Homosexuality and the Tree of Life

Yesterday morning (March 9, 2020), I was doing complicated calculations concerning the fractal for the outline of the body of Christ as He stands at His throne. The math leads to a very muscular outline.

The upper torso of the outline of the Man, Christ Jesus, as it is in heaven. Keep in mind that all aspects of the fractal image are symbolic. They symbolize a higher reality. For example, the pointed hands are the hands of an ancient scroll read. The image is understood to be his front or back depending on the context. Technical note: The “Real” number of this fractal is set to the sqrt of 1.38, max. iteration is 6. The bailout is 4.8579758434, which means that because the circle around the man represents 1960 years, therefore the second circle due to the bailout is 4320 years, which is 6 x 360 years from its center in all directions. (1.38 is an essential Biblical number related to 23, and much more. The six is the number of “man” because man was created on the sixth day. It is also stretched horizontally at 1.150, again a number related to 23, and 2300.)

The implications of this math caused me to wonder, ‘What if the “Starting Point: Re” for the fractal was adjusted slightly — what would happen to the “lightning” as seen above the head of the Lord?’ (See below images.)

(The “lightning” that I refer to is the upward reddish curved ‘lighting’ that passes through the Tree of Life that sits above the throne. I know that this will not make sense if you have not read the past few posts.)

As a reminder, below is the image of the Tree of Life that sits above the head of the Lord as He sits on His throne.

The Tree of LIfe shoots forth from atop the Lord’s head as He sits/stands at the throne. The lighting is hard to see here, but it spreads out to the left and right. It is easily seen in the next image
Click to enlarge. This is a closeup of the top of the head with Tree of Life. The “Lightning” that runs horizontally is easier to see in this image

The ‘lightning’ drops down to become the Sword of the Lord that guards Eden

So, as said, I adjusted the “re” function slightly from 1.1 to less 1/millonth, that is, to 1.099999 — a minimal adjustment indeed. But when I did, the lighting at the top dropped down so as to now appear to be a sword exactly in the Lord’s two hands, as if now guarding that Tree of Life!

Below is a moving image that displays the tiny change from “1.1” to “1.099999,” as seen at right. This causes the curved reddish “lightning” that runs through the Tree of Life above the throne to drop down into the hands of the Lord. This gives the appearance of a sword in each hand that guards access to the Tree of Life.

This is the actual fractal program and the slight change in settings I made, as just explained. Notice how the sword of the Lord transitions from the top down into His hands

Below is the same, as except as two still images.

2020-03-09. Tree of Life and the sword of lightning that protects the tree that emanates from the Garden of Eden at top. This is the normal position of all the fractal images that present His hands outstretched to receive men unto Himself
2020-03-09. Swords in the hands of the “Angel of the Lord” who protects the Tree of Life and forbids access to the Garden of Eden that sits above His head and throne

So He drove the man out; and at the east of the garden of Eden He stationed the cherubim and the flaming sword which turned every direction to guard the way to the tree of life. (Gen 3:24)

“Same-Sex Marriage” and now, “No conversion therapy”

When the sword dropped into the hands, it automatically reminded me of the Picture Bible Code of the cherub that guards the Tree of Life encoded within those verses from Genesis. It was posted in 2005 the same day that here in Canada, legislation was passed allowing same-sex marriage. (This, in turn, provoked the rest of the world to do likewise soon.)

Before you read the excerpts from the 15-year old article about the Picture Code of the flaming sword that guards Eden, the following appeared in the news late yesterday afternoon. (Keep in mind that I live in Ontario, Canada).

Thus, the sword dropped into the hands of the Lord just as our government prepared to hold a news conference that afternoon to announce the proposed new law. The law partly outlaws teaching conversion to Christ for homosexuals. (It almost certainly will pass legislation.)

Liberals introduce bill to ‘eradicate’ conversion therapy (CBC)

Justice Minister David Lametti has introduced a bill that would crack down on the practice of conversion therapy by outlawing its use on minors and making it illegal to engage in it for profit.

“Today, I am happy to share that we have made significant progress in addressing an issue that is close to the hearts of many Canadians, our promise to protect Canadians from conversion therapy,” Lametti said Monday.

“We’re telling doctors and professionals that we want to see this act eradicated. I’m not sure I can make that more clear.”

The justice minister said that conversion therapy — the pseudoscientific practice of using psychological or spiritual counselling to change the sexual orientation of someone who identifies as LGBTQ2 to heterosexual — is immoral.

“Conversion therapy is premised on a lie — that being homosexual, lesbian, bisexual or [transgendered] is wrong and in need of fixing,” he said. “Not only is that false, it sends a demeaning and degrading message that undermines the dignity of individuals and the LGBTQ2 community as a whole.

“There is no right or wrong when it comes to who you are and who you love.” (CBC)

Striking parallels to Genesis

The above contradicts the Genesis account of the creation of man and women and the lie of the serpent in the garden and in regards to the law of God concerning the tree of the knowledge of good and evil (Genesis 3). Every word spoken at that press conference contradicts the Genesis account, calling good evil and evil good, at the cost of the sword (punishment).

The ‘conversion-therapy’ announcement was on “Adar 13th”, the infamous day recorded in the book of Esther that all Jews be destroyed. This legislation was passed by the intrigue of Haman and Trudeau.

Dispatches were sent by couriers to all the king’s provinces with the order to destroy, kill and annihilate all the Jews–young and old, women and children–on a single day, the thirteenth day of the twelfth month, the month of Adar, and to plunder their goods. Esther 3:13

Stock Market plunges that same hour

As they announced this yesterday afternoon (March 9, 2020), the Stock Market in Canada plummeted the most by percentage since 1987 — a stunning 10.3% in one day. (The rest of the world was hit hard too, but not as hard as Canada.)

Wife of PM Trudeau has the “Crownvirus”
Encoded in the Genesis account of the man and woman driven from the Garden of Eden, with cherubim positioned to guard access. It happens that Gen. 3:6 is the line in the Hebrew text that runs through the middle of the sword, where “wisdom” is mentioned


Also on this day (March 9th, or thereabouts), the wife of the Prime Minister of Canada became infected with the coronavirus at a pro-LGBT gathering in England. She is just the 158th person in Canada, (merely one person for every quarter-million in Canada).

The PM must also go into isolation — like Adam and Eve, the first rulers of the world — driven out of Eden.

What are the odds that this is a mere coincidence — to happen on the same day that the “Conversion Therapy” law is tabled?

I am not saying that the virus is God’s judgment against homosexuals, but rather a general warning not to tamper with the commandments of God. For example, the coronavirus began in China and coincided with China altering the Bible, (Rev. 22:8).

I warn everyone who hears the words of the prophecy of this scroll: If anyone adds anything to them, God will add to that person the plagues described in this scroll.

Wiser than God?

Moreover, the name of the wife of Trudeau is “Sophie Grégoire”, meaning “wisdom” and ‘see’ ==> “watch” (Gen 3:6).

“And when the woman saw that the tree was good for food, and that it was pleasant to the eyes, and a tree to be desired to make one wise (“Sophie”), she took of the fruit thereof, and did eat, and gave (it) also unto her husband with her; and he did eat.” (Gen 3:6)

One last note: “Coronavirus” literally means, “The crown-shaped venom of a serpent“. Recall that the serpent in the garden stole Adam’s crown.


Excerpts from the article from 15 years ago. (In previous posts, I said that the fractal prophetic images have a corresponding Picture Bible Code revealed 15 or 20 years ago. Below is what corresponds to the above ‘Sword in the hands of the Lord that protects access to the Tree of Life’.)

Flaming-Sword Bible Code in the Garden of Eden

The Seven Woes!
And, “Same-Sex Marriage”

The below chart shows the Flaming-Sword Bible Code in relative position to the other picture codes at 120-letter skips.

Encoded in the Genesis account of the man and woman driven from the Garden of Eden, with cherubim positioned to guard access

The angel/man swinging a sword in front of two crosses (trees) is found in the Genesis account of the fall of man when the man and women ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. An angel was sent to guard the way back to the tree of life with a flashing flaming sword. The Bible code itself produces this flashing sword effect.

Notice that the hand that holds the sword also appears to be nailed to the cross! A cross is simply a barren tree and is a symbol of death. In this case, it is symbolic of the death of Adam and Eve (‘You must not eat from that tree or you shall surely die!’ Genesis 3:2), and it is symbolic of the death of the Lord Jesus.

The main beam declares, “Surely (the prophecy) is from I AM!” (“I AM” is the name of God revealed at the burning bush.) The horizontal beam reads, “They heard” (…the voice of the Lord walking in the garden, Gen. 3:8). Together, the crosses declare (from top to bottom), “Surely they heard from the Lord! (I AM)” “Woe! Woe!”

The rest of the image is made up of the reoccurring word, “Woe!” seven times. (Note the seven ‘woes’ by the seven angels found in the book of Revelation, and see Rev. 10:1-7; 11:14-19.

Same-sex marriage law passed the same day across Canada

Without any forethought whatsoever, the image and document of the male/female crosses and the seven woes were put on the internet the same day our leaders here in Canada were passing the same-sex law that legalizes homosexual ‘marriage.’

Recall that this bible code, the dragon code, and the code about Christ on the cross are all centered around the Genesis passage that records the first marriage in the bible— a marriage between a man and a woman— Adam and Eve. Adam and Eve are a type of Christ and His bride for whom Jesus died. This is why Satan (the dragon) seeks to destroy marriage as ordained by God.

Woe to our leaders who forced this legislation through! Woe to the earth, who will soon follow suit! Woe to all those that practice fornication of any type, “For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God.” (Also see the “Three Circles” completed this same day of June 28, 2005, which likewise speaks against fornication.)

This is the full Bible Code Pictograms from years ago. The image of the Man guarding Eden is seen at the right side

End of the excerpt from article from 15 years ago.

My son broke free from homosexuality

My son phoned as I was pondering the sword dropped into the Lord’s hands. He wanted to get together to ‘hang out’.

My son is an example of someone that conversion delivered from homosexuality of the most effeminate sort. He is now married with two children.

The traumatic soul-searching experience of yesteryears taught me compassion for those struggling with their sex.

What is sin?

Sin is the breaking of the law or missing God’s standard. Most want to do what is right but feel helpless to do so by nature (Eph. 2:3). God understands the struggle and has a solution. We need a new nature.

But how?

And God has made a way.

Jesus is the way.

Jesus becomes our new nature — a new creation. His nature becomes ours, both by immediate decree if we turn to Him (“positionally”), and by process (“sanctification”).

Friend, you must be born again!

There may be a struggle, but Jesus can save.

Behold: the hand that holds the sword is also impaled to the cross — so that you can be set free. So pick up your cross and follow Him

God can save the drunkard.

God can save the gambler.

God can save the greedy man.

God can save an abusive husband.

God can save the fornicator.

God can save those who practice homosexuality (1Cor. 6:9,10).

You may struggle in this area after that. Or maybe not. But there is deliverance and freedom, either all at once or on a day-by-day basis.

‘No pit is too deep that God is not deeper still.’

My son can attest to it.

Turn to Him

Turn to Jesus!

Face Him, and He will face you. Keep your eyes fixed on Jesus, and over time you will look more and more like Him. The Holy Spirit will teach you how.

Good news! From the moment you believe, you are saved, and for the rest of your life, you are changed into His image.

He died for you on that cross –on the ‘Tree of the knowledge of good and evil’ — so that you can have access to the ‘Tree of Life’ and live forever.

The hands of the Lord open wide to receive you. He will wash you, and you will be clean.

Learn to follow the way of life. Jesus is the Way of Life, and His burden is light, and you will find rest for your soul.

Hands outstretched to receive you because He loves you — or is it His back?  You decide

The Bible Project: “Tree of Life”

“Coincidently, The Bible Project people put out a video about the Tree of Life around the same time that the Lord had me put out the fractal images of the Tree of Life. The imagery is strikingly similar in many ways. For example, it joins the symbolism of the Tree of Life with the Burning Bush and with the temple and with the cross.

(This is not the first time that the posting on Youtube of Bible Project videos coincided with when the Lord had me post its equivalent prophetically, and that they were also strikingly similar.)


Sun, Moon, Star of David & “Square root”

Posts in this series about Enoch

It has been 140 days since the Pi revelation about how it reveals Christ and keeps track of time and space. I am posting this 9:33 pm (EST), Dec 24, 2019, which happens to be the night (according to tradition) when the angel led lowly shepherds to Bethlehem to witness the birth of Christ. (Then, about two years later, the star appeared that led the Magi to “the Son of David”.)

Where is he who is born King of the Jews? For we saw his star in the east, and have come to worship him. (Matt 2:2)

The below image is the first in a series that demonstrates how that geometry is at the root of all biblical patterns, times and seasons. Therefore, it seems providential that the first and foundational image is that of a star shining at night, along with the full moon.

This shape is the foundation from which all biblical patterns branch out from. It forms the perfect triangle because it uses whole digits for all sides including the height. It also encloses the perfect circle, whose diameter is 113 and circumference is 354.99997 (i.e., almost 355)

Patterns of Redemption

By combining 13 with 7 and 70 with 99 — these are the numbers that symbolize redemption from the curse and the recovery of that which is lost. For example, the slope of each triangle totals exactly 390. The height exactly 168. A priestly cycle lasts 168 days; 24 priests serve each for one week, (7 x 24 = 168, 1 Chron 24–24; Luke 1:5).  The priest Ezekiel laid on his side 390 days (13 x 30) to symbolically bear the sins of the house of Israel, (Ezek 4). All this is fulfilled in Jesus. He is our High Priest who bore our sins on Mount Calvary.

The perimeter of the triangle equals 12 jubilees

The three sides of the pyramid are 195 + 195 (390) plus 198 for its base. This equals 588 (12 x 49, and 49 = 7 x 7). Therefore there is one jubilee for each month and tribe and apostle. Notice how the 13 months (30 x 13 = 390) that form the slopes combine to make the 12 x 7 x 7 of redemption. The jubilee has to do with redemption. 588 cubits, therefore, equals 98 rods, which is 49 rods per side. When we add the exact height of 168 cubits  (28 rods) to this we arrive at a total of 126 rods.  126 x 10 equals 1260, (Rev 11:1-3; 12:6). This 1260, plus 1260 of its mirrored triangle total 7 x 360.

We are getting ahead of ourselves, but with the capstone, the combined height is now 230, not including the extra line at the bottom that will be explained later. The two circles are 700.5 and 720 (360 x 2) in circumference. Ten pixels equals 1 cubit, so you can click to enlarge and measure the 2300 pixels for yourself

It is clear that the dimensions are intended to be multiplied by ten because the total height of the Star of David once the capstone of seven years is added totals 230 in height. Ten-times this equals the “2300” of Daniel 8. Therefore, the Star of David divides the 2300 and 2520 in half as said in the Bible. The total height of 230 expands to 343 (7 x 7 x 7) when the second triangle is lowered into place as seen in the diagram a few paragraphs below.

Leaving the 99 to find that lost one outside the enclosure

The base is composed of exactly 99 x 2. As we shall see later as we unfold this in future articles, this is the 99 and the one lost sheep that Jesus spoke of when talking about forgiving one’s brother “70 x 7” (or “77”) times, (Matt 18). And then there is the area of the triangle and eventually the volume of the pyramid and its slope that this study will eventually lead to — and to 12000 stadia, etc.

The circle of the Moon

The circumference of the circle represents a lunar year rounded to 355 days. There are 12 points that intersect the circle thereby dividing the lunar year into its 12 months. As we shall see, when the capstone and walls are added to the triangle (99 + 1), then there is also 360, 364 and 365 days.

“Time, times, and a half-a-time”

The previous “Star of David” diagram can be rearranged like this: Both in Daniel and the book of Revelation, the Bible refers to “A time, times, and a half-a-time”. This indicates ‘a year, two years, and half-a-year’. When rearranged like this, notice that now there is not just one year/circle (“a time”),  but now a “times“, that is, two lunar years. The large green circle is 355 x 1.5, and thus ‘a time’ and ‘a half-a-time’. When represented by the round 360 days in a year, this totals 1260 days.

A priestly year to divided night from day

The total height is now 168 + 168 and forms a diamond-shape. It happens that 168 + 168 is a priestly year of 336 days. And because in the Bible “a day is as a year”, the diamond, therefore, divides summer from winter and day from night. In the next post, we add the seven-year capstone to the 336 to make 7 x 7 x 7. After that, we multiply all this by half-70 that equals 12000/12005 of New Jerusalem. The pyramids midpoint of the 12002.5 cubits (and fathoms) forms the gates and creates a slope of almost an exact 1200 jubilees for the total of all four sides. All this forms a transparent four-sided pyramid within a perfect cube of the same height, but whose foundation is as deep as it is high, shaped like a diamond crystal with seven “eyes”, having “branched out” from its tiny seven-cubit headstone (Zech 3:8-9). In this way, the mountain of the Lord is clothed upon by the cube boundary, (Rev 21:10).

12 Gates of Pearl

There are three gates on each side of New Jerusalem, each made of a single pearl resembling the round moon, 490 cubits wide and 490 high (70 x 7) — half beneath the surface, plus a 5 cubit golden rim, (total 500-cubit gate). Therefore, the arch of the pearl (half-circle) is 770 cubits with a diagonal crisscross at the center of its square gate of 700, with plus and minus 7 cubits, therefore, 7 x 7 x 7, too. All must pass through the cross (criss-cross) to enter the city, symbolic of the irritant that eventually forms a pearl. Follow Jesus and you can enter. An additional zone of 500 royal cubits surrounds the city, 12005 furlongs each side including this zone. The three gates on each side, therefore, are 4900 x 490 royal cubits apart, which is 12 x 490 x 490 regular cubits. (A furlong is 400 royal cubits and 480 common cubits.) The center gate rises exactly 14700 furlongs up the slope to the pyramidal peak, hence, 1200o x 49 furlongs along the slopes of the diamond city, (with its base of 12002.5, i.e., at the 500 cubit entrance). The total of all 8 slopes, therefore, is 500 x 336 x 336 reg. cubits. (336 is a priestly year.) God’s throne is at the center of the diamond-shaped city, with its cube boundary. Compare this to Ezekiel’s temple complex: It is also 500 cubits square with the altar center, plus its outer surrounding zone, similar to Ezekiel’s Jerusalem, (Ezekiel 40). The “144 cubit-wall” (24 rods) will be explained later.

Two signs

Ask the LORD your God for a sign, whether in the deepest depths or in the highest heights…Therefore the Lord himself will give you a sign: The virgin will conceive and give birth to a son, and will call him Immanuel. (Isaiah 7:10-14)

“Sign in the depths” of the earth beneath the sea

Today is also the 280th day on the calendar of Enoch, which runs from morning to morning. This depicts a pregnancy period, ending daybreak, Dec 25th. Seven earthquakes occurred on the last two days (i.e., Hanukkah and Christmas eve), the seventh and most powerful occurring 63 minutes after posting this as dated at the start of this article. Whenever something significant is unsealed, natural phenomena echo.

“Sign in the highest”. Christmas Ring of Fire (that began from Jerusalem)

Ring-of-fire annular solar eclipse

On the 23rd of December, 2019, as the final pattern emerged of the star of David with its “moon of 355-day circumferences” surrounded by a slightly larger “sun of 365-day circumference” — it dawned on me that day that I was looking at an annular eclipse, known as a ring of fire. Late Christmas day it came to my attention that such an eclipse was indeed about to happen — in just a few hours! I soon realized that it is first seen in Israel, but only a sliver. However, given a transparent New Jerusalem (and foundation) as explained in this post, then it would be fully visible as seen at left! This is no small sign! Even the location in the heavens is important, (to be explained later). The eclipse also began exactly 3.5 days after Hanukkah. Please ponder these images carefully.

Jerusalem is marked. The start of the full annular eclipse began where the deep red is at right. Compare location to below image, where the gate of Zebulun would be located if New Jerusalem were overlayed as shown
Christmas eclipse-annular-2019
Size of the New Jerusalem. (Here centered to Ezekiel’s Millennial Jerusalem that spans from modern Jerusalem to Hebron in rods.) The thick dark purple line shows the path of the eclipse, which continues east across the tip of India, etc.
We said that the moon in the diagram (355 days) is, in turn, is surrounded by the full 365-day ring, forming a ring of fire around Jerusalem exactly like an annular solar eclipse. (In this diagram everything is double the size). An annular eclipse just “happened” to occur on Dec 25, 2019, as this post was fully completed. And the eclipse just happens to begin at the eastern border of Israel, but which could only be seen from Jerusalem if the ground were transparent, which indeed the New Jerusalem is!
See timeanddate.com/eclipse/map/2019-december-26   Notice how the start of the eclipse precisely hugs the eastern border (over water)! The full annular eclipse would be visible starting from that thin line that marks the official border of Israel if the “transparent” New Jerusalem sat there!
Starry Night Software showing the annular eclipse from Bethlehem (near Jerusalem) when the earth is transparent.
Click to enlarge. Starry Night Software showing the annular eclipse from Bethlehem (near Jerusalem) when the earth is transparent, located at top. The constellation of Saggitarius originally depicted a god who guarded the underworld but is replaced by the 12 Apostles of the Lamb — called, “the 12 foundations” of New Jerusalem. The southern crown is a little below this constellation. Stars can be seen during total eclipses. God never misses His mark! The Church is the crown of Christ, like a ring of fire coming down from heaven. Time zones allow eclipse to occur on Dec 25th and 26th
Isaiah 9. (Recall “gate of Zebulun)

Nevertheless the dimness shall not be such as was in her vexation, when at the first he lightly afflicted the land of Zebulun and the land of Naphtali, and afterward did more grievously afflict her by the way of the sea, beyond Jordan, in Galilee of the nations.

2 The people that walked in darkness have seen a great light: they that dwell in the land of the shadow of death, upon them hath the light shined…

6 For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counseller, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.

7 Of the increase of his government and peace there shall be no end, upon the throne of David, and upon his kingdom, to order it, and to establish it with judgment and with justice from henceforth even for ever. The zeal of the LORD of hosts will perform this.


For I,’ says the LORD, ‘will be a wall of fire all around her(Jerusalem), and I will be the glory in her midst.’ ” (Zech 2)

The sign of the counterfeit City soon follows in 7 and 14 years, where Muhamid was born

Mecca and Medina are the counterfeits of Bethlehem and Jerusalem. What are the odds that three solar eclipses would virtually pass over all four cities within a span of about 14 years — clustered around the 70th jubilee from entering Canaan?

Recall the sign from a year ago, when locust descended upon Mecca
(Click to enlarge.) How God marked an “X” over the southern boundary promised to Abraham that reaches along the Nile River to the Euphrates. Click here for more,  “Part Two of Solar Eclipse of 2017 (and Mecca and Medina)”
Click to enlarge. A string of seven total solar eclipses, each 3.5 eclipse years apart (346*3.5). While this is not rare (earth sees about six such strings per century), what is rare is where and how this series land

For more about the sign of the annular eclipse, particularly the River of Life, click here.

Two Geometric keys

Later we explain how patterns throughout the Bible use two mathematical ‘rods’:

  • For the CIRCLE: (Seventh continued fraction), the denominator of Pi is (364 days x 365)/4
    • Which is our circle 355/113 times 6 x 49 (less 22/7)
  • For the SQUARE/TRIANGLE: (Twelfth continued fraction), the denominator of “the square root of two” is 77 x 180 (i.e., 38.5 x 360), whose numerator is 400 jubilees plus the year of jubilee (19601)
    • Which is the base of our triangle of 198, times 70 (less one for the numerator to get 19601)

This biblical understanding of the square-root of 2 (and 3) was discovered Nov 24, 2019, 110 days after Pi, which is 99*35 years from the plagues of Egypt and the Exodus (1447t/1446n BC), which is 4900.25 years. To be exact, the ratio of the diagonal side of the mountain of 4900 to 4900.5 to its base of 99×35 years spans back to ≈1447t to 1446n BC. To be exact: “4900” to 1446 Nisan 1st from Jan 4, 2020, 360 cal.; Jan 13, 2020, Enoch Cal.; Jan 24th lunar cal. (Also, see Sign 19, “Until 70 generations (4900) in the valleys of Earth” (Enoch 10:12)

Click to enlarge Mystery Babylon pyramid. Note area of faces is 23000. Compare “2300” of Dan 5, “Abomination of Desolation”

Note that height is 60 years/cubits just as the Ark. Dimensions of Noah’s ark are simply half the 500+100 of Noah, (Genesis 6:14–16). Note that 220 yrs to Terah optionally expands to 280 with the extra 60, which is the ratio of Pi. Note the 99 to Tower of Babel (Peleg) parallel to the 99 of Sodom, in conjunction with the 70 of Terah of “sq.root of 2”. Note Kenan lives 460 to 2091 BC when Terah also died, etc., Noah died 2166 BC, and note Shelah’s death at 430+3, and Shem’s — Rubik’s cube). Take 1406 BC and add all 26 (and 27 patriarchs with Kenan) end to end to arrive at 14006 and 14466 BC, which is 12600 + 460 years), (thus, set at ten-times reg. chron.)  Thus, imaging Conquest and Exodus of 1406 and 1446 BC.

Pi formula step by step. The previous step ( “-six-weeks” only) is 365 x 364/4

Couple all this with the Sumerian tablets (set at 60-times reg. chron.), such as the Pi connection of Enoch 66966 BC to 536 BC, (Dan. 9-12). Truly endless — but some threads to pull! And always compare with the Pillars of 29465/29515 AD.

Cube of Creation — showing my rough work. Click to enlarge. 3-d models on the ground. The cube of 60-sq.-base x 70 cubits/years high is thus 10 reg. by 10 royal rods — similar to the Most Holy Place of the Tabernacle

Cube of Creation (The true “Metatron Cube”)

The pattern presented in this post is shaped like the Holy Place of God’s temple, a rectangular solid (20 by 10 by 10 cubits). However, the week after this, (Dec 26th to Jan 1, 2020), the Lord opened my mind to understand its counterpart, that is, the Most Holy Place, (10 by 10 by 10 cubits, except as 10 royal rods high by 10 regular rods wide, and all that results). See “The Down Under” is on fire (Australia) and “Mystery Mountain rising beneath the sea“. The blood of the cross was sprinkled seven times before the 2.5-cubit Ark of the Covenant within the Most Holy Place– a cube 10x10x10 cubits, (Lev 16:14; Heb 9:7,21).

The Net of the Creation Cube. Below shows the above folded into the cube

Thus, the Creation and life itself flow from God’s throne — it flows from the Most Holy Place where God sits enthroned “between the Cherubim”, (Psalm 80:1).

Cube (10x10x10) with inscribed sphere has a surface area of 314.16

The cube depicts Creation as made in six (figurative?) days but resting on the 7th day. Because it represents creation, therefore inscribed within the cube is a sphere whose surface area is 314 rods. (r=5 rods –> Area=4πr^2=4π·5^2≈314.16) Jesus is Almighty God, (Hebrews 1:1-4; 3:4). He is Shaddai שדי! He has no equal. (Falsely taught, Enoch was supposedly changed into a mighty angel called, Metatron. The gematria of both Shaddai and Metatron is 314 – thus related to Pi. However, Metatron is an imposter introduced long after the Book of Enoch in another book called the 3rd book of Enoch, The Revelation of Metatron. The devil has a counterfeit for everything.)

The Cube of Creation is set here as in the mirror of BC, i.e., 4305t-2n BC = as 4305n-2t AD. Ark of Covenant is at the center at 2.5 cubits. The diagonal crisscross at bottom is approx. 85 cubits/years.   “The Metatron Cube” is the counterfeit of what was said before about Pi (“314”) and the Creation Cube as discussed next
New-Jerusalem pyramid model made to scale. Thus the full cube is twice the height of the pyramid. The red diamond-shape model conveys the two different ways the pyramids can be joined — point to point or base o base
Creation Cube and pyramid. Much of Biblical chronology is patterned after this, especially the dates when one hits the chronological fork in the road of the (NT, LXX, SP, MT) ‘130 Canaan’, ’60 Terah’, and ‘215 of Jacob (in “Canaan & Egypt”)’, which create eight possible dates for the Flood and Creation that are the 8 corners of the Creation Cube

The Writing is on the Wall

Click to enlarge. Enoch with the angels. Posted June 11, 2019. Note the Tree of Life either side the throne in the above image turns out to be the talons of the eagle-like Archangel that guards the entrance to the Tree of Life in the next mirrored image

(Click to enlarge. The previous image upside down.) Enoch with the angel: Seraphine or a cherub with six or four wings in flight above the rising sun within the temple.

“Metatron” is the counterfeit of this true representation of the mighty angel who protects the Tree of Life. The revelation of Enoch’s calendar, Pi, the Creation Cube and the Crystobrot fractal 70 years after Israel became a nation sends a terrifying message to “powers and principalities”, (Eph 3:10). The writing is on the wall. And this is the message: Your lies are over. The saints will inherit the earth with glorified bodies — greater than the mightiest angel, (Phil 3:21). Woe, woe, woe to earth! (Rev 8:13; 14:6; 19:17).

The previous image with colors inverted. (Metatron/Megatron is the counterfeit of this true representation derived by biblical mathematics)

More on Enoch’s Rod of Pi

Both these geometric ‘rods’ (Pi and sqrt 2) work harmoniously to create round numbers very closely approximating their irrational numbers.

Outer circles 355 + 355 and 360 + 360, signify the moon (Sarah) and sun (Abraham)

A small example is the 360 + 360 and 355 + 355 years from the birth of Abraham and Sarah to the Exodus, symbolic of the sun and moon, (Gen 37:9-11). (2166/2156 to 1446 BC.) This is God’s timepiece for the sun, moon, and stars (Precession) as they declare the glory of God. Jesus, the Messiah, is the glory of God.

The end result of Biblical math are geometric images called fractals

Fractal image of throne room with altar at center
Example of a fractal image, the end result of all that math in the Bible! — It produces images of that which the narrative refers to. We will come back to the fractals later after explaining the math of New Jerusalem and the said two ‘rods’

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