Death of Queen Elizabeth: What does it mean?

Purpose of this post The purpose of this post is to demonstrate that God is sovereign and to urge Christians to “win the crown.” God predominately speaks through the 360-prophetic calendar. Over the years, hundreds of examples have been given. So much so that it has become redundant. People sense that the death of the … Read more

Prophecy in Charts: Jesus is our Sabbath Rest

Click on the below link for a detailed explanation of these charts. Exiles from Adam to Christ outline plan of the ages Nov.6, 2021 The theme of each is the prophecy in Deuteronomy, ultimately fulfilled in Christ who bore our sins for us. He is our rest, (Heb. 4). I will scatter you among the … Read more

Haiti quake & “Grace” on 230th anniversary of devil pact

And 23 x 23 years from 1492, when Columbus landed in Haiti (In days, exactly 23 x 23 x 365) And 23 x 23 x 8 days to the previous monstrous 2010 Haiti earthquake This pact reminds us of the pact of the “Watchers” (Book of Enoch 6). It is the deadliest earthquake and deadliest natural disaster of 2021. … Read more

Update on “Key of 23”

I consider this document perhaps the most important that I have written over the past 25 years. It is been greatly expanded since it was first posted seven days ago. After some minor editing, I plan on publishing it in Academia. Please pray for me in this matter. Full document: Key of 23 and Reconciliation. … Read more