Corona-virus & Doomsday Clock set to 100 seconds to MD

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Here’s the bad news: we’ve all got just 100 seconds to live. Here’s the good news: they’re metaphorical seconds, but the fact is we’ve got just 100 of them and when they tick down, it really could be the end of human life.

That grim assessment comes from this morning’s update of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists‘ Doomsday Clock, announced at a press event in Washington, DC, during which the venerable nuclear watchdog group made its annual announcement of how close humanity is to destroying itself by the twin threats of nuclear weapons and climate change. (Time)

Doomsday 2020 clock unveiling on the evening of Jan 23, 2020

Just a coincidence? 20-20 and 10-10 of Tabernacle of Moses

This SARS/Moth Code (symbolizing SARS) overlaps the below image. It also overlaps the Most Holy Place. Both images are from 17 years ago on the Day of Atonement, just before the SARS outbreak in 2002

(I will not take the time to explain these encoded pictograms from 17 years ago. Click on the links if more information is desired.)

I find this number — “100 seconds” — an unlikely coincidence because of the prominence of the number ten and 10 x 10 (such as the Creation Cube of the Holy of Holies) of recent posts.

And the Holy Place that is adjoined to the Most Holy Place of the temple, 20 by 20 cubits/years. Thus, the time on the Doomsday Clock for the year 2020 is 10 x 10 seconds.

Moth/SARS code (with the 10 x 120 Equal-Letter-Skip green rod) overlaps Mount Sinai. The circle represents the Coronavirus

Both the completion of the 10 x 10 Creation Cube and when authorities began to investigate the illness was on the last day of the year, Dec 31, 2019, which corresponds to the peak of the Mountain Moth/SARS code, (each letter is as a year — see left image). Thus, midnight that same day began the year 2020.

“Ten” is the main number associated with the SARS/Moth code of the previous post, such as the text of the code, “test us ten days”, (Daniel 1:12).   (By the way, I plan on updating the SARS/Moth post as soon as the Lord frees up enough time for me to write it.)

Writing on the Wall Code

This is the 20th anniversary of “The Writing on the Wall Code” that addresses both China and Iran by name. Both are now in the news.


Moreover, the code speaks about Babylon as surrounded and in fact, this was how the code was deciphered.

It began to be deciphered on the Chinese New Year in 2000, “The Year of the Dragon”, 35 days after the world-wide Mellenial wild party — like Belshazzar’s feast, Daniel 5). Now, 20 years later (10 + 10) ten cities and 20 million people are surrounded in China — barred from leaving that area as the “Year of the Rat” begins.

A Riddle:
"Mene, Mene, Tekel, Parsin" were four coins, "Mina, Mina, Shekel, Half-Shekel or Half-Mina". As said 20 years ago (i.e., 20 Gerahs/Years), there are 20 Gerahs in a Shekel, 50 Shekels in a Hebrew Mina. This equals 2520 or 2030 Gerahs/Years. "Peres-Sin" means "Persia (Iran) and China". I leave the rest to you. Hint: Christ was born 6 BC (or traditionally, Christmas, 1 BC). Think reverse as well.

For more see, Riddle of the Damned and Redeemed 

Part of that code reads:

“I will sleep (i.e., the sleep of death), but he is terrified!

He perished; he refused the banner!”

“O’ accursed day!

The day that He was inflicted with curses, having been numbered.

They put God to the test!

Yet, concealed by God is a flawless banner!

God is a banner, O’ (doubting) Thomas!

and He is Manna, a Lion, and a Mina!

(We will proclaim Him who disappeared.)

He slept, but then He appeared!

He slept, but then He appeared

in order to prove, O’ China,

that He did not die,

O’ China, that He is not a myth!

The more recent “Mene Tekel Parsin Matrix” from last year, which is an expansion of the mountain below (where it reads, “Book of Exodus”).  Note the skull, the symbol of death below the moon as it eclipses the sun over the cross

The second part of the Writing on the Wall code began to be revealed a year ago, comprising about 40 posts.

The Moth/SARS code itself is directly linked to the Writing on the Wall code (of three coins/circles).

This image from 15 years ago, among other things, shows the Moth/SARS code at the top connects along the branch/rod to the 3 circles as in a mirror that represent the three coins of the Mene Tekel Peres Bible Code. All this is explained in these old articles. Note that the rod is 360 x 7 letters/years (7 years) and the caption at lower left about “10 x 360 letters/years”. It happens that from SARS to MERS were ten years, and then another seven years until now. Moreover, in reverse, from SARS to the Swine Flu was seven years, plus ten years to now. This is the 3+ 7 (or 7 + 3) pattern; it’s the Moth-Code pattern predicted back in 2005. The number of days is exact, but such details only encumber the post. The Menorah over the Fiery Mountain is in the shape of a fiery serpent bearing a cross, which therefore overlaps the Moth/SARS code as just discussed. Some scientists believe that the new SARS-type virus originated from a combination of bat and serpent, hence “a fiery flying serpent”, Isaiah 14:29

The theme of the crown continues

(Solar) Annular Eclipse of Dec.  26, 2019. The Archer-Eclipse-Shield-Crown

See the last 20 posts. About ten have to do with signs related to the crown. The coronavirus means “crown-like virus ” in Latin. This is the 7th coronavirus ever detected.

The previous such sign was about the Southern Crown constellation within Saggitatius on Dec 25,26, 2019 — as the virus was just beginning to spread. (Saggitarius is the constellation of the Horsemen bearing a bow — with a large crown below him, see above image.)

Before the series of signs about the crown, of course, was the stream of signs to do with the ‘gods of Babylon being judged’, of which Meni of the Mene Tekel Code and Anubis are especially represented.

Compare all this to the following quote from the introduction of the SARS/Moth Code article from 17 years ago. I have highlighted in bold-red the most important parallel to what was just said.

In September, 2002,  the Lord revealed to me a series of 6 circles– or seals— each with an image of something inside. 

Ancient seals usually had images embedded into them, often of animals. See Revelation 5. There are 7 seals in the scroll of the Lamb. These in the bible code are not the seven seals of the book of Revelation, but perhaps have their root in them. Notice how that seven trumpets spring up from the seventh seal of the book of Revelation. Thus, just as the trumpets and bowls have their root in the seventh seal, perhaps this code is rooted in the 4th seal? [Revelation 6:7-8.] I don’t know. And no, I do not believe that we are now in the “seven-years tribulation period,” but simply that the Book of Revelation is far more complex than what we too often limit it to be.)

This was the order of the ‘seals’ in the bible code: (Found at 1290 x 6-letter-skips in the book of Exodus. All 6 ‘seals’ were attached side by side and resembled 6 DNA circles wound together. The bible code began and ended at the two genealogies of Moses. The narrative of the 10 plagues is recorded immediately after that, Ex. 1:1 to Ex. 6:20.)

Inside the first seal/string of DNA, there was the encoded picture of an open gate with a river of blood flowing out; the second was a charging bull; the third, a great lion; the fourth, a horned ram; the 5th, a long-eared fox/jackal (symbolic of the ancient god ‘meni,’ here numbered for judgment); and the 6th was a large crown and a drawn bow of a horsemen. (This 6th one explained the mysterious term “Shiloh.” It did so in several ways. Each definition of the term “Shiloh” honored Jesus Christ as the rightful [genetic] heir to the crown of Judah, [Genesis 49:10 KJV].)

The 7th circle/seal was set apart from the others, (though it belongs with the six), and it concerns SARS. It is found in the first 2 chapters of the book of Daniel at 120-letter skips. I discovered it on the Day of Atonement, Tishri 10th (Sept. 16, 2002)—the 10th day of the Jewish year, which are called “The 10 Days of Awe/judgment.”

Neither of these dates were self-induced. This is important since the bible code is confounding the Babylonian astrologers, which is what Daniel does in Daniel 1-2  —and this is where this SARS bible code is found. The astrologers were also confounded at the writing-on-the-wall episode. See the Mene, Tekel Code. The two codes go together.)

Without further elaboration

No need to explain the connection in detail because a quick read of the below two recent posts will manifest this ‘coincidence’ of “100 seconds to midnight”.

The SARS-like virus became known to the world at the same time that the Creation Cube was unveiled and posted — the last week of 2019.

Both the SARS code and the Creation Cube concern the Holy of Holies, which is  10 x 10 cubits — but is denoted by units of time as well as linear measurement. Hence the interesting coincidence of ’10×10 seconds to midnight’ on the same day that 20 million people in China were encircled and penned in to avoid the spread of this seventh Coronavirus.

Creation Cube 10 x 10 rods, parallel to the Holy of Holies at 10 x 10 cubits
Part of the SARS/Moth Code from 17 years ago. The ‘Moth of plague’ is pictured as coming forth from the Holy of Holies (where it displays the dimensions of “10 x 10”)

To: Leaders and citizens of the world
Re: Closer than ever: It is 100 seconds to midnight
Date: January 23, 2020


Humanity continues to face two simultaneous existential dangers—nuclear war and climate change—that are compounded by a threat multiplier, cyber-enabled information warfare, that undercuts society’s ability to respond.

The international security situation is dire, not just because these threats exist, but because world leaders have allowed the international political infrastructure for managing them to erode. (Doomsday Clock)

Also see SARS-like Virus

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  1. I’m trying to figure out where all these prophecies and math are going? We all know the end of the story. Are you predicting a clearer “when?”
    You state in this post that this is the 7th corona virus detected. I am wondering if that implies things are wrapping up here on Earth before the big T (Tribulation)? But the final eclipses isn’t even happening until 2034!

    • The Lord has left Himself a lot of wiggle room as far as the very big picture is concerned. But the smaller events, such as the corona virus and the locust plague, these the Lord often reveals ahead of time, even the very day.

  2. Christians have been facing increasing persecution in China. We pray for them and for China to know that our risen Lord is not a “myth.”

  3. Having a rudimentary knowledge of Bible numbers, the Pictographic Bible Codes, The Prophetic Calendars, & Bible Chronology, I can tell you that what this man says is true! Jesus Christ/God/the Holy Spirit has shown Dean these things.

    God keep blessing you Dean!

  4. the GLOBAL warming treaty includes a GLOBAL antichrist govt for the GREAT ANTICHRIST (endtimes dictator)……..The Global Warming story is a ruse…….USA+Israel are the 2 main obstacles to the coming GLOBAL govt……The GLOBAL warming treaty will help weaken+destroy USA+Israel. The Treaty will transfer income, taxes, and wealth from the USA to the other nations. The world will be more antichrist when the USA loses its political power to the Global govt.


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