Death of Queen Elizabeth: What does it mean?

Purpose of this post

The purpose of this post is to demonstrate that God is sovereign and to urge Christians to “win the crown.”

God predominately speaks through the 360-prophetic calendar. Over the years, hundreds of examples have been given. So much so that it has become redundant.

People sense that the death of the Queen has spiritual meaning — a message from God. And it does. All things work together to help the saints along in their race.

I did a series of articles about running the race so as not to forfeit one’s crown. Please don’t read them now, but below are some of those posts.

I especially wish to draw your attention to this one in the below list:

“The Victors Wreathe”

Listed in reverse order

The Victors Crown/Wreath

I will be brief. (David Rooke assisted me with some of this.)

“Victory” theme

My last post was about the Commonwealth games. King Charles (then prince) gave his speech just before the abomination concluded it.

The marathon and the victors wreathe have been a constant theme, as shown in the above list.

So who won the marathon at the Commonwealth games of 2022, and where was it held?

It was won by “mountain runner” Victor Kiplangat. It was held in Victoria Square, named after Queen Victoria.

Thus, the “victory” theme continues.

What better way to mark the finishing line than a double rainbow!

Meaning of her name

Queen Elizabeth died 40 days after the marathon. She reigned seventy years, an interesting number considering the meaning of her name: Elizebeth means, “My God has (sworn/promised) seven times.”

Also, she reigned exactly 11 x 2300 days (Dan. 8). (Or 110 x 230. See Key of 23). (Ancient Egyptians considered 110 as symbolic of eternal life. Joseph and Joshua  both lived 110 years, for example.)

When was it on the 360-Prophetic Calendar?

I began this post referring to the 360-Calendar, and how most all signs correspond to it, not the Jewish lunar or Gregorian calendars. (The 360-Calendar is just a variation of the solar Enochian calendar.)

There are exceptions, to be sure. The lunar calendar still speaks today. But its use simply reinforces the 360-Calendar. The sun, not the moon, now reigns supreme in the Church age.

God hides the obvious by using the prophetic calendar.

In the aforementioned post (The Crown and the death of the Prince/Queen,

OK, with all that said, the ten days of official mourning for the Queen overlap exactly the Ten Days of Repentance/Awe on the 360-Calendar (not the Jewish calendar). The Ten Days of Repentance are a time of sobriety and mourning/fasting in which God decides if your name will be kept in the Book of Life for another year. Considering what happened at the Commonwealth Games a couple of months ago, repentance is desperately needed.

And 1260 (and 1290) days (Dan. 12, Rev. 12) from then is the full end of the 70th jubilee, which includes the first year of the next 49-year jubilee (the so-called 50th year). That is, AD 2026, (the first month of the first day on the 360-Calendar) — a  date of great importance (and 2025).

King Charles illustrates that God is Sovereign (Dan. 2:21)

Trumpets proclaim Charles as king on Feast of Trumpets (360 Cal.)

The king gave his first official speech the day before at 6 pm, Sept. 9th, the minute that begins the 7th month on the 360-Calendar. The next day amid trumpet blasts, Charles was formally proclaimed king, which on the 360-Calendar is the Feast of Trumpets! (Dan. 2:21)

Queen buried on Day of Atonement (360-Cal.)

Thus, the ten-day mourning ends on the tenth day of the 7th month on the 360-Calendar, which is the Day of Atonement on the 360-Calendar. Thus, she will be buried on the (360) Day of Atonement — the soberest calendar day.

Footnote: Interesting, Ezekiel's temple vision was either 574 BC, Day of Atonement, or Nisan 10, 573 BC. (Ezek. 40). 1260 + 1335 years later is the Day of Atonement, 2022.

The symbolic year that the day of her death symbolized

From the aforementioned post (The Crown and the death of the Prince/Queen, January 25, 2020), you can do your own math and countdown to when she died. She died in the symbolic year of 932/902 BC. The ten days of mourning are from 931-921. Charles was officially made king in the symbolic day-year (SDY) 930 BC, with his first speech in 931t BC.

Kings were made king on this very day in two senses:

On the 7th month and 1st day of the year, and in 931/930 BC, Solomon died after a reign of 40 years at 70. (Tishri 1st is the 360-Calendar equivalent of the 7th month, 1st day.)

The origin of the Tishri-years tradition can be traced to King David, who was ordained the king of Judah (the two southern tribes) on Tishri 1, 1010 BC, before he was ordained the king of Israel (the ten northern tribes) on Nisan 1, 1002 BC.

It seemed that David still used the Nisan-years in chronicling his years, but King Solomon made it a national calendar commemorating his great father. After the split of the kingdom in 931/930 BC, Israel continued using Nisan-years, while Judah used the Tishri-years.

“931/930” also marks the end of the United Kingdom. The kingdom was divided after that into the northern kingdom of Israel and the southern kingdom of Judah. Already nations are talking about separating from the British monarchy.


I am coming soon. Hold on to what you have, so that no one will take your crown. Rev. 3:11

Also, expect nations to break off from the British Monarch.

A sign between two mountains

I left this to last because it’s hard to believe and sometimes more is not better.

I wrote the below article about a year ago.

The gist of that article is that Symbolic Day Years (SDY) can also begin from conception, adding 280 days/years. The result is that SDY 931-921 can also be read as 1211 to 1201 BC.

In the above article, I include the below chart. Observe the image on the left side. It’s a mountain intersecting a menorah in the shape of a serpent carrying a cross. It contains a lovesong between King and Queen. It’s encoded in the Bible. The mountain burns with fire. The menorah is symbolic of death and resurrection. Each letter corresponds to a date. (I have explained this chart many times before.)

The mountain spans 2646 to 1446 BC, which is from the Flood covenant to the Mosaic covenant, Mt. Ararat to Mt. Sinai. The middle peak is Mount Moriah, when Isaac was offered up.

(All of this was posted 25 years ago and explained in great detail. See Since then, future events keep happening in keeping with this prophetic chart, which I often refer to as they happen.)

Describing the below-left image

The middle branch of the Menorah is from 2046 to 1206 BC. The flames (2046 BC) intersect the middle of Mt. Sinai where Moses ascended. The base of the Menorah spans 1409 to 1403 BC inclusive. Now recall that the ten days of mourning span 1211 to 1201 BC. Thus, the ten days are exactly situated over the base. Moreover, the midpoint is 1206 BC, corresponding to Wed., Sept 14, 2022, when her coffin left the palace for the last time.

Queen Elizabeth left Buckingham Palace for the last time on Wednesday, her coffin carried by a horse-drawn gun carriage and trailed by grieving family members during the short journey to the Houses of Parliament, where the monarch will lie in state until her funeral early next week (Monday).

With artillery firing salutes at one-minute intervals, the solemn procession was designed to underscore the Queen’s 70 years as head of state as the national mourning process shifts to the grand boulevards and historic landmarks of the British capital. CBC

היא המלכה (“She is the Queen”)

Now it happens that the middle branch of the Menorah, beginning from its base to its flame (1206 BC to 2046 BC), in Hebrew reads, “She is the Queen”! היא המלכה

The code spans 120 x 7 letters of the Bible (Exodus 3-4). (120 x 7 is also 12 x 70. Moses live 120 years and David 70.)

The code goes on forever, even concerning the queen’s death. For example, the 120 x 7 letters/years (840) of the Menorah is also 3 x 280, and “280” is the said pregnancy number as revealed in the said post, “Can these bones live.” (Thus, 2046 to 926/896 BC is 1150, Dan. 8, etc. There is no end. It only gets deeper and deeper and expands wider and wider — the signature of God.)

The two images below from 2004 are the same: Satan seeks God’s crown and throne.

Choose light, not gloom!

If you look closely, the green throne behind horned Baal is the same throne in the image below it, where a rainbow covers it.

God sets before Burningham and all England a choice: Bow down to Baal and Ashtaroth (as they did at the Commonwealth Games shortly before the queen died), or bow down before God on His throne with His Lamp on His right hand, symbolic of Christ and His bride/”queen.”

Rainbow throne above a cherub, who weighs the nations in his balances.
The Lord was speaking to me about the Flood Covenant when the queen died

Now it happens that when the queen died, the Lord revealed something wonderful mathematically. But it’s too vast to explain now. It had to do with the precession of the equinox, wherein every 72 years is symbolic of a day — a well-known concept in antiquity.

The revelation connects the covenant of Noah with the covenant of Moses on Mt Sinai using the Sumerian Tablets. And at that time, it reminded me of the above image of the Menorah and Mountain. Then I was told that the queen had died and that a double rainbow appeared. The double rainbow is the sign of the Noahic covenant. Thus, picture a rainbow over the above-encoded mountain!

The rainbow is the sign of the covenant of Noah. (My AI image.)

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  2. King Charles III’s Coronation will be on May 6, 2023. There is a Penumbra Lunar Eclipse the previous night which means it is the same day when using the Hebrew Calendar or 360 Calendar (or depending on timezone) May 5th-6th.

  3. Not A Public Comment David. God Bless You.

    Hi Brothers and Sisters.

    Over the past 6 days, there have been demonstrations in more than 100 cities in Iran protesting against the murdering of one beautiful soul, Mahsa Amini, by the Iranian Morality Police. A police made of the most immoral people among the Iranians; So far, more than 40 people have died and 100s have been injured and many activists have been arrested. The more beautiful the soul is, the more misbehavior and persecution she receives, as the higher rewards it brings to the persecutors from their god. Tortures and murders are the main substances by which they feed their god in return for the magical power. There have been 1000s reports of their disgusting misbehaviors toward arrested people before this recent one and now one of those misbehaviors has led to a broader justice for all those who had been harassed before. What meant for evil, God turned it to something good though. Mahsa Amini not only didn’t die but also turned into a secret code for every Iranian freedom fighter.

    A sign and wonder from the Lord in the midst of this chaos: The Hashtag #MahsaAmINi has been retweeted for 40M times so far. In the first day of this hashtag I read it this way: Mahsa-Am-I-Ni =“Messiah; Am I Not?”. “Ni” in Persian means “Not”. It was as if the Lord was asking me: “Am I not supposed to finish what I started with you people?”. “Am I not the Messiah?”. “Am I supposed to abandon you halfway through it?”. “AM I not the promise keeper? The Faithful One?”. “Am I not supposed to bring justice upon your oppressors?”. “Am I not supposed to deliver?”. “Am I supposed to wait until you people find a leader?”. “AM I not myself your leader?”. “What do you think I AM?”. “Am I not the Messiah?”. #MahsaAMINi. It was as if all my doubts of the past month were coming in front of my eyes by seeing this Hashtag. After this, I noticed that Mahsa’s second name is “Zhina”. Interestingly, another sign and wonder for our ministry is that that was the name of the woman who helps his man to overcome, at the beginning of the MovieBook. Also, in the MovieBook, we warned the supreme leader of being confronted by the Staff of Moses if he continues to torture and then kill the Iranian Freedom Fighters. That is another promise of the Lord which is coming true these days.

    The mystery will be soon revealed. The religious minds are the enemy of our God and the last who will enter the Kingdom of Christ.

    Daniel 2:23
    I thank and praise you, God of my ancestors.
    You have given me wisdom and power,
    you have made known to me what we asked of you,
    you have made known to us the dream of the king.


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