Video: Coronavirus & Stock Market crash foretold by Moth-SARS Code, and when

As predicted by the Moth Prophetic Picture Bible Code, the very day that the Coronavirus first appeared was foretold 17 years ahead of time. Moreover, the 11-year Bull Market came to an end on Shebat 24th (Feb. 19), 2020, the result of the Coronavirus, and that day, too, was predicted in advance. The code predicted … Read more

Corona-virus & Doomsday Clock set to 100 seconds to MD

Updates to this article are ongoing as the Lord grants time. Please return again for updates. This post may appear disjointed for this reason.   Here’s the bad news: we’ve all got just 100 seconds to live. Here’s the good news: they’re metaphorical seconds, but the fact is we’ve got just 100 of them and … Read more

SARS-like Virus

The virus that has infected hundreds in China shows signs of being far worse than SARS, the pandemic that killed nearly 800 people 17 years ago, a prominent virologist has warned after travelling to Wuhan, where the new coronavirus first began to spread. (GlobeandMail) Update: “2019-nCoV is a bat virus and Sars is the closest … Read more