Notre-Dame Fire and the Double-Slit experiment

Today is the day they call “Easter Sunday”; a good day to remember the sign of Notre-Dame one year ago. Notre Dame Was Meant to Reopen by 2024 (Olympics). Then Came Coronavirus (Headline, Time Mag.) On Good Friday, I posted about the Curse of the Olympics, and why it was canceled this year. The Lord … Read more

Easter bombings at Sri Lanka: “A red horse”

OUTLINE OF SIGNS (Following THE MENE-TEKEL PICTURE CODE) Click to enlarge This Prophetic Picture Code was revealed as the full moon of Nov. 23, 2018, the anniversary of “The abomination that causes desolation”. These signs occurred seven times 365.25 years from the Fall of Babylon in 539 BC. (Left chart is a calendar of events.) Part One. Mene Tekel: … Read more

Notre Dame Fire (“Our Lady” and the Queen of Heaven)

‘Mene Mene Tekel, O Parisians!’ The”spear-like spire is divided” in half in the fire. Below, the Star of David points to Rome and Paris: Vengeance for persecuting Jew and saints. ‘They Spit When I Walked in the Street’: The ‘New Anti-Semitism’ in France (Headline in The New York Times, July 2018) Summary in point form … Read more