The bright fireball — It’s about where and when

A bright falling star is seen from Barrie Ontario to Ohio, Pennsylvania, Washingon, and across the East Coast.

‘Fireball’ caught on dashcam Wednesday morning near Barrie

Video of a “fireball.. headed south on the 400, just seconds south of 11th line between HWY 89 and 88 at 6:24 a.m., I saw a bright streak in the sky ending with a spectacular flash.”

“It was a blue-white streak ending with a white explosion that had a red-orange glow around the bottom as it ended..(680News)

The bright flash was also spotted in the skies over parts of Ohio and Pennsylvania and the East Coast.


The gist of what this sign means

This is what the Lord showed me: Something shifted in the spirit realm the afternoon of Sept 26th, 2020, at Washington and the world. That was the day of the massive Repentance rally before the Whitehouse three-and-a-half days ago.

The enemy lost ground, “but woe to earth”.

Lying signs and wonders through doctored images, “fake news”, is about to increase sevenfold like the darkened sun, yet all the while claiming to be light. Both the world and Christendom will be deceived, although in opposite extremes.

But the light of revelation with power will shine all the more bright for those who hear the voice of the Lamb and follow Him. They “have no need that any man teaches them”, 1 John 2:27.

The fireball is a genuine sign.

The “fireball” as seen from where I live and considered from that perspective

The American Meteor Society told news agency AP that the bright fireball was most likely a random meteor, not associated with any major meteor shower.

In the previous posts (Sept. 24th and 28th ), I discussed the signs on the earth concerning the hurricanes. But Jesus also said that there would be signs in the heavens. This is a relatively small sign, but worth mentioning.

There will be signs in the sun and moon and stars, and on the earth dismay among the nations, bewildered by the roaring of the sea and the surging of the waves. Luke 21:25

I said that on the morning of Wednesday, the 23rd of September (2020) that the Lord revealed ‘the 400-year cycles of the Enoch calendar (of 364-days)’. As I said, on that very morning it also happened to be the start of the seventh month on the Enoch calendar and was both the start of the first day (“Feast of Trumpets”) or the start of the eighth day of the seventh month. (See Part One: How all calendars harmonize in cycles of 40 years.

Exactly seven days later, early Wednesday morning at 6:24 a.m., September 30th, 2020, the fireball happened — a bright falling star, seen from Barrie, Ontario, all the way to Ohio and along the East Coast.

There were also many reports from Washington DC, the sight of “The Return” near the Whitehouse three-and-a-half days earlier when Johnathan Cahn blew seven trumpet-blasts,  attended by tens of thousands as discussed in the previous post.  I personally live in the Barrie area, which is the northern limit of observation.

I will share with you what it means, but first, the precise timing is important.

Locations that reported the fireball on September 30th, morning, 2020. AMS

Timing of the Falling Star on the newly revealed Enoch Calendar

The Enoch calendar runs on fixed cycles that always begin Wednesday morning. The fireball also occurred Wednesday morning. Because this sign occurred when it was still dark, one can view this as happened at the very end of the 7th month and the 7th day — (or 14th day). (See ‘Enoch’s 7th month.’) On the other hand, technically speaking, the Enoch calendar begins at “6 a.m.”, and consequently the heavenly sign occurred 24 minutes after 6 a.m., and thus the next day, (EST).

Thus the moment of the sign can also be viewed as the start of the next day, which, then, commenced the Feast of Tabernacles on the Enoch calendar. In other words, this sign occurred at the very hour best positioned to maximize the symbolism of the “beginning, middle and end” of the week and of the seven trumpets as referred to in the past series of posts. (See, Trump Peace Treaty).

The Location of the Falling Star

Solar year of 365.2425 arranged like a menorah — the sign of the 400-years of the Mayflower

The location is also important. For one thing, it was seen on “Hwy 400”, near Barrie, near the same location on this highway of another sign that was posted several years ago.  As said at that time, the number “400” reminds us of “the 400 years in Egypt”.

(That post had to do with the fires in California: notice that the theme of “North to South” is once again in the news! See (And also see the sign of the 400 years, posted just a couple of days ago, on the 28th of Sept., and updated again on the 29th.)

A bright falling star as seen from Barrie Ontario. See the next image to see the stars visible in the sky above the road.
The falling star as seen driving from Barrie, southbound, Wednesday morning Sept. 30, 2020, at 6:24 a.m. The yellow line shows the location in the sky where it fell, as seen from Barrie — with the stars in their correct position at the time. Over the past several years we have discussed the constellation of Orion “The Hunter” as a type of Satan who will be cast into the fiery river — which is the backdrop of the stars displayed at that minute! See the next image…

Compare the above image to the Prophetic Map, as explained in about a hundred posts the past two years.

Click to enlarge. Locate the scene one earth — Ohio and Pennsylvania and all around there located at the peak of the pyramid.  Then observe how it is viewed from the stars at right with Orion and the River — together it describes a scene in heaven with consequences upon the earth. Notice the serpent rising to swallow the moon, whose head is over Ohio and Pennsylvania, and thereabouts
One of many images of the Prophetic Map that predicts what will happen posted two years ago, with the rod that stretches from Ohio and Pennsylvania and thereabouts up to the stars. (See the “Trump Wolf Blood Moon Eclipse“.) Notice Orion (the Hunter) at right, and the river of fire coming from his feet. Compare this to the location of the falling star. In brief, this fire is Orion’s fate — a Nephilim, Nimrod, and also a symbol of the devil who empowers the antichrist. In this image, the whole earth is weighed in the balance. For a similar image, click here.

Another view from a cam as the same meteor lights up the sky over Pennsylvania, Ohio.

Falling Stars are often associated with fallen angels in the Bible

I am not saying this is the fulfillment of the below verses, but instead, they are a reminder of them.

The third angel blew his trumpet, and a great star fell from heaven, blazing like a torch, and it fell on a third of the rivers and on the springs of water. (Rev. 8:10)

And the fifth angel blew his trumpet, and I saw a star fallen from heaven to earth, and he was given the key to the shaft of the bottomless pit. (Rev. 9:1)

For more what this image signifies see,

Below is the past series of posts related to this sign:

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  1. Hi Dean!
    Concerning a bright fireball here in Sweden the 8th November. It was seen over the mid section of Sweden, Uppsala, Stockholm, Örebro and Borlänge around 22:30 in the evening local time (GMT +1).
    Scientists say that it was a quite large meteorite, about the size of a soccer ball.

    God speed

  2. I like what you are attempting but never forget: G-D does not tolerate your existence so you can “understand”

    The Mind is The Destroyer.

  3. Hi Dean!
    It seems that leaders among European countries struggles to find a way to handle the covid situation, Britain struggles to handle the brexit situation, the Scots wan’ts to join the EC, here in Sweden the delicate affair with the sunken Estonia takes a new turn.
    Disorder, unease, lies.

    • Yes, that makes sense. Chaos is on the rise, the work of the “dragon of chaos”, but God’s order is coming to light all the more — it’s harder to see — less noisy — but God’s orderliness and completeness of plans are happening, and it will be forever.

      • Thank you for your kind words. Sometimes I feel that people are in need of a light or a beacon to guide or just give them comfort and support. I guess that roots in tradition, people does not go to church or listen to God’s Word here in Sweden unless you are connected to a church or congregation. It creates a void and I most certainly hope that people can here God.
        I find comfort in God’s Words, in this site and I have faith on Him.
        Bless you all!


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