 PM), a severe tornado outbreak was ramping up that killed 34 across the United States with 155 tornados. During the storms, a steeple-tower at a Baptist Church caught fire and collapsed in Alabama. Lightning had struck the tower at 12:45 PM and was reported in numerous news outlets.

I mention this because when I wrote those words, "Every tower must fall...", I sensed then that I was prophesying, with emphasis on the word "Every".

Therefore, the Lord says this, 'No institution will be spared in the great equalizing on His balance, not even those close to Him', (Isa 40:4,12 -- 'Coincidentally', see next image that literally depicts Isa 40:4,12).
This image was posted Dec. 6, 2018. That’s the day that was named “unsealed.” Carefully compare this image to ‘Calendar of Signs’ and notice the same overlay of letters. Compare the lower yellow cross and letters here with the large yellow cross in the Calendar of Signs. They overlap. Then notice what the two signs are that occurred either side (vertically) of the yellow cross on the Calendar of Signs  — they both had to do with a mountain, which is also what this image is of. It’s a mountain that forms a large balance: “Tekel תקל, You are weighed in the balance,” Dan. 5. Also, note the moon-serpent (pink) that rises to swallow the sun
Although created much later than Dec. 6, 2018, this image illustrates the overlay of the Calendar of Signs and the Mountain image with its balance, as discussed in the previous image. Notice when the giant Mt. Anak erupted on the Calendar of Signs as overlayed here on the mountain-image, Dec. 22, 2018. Notice the three qophs ק-,קק each 25 days apart (5 x 5) ending Feb 10. This demonstrates that the few “misses” (not within the two purple lines) were intentional. The double-slit experiment holds true, except with nuisance to communicate a message

The below image about Tiamat, the serpent, was explained in the first post on Dec. 6, 2018 — the date called, “unsealed.” Its caption is here left unchanged from its original post.

Because this image was posted at the start of the double-slit experiment, it is obvious that God mocks the god of (quantum) chaos by creating order out of what should be random. Moreover, notice the single slit through the rock with Lazer precision. Remember, this was posted Dec. 6, 2018.

The stone is located in the land of Tema/Tayma, in Saudia Arabia. It seems obvious that the Mecca stone (to the south of Tema) has replaced this split stone. Formerly, Tayma was called “Tiamat” (the serpent). Apophis is the Egyptian equivalent.
It gets complex, but the long pink serpent in the image before this is also divided in half by the large yellow cross of the Calendar of Signs, by the dividing of the "Sin" סינ-moon goddess. (See the embedded comment in the previous image about "Sin סינ".)
What shall we conclude, then?

Jesus is “ ‘the stone you builders rejected, which has become the cornerstone.’

Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to mankind by which we must be saved,” (Ats 4:11-12).

Repent and believe the Good news!

Notre Dame, Ishtar, and Venus, (“the Morningstar”)

The Notre Dame fire occurred on April 15th, which on the Jewish calendar is Nisan 10th. Nisan 10th is the same day highlighted in the most recent videos. In the videos, Venus blots out the star Atlas (chief of the Titans) as another celestial light, Comet Atlas, breaks up in the heavens.

Venus (“the morning star”) is the symbol of the vile goddess Ishtar, and Ishtar is simply Easter under another guise. After all, the whore Ishtar gets around and was known most everywhere and by many names.

The “Mystery of Iniquity” is not so subtle to the discerning (2Thess 2:7). For she is a powerful fallen entity, not a mere invention of man (Acts 19:35).

With that background, including the double-slit experiment, please read the original article, posted the day of the fire.

Notre Dame Fire (“Our Lady” and the Queen of Heaven)


Click to enlarge

This Prophetic Picture Code was revealed as the full moon of Nov. 23, 2018, the anniversary of “The abomination that causes desolation”. These signs occurred seven times 365.25 years from the Fall of Babylon in 539 BC. (Left chart is a calendar of events.)

Part One. Mene Tekel: gods are judged!

  1. Sea-Dragon comet under foot and ‘Meteor in Russia like 10 atomic bombs’
    •  Dec. 16 & 18, 2018
  2. Eruption of Anak Krakatoa triggers tsunami due to full-moon
    • Dec. 22, 2018
  3. OSIRIS-REX” reaches Bennu on Hanukkah as Bush laid in state. And 30 days later: China on dark side of moon
    • Dec 3, 2018, and Jan 2, 2019
  4. Locust invade Mecca as a partial solar eclipse occurs
    • Jan. 5th local time, (eclipse EST)
  5. Meteor strikes “Super Wolf Blood Moon “,  and New York Tower of Babel lit up baby-blood pink
    • Jan 20 and 22, 2019
  6. River of blood: Dam bursts in Brazil killing 360
    • Jan 25, 2019, noon
  7. Polar Vortex, F4 Tornado strikes North America and Havanna, Cuba
    • Jan 27, 2019
  8. Meteor strikes Cuba at foot of mountain-mural of dragons and giants; (And Part A, “Dragon Aurora in Draco“)
    • Feb 1st and 6th, 2019
  9. Magnetic Pole speeds across the Arctic
    • Feb 4, 2019
  10. Mount Kea (Hawaii) Enlil, god of wind and mountain — judged!
    • Feb 10-11, 2019
  11. Mene, Tekel, Persia, “Turkey, 50 Russian bears,  the Pope, and Kushner’s Peace Treaty
    • Feb 1st, 4th, 9th, 11th, and 14th
  12. Resurrection! Mountain clothed with butterflies
    • Dec 22, 2018, and Feb 14, 2019
  13. (Pt. B/CStar of Isis and Virgo darkened (full moon), creating a triangle both in heaven and earth. (Pt. A. “Serpent ascends“)
  14. Israel and Bible: 7x around the Moon/Jericho
    • Feb 21 and April 11, 2019 (And “Dragon’s Palace, “April 5)
  15. Prince of the power of the air” exposed
    • Feb 1 & 15, 2019
  16. Tornado (F4) topples tower three hours after posting its image. And, “The Mark of Trump”
    • March 3rd and 8th, 2019
  17. The US recognizes Israel’s sovereignty over Golan Heightsand thus Mt Hermon where angels fell
  18. Drill for water in Antarctica
    • Dec 18, 23, 26th, 28
  19. Book of Enoch and the underworld: Three scientific reports
    • Jan 10th, Feb 14, 15; March 1, 3, 2019
  20. Enoch’s 364-day solar cal.: The great switch from lunar to solar commences
    • March 21, 23 (Enoch New Year – March 20 & 27)
  21. Secret code predicted deaths of Saddam, Bush, Yitzchak Kaduri and Sharon
    • Feb 1 and March 1, 2019. (Deaths: Saddam on Dec 29, 2006 {10 pm, EST}; Jan 28, 2006 {Kaduri’s code-Jan 18/’28‘, 2007}; Jan 11, 2014; Nov 30, Dec 3, 6, 2018
  22. Drought in USA, Israel, and Babylon ends
  23. Notre Dame Fire
  24. Easter Sri Lanka bombing
  25. Three Unusual Typhoons
  26. Mystery Mountain rises from the sea
  27. Final  prophetic images coincide with record stretch of tornadoes
  28. Day of Atonement Comet

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  1. Were the targets (middle of crosses) not hit yet again, upon the “reset” of the matrix on the Mystery Babylon Prophetic Map, on Feb. 20, 2020 (Beginning of Market Crash) &
    March 16, 2020 (Biggest Point Drop in History)?
    Maybe I missed something.

    • I’d have to relook, but each matrix spans 25 days/letters, thus anyone one date repeats its position every 25 days. What changes is its location on the very large Prophetic Map.


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