Bowls of Wrath & the Recent Jewish Slaughter

Also, Adam to Moses Chronological Chart Updated I had no intention of speaking about the war in Israel but only about the chart. The Lord had other plans. (This post has been updated to include, The “Shocking” Sign of Hurricane Otis.) Also, see: Turkey Earthquake & the Coming War of Magog First, a word about … Read more

Prophecy in Charts: Jesus is our Sabbath Rest

Click on the below link for a detailed explanation of these charts. Exiles from Adam to Christ outline plan of the ages Nov.6, 2021 The theme of each is the prophecy in Deuteronomy, ultimately fulfilled in Christ who bore our sins for us. He is our rest, (Heb. 4). I will scatter you among the … Read more

River of Time flows backward. (Waterfall of Raphael)

  Yesterday, Apr. 15, 2020, a video came to my attention from “The Weather Network.” I planned to post this yesterday, but the very thought of explaining it was wearisome. So today, I write a brief article at the expense of details. This means that unless the reader surveys the posts when this waterfall stopped … Read more

Video: Sign of Comet Atlas, “Chief of Titans”, portent of Corona-virus and Bear Market

This link takes you to the video put out four days later. It is better to watch that one first before the “Atlas Comet” video. Both go together. Video: “Morning Star” grazes rebel-star “Atlas” & Comet Atlas in sky & Typhoon on earth April 8, 2020. Also, see Comet SWAN ascends gracefully as Titan ATLAS … Read more

Two earthquakes in 4 days topple false gods, signals “Kingdom come”

Above image concerns the Notre-Dame fire from the post one year ago, and is referred to later. I have reposted this from a few days ago under a new title because the original post no longer has the same emphasis. The emphasis has switched from the ancient ‘Pyramid-Temples of the Sun and Moon’, now to … Read more

Sun, Moon, Star of David & “Square root”

Posts in this series about Enoch Enoch: Tribulation Witness Is the Book of Enoch Inspired? Sign of Azazel & Raphael (Enoch 20-22) Enoch’s Prophecy of 7 cycles of 490 364-day Dead Sea Scroll opened Part One: How the 364-day calendar works Part Two: How the lunar calendars work Alternative intercalation of the 364-days The Key … Read more

Enoch’s Rod of π is the Revelation of Jesus

Bible Fractal: Angel of the Lord is

Posts in this series about Enoch Timeline from Creation (This represents my earliest work on Pi. While accurate, the final formula is explained at this link.) First, the Simplified Version Pi is 3.141592653589793238… 22 /7 – (42 + (2P)/7) /(Y*y), where Y -> 365/2, y -> 182, P -> 1/25920Result 3.1415926535895 Details to the above and … Read more