Notre-Dame Fire and the Double-Slit experiment

Today is the day they call “Easter Sunday”; a good day to remember the sign of Notre-Dame one year ago. Notre Dame Was Meant to Reopen by 2024 (Olympics). Then Came Coronavirus (Headline, Time Mag.) On Good Friday, I posted about the Curse of the Olympics, and why it was canceled this year. The Lord … Read more

Real reason Olympics cancelled. Jesus won the contest. He wears the crown

Today is the day they call “Good Friday,” (2020) — the day they “smote” Jesus by lifting up the Light of the World and hanging Him upon a tree. But His “torch” revived three days later. He has overcome and is Victor over all things! He has defeated all enemies. They lost. He won! God … Read more

Marathon Man, Typhoon and Tokyo Olympics

Typhoon “Speed” slams Tokoyo as Marathon Man sets marathon speed record (After reading this, see an update about “Marathon Women“ who shatters the marathon record the very next day as the Typhoon exited Japan — both are from Kenya. And “Four Horsemen: a shield & a crown”, Oct. 23, 2019) (This is the second article … Read more