Ezekiel Code: “Can these bones live?”

This is Part One.

Click here for Part Two: Ezekiel Code unto 1948 & 1967 (Israel a nation; Jerusalem liberated)

“Son of man, can these bones live?” Ezek. 37

30 years ago to the day the Lord began to unravel the mystery of the numbers in the Bible in all its array, (Oct. 22, 1991). Today I sense completion with the “Ezekiel Code”.

Lord willing, from this day on is a new emphasis on putting meat to the bones of the numbers & patterns in the Bible. This means interpreting the Bible with an eye to its underlying numeric equivalent.

The Ezekiel Code Chart

I will not explain these charts in detail at this time. The diligent student will understand on their own. They will know the joy of discovery as they use the chart like a tool to dig for gold.

The Ezekiel Code makes sense of all the dates contained in the Book of Ezekiel — the most dated book in the Bible. These dates are there for a reason! They produce a complex numeric puzzle — a key to all Biblical numbers and patterns. It also directly bears on dates related to the birth and life of Christ — and to His Second Coming.

How the dates in Ezekiel form a pattern is nothing new. Many documents over the past 30 years mention it. However, after pondering Ezekiel again for about a week — on Oct. 16, 2021, it occurred to me that the symbolic dates not only align to the New Year of the captivities (by counting the number of days from each prophecy unto those New Years — “a day for each year”), but that a pregnancy period of 280 days is also included. Once I realized this then all the pieces fell together.

280-day pregnancy is the key (Rev. 12:2)

In the past, I often observed these 280 days but never quite understood it. I knew that the reoccurring theme of “the opening of Ezekiel’s mouth” was linked to the opening of the mouth of Zechariah, John the Baptist’s father, whose mouth was opened the day when John was named. (He was named on the 8th day, incl.).

Another clue to the importance of birth (and thus conception) within Ezekiel’s chronology is that the book begins by dating his call as a priest to when he was born, as well as to the captivity of 597 BC. Using one’s birth as a datum and combining it with a civil datum is unique and foreshadows the datum of the birth of Christ our “great high priest”, (Heb. 4:14). Therefore, the New Year of 622 BC spring, (& 623, autumn?) was the datum of Ezekiel’s birth, (Lev. 25).

Jubilee datums

This is certain because that year was also the 16th jubilee (16 x 49) from when Israel entered the Promised Land (1406 BC) and the span of Ezekiel’s ministry lasted one jubilee — until the 17th jubilee of his temple vision. (AD 2025 is the 70th jubilee).

Every jubilee resets its count of days as commanded. Thus, the jubilee is its own ongoing datum, reset every 49 years. The chart does not utilize the jubilee datum in order to avoid excessive complexity.

In my thirtieth year, in the fourth month on the fifth day, while I was among the exiles by the Kebar River, the heavens were opened and I saw visions of God. (NIV Ezek. 1:1)

…seven weeks of years shall give you forty-nine years.

He shall calculate with his buyer from the year when he sold himself to him until the year of jubilee… Lev. 25:8,50

In the chart, observe that the mouth of Ezekiel was opened upon the arrival of the first refugee, which thus corresponds to Symbolic Day Year (SDY) 6 BC to AD 2 as well as AD 275-282 (i.e., 280 days/years later). (Also notice 286-279 BC.)

The formula for the Ezekiel Code

Fact: In the Bible, events are dated from the New Year (spring) of the 597 BC exile. The 586 BC exile is also inferred from Ezekiel 40:1.

Fact: In the book of Ezekiel and Daniel, “A day can symbolize a year” (Dan. 9; Ezk. 4).

Fact: All 20 dates in Ezekiel (MT & LXX) use the digits 0, 1, 2, 5, or 7 for the day of the month. Thus, 3 (or 30), 4, 6, 8, or 9 are never used. This highlights the date of the fall of Jerusalem, which is not dated in Ezekiel. Jerusalem fell on the 9th of Tammuz. The odds of this to be mere chance is about one in a million. This implies a code.


“A day is as a year” (Ezk. 4; Dan. 9)

“6 BC to AD 2” spans a week of years. It symbolizes the birth & conception of Christ.

Count the number of days from each date in Ezekiel as if they were years unto this epoch (i.e., “6 BC to AD 2”). Use the Bible prophecy year of 360 days. (“390 days” is simply a year with a leap month, as is “1290 days”, Ezk. 4; Dan. 12.)

Carry forward the week “7 days” of Ezekiel’s call (5th to 12th) so that it overlaps every date in Ezekiel. Always begin with a “5” and end with a “2“, that is, either “5-12th” or “15th to 22nd” or 25th to 2nd. Every date in Ezekiel will then lodge into just one of these three weeks.

See the below chart for further clarification.

Footnotes:   Date of siege: Some believe that the exiles were in 598-587 BC rather than 597-586. This does not change the chart, however. (“586 BC” is also part of the 430-year cycles, thus its datum is transferable back to the Exodus 430 + 430 years earlier. Thus, the temple began to be built “in the 480th year after the Israelites came out of Egypt”, which is when the tabernacle was built, 1Kings 6:1.

Thus, 190 + 190 more years makes it the 860th year (430 + 430) until when the temple was destroyed in 586 BC. Ezekiel laid on his side 430 years according to the Bible, but the LXX reads “190”, Ezek. 4. And so Israel and Judah paid “double” for all theirs sins, Isaiah 40:1-2.)

Date of siege: Some believe that the exiles were in 598-587 BC rather than 597-586. This does not change the chart, however. ("586 BC" is also part of the 430-year cycles, thus its datum is transferable back to the Exodus 430 + 430 years earlier. 

Thus, the temple began to be built in "in the 480th year after the Israelites came out of Egypt" and the tabernacle was built, 1Kingsgs 6:1.Thus, 190 + 190 more years makes it the 860th year until the temple was destroyed in 586 BC. Ezekiel laid on his side 430 years according to the Bible, but the LXX reads "190", Ezek. 4. And so Israel and Judah paid "double for all theirs sins", Isaiah 40:1-2.
The number of days between the exile of Ezekiel (597 BC) and the exile of Jeremiah (586 BC) is exactly 11 years (11 x 360 + two leap months = 4020 days); and "4020" days" plus the "280" totals 4300. The whole structure is made up of 430s and 490s, as well as 1260, 1290, and 2300.

Length of seige: Ezekiel informs us that from the start of the siege to the arrival of the first refugee was 1075 days (i.e., three years, 430 x 2.5 days). This means that the siege was 2.5 years long and not 1.5 years as some wrongly assert.

Jerusalem fell at the beginning of Tam 9th, which is the middle of the same week and month of Ezekiel's call exactly 1260 + 1260 days earlier (seven years), cf., Dan. 9:24-27. This explains the anomalous use of a date that ends with a nine, (see formula). The use of a nine, here, symbolizes chaos, the "abomination that causes desolation". Compare this to the intentional skewing of the alphabetical acrostic in Book of Lamentations, which laments the fall of Jerusalem. (The temple burned 
down on the "7th" and "10th day" of Av, (Jer. 52:12; 2Kg. 25:8).

"Tam 17" & 1290 + 1290 on the lunar calendar: Jewish tradition makes much of Tam 17th, although it is not in the Bible. Today, Tam 17th begins three weeks of mourning ending Av 9th to remember the disasters of 586 and AD 70. Perhaps, Tam 17th was an early attempt to fit the prophecy of "the abomination that causes desolation" of Dan. 12 that refers to "1290 days". For it happens that on the Jewish calendar, from the call of Ezekiel (Tam 5th, 593 BC), unto Tam 17th, 586 BC, can elapse 1290 + 1290 days (430 x 6). Moreover, on the lunar calendar, from Ezek.26:1; 30:1 & 31:1 are 490 & 483 & 430 days to Tam 17, 586 BC, (Dan. 9:24-27). Tam 17th is also the anniversary of the 40 days on Mt Sinai when the stone tablets were broken by Moses, hence, 430 less 40 = 390, too, (cf. Ezek. 4).
Click here for best quality
Footnote: There were three major exiles, 605, 597, 586 BC. The charts are based upon the dating used in the Book of Ezekiel, hence, 597 & 586 BC are used. However, one can infer that the first exile in 605 BC -- Daniel's exile -- is also part of this pattern. This makes March of 605 BC also a datum. If included, then Ezekiel's call on the 95th day of the New Year in 593 BC would mean SDY 4475 AD from the perspective of datum 605 BC, (i.e., 605 to 593 BC is 12 yrs.; 12 x 360 + two leap months + 95 days = 4475 days = SDY 4475 AD). 

4475 AD is 120 jubilees (120 x 49) from 1406 BC (when Israel entered the Promised Land).  Moreover, exactly 69 years from March of 605 BC is when Daniel received the revelation about the "70 weeks" (490 years), Dan. 9. There are exactly "70 years" of 360 days (12600 + 12600 days) in 69 years. See "The Key of 23".

The above chart presented again with Notes

Emphasis should be put on the non-highlighted dates. The highlighted ones add the extra 280 days.

This link may be better for printing?

The Exodus Code

As said, the Ezekiel Code is not new. It was discussed several decades ago. The Exodus Code connects with the Ezekiel Code because they are 430 +430 years, (1446-586 BC), “bone to bone”. (Both 1446 & 586 BC are datums in the Bible.)

He asked me, “Son of man, can these bones live?” Ezek. 37


Click here for best quality. Keep in mind that #6-10 and #21 in this chart are shown as from the evening that begins the day. This means that #6 is AD 65, #8 is AD 105, #9 & #10 are AD 107/147, and #21 is AD 555, etc. See “Timeline of Events at the Exodus” for the full chart with notes

This was Part One.

Click here for Part Two: Ezekiel Code unto 1948 & 1967 (Israel a nation; Jerusalem liberated)

For more about the Exodus Code see:

“Bone to bone” Ezek 37:7

Then he said to me, “Prophesy to these bones and say to them, ‘Dry bones, hear the word of the Lord! Ezek 37:4

See, bible-codes.org. These images are encoded within the Bible. The complexity of the Exodus Code and Ezekiel Code is vastly more complex than men can believe. See, “How Picture Bible Codes Interconnect using multiples of 430, etc.”

‘Flesh to bone’

The Captain of a Mighty Army

The Lamb is a “Man of War”, the Lord of hosts, Ex. 15:3.

Fractal: The Lamb is a “Man of War”
The Lord of Hosts

This was Part One.

Click here for Part Two: Ezekiel Code unto 1948 & 1967 (Israel a nation; Jerusalem liberated)


Eve’s 2500-year old olive tree burns

A historic 2500-year old olive tree burned down in Greece, the home of the Olympics, on the last day of the Olympics when the torch was extinguished.

This post is meant to be read with the previous ones in mind.

Also, see the similar sign seven days later:

The Olive Tree, a symbol of prosperity and light, burns to the ground

Someone sent me an article dated “Aug. 8, 2021”, the same day as the above two posts. The one about the “Sabbath year”, investigates the Jewish notion of the jubilee as “50 years” so that in 2500 years there are 50 jubilees of 50 years. (Actually, a jubilee is 49 years.)

2,500-Year-Old Ancient Olive Tree Burned Down in Evia Fires in Greece

August 8, 2021

A 2,500 year old ancient olive tree on the island of Evia was destroyed today in the ongoing wildfires consuming the region…

The tree was large, with a trunk so wide ten people could fit along its diameter. The tree was fertile with olives all the way until it fell victim to the wildfire. (Greek Reporter)

Compare the way the burnt branches in the above image reach up in a circular fashion with the Olympic-flame caldron. Both were extinguished the same day!

Figurative or literal? “The Titans Have Returned”

Thousands of Greeks have fled their homes as a fiery nightmare consumes their island. Furthermore, the legendary 2,500-year-old Evian olive tree has gone forever, in what is an environmental clash of the titans.

Standing close by the Greek mainland just east of Athens, the island of Evia (Euboea) is the second largest Greek island after Crete. Now, thousands of people have now evacuated the historic island after record temperatures have set it ablaze.

The Titans Have Returned

According to Greek mythology the island of Euboea was first inhabited by the Titans, precursors and adversaries to the Greek Gods . It was here that the first wars between the Titans and the Giants unfolded, said to be so violent that the battles sparked earthquakes on the island. (Ancient Origins.net)

Bible-Code Pictogram of the Olive Tree in Paradise

“The Island of Evia” literally means, “The Island of Eve”, as in Adam and Eve in the Paradise of God. “Eve” means, “life”, “she is the mother of all living”, Gen. 3:20.

The Bible-Code pictogram was revealed just before the 2004 Greece Olympics. It depicts an olive tree that is weighed in a balance with an ax to its root. It also forms a burning lamp. Thus, the olive tree is on fire.

In part, the code reads:

“ What shall they compare me to? I am Jesus, His blessed Lamp. Indeed, I am the Lamp and my fire shall surely come”.


The 2500-year old olive tree burned down in Greece on the last day of the Olympics when the torch was extinguished.

The olive tree with the fiery sword and the Olympic torch, which is carried high in the ‘hand’ of the lamp
The Cherub overlaps the previous image of the Olive tree/lamp. The feet of the Cherub overlaps the base of the lamp

I am not keen on the KJV Bible Codes, but…

I hesitate to add this. It’s from the KJV Bible Code. I do not want the reader to spend time on the English codes. God can use anything to communicate, even this. I have long since shied away from them due to their weakness in communicating truth. But what is ridiculous to one person may save another from hell.

The word “Eve” is written just below where the prophetess sees red (flames).

The below image is from 2007, just before the Athens Olympic fires. Notice the word “EVE” just below the tear. It’s part of the actual text that reads:

And if thy foot offend thee, cut it off: it is better for thee to enter halt into life, than having two feet to be cast into hell, into the fire that nEVEr shall be quenched. (Mark 9:45)

Also, recall the ax to the “foot“/base of the olive tree. (The above cherub overlaps the olive tree, therefore, notice its foot.)

English KJV Bible Code of the crying prophetess who sees “red”

Also, see:


Click to enlarge

Endnote: “3.5 days” from when the burned olive tree equals symbolic day-years 1328-1325 BC. This corresponds to the base of the cross that the menorah bears, which reads: “A menorah on fire”.

The diagonal cross can overlap the vertical menorah in that both are seven letters high. Together they symbolize death and resurrection.

See Rev. 11:4,5,11.

Also, see the similar sign seven days later:

Video: Coronavirus & Stock Market crash foretold by Moth-SARS Code, and when

As predicted by the Moth Prophetic Picture Bible Code, the very day that the Coronavirus first appeared was foretold 17 years ahead of time.

Moreover, the 11-year Bull Market came to an end on Shebat 24th (Feb. 19), 2020, the result of the Coronavirus, and that day, too, was predicted in advance.

The code predicted both of these things, and more, as explained over a decade ago.

There were many articles about this code at that time, but one in particular laid out the blueprint for all future major virus outbreaks over the next 17 years, culminating in the Covid19 now active.

The four major viral outbreaks since 2002 predicted, and when

Moth-SARS Bible Code mirroring the three coins that represent the collapse of the Stock Market

There were four major viral outbreaks foretold: These were SARS (2002), H1N1/09 virus (Swine-flu, 2009), MERS (2012), and now Covid19 (2019). Together they weave a pattern, both in days and in years. (Note about MERS: MERS is a coronavirus that began April 2012. But it did not spread until Sept. 2012.)

However, the connection between SARS and Covid19 is by far the most obvious: Both were coronaviruses (as was MERS). But more importantly, they were exactly 17 years apart from each other — to the very day— as predicted by the code and detailed in that article from over ten years ago.

Moreover, the SARS-Moth Bible Code clearly and explicitly linked the predicted virus to the fall of the Stock Market — as seen in the above image. Other recent posts have already talked about some of these things — such as “being shut up” in countries, cities, and houses.

Youtube Video details these predictions

I just made a two-part video wherein I give commentary on that article written over ten years ago. It’s important that people know that God has everything under control.

However, this is the first video I have made in several years. It’s poorly done! I felt like a bag was over my head the whole time that I talked!

Very frustrating. But in time this will lift.

Please be patient when listening.

Videos are based upon 11-year old document:  bible-codes.org/Swine_Flu_Moth-Bible-Code-Prophecy.pdf

Part One:

Note: "MERS" was only of secondary importance in the video. Unfortunately, in this video, I fail to explain that the MERS corona emerged in April of 2012. However, no one knew about it, nor did it significantly spread until September 2012. 

Details: In fact, the first reports came out Sept 20th and "a few days later" on the 23rd - "ten-years" later to the day on BOTH the lunar and 360-calendar, counting from the "seven days" of "Sept 9-16, 2002" of the "seven encoded seals", thereby dividing this week, at the start, middle and end as described in Daniel 9:24-27. (Enoch cal. is 3640/3647 days to when the man first fell ill. Also "ten years" on Islamic cal. to when first man, Muslim, fell ill who later died in "June", "Rajab 9, 2002" to "Rajab 16, 2012".) The few cases before Sept. 2012, were only identified afterward in retrospect.

Part Two:


Bible Fractal Rod and Eagle: (Hurricane Irma, a Serpent!)

This article was written in the early days of my study of Biblical fractals. The matured work is at this link: Throne-Room fractal, Measuring rod, & Book of Enoch,

Bible Fractal of the Rod of God
(Click to enlarge Bible Fractal to view inner center.) The measuring-rod of God, to be explained later.

Today, we start to explain the Bible fractal, “line upon line”, as first revealed at my father’s funeral back on Jan 3, 2017.

Click here for best quality. Woman flees dragon. Fractal from the Book of Revelation
Bible Fractal of women who rides eagle in storm
Different color scheme. (Click to Enlarge Bible Fractal.) A woman rides on the wings of an eagle in the storm, (Rev 12).

What is a Bible Fractal?

The Bible-fractals seen here are produced by Bible numbers and will be explained periodically.

Bible fractals are not naturally drawn images but result from mathematical formulas, and in this case, derived from the Bible.

They are supernatural because fractal geometry belongs to another dimension of reality. They are supernatural because every image came by revelation, with powerful signs following. It is God’s math-producing order out of chaos!

A Supernatural Rod to Measure

God gave me a rod to measure His temple. It’s a strange calling, I admit. But there it is. (The Bible fractal image of this measuring rod is found at the end of this article.)

Many have dreams or visions of highly symbolic things. I will show you my visions and dreams, along with the interpretation.

You can literally see the vision/dream yourself! I will show you, line upon line, overlay upon overlay. It’s the gift of God in these last days to help sustain His bride through the coming days of trial. It will give her hope, and empower her.

His Eye on NASA

NASA, the eagle has landed! Again God’s eagle is eyeing you, just as He did in Houston!

(As we explain God’s eagle, you will understand God’s anger towards the space program.)


The image below is what I saw exactly 1150 days to the hour before the literal Day of Atonement of this year, 2017, (between 7-11 pm).

For math nerds: The eagle was revealed to me by aligning the Sun, Moon and Earth as in an eclipse on the day before this, which happens to also be 1111 days prior to the 2017 total solar eclipse on August 21. (In this context, "1111" symbolizes God's alignment of all things.) Note symbolic day-years as to 2025 AD, which is the 70th jubilee (70 x 49).

Exactly forty days before seeing this eagle, God had already shown me three cherubs before His throne, and trumpet blasts sounded as seals were opened.  (And two days before that, God showed me the burning bush. The bush was the very first revelation seen — but there is no end.)

These three cherubs were revealed to me exactly 1150 days before the 2017 total solar eclipse on August 21.

Why 1150 days?

Please read Daniel 8 . “2300 evenings and mornings” equates to 1150 days. See my article about 20 years ago. www.bible-codes.org/2300-as-1150-days-daniel.htm 

Bible-Code Pictographs

When God showed me the first fractal images, it was also exactly ten years (on 360 calendar) from when He first revealed the Cherub-Baal Balance Bible Code.  It was from that date ten years ago that I was able to predict when hurricanes would occur over the course of the next seven years (2004-2011). This is not a boast, but to demonstrate consistency.

It’s God’s validation of the measurements of His temple, which produce these images. The vision belongs to God. He owns it, NOT ME! Therefore, my boast is in God. These new fractals (symbolic) images are simply the outcome of the bible’s math. It’s the written language of angels, and it is as superior to the earthly script as the sun is to the moon for brightness.

Most did not believe the “cartoonish pictographs” of the bible codes (as some called them), and so God has sent the same revelation except in fractals of endless complexity. And they both agree as one.

Enough boasting in God…

First Image: The Woman upon the Wings of the Eagle

The below “flying eagle” is the fourth cherub that is before God’s throne. It was shown to me, as said, 40 days after seeing the other three cherubs. (That day was also 115 days after when the first Passover/Tabernacles blood-moon eclipse tetrad occurred.

And 115 plus 1150 days later comes to the 40 days between the August 21st eclipse and the Day of Atonement. (Time is also in a fractal, and thus we have 115 and 1150 days, and 115 + 115 from my father’s funeral, too.)

Eagle Bible Fractal

Click here for best quality. Woman of Revelation 12. She is given the wings of a great eagle to escape the flood of the dragon. Normally the moon would be beneath her feet, and she would be “clothed with the sun”. But here the sun and moon are aligned in a blood-moon eclipse, implying that in this case, the “woman” symbolizes the earth itself. (She also represents Israel and even the Church.)

The lower part of the snout of the dragon is seen here too. The head of the dragon looking down to spew a river after the woman is the size of the moon-earth-sun in eclipse, as seen in subsequent images. The woman has a crown of 12 stars along with 5 spokes. (Five is the number of grace.)

As viewed from God’s throne above, she has a bow of lighting and is decked with jewels. Here eyes, nose, and mouth are as a flash of lightning, for she is made in the image of God. She is also clothed with the burning bush, that is, the seven-fold Spirit of God, (not seen in this particular image.)

Below is the same image, but the whole sun is seen.

Dragon Bible Fractal

Bible Fractal of women who rides eagle with the sun and dragon head in background
(Click to Enlarge Bible Fractal.) Woman Rides Eagle. (Sun-Moon eclipse, with Dragon’s head looking down to spew out a flood after the woman.)

A tremendous flash of lightning shoots forth from the cry of the eagle as it flies from the sun, like the blast of a CME. (The flash from the eagle’s mouth is most visible in the still larger image with the seven hills below the dragon and sun. See below image.)

(A powerful solar flare occurred yesterday, Sept 6, 2017. Check to see what that date is on the 360 calendar from the Exodus.) The solar storm is to hit earth tomorrow, along with Irma the day after, near NOAA, where both storms are monitored.)

Bible Fractal of Dragon and seven hills
(Click to Enlarge Bible Fractal.) The flash of lightning from the eagle’s mouth runs horizontal and is actually larger than the more spectacular one over the seven hills. The coloring of the horizontal flash is just as bright, as will be seen in other future images. The circle surrounding the seven hills is exactly seven times larger than the inner circle of the sun/moon, which in turn is exactly four times larger than the most inner fiery circle — to be explained soon.

Update: Solar flare arrived much earlier than forecast — one hour after posting the above about the CME.

Seals are being broken open. (Please see “comments section” at end of this post for what I mean by “seals”.)

Supernatural Rod of God (Bible Fractal)

Thus the expected earthquake (8.1 in Mexico), seven hours after posting this 50-second video of “The Blazing Rod of God”.

Below is a clearer still-frame image of the rod itself. Please click on image to enlarge.

Bible Fractal of the Rod of God
(Click to Enlarge Bible Fractal.) The blazing measuring-rod of God. (To be explained soon.) One rod (the diameter of the circle around the angel of the Lord) equals 10 years or 14.7 years, exactly. This circle/rod is exactly 196 times smaller than the sun/moon in the image of the flying eagle. Every pixel of every image is precisely placed by God. To see the above image on a regular size screen, but along with the much larger image of the seven hills, would require a screen one mile wide to view it all at once. And things get much larger (and smaller) than these! Wait until I show you the New Jerusalem, the true center of all things! Every pixel is dated and measured. The bottom of the sun where the eagle equals 6 BC. The top of the sun equals 1955 AD. Therefore, the sun/moon is 1960 years in diameter. And so forth forever.

(The below update has been moved to a separate page, and then further updated there!

Click here to go to the newer page!)



UPDATE: Harvey moved like a serpent and Irma was shaped like a serpent: Each spewing out a flood!

Serpent-like hurricane Irma
(Click to enlarge.) Update:  The hurricane winds of Irma seen in red, look like a serpent, head raised, about to strike, with the eye being the large lake in Florida, which is eyeing Cape Canaveral. (This implies that the serpent was formally the rod of Moses, symbolically speaking.) But it also reminds me of the Dragon in the Book of Revelation who is also likened unto a “serpent” who spews out a flood.

Revelation 12: 15-16

“Then from his mouth the serpent spewed water like a river, to overtake the woman and sweep her away with the torrent. But the Earth helped the woman by opening its mouth and swallowing the river that the dragon has spewed out of his mouth.”

(As seen in the above video), the path of hurricane Harvey moved like a serpent as it “spewed out a flood” over Texas. The bible speaks of two magicians (Jannes and Jambres) who had their rods swallowed up by the rod of Moses. (2Tim 3:8). This is the first time that two cat. 4 hurricanes made landfall in the US in the same year. Moreover, they both occurred shortly after the ominous total solar eclipse across America, and both look like a serpent!

At the very least, God is reminding us of the Exodus. But who knows, maybe the exodus for the church itself draws near?

Wikipedia begins its discussion about Irma by saying:

“Hurricane Irma was an extremely powerful and catastrophic Cape Verde type hurricane, the most intense observed in the Atlantic since Dean in 2007.”

I wrote several articles about hurricane Dean back in 2007 because Dean occurred exactly 1150 days after the discovery of the Balance Bible Code, just as Harvey occurred 1150 days after the discovery of the fractal image, (as explained already. For “1150” see Dan 8). Here is what I wrote about Dean exactly 10 years ago, along with the image of Dean’s hurricane winds.

“Moreover, only two hurricanes were ever noted on this website as looking like a “rod” that strikes land, and both of these crossed the Yucatan where the great meteor stuck. (Emily) and Hurricane Dean. Interestingly, Hurricane Dean {was}… 1150 days after the Balance Bible Code was discovered…  What are the odds of all this being chance?”

Rod (Hurricane Dean)
Dean’s path resembles a rod because it traveled a vast distance across the ocean and Gulf in a straight line. I wrote about how that it resembled a rod back in articles from 2007.

While hurricane Irma was crossing Florida, (and unknown to me –while the image of the serpent’s head was therefore being formed by the winds of Irma), at the very same time, God brought to my attention that both Hurricane Katia and Dean made landfall at the small town of Tecolutla, Mexico. (Katia formed the same minute that Jose formed. Irma, Jose and Katia were all hurricanes at the same time — a rare event.)

Three hurricanes at once
Katia, Irma, and Jose. Katia landed less than a day after the massive 8.1/8.2 earthquake opposite to it on the Pacific side. Aztec pyramids shook!
Hurricane Katia (2017)
(Click to enlarge.) Katia’s hurricane winds (in red) at extreme end mark the Aztec site, “El Tajín” .
Dean’s path resembled a rod. Its end also marks the Aztec site, “El Tajín”

On my monitor I was studying the above image of hurricane Dean, carefully plotting the exact coordinates of Dean and Katia on a map. It was still on my screen when later that day as Irma moved into northern Florida that I realized that Irma looked like a serpent.

And if that were not enough, as Irma was leaving the Florida Keys and headed for its second landfall, another powerful solar flare erupted on the sun (X8.2), and with it comes another solar storm and northern lights. (And in a week or so we have the sign in the constellation of Virgo, too!)

Jesus said:

“And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring”(Luke 21:25).

What is so important about where Dean and Katia landed?

It’s important because of what is located at this town called Tecolutla, (which means, “Place of Owls”). (The town is known for  the “Tecolutla Monster.”)

(Side note: As God is my witness, the morning after writing this update, when I turned on my phone, there before me was the below article. (This article came out the hour I was writing the above about the “Tecolutla Monster”!)

(Global News quotes from an original article put out a week earlier on EarthTouch News Network on Sept 7, 2017, the same day that this article about the dragon-fractal was originally posted.)

“Mystery sea creature that washed ashore during Hurricane Harvey identified by Twitter:

A rarely seen sea creature was found dead on a Texas beach after days of rain from Hurricane Harvey.”

“Eel specialist Dr Kenneth Tighe, a biologist with the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, suspects we’re looking at Aplatophis chauliodus, the fangtooth snake-eel or “tusky” eel. (After skimming through some images of live specimens, it’s really not surprising that the species name for this animal roughly translates to “terrible serpent”.)”

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As it turns out, Tecolutla is located near the ruins of El Tajin: the place of the Dead, the gate to hell, the place of dragon and serpent gods, the place of the counterfeit seven-leveled pyramid of God, with 365 entries honoring the sun, moon, and stars. It’s an ancient Babel of North America, the place more than any other where the brutal games of death and life were held. It’s the hellish place of endless human sacrifice and brutality. The Nephilim! The paradise of New Agers!

What better place for a contest to show who is the true God that really controls the weather?

“…El Tajín, which was said to mean “of thunder or lightning bolt”. Related to this is their belief that twelve old thunderstorm deities, known as Tajín, still inhabit the ruins.”

Beheading Panel Tajin
Beheading Panel Tajin. Losers in the games were sacrificially beheaded!
Pyramid of Niches.
Pyramid of Niches. Seven levels; 365 niches.

You can read more about this horrid site at Wikipedia, or join the deluded 650,000 who pay homage there every year!

So what is God saying by Hurricane Harvey and Irma?

Even the dragon, even the serpent is under our authority in Christ. For just as Moses’ serpent swallowed up the two serpent’s of Pharaoh’s magicians, and thereby incorporated there rods into his own so that thereafter the head of pharaoh’s serpents were ever underneath Moses’ feet wherever he went, in the same way, the believer has more authority over the serpent-dragon than they ever imagined.

But for now, her eyes are dim, and does not realize it.

But you are seated with Christ in Heavenly places. Even the wrath of the Dragon will be made to praise Him. Even the serpent, even the Dragon is under God’s control and under our control in Christ.

So do not be afraid of the storm and of the wind that can only destroy the body but not the soul, but fear God and walk as children of God, not as mere men.

Your rod will swallow up the Dragon just as the Earth swallowed up the river that was spewed from the Serpent’s mouth.

What rod am I talking about?

The rod that I speak of is the word of God in your mouth, spoken in Jesus name at the command of the Spirit of God. Because in Christ you are able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that you can ever imagine. (Recall that hurricane Harvey means “blazing iron” and that this implied a ‘blazing rod of iron’, as discussed in previous post from a couple of weeks ago.)

Be strong therefore in the power of His might.

I ask you, does the woman who rides the eagle in the image in the Bible fractal look like she’s afraid? powerless? weak?

No! Instead she looks fierce. And she has a bow located behind her head, ready to shoot lightning bolts. She is a warrior. Not a coward. She is like a warrior goddess, except in a Godly sense, which is what the name Irma means. 

This Bible fractal is what you look like seated with Christ at His footstool in Heavenly places.

Don’t ask me how you can be in two places at once. But I assure you, it is so.

Come up higher On Eagle’s Wings, and see things from God’s perspective!
(Click here for best quality.) Supernatural Bible Fractal image of the woman who is given the wings of a great Eagle. The woman represents the Earth itself, as well as Israel and the Church. (Revelation 12). Whenever you look at these fractal images do not think in the natural, think in symbolism. The Bible is highly symbolic, especially the Book of Revelation. Everything is symbolic of something greater. Does the woman look like the Earth that’s groaning with birth pangs to give birth to the children of God as the Bible says in the Book of Romans?  She is supposed to look like a woman who resembles the Earth with desert life. This is why she flees into the “desert” as it says in Revelation 12:14. Eventually, she will be like a well-watered garden. But for now, we wait for the full adoption of the sons of God. Allow the Word of God to interpret the fractal. Do not impose upon it your own vision.